Delaware Right Mission Statement

Here at Delaware Right we will strive to raise the discussion among all citizens to a level which will allow for the free exchange of ideas, in a manner that demonstrates how we can disagree, without being disagreeable.
We will put forth ideas on how to move the political process forward, and we will welcome all who wish to challenge those ideas in a manner which will be conducive to solving the problems and challenges we here in Delaware face, on a day to day basis. In an open debate of ideas, all will benefit from the honing of the ideas put forth.
However, we cannot allow ourselves to become closed minded; we must be willing to listen, as well as to speak. We must be open to the ideas and thoughts of others; it is when we listen, that we learn the most. We will stand upon a platform which is multi-dimensional, but that is committed to finding the best solutions to the challenges which face us, as Delawareans, and Americans. And to find the best candidates to put forth those solutions, regardless of party affiliation.
We believe that Liberty and prosperity flows to everyone from and through a free exchange of ideas. For we do not need the gun, if we have the pen. The 1st Amendment is first for a reason.
 We here at Delaware Right believe that no solution can be found, which will benefit the most people, unless all voices are welcome in the conversation about the solution to the problems facing all of us.
 Our mission is to create that conversation and allow for the free exchange of ideas.
  Let’s Do Delaware Right