9/12 Patriots Warn, “Be Prepared”

canned beans  The following is a press release from the 9/12 Delaware Patriots warning their members to be prepared for the coming apocalypse.    Patriots

Dear Fellow Patriots,


A recently published Al Qaeda magazine hints at looming attacks and urges bombings by individual and “lone-wolf” groups. The magazine also provided instructions for car bombs.


Government officials (military and elected/appointed) are talking about how strong ISIS has become. ISIS has in fact, posted threatening tweets from major American cities and landmarks.


Terrorist chatter has increased as we get closer to Sept 11.


Is this a coincidence or are they trying to warn all of us that the shit is about to hit the fan?


America is not the only concerned country. Yesterday the British government raised their terror threat level to “severe.”


The question is not if, but when. Will it be a spectacular event like a massive attack/bombing of the Mall of the Americas? Or is it going to be something devastating like car bombs in the Baltimore tunnels, or taking out a bridge or the power grid?


Most likely, bugging out is not going to be an option, so we’ll have to survive and defend our families in place. The best time to prepare is before a terrorist attack. Preparedness cannot be accomplished after the fact. For example, a #10 can of dehydrated beef stew and 50 pounds of rice can go a long way, but you need water.


As we enjoy the Labor Day holiday, it may also be a good time to take a few hours to make sure you and your family are prepared.


And don’t forget to keep your gas tank full!

   The fact that ISIS is a real and growing threat is without question, the fact that these types of warnings and threat level escalation happen every year around 9/11 has become expected.

    I wonder if the 9/12 Patriots realize they are counting on the very government they so often call into question, to inform and forewarn them of such events?

   I also wonder if the Patriots really believe that the Terrorist would warn us that “the shit is about to hit the fan”? After all, if they were going to execute a plan to do the most damage, why would they warn us.

  No it is more likely that it is meant to “terrorize” us, to have people panic and to start hording beans and rice.

  And if the complete fall of our nation is at hand, just how far will, “a #10 can of dehydrated beef stew and 50 pounds of rice can go”?  Even if you do have water? What type of resources would you need to stockpile in order to survive a complete breakdown of civilization? One tank of gas?
They say “bugging out” will not be an option, so I hope they have started digging the moat around their properties.

  This idea of individual survival is not what this nation is about, we have always held to the idea, “united we stand, or divided we fall”.

  Yes we must be alert and prepared, we must look and see the real threats to this nation, from within as well as from outside.

  These threats come not only in the form of physical attacks on our people, and our infrastructure, but mental terrorism from those who deal in fear mongering, who build upon the fears of those who see threats around every corner.

  But just in case, be sure to take that class on how to can beans, and lay up a large supply of gasoline. Because when the end really comes you will be asking yourself, why didn’t I listen to the good people of the 9/12 Delaware Patriots when they warned me to make sure I have gas?

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  1. Honi Soit says:

    “ISIS has in fact, posted threatening tweets from major American cities and landmarks.”

    I tried checking this out but could not find anything to substantiate it. Nada. The closest I found was that the FBI and DHS issued a notice of one tweet posted on August 9 that claimed fighters were already in major US cities. The tweet used the hashtag “#AmessagefromISIStoUS and the text “We are in your state. We are in your cities. We are in your streets.”

    That’s not enough to get me stocking my pantry with sacks of rice. And it’s probably too late anyway. The 912 Delaware Patriots no doubt have made a run on the grocery stores and emptied the shelves.

  2. Laffter says:

    Good grief they even have the toilet paper

    Does anyone believe this crap? Look , the DE 9-12 patriots could not even get people out to pull the weeds on their garden…….

    For Pete’s sake- follow the money, who stands to profit by this…?

    Been listening to this for 40 years, the John Birchers started this years ago…..the end has been nigh for how many year now?

    Obama has been in office for 6 years, we still have guns, ammo and freedom. No one is in a FEMA camp and he has two years to deliver on the prophecy of no gun, no ammo and FEMA camps. For Pete’s sake- are they gonna grow up any thine soon?.

    How scary is the world they live in ? Poor sad folks.

  3. delacrat says:

    The 9-12ers are watching and fretting about the foreign ” ‘lone-wolf’ groups” (sic) plotting car bombs, when it’s obvious, to anyone residing outside a cave for the past six years, the real threats are All-American suits plotting mass layoffs.

  4. Rick says:

    The 9-12ers are watching and fretting about the foreign ” ‘lone-wolf’ groups” (sic)…

    Any particular reason why you posted (sic)?

    ….it’s obvious, to anyone residing outside a cave for the past six years, the real threats are All-American suits plotting mass layoffs.

    Yeah, the Boston bombing was just a car backfiring.

  5. Dave says:

    The 9-12 ers are right for the wrong reason. Appropriate preparation is useful because of the likelihood of a natural disaster. If one lives in DC or NYC and someone suggested preparation against manmade disasters, that would necessary and appropriate, but when folks live in Millsboro? Not so much. Still I guess it’s easy to accept the apocalypse when one easily accepts the idea that the earth is only 6,000 years old. In for a penny, in for a pound.

  6. delacrat says:

    “….it’s obvious, to anyone residing outside a cave for the past six years, the real threats are All-American suits plotting mass layoffs.” – delacrat

    “Yeah, the Boston bombing was just a car backfiring.” – Rick

    I don’t know anybody hurt by terrorism like the Boston bombing (and I have family in the Boston area), …now mass layoffs, I know hundreds of people hurt by mass layoffs . So which do you think is the real threat ?

  7. kavips says:

    I know when you know people, it is hard sometimes to take their cares and concerns seriously. But I’d like to look at this just from society’s perspective.

    We live the way we do (I think all would agree) because there are people willing to lay down their lives to enforce our current lifestyle. That includes soldiers. police, and law enforcement.. The only reason we can go about our lives without fear upon our return that someone has taken over our house, is because of the invisible fence put in place by these people. Without them, life would revert to rule by the strongest, and be completely different.

    If someone can take something from us, they will, They will gladly kill us and even dance on our grave. What keeps us safe is that we have more firepower and can do more damage to them, then they can to us… It has always been that way since man became civilized. Force always wins out.

    We are lucky events put us in the United States. Other nations are lucky we are not militaristic and will support them, so they too are protected by this invisible fence we have around us…

    I don’t mean to sound all righteous here. I too have made fun of those who are paranoid over everything. But I too have served on the front lines of this war against civilized humanity, and know for a fact, there are people out there who want to kill me (and you), rape my children, rifle through my pockets for anything they can use, as well as flout their winning with a victory dance…

    The point I’m trying to make, is that when you are manning the watchtower, and are responsible for being the first alarm in case of an attack, You notice everything. Every little wave of a branch. Every movement of tall grass. And you take your weapon and aim it at that point, finger on the trigger, tensing for the recoil, set just in case a face suddenly appears and rushes your position…. It is usually just the wind…

    The 9/12 serve that purpose to society… Hopefully they are on full watch and observant over every little thing… Almost all of which don’t pan out to be a danger… but when there is one that is, we are grateful they were organized and ready…

    They organized and provided a counter force against Common Core, very early on. They were the first defense, putting the issue in front of the public, and sometimes being dismissed derisively for being what they are. If you are unfamiliar with Common Core, I suggest you become very familiar with it. It is not just about education. It is about who controls our children in the future: outside forces (be they the government, bureaucracy, corporations, Wall Street, or that pedophile down the street who was able to profile their records)… or…. parents….

    That (for me) surprisingly has become the greatest long-term challenge to this nation, the one that will ultimately determine whether the US continues its manifest destiny, or as did Israel, continuously fall to the sins of power and money, exploiting its children, and we lose its right to run the world…

    I am grateful for the 9/12’s for taking on this fight. I am grateful for the 9/12’s warnings to society. I am grateful for them being always on watch to find any threat (most false alarms) .. For without them and people like that, the invisible fence protecting all of us, is only a mirage…

    So in areas we disagree, those are areas we must use logic and compromise to find solutions. But these few have a duty, and we should, at least, acknowledge that whether we agree with some of their points or not, that duty they certainly do fulfill…

    As I said at the beginning. If you know people and don’t like them, this may not resonate with you. But from at large, looking down across all of society, they have a role to play and are doing their part…. It is for us to determine whether the alarms are false or not…

    They did get Common Core right.


  8. Rick says:

    If one lives in DC or NYC and someone suggested preparation against manmade disasters, that would necessary and appropriate…

    When the majority of Americans are on the dole, and the welfare money runs-out, then you’ll really see a “man-made disaster.” If you’re in a major city, good luck getting out.

    During the privations of the Great Depression, most Americans remained civilized. Don’t count on that being the case this time around.

  9. Frank Knotts says:

    Kavips, the problem is, when you sound the alarm at every rustle of a blade of grass as the end of society, then you are seen as an alarmist and the little boy who cried wolf. This is the problem 9/12ers have, they raise everything, including common core to the level of the end of the world and they sound like nuts and people stop listening, so while you may have a point, I think this organization has so tainted its reputation with the majority of people that they can no longer effectively serve the purpose you laid out.

  10. Old Sussex County Native says:

    I have a friend, who is not only stockpiling food, he tells everyone about it bragging about his “years supply of emergency food.” I said to him “are you out of your mind? you’ve told so many people that if a crisis ever did occur they’ll head to your house first to kick your butt and take your food.” If we ever get that bad off, hoarding only will make one a target. Another friend is stockpiling ammunition for “the coming war” whatever that is. He too is crazy. If it were a real war, how long can you hold off hoards of invaders to protect your house?

  11. Dave says:

    You either need to reconsider your choice of “friends” and how good of friends they will be during the apocalypse. I think it would be depressing to have friends like that. Nothing worse than doom and gloomers if nothing happens – all that prepping for naught probably gives them nightmares. I mean, what if nothing happens?

  12. Old Sussex County Native says:

    Not depressing to me, Dave. I just don’t pay attention to their “nutty streaks.” I can get along with just about anybody if they are willing to not be disagreeable. Besides, it’s entertaining to have friends who are very different! And in answer to your question “what if nothing happens?” The answer is nothing, that’s the funny part. They have to throw out all that expired emergency food. Meanwhile, life goes on for people like you and me…

  13. mouse says:

    More Americans die every day from eating too much than all the terrorist caused deaths combined but hey irrational fears attracts the uneducated angry hateful rube crowd and their millions of them. Ever ask yourself why they so hate and fear education and the educated?

  14. mouse says:

    OMG, they’re right. I just heard Isis just sailed into the Indian river inlet on a British sailing ship to gather up white women lol

  15. mouse says:

    Americans have a difficult time with risk assessment. A lady asked my the other day if I was afraid of the sharks and Portuguese man of war when swimming in the ocean. She seemed to be annoyed when I said I was more afraid of aggressive driving tourists and people people texting and driving than anything in the ocean. Probably a Republican lol

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