The National Scene-The Republican debates on CNN-9/16/15

Here tis folks, the first Blogger analysis of last night’s debate. We’ve got a winner and a loser and all the others we give a letter grade. Got some A’s and a couple of F’s. Tune in for the details.

Yes I did sit down and watch the CNN debate last night, as is my duty as a world famous Blogger read by two, maybe three, people.

The setting of my evening of political junkiness run amok is of some interest so I shall give an over-view.

For I had some guests watch the debates with me, one of which was my church Pastor, Father Tom Flowers, which also was, ahem, intriguing. Father Tom is a bit of a political junkee and he brings a Catholic church perspective that, well, you could only get from a priest.

Father Tom favors a Rubio/Fiorina ticket for the Republicans 2016, he is in great fear that the upcoming Pope visit will be dangerous for Pope Francis and he despises Donald Trump.

I had a couple of other guests and folks, I am going to do this again. It was a great time, we watched the politicos, we talked of politics our own selfs, we chowed down on munchies and, well I liked it so much that I am going to start hosting this sort of thing more in the future.

So let us begin with the detail of what candidate got what amount of time.

Trump: 17:54
Bush: 14:19
Fiorina: 11:48
Carson: 11:22
Christie: 11:03
Rubio: 10:11
Paul: 9:25
Cruz: 9:15
Kasich: 8:06
Huckabee: 8:05
Walker: 7:10
And the 6 p.m. debate tally:
Graham: 19:47
Santorum: 15:38
Jindal: 13:06
Pataki: 10:58″

Now for their Grades-and Why

Donald Trump--C+

The Donald’s allure in this debate was his verbal and physical mannerisms during the speech but not necessarily in a good way.

I honestly do not consider Trump a serious candidate but like so many I think he brings an irreverence and “down and dirty” aspect to the Republican primary that is refreshing to a Republican base weary of “nice” Republicans scared of their own shadow.

Truth is that Trump didn’t come off as very serious and the other candidates did get some serious hits from the other folks on the debate podium.

Including the winner of last night’s debate, m ore on this later.
Jeb Bush-B-We give Jeb a solid B for his debate performance last night. He did a very good job handling queries about his Dad and brother, turning that old family dynasty saw into a plus by telling us that with such a family background experience he’ll sure have plenty of advice when required.

I think Jeb gave a fine debate performance and I’d give him an A for last night except I really do not like him and think it’s time for the Bush’s to retire and enjoy their lives.
Carly Fiorina-A Carly gets a solid and gorgeous A for her debate performance. Her rant about Planned Parenthood had me sobbing for the passion and sincerity of it.
Ben Carson-A I doubt there will be much interviewing of Ben Carson this day after the big Republican debate of 9/16/15.

As always, Ben was soft-spoken, articulate, well-presented and impressive. I would give Ben an A every time he speaks he is so good at it.
Chris Christie-B+-I don’t especially like this Governor of New Jersey as he’s too liberal and I’m still mad at him for closing the George Washington bridge that time.
But Christie positively shone in last night’s debate where his abrasiveness was a plus against a bevy of candidates who too were shouting and demanding attention.
Marco Rubio-B-Rubio did a fine job and would probably get a higher grade had he said anything quotable during the debate besides the story of his parents from Cuba.

Do not misunderstand, Rubio did fine but against all the other contenders and the bombastic Donald Trump, it was easy to overlook him.
Rand Paul-D-He was just terrible.
Ted Cruz-A--As always Cruz did a great job debating any question asked of him. He shined especially bright last night in that he managed to stay above the fray and sound presidential.
Kasich-C+-Kasich went on a bend about closing down the government and how stupid it would be when right after a Republican is elected President it would be easier to defund Planned Parenthood.

He came off as sounding entirely too RINO-ish and I’m being nice by giving him the grade I did.
Mike Huckabbee-C-Huckabee is a one trick pony with his evangelical base and that strange loyalty to Kim Davis.

Father Tom, by the way, when I queried him about Kim Davis, that clerk from Kentucky who thinks she should control the country, said he thought she was way out of line.

I only mention this as Father Tom is a cleric of a religion that is very much against same sex marriage and HE doesn’t think Davis was so noble and that she should just resign her position for the depth of her personal belief.
Walker-D+-Let us be honest here, Walker was crushed, CREMATED I tell you, by Donald Trump.

Seems Wisconsin’s Governor really didn’t run a state so fiscally well as he loves to claim.

Walker was terrible on the debate podium and should be dropping out soon.
A quick mention of Bobby Jindal and his great performance on the earlier debate.

We have issues with Bobby Jindal’s “personna” as Trump likes to call it. He comes off as a bit youngish and juvenile from time to time.

Last night he did a really great job in the early “kids’ table” debate and kudos to him.

Lindsay Graham gets a solid F for the awful way he behaved, slamming his fist and demanding more time than allotted.

He came off as unlikeable and ugly.

THE WINNAH! And the Loser

When asked about Donald Trump’s reference to her “personna”, referring to her face that no one should vote for, Carly Fiorina said, firm, not loud, but sounding oh so wise: “I think American women heard what Donald Trump said about my face,” as I roughly paraphrase.

The best of all was Carly Fiorina’s statements during the debate was her beautiful rant about bringing defunding Planned Parenthood before the legislature:
“Show them pictures of those aborted babies, still alive, their little legs still moving, as their face is cut to harvest their brains. Show the Democrats this and then let’s see them vote it down.”

I roughly paraphrase but Carly got it right with her passionate rant and she is the winner of last night’s debate.

Lindsay Graham and his nastiness not only is the loser of last night’s debate, he needs to go before I slap him silly.
I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT :We’ve got so much going on here in the swamps that the mind boggles. Got some good interviews coming up and a real nice report on the recent GOP meeting. Keep tuning in….and read Frank’s stuff while you’re here.


5 Comments on "The National Scene-The Republican debates on CNN-9/16/15"

  1. Rick says:

    I honestly do not consider Trump a serious candidate…

    And with comments like that, I honestly don’t consider you to be a serious blogger.

    Fiorina obviously was the star of the debate. Christie was also outstanding.

    Poor Jeb!, he tried to act tough but just came across as a crybaby. And his name is poison.

    Overall, a good debate.

    Nice try by CNN to discredit Trump- let’s see what the polls say in a week or so.

    My guess:


  2. Fish Bites says:

    “I think Jeb gave a fine debate performance…”

    I agree. In particular, it was worth reminding the audience that his brother kept this country safe from being attacked during his presidency.

  3. delacrat says:

    ” it was worth reminding the audience that his brother kept this country safe from being attacked during his presidency” – Fish Bits

    If “his brother kept this country safe from being attacked during his presidency”, 9/11/2001 would just be another day..

  4. Wrong says:

    @Fish had a good commentary up at about 8am. Your picks are ludicrous. Trump gets a C+, then why is he on top. Carly Fiorina was the winner last night and you can expect her percentage points to rise. Fish you have a skewed view of life and you can’t write.

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