Delaware Right Principles

1)  Delaware Right is an honest effort to raise the discussion among all citizens.  We need to learn to disagree without being disagreeable.  At the end of the day, our only opponent is ignorance.
2)  We appreciate discussion.  An idea which is challenged and needs to be defended, hones the idea.  It makes it a better idea.
3)  We all don’t hear ideas the same. We must learn to talk with all people, to get our ideas across in a manner which will allow for others to see the merit of those ideas.  If we are correct, “that our ideas are better”, then we will carry the discussion forward.  It starts with having the discussion and honing our ideas.  Delaware Right is committed to having a discussion.
4)  We need to listen also.  We cannot effectively hone our ideas, if we can’t hear and listen to the “other side”. We all know we can learn more by listening, than speaking.
5)  Going forward, Delaware Right’s highest priority will be to create an atmosphere in which all ideas are welcome, where the conversation is the means to an end, that being, to find solutions to issues facing all citizens, and finding, vetting, and electing people who understand it is not about party, but people.
 Let’s Do Delaware Right!