Delaware Right Blog Participation Rules

It seems that it will be necessary to have a certain set of rules for blog participation here at Delaware Right. While we wish to have a free exchange of ideas, and a fair and open debate of the issues that face us in Delaware and the nation, we would like to keep it civil and on a mostly friendly basis.

This does not mean that we cannot be sarcastic, and even rude at times. When discussing issues that affect all of us, it is understandable that emotions may and will run hot at times.

We would like to keep the rules simple and as straightforward as possible, so as not to allow for abuse of the powers granted to those charged with enforcing them.

Please attempt to limit the number of consecutive comments to three. This will allow others to respond to your points more easily, and create more of a conversation, rather than a monologue.

Please limit the length of your comments, again, to create the sense of a conversation and to give others the chance to respond. Length of comments will be a matter of interpretation of those monitoring the comments. If a certain commenter shows a habit of run on comments, then they will be warned. Hopefully that will be enough and no further actions will be needed. Please do not take this to mean that your ideas and thoughts are not welcome, we are simply attempting to keep the site informative and entertaining at the same time.

There is an automatic default that moves any comment with two or more links within the comment to moderation. This is to protect the site from spam, and also from shameless self-promotion of other sites. If the links are relevant to the post and the comment thread, then those monitoring the comments will approve said comment at the earliest opportunity. However, if a commenter shows a habit of shameless self-promotion here at Delaware Right, they risk being labeled spam and blocked permanently or for a limited time, based on the severity of the offense.

We are all adults here for the most part. But we would hope that all would come here to participate in the discussion, therefore we would ask that you not use commonly acknowledged curse words. We all know them and most likely use them in our daily lives. However we here at Delaware Right see no need to exercise that knowledge when debating the issues. Those monitoring the comments will edit as they see fit and warn offenders. Again we want this to be entertaining and informative. We seek to include all, and have no wish to ban anyone. In that spirit we hope that all of our guest will self police, so that it will not become necessary for the site to step in.

Finally, on the matter of guest interaction. Of course many of our guest know each other outside of the bogging world. They may have personal knowledge of each other that can be either embarrassing or even actionable. We here at Delaware Right would ask that personal differences be settled somewhere else. If you have a problem with another commenter on a personal level, do not bring it here. We are not a day-care center.  Those monitoring the comments will attempt to sort out  comments that are clearly out of line, from those that are simply part of the natural give and take on a blog site.

Understand that the comments made on the blog site of Delaware Right do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the management of Delaware Right,  or of other commenters, or the author of the original post, or anyone connected in any way to Delaware Right. The comments are the views and the opinions of the person making the comment alone, and having them seen on the site should not, in any way, be seen as an endorsement  or a promotion of those views and opinions.

Please enjoy your time here at Delaware Right, but please be respectful of our other guest and participants.