Lake Forest School District, Is This Important?

Lake forrest logo  On May 12th, next Tuesday, citizens of the Lake Forest School District will go to the polls to elect several new members to the school board.    As always it is extremely important for citizens to participate, never more so than in school board elections and referendums.

It is also extremely important that the citizens be as informed, as possible, about the candidates. All too often there is little or no vetting of candidates, or if there is, it often goes no further than qualifications for the job. What is their background, have they any experience in the filed?

But should character also should be examined? Maybe more so when we are talking about the future of our children and their safety. Who are these people, who are running for school board, in their private lives?

This question has been brought to my attention by a concerned Lake Forest parent, concerning one of the candidates for the at large one year term seat.

Earle-Dempsey   It was brought to my attention that Earl Dempsey II , candidate for that seat, has a “Protection From Abuse” order sworn against him and signed by David Jones Judge/Commissioner/Master, signed on 7/29/14.

The order restricts Mr. Dempsey from owning, purchasing, or possessing deadly weapons such as firearms and ammunition.

Mr. Dempsey must stay a 1000 yards away from his wife, and her residence, and place of employment, and has restricted visitation of his children.

Now before someone else states the obvious, let me. Of course we cannot know what happens in the privacy of a family’s home. And when the family breaks apart it is often a time where both parties may seek revenge. Also, PFA orders are  not difficult for women to obtain during a divorce.

That being said, is it important for the voters to know, that a candidate has had such an order sworn against them? After all, a school board member has open access to the schools and the children, his own included, since they attend Lake Forest.

I have seen this order, its expiration date is 7/29/15, and may or may not have been modified already, this does not however change the question, do the voters have a right to know it exist?

Mr. Dempsey needs to address this issue publicly, prior to the election next Tuesday, the voters have a right to know exactly who is asking for their vote.


2 Comments on "Lake Forest School District, Is This Important?"

  1. Jeff says:

    Earle Dempsey was also arrested in August 2014 for
    not following the court ordered PFA. He had to be
    removed from the family home by a squad of Delaware
    State Troopers. Earle hid in the home and refused to come
    out. The Delaware State Troopers had no choice but to enter
    the home with weapons drawn searching room to room for
    Mr. Dempsey who hid knowing he was in violation of the PFA.

  2. Angela says:

    Apparently the Lake Forest District does not care about his actions. Why hasn’t the police report been made public?

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