38th GOP Annual Straw Poll

straw poll   The 38th GOP Representative District held their annual straw poll yesterday.   The following are the results of that polling, and of course, it being a GOP event, it isn’t without controversy. First of all they ran out of straws before everyone had a chance to vote. Then of course supporters of one of the losing candidates cast aspersions on the process, accusing those counting the straws, of doing it improperly in order for another to win.

So even in a poll where nothing was on the line except bragging rights, the GOP once again  was able to place itself between the dog and the fire hydrant.

I will say that the covered dish and the fund-raising side of the event was a success, the room was packed and the tables were full. I am sure the event organizers would like me to thank all who came out to support their candidates and the 38th District.

It may also be noteworthy to mention that Sher Valenzuela was not present, but had a stand-in who spent the allotted five-minutes talking about herself, rather than Sher Valenzuela.

Only primary races were voted on in this straw poll.

  Delaware State Treasurer

Ken Simpler, 93 votes

Sher Valenzuela, (not present) 17 votes


Sussex County Council District 5

Robert Arlett, 54 votes

Vance Phillips, 9 votes


 U.S. Senate

Kevin Wade, 91 votes

Carl Smink, 14 votes


Sussex County Register of Wills

Cindy Green, 82 votes

Brian Butler, 26 votes


Sussex County Sheriff

Jeff Christopher, 73 votes

Robert T. Lee, 38 votes


Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all for participating. We are now two weeks away from the GOP primary, and while a fundraising straw poll held in one small RD, is not indicative of how the entire county and or state will vote, this should send the message that all candidates cannot take even one vote for granted.

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14 Comments on "38th GOP Annual Straw Poll"

  1. Honi Soit says:

    I take it there were 110 people present who reside in Rep District 38 and who therefore were eligible to vote for county-wide and state-wide candidates, and that there were 63 people present who reside in Rep District 38 and who were eligible to vote for District 5 candidates. And that accounts for the difference in the total number of votes cast, yes?

    Rob Arlett is chair of the 38th district, so the overwhelming vote in favor of his candidacy to Sussex Council perhaps should not surprise.

  2. closet skeleton says:

    One RD is a real class act posting smart ass comments about Lewis Briggs.
    The RD can gloat all he wants the straw poll is just like stuffing his candidates party box. It might feel good while it’s happening, then reality sets in.

  3. Frank Knotts says:

    Honi, actually anyone from the county could vote for county-wide and the two state wide, so you are correct.
    Closet Skeleton, who would that be?

  4. closet skeleton says:

    The RD in question just hosted a fund raiser at his home last week, for the current sheriff. The comment was posted on his candidates fb page late last night. “Dedicated to Rob Lee…..Just A Lost Ball In Tall Weeds ! Congratulations Lew Briggs on another Outstanding Success Story !”

  5. getthescoop says:

    Some information you there in cyberspace shows the Arlett/Phillips totals as 34-9 rather than 54-9. Which is correct?

  6. FLYLADY says:

    34/9 is the correct number. It was initially reported as 54/9, but later corrected.

  7. FrankKnotts says:

    But let us not forget that not everyone could vote due to them running out of straws at a straw poll.

  8. FLYLADY says:

    Yeah, that was a shame. I think it was just a really embarassing goof – I don’t read anything more into it, although I know a few folks have. Someone just messed up, and hopefully they’ll learn from it and it won’t happen next time. Other than that, I thought it was a pretty good event.

  9. Miquel Martinez says:

    It was a fundraiser, you show up, bring your own food (lowers cost), and listen to speeches you have heard before and vote based on who paid to get you in. The winner for the night was the 38th Republican RD.

    A great evening with like minded folks to support the candidates running in the September primary and November general elections. Good luck to all the candidates on the Republican ticket, and congratulations to the 38th, another great job.

  10. Frank Knotts says:

    FlyLady and Miquel, I agree, the event was a success as a fundraiser, those upset with the outcome of a straw poll that counts for nothing are only showing their immaturity.

  11. Frank Knotts says:

    Also, for any who are questioning the numbers I posted, please go back and see I have added a photo I took of the numbers as they were posted and announced that night. I apologize for the quality, it was meant only as a reminder for me, but you can see the numbers are as I posted them. When and how they may have gotten changed I do not know. I left shortly after they were posted, had no idea there would be a recount demanded. LOL!

  12. saltyindependent says:

    not to go all nate silver on everyone, but the peoples’ sheriff posted the results on his Facebook page and got one comment (his wife) and two likes (himself and his wife). i suppose it would only be prudent to factor in this data point with the straw poll. if anyone has a different data point to add to the equation, i will consult someone about an appropriate algorithm.

  13. FLYLADY says:

    Frank, you just posted what was written on the board – no one should have any problem with that. And I think the 38th did all they could after the mistake was noted as far as trying to get the word out. It’s all good. People need to relax!

  14. Miquel Martinez says:

    It was a fundraiser, 150 people at $13 = $1950 plus silent auction and other donations, free food. It was a fundraiser. The winner of the straw poll was the 38th District GOP.

    All other ‘events’ are irrelivent. IT WAS A SATURDAY NIGHT MONEY GRAB.

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