And They Say I Am Uneducated

Can anyone identify what is wrong with Wolfgang’s T-shirt?


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  1. waterpirate says:

    Welcome back Frank, we missed you.

  2. pandora says:

    Oh no! I hate when that happens!

  3. Tony Stark says:

    No doubt Don Ayotte did the editing.

  4. Angus Berger says:

    Actually Ayotte had nothing to do with the editing. The graphic artist designed and printed a hundred of them with “Independent,” missing the e between the d and p.
    And yes Frank, you are uneducated and pretty lame also. You’re a real knuckle dragger.

  5. Dave says:

    Who planned, printed, distributed or was otherwise involved with the shirts is irrelevant. What is relevant is the apparently conscious decision to wear them. The message sent and received can be one of several:
    1. We stand for the missing “e”
    2. We live with our mistakes rather than correcting them
    3. This is an example of the quality of work we would do if we were in office

    I would have burned them and started all over. Why burn them? Because if you don’t they will show up at an inopportune time and place.

  6. Angus Berger says:


    This was an error made by the graphic artist and they have offered to reprint the shirts and have apologized profusely.
    You can put any spin on it you want and all people make mistakes but only idiots like yourself use them as battering rams.
    The people who printed the shirts are good people and have offered to do the right thing and IPoD will accept their apology and move on to better things.
    Dave, you may stay mired in your own fantasies as you always have. You people are great at condemning people but can’t take it in return.
    BTW, every at IPoD offers Frank their deepest sympathies on the passing of his father.

  7. Dave says:

    “You can put any spin on it you want and all people make mistakes but only idiots like yourself use them as battering rams.”

    If you construe my comment as a “battering ram” you demonstrate your inability to distinguish anything but binary conditions of 1 and 0. Part of my comment was indeed snarky, but it was far from polemic. In fact, the crux of my comment was the last sentence about what I would have done.

    In did not call them names (idiots or otherwise). What you can tell by your response is that either you are prone to take offense, even with the mildest of sarcasm or that you live in a proverbial binary world where someone is either for you or against you. What you fail to realize is the third condition that you simply might not matter (aka indifference). I could care less about your T shirts, except that it provided opportunity for a laugh, which by the way, you and everyone honestly need to be able to do.

    Your response should have been a smiley face along with a comment about how embarrassing it was and that you’ll make sure something like that doesn’t happen again or you could have simply kept silent.

    When I break out the battering ram, you’ll know it.

  8. Frank Knotts says:

    Angry Berger, first, thank you for your condolences. Second, no one attacked the printers of the shirts, for as you say, everyone makes mistakes. Ask anyone who ever got a tattoo that was misspelled.
    However, as Dave points out, the shirts should have become car washing rags. Instead Wolfgang and Don chose to show up at a non-partisan event with healthy appetites and hand out political party literature dressed in shirts with the name of their party misspelled. And yet they wonder why no one takes them seriously? And let’s be clear, these shirts were clearly well worn, they were not taken out of the package on the way to the event.
    I have heard that Wolf and Don have been showing up at other events like this one doing the same thing, it would seem that they can’t put an event together for their own party, so they show up and leach.
    But I give you permission to post on this site the picture of me wearing a T-shirt with GOP misspelled as GQP as soon as it happens.

  9. spellcheck says:

    ” political party lititure dressed in shirts”

    Hint literature

    You can’t spell any better than the T-shirt people.

  10. Angus Berger says:


    Don’t know about you but von Baumgart and Ayotte have every right to address their elected officials at a public event.
    If you don’t want them there, you must advise them in advance.

    I heard they addressed two very important issues and Ayotte even received applause for his question on the creation of an Inspector General’s office to cut down on Deleware’s problem with corrupt officials.
    (Edited for being off topic)

    You can say what you want but IPod’s platform is solid and makes more sense that both major parties.

    I would suggest that when you post another meeting, also post the list that is allowed to attend.

    BTW, you are very uneducated and it shows

  11. Tony Stark says:

    It is obvious that Angry Burger has too much fat between his buns.

    It is interesting how Angry Burger always appears when the name Don Ayotte shows up. It is sort of like BeetleJuice.

    Now Don Ayotte has been strutting around the County telling everyone that he is the Operations guru of the Pod People. Now when there is a dumb mistake, some nameless vendor is blamed. This is part of the Ayotte method.

    Actually, Ayotte is following the Obama model. He knows nothing, it is the fault of the people in Cincinnati, computer programmers messed it up.

    Dave has it right. T shirts get messed up all the time. Going out in public wearing something that is such a blatant mistake is a demonstration of total incompetence.

    Remember Wolfie, Don, and Burger, those people laughing are not laughing with you, they are laughing at you.

  12. Wolf says:

    No soliciting allowed Wolf, do it on the IPOD site. Edited by Frank Knotts.

  13. Frank Knotts says:

    Thank you spell check for catching my error, maybe I should put it on a T-shirt!
    Angry Berger, I never said that they weren’t welcome and entitled to attend and address their elected officials. But they didn’t show up as concerned citizens, they showed up to parade their misspelled T-shirts around the room in the hopes of promoting the “Indpendent” Party of Delaware.
    Anyone could see through their little attempt to gain attention for the “Indpendent” Party of Delaware, even a person with only one lens in their glasses.

  14. Angus Berger says:


    I even know who you are. I can see that DR is at their favorite pastime of deleting and editing comments. Like I said, you guys can hand it out but sure can’t take it.
    It isn’t hard to figure out who you are but I wonder how the gang in the 14th turned down a great candidate like Mike the Chiropractor to run against Schwartzkopf. I heard it is because he is too conservative or a real republican like you are not Tony.

    You guys are such a joke and what’s more, you know it. Knotts accuses IPod of the mistake of the misspelling and can’t even spell “literature” correctly. He needs to take another 6 days off. My God you guys are hypocrites.

  15. Frank Knotts says:

    I didn’t say that the IPODs couldn’t spell, I and others said they are clowns for wearing the shirts in public. As was said above, everyone makes mistakes, but most people wouldn’t wave it as a flag.

  16. Be says:

    Uh Angry? You spelled Delaware, “Deleware.”

    Wow… Get a life.

  17. Frank Knotts says:

    Oh Wolfster we have a sense of humor and thank you for feeding it. And better a hemichordate, than a gastropod. By the way if you need the name of a good optometrist? Let us know, I am sure someone can give you the name of one.

  18. Laffter says:

    I have to laugh at this constant attempt to “out” posters- I’m not sure when these nut jobs will get the hint that no one gives a crap about being outed. Not really, the gang of Wlofie, Ayotte, Beatty, Christy Christopher et al, are just a chuckle to have over, say a fine stout on a cold winter night, with WaterPirate.

    And the sock puppetry is amusing too, as well as the use of posters names on other blogs and even in here..Remember, Frank is the man behind the curtain, and even with proxy servers it’s pretty funny.

    And what leads to all this- well, we saw the t- shirt above, and dave is correct, mistakes are made- but the conscious decision to

    1 advertise that mistakes don’t matter
    2 accept shoddy work
    3. Promote incompetence
    4 and the simple fact that they didn’t notice the mistake

    Tells everyone looking at them, what they are and the fact that they are not worth listening to or bothering with, because if they are not concerned with their own image, they sure as hell don’t care about YOURS
    And a prime example of that would also be Ms Lafferty’s video

    Something Tells me that she will be the IPoDs candidate as will Christopher- the GOP has had enough of fools and charlatans.

  19. Laffter says:

    BTW, does Wolfie still live with his mom? Maybe she should have spell checked it for him

  20. waterpirate says:

    I am all for a good stout! I do grow weary of this 3rd grade bull$hit. They all run around on a never ending snipe hunt, secret squirrel manuevers, yada yada.

    No money, no principles, no real world experiance or product to offer, just anger and bitterness at their lot in life that they created?

    If someone accepts faulty goods, and displays it proudly, I would wager that if a real problem arose they would fold like cheap lawn furniture. Real leadership happens outside not behind a keyboard. Leadership also requires followers, not the self proclaimed title of leader.

    On a side note I was dissapointed at the reports from the blue collar conferance. Work kept me away, but I think they completely missed the mark. The focus was on business, taxes, red tape, and an aging work force. Those things may be pertinant, but without skilled labor to hire the hot topics are a non starter.

  21. Laffter says:

    And you hit the nail on the head……on all counts.

    Good one WP all the way around

    Now, as for that stout………I have found a really cool one
    And because of ” secret squirrels” yadda yadda, I will get the name and maker to you via third party.

  22. fightingbluehen says:

    Wearing the misspelled t-shirt is perplexing , but I’m more confused about the name IPoD.
    IPoD is oxymoronic, isn’t it? If you are affiliated with a political party then you aren’t independent, are you.

  23. Harry Whittington says:

    Ah, the Inspector General. Another attempt by the fringe to expand government and suck off of the taxpayer, just like what they want to do with the Sheriff’s office.

    Notice how the fringe doesn’t monetize their wish list.

    Wolfgang, how much would an Inspector General’s office cost Delaware taxpayers? What would an IG be paid, how much is the benefits package, how much staff would they need? How much would each staffer cost? How much will it cost to put desks, computers and equipment in the office? Will the IG require offices in every county? Monetize it.

    Give us the monthly and yearly cost breakdown for an IG.

    Because it’s not free.

    And while you’re at it, do the same thing with the Sheriff’s office, monetize the cost of giving the Sheriff the “Constitutional powers” he wants.

  24. Harry Whittington says:

    It isn’t hard to figure out who you are but I wonder how the gang in the 14th turned down a great candidate like Mike the Chiropractor to run against Schwartzkopf.

    A District or the party for that matter, to my knowledge, do not have the power to prevent a candidate from running for office.

  25. Agent 99 says:

    Mike the Chiropractor doesn’t currently live in the 14th and would have had to be a resident as of November 3,2013 to meet that requirement. So a good candidate still has to actually live in the district.

  26. waterpirate says:

    As of today as reported elsewhere, all of the Sherif’s followers have to accept the courts definition of ” conservator “! I may call in a few favors and get a batch of ” conservator stout ” whipped up for the occasion.

  27. independent consultant says:

    It really doesn’t take much to get under your skin.

    Put in in perspective. No one was killed, raped, mugged or seriously injured. Not even a fender was scratched.

    Meanwhile Democrat and Republican corruption rages on in at the federal state and local levels.

    A misspelled tee-shirt is slightly amusing and the designers are most probably taking it in stride and laughing it off, but the general venomous reaction of Delaware Right speaks more volumes about its followers than it does about the IPoD.

    It just proves that self-righteous double standards are alive and well in Delaware.

    Both the Democrat and Republican parties are corrupt to the core.

    If IPoD’s worst mistake is a misspelled prototype tee shirt, so what???
    It pales into insignificance in light of the national debt, a faltering economy, dysfunctional educational system and general social decay…

  28. waterpirate says:

    For anyone who is seeking validity as a 3rd party, and saber rattling as a more intellectual crowd. That Shirt spoke volumes.

  29. Indpendent Idiot says:

    You POD people are freaking idiots. I can not wait for the Ayoti campaign to kick off. I wonder if he will continue to verbally assault and threaten people as he did in his last failed campaign? Good luck.

  30. Laffter says:


    Would your ” Conservator stout” be extra bitter?

    Hahahahaha…..has he moved yet?

  31. Laffter says:

    Actually the IPod made three mistakes

    1 Wolfie

    2. Ayotte

    3. Christy

    Actually make it four mistakes

    4 thinking ANYONE WITH ANY BRAINS would take them seriously

    Ahhhhh, the land of misfit toys…..

  32. Frank Knotts says:

    independent consultant, the T-shirt is representative of the lack of credibility of the IPOD. And the whining about it being pointed out is representative of the total lack of the ability to roll with the punches. If I could find a photo of Gov. Markell wearing a T-shirt with his name misspelled as “Merkell” , I would have posted it the same as I did this one. Why? Well first because it is funny, second because it would demonstrate a lack of political focus. The POD people run around crying corruption at every turn, well they were out in public in a T-shirt that was corrupted. And yet they still don’t realize that this sends a message that they are less than a serious option to the major parties.

  33. William Christy says:

    Frank you have on more than one occasion undeniably stated when I do not post on your blog my name does not come up in discussions. In this discussion alone my name has come up twice by Laffter who once again takes away any credibility of what you claim.

    1. I have NOTHING to do with the IPoD
    2. I am still the 3rd 36th ED for the GOP.
    2 I have nothing to do with the Sheriff, or the posse.
    4. I am not involved with Wolf, Ayotte, or Beatty, or Lafferty

    Now on to the discussion should the shirt have been worn in public, probably not. I see errors in spelling and grammar all the time right in GOP and Democratic mailings, e-mails and candidate flyers. Errors happen, why belabor the point.

    I believe there are far more important issues about our government worth addressing than someone wearing a shirt with a misspelled word. Certainly adults should be able to find more important issues to discuss than ridiculing someone about their eyeglasses.

  34. William Christy says:

    waterpirate I agree about all the 3rd grade bull$hit.

    A perfect example is Laffter’s uncalled for comment about Wolfs mother. My understanding is she passed away a while ago. The comment proves the insensitivity, ignorance, and total lack of class of the person who made the comment.

  35. Wondering? says:

    I am wondering what all of hoopla is about over a missing letter in a logo. I’m sure they are getting it fixed but the greater problem here seems to be the intense hatred on the part of Knotts over anything IPOD does or says.

    I can see by the tone of the comments that Knotts and crew are intensely fearful of IPOD’s recent growth and popularity and it shows by the posts and comments here at DR. If I were in the leadership of IPOD, I would keep this site just for the mere mention of the IPOD party.

    They’ve been to my door and I’ve read their literature and they have ideas and a platform. That’s more than you have Knotts.

  36. Laffter says:

    And victimhood and lying continues……….
    If one cannot stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen
    Are you also denying your are NOT the moderator for DP? You stated you were, so how can you not have anything to do with Ayotte if you moderate the blog he is now running?
    You deny you don’t support the sheriff when you went to council meetings and leg hall in his defense of SUPER POWERS?
    But good to know you are always reading, it shows the readership of the blog stays high
    So thanks for your support


    Back to IPod follies, I am sure Frank would have posted any politician wearing a shirt like that, because it IS funny. And It does undermine credibility,kinda like certain people who post all over the place, make claims and accusations then say they never did- deny associations and then can’t remember they posted about it somewhere else. Haha
    Screen shots are a wonderful thing.

  37. Laffter says:

    They have never canvassed my neighborhood….NOONE has even heard of them, and it’s a pretty active community I have here

    Of course, my neighborhood would send them packing, especially of those T-shirts were worn.
    As for recent growth? Ummmmmm- being an undeclared voter, it not the same as being a member of IPoD
    Two things are happening, IPoD is counting in the number of I departs in their tally- independents are not IPoD

    There are 3,314 voters registered for IPoD in the state, out of a total of more than 650,000 voters in the state of Delaware, the League of Women Voters has more members than the IPoD
    Given those statistics, I’m not sure I would give them the time of day.

  38. Wondering? says:


    How can anyone take you seriously. You are one of the worst commenters I’ve ever read. I do feel sorry about your anger issues. You are an angry, classless and coarse person that has so many personal issues, they can’t be counted.
    I wonder why even Knotts would allow you to comment.

  39. William Christy says:

    1. David Anderson owns and runs Delaware Politics, he has the final say on everything regarding DP.

    2. Ayotte isn’t running Delaware Politics.

    3. I am one of the Moderators

    4. I attended one Council hearing in Apr 2010 and spoke about the Sheriff issue. 3 years ago get over it.

    5. Although I planned to, I NEVER attended any Leg Hall hearings concerning the Sheriff issue.

    Indeed screenshots are a wonderful especially when coupled with IP numbers.

  40. William Christy says:

    Unless your neighborhood specifically forbids soliciting you can’t send anyone “packing”.
    Political canvassing and religious canvassing do not fall under “No Soliciting” unless your “community/development” is completely privately owned including the roads.

  41. Tuxamus Maximus V says:

    This is truly one of the more interesting and truly funny of all posts, and comments, here in some time. My most sincere thanks to Frank for posting the picture of the dreaded mistaken t-shirt print job and the comments that have followed.

    Although it’s been some time since I last purchased custom printed t-shirts I do remember the process fairly well and know that its not just the fault of ‘they’ (the company that printed the shorts) it’s the fault of ALL involved. 100 t-shorts isn’t a cheap thing to do so you want your money’s worth. Just my opinion and could be wrong here.

    The steps in the process as I remember them:
    Have a logo/design in hand and go to the screen printers shop.
    Have the designer do the work needed to fit the logo/design so that it fits the smallest of shirts that will be purchased with the design applied.
    Run the printed words through SPELL CHECK and get the final version APPROVED by the client.
    Select quality, color and sizes of t-shirts to be produced. Cheap t-shirts look like cheap t-shirts. How do you want to be seen?
    Printer doing the work collects a DEPOSIT and once again the work is proofed by both printer and client.
    Printer runs a few off and offers client to come and proof the work for final run of remaining t-shirts (hoodies, sweatshirts or hats whatever the case or items are to be done).
    Now it’s really too late but before you pay the final bill upon delivery, or acceptance, you’ve got one more chance at proofing the work (although you’ve paid for the blank shirts with the DEPOSIT you made) and paying the remainder of the invoice.
    Once you’ve paid the bill you own them. It is a done deal. If a mistake is found you have the choice of continuing to use them, wash cars with them or donating to the Salvation Army and taking the write-off.

    Start over and if you’re using the same printer you’ve accepted the mistake as being on both ends of the deal because you’re willing to make the same mistake twice.

    As a betting man I’d be willing (if it could be proven) to bet that the mistake wasn’t found until Frank posted the picture!

    If someone would be willing I’d pay $10 for an autographed (by Don A, Wolfy and any of the other IPod’s involved in this fiasco) shirt that wasn’t otherwise stained.

    Passing the blame to the printer is a cop out. The blame goes to all involved. That a printer is supposedly kind enough to make it right is a questionable thing as they can’t afford to eat 100 t-shirts even if the quality is poor (and I think we see proof of that!) and the shirts are cheap (usually made overseas as well) so this whole thing of passing the blame for the mistake just knocks me over completely dumbfounded. Own up to the mistake that was made by ALL involved from the start of the project.

    If a political shirt isn’t made in the USA…well…that says a lot about the party and politician.

    If you can’t accept, and own up to, making a mistake than why bother doing anything? Don’t state ‘they’ made a mistake. Belly up (pun intended) and don’t pass the buck.

  42. Tuxamus Maximus V says:

    Shorts/shirts yeah I made a few mistakes but spell check doesn’t catch those like it would the ‘e’ in independent!

  43. TSUNAMI says:

    Delaware Right is nothing more than a cheap electronic attempt at the Knockout Game.

  44. Tongue in Cheek says:


    You got that right. It seems that since this site opened that they’ve done nothing but go after Ayotte. Now its Christy, von Baumgart.
    They almost always post nothing that is not a attack on somebody. This time, Knotts took 7 days off because of his father’s death and should have stayed gone.
    This site is nothing but a hit site. If I were Ayotte, I would sue this site for “shedding false light. It was charged on a comment here on this post that Ayotte threatened people on his last campaign. I helped on his campaign and never heard him threaten anybody, although many people in the GOP threatened him. Grossman told him at a GOP meeting that he “would drop him like a bad habit.”
    The people that run this site are insane.

  45. Laffter says:

    Let me educate you Mr.Christy, or at least lay out the facts as educating you is beyond anyone’s capability.

    1. To get to someone’s front door, most properties around here have a lot of PRIVATE PROPERTY you must walk across to door knock.

    2. It would go kinda like this….knock, knok….door opens, hi I’m with the DE IPoD….. get off my property- if you don’t, I will file a complaint for trespassing.
    Once you are told to leave private property – you better

    And THAT is how – you would be sent packing….it’s very simple, but par for the course that you are ignorant about how the law actually works.

    See, we still have private property rights- and the right to defend them.

  46. Laffter says:

    IP numbers can be and often are changed…LOL. So good luck with that

    And unless you can put a certain individual at the keyboard at that time, at a 51% certainty! you have lost already.
    For all the threats of lawsuits, NOTHING has been filed and never will- all just hot air from a bunch of gasbags….


  47. William Christy says:

    Laffter rather than being so full of yourself go back and read what you posted. Here let me help you:

    “They have never canvassed my neighborhood….NOONE has even heard of them, and it’s a pretty active community I have here”

    “Of course, my neighborhood would send them packing, especially of those T-shirts were worn.”

    Since you were speaking about your community as a whole not you as an individual property owner that is what I addressed.

    According to the Delaware State Police UNLESS a development/community is clearly marked PRIVATE PROPERTY or NO SOLICITING at the entrances, solicitors may enter your development/community/neighborhood and go door to door. Unless you have an organized homeowners association AND you are part of the executive board YOU have no legal standing or authority to tell any solicitor to vacate the organized development/community/neighborhood where you reside. Certainly you can tell them to leave your personal individual property and that’s where your rights stop.

    That’s how the law works specifically as it relates to organized developments/communities/neighborhoods. One of the other prerequisites is if the roads are privately owned.

    Perhaps you should call the Delaware State Police, tell them they don’t know what the hell they are talking about concerning solicitations in organized developments/communities/neighborhoods.

  48. William Christy says:

    Goes both ways gasbag. You’re the one who claimed that I went to the state. You claimed you received a call informing you I was laughed out of the meeting. Now you state nothing was ever filed, so which is it gasbag? You also posted you filed a complaint with the regional U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

    “See, we still have private property rights- and the right to defend them.”

    Interesting statement because months ago you specifically posted that I had no right to defend my property or myself.

  49. TSUNAMI says:

    Not only is Frankie Knotts uneducated, he is uncouth….

  50. waterpirate says:

    Wow, I went shopping for Turkey day and you all had this fun without me. Yes that stout would be bitter, in fact the brewmaster said ” It shall be undrinkable due to it’s bitter nature!”. I took his advice. why brew anything that can not be enjoyed?

    My money is on budget internet provider of the t-shorts lol. Once someone filled in the little box and pushed send, that was it.

  51. Laffter says:

    Ahhhhhh feeding trolls. – good sport on a windy day
    Poor fools fall for it every time

    Even funnier , like this t- shirt business shows- they actually take themselves seriously
    And believe what they read on the internet – LOL

    MISSED YA FRANK- aren’t u glad u r back- thought I’d liven this up for ya a bit. – good post

  52. Frank Knotts says:

    William Christy says, ” In this discussion alone my name has come up twice”, you will have to show me where. I never saw the name William Christy until you posted a comment. I did see Christy, but thought they were talking about Gov. Christy. But as always, you can’t stay away, you are my biggest fan!
    As for the shedding false light? The shirt is real, not false, and Don’s anger issues are well known within the GOP and the community. The event where Mr. Grossman made the statement about dropping Don like a bad habit was instigated by Don who was angry about being asked to sign a card for Ron Sams. Don couldn’t just say no, he had to get in someone’s face. See I was standing there when it happened as was another person, who if I named them would have a great amount of credibility.
    As always the nut jobs show up and turn this into more than it is.
    I posted a photo of a misspelled T-shirt and asked if anyone could identify what was wrong with it. And instead of taking the good natured ribbing in stride, they immediately show their true selves by name calling.

  53. Frank Knotts says:

    Oh, I did want to mention that I am aware of the sock puppets who are commenting in agreement with themselves, how weak! Either that, or there are three or four people sitting around the same computer.

  54. William Christy says:

    Frank go play stupid with someone else the NJ governors name is spelled Christie.

  55. Harry Whittington says:

    I’m still waiting for one of the people pushing an Inspector General to give us a cost breakdown. How much will an IG be paid, what are their benefits, how much staff do they need and how much will the office cost. If you’re going to drag it out as a viable option, you should be able to tell the taxpayers how much it will cost.

  56. Tongue in Cheek says:


    I was there too that night at that GOP meeting when Grossman threatened Ayotte and Ayotte laughed at him and said, “go ahead and take a swing Fatso.” There must have been about 20 that surrounded them and witnessed Grossman’s threats and you accuse Ayotte of threatening people. The guy has a right to defend himself. He’s a gentleman compared to Grossman and you.
    The only sock puppet here is you and your crew of misfits Frank.

  57. Agent 99 says:

    ell thes ober ah wourd mispeled un ah teashit. woW!

  58. TSUNAMI says:

    Proof positive of the dysfunctional nature of the GOP. With two-bit bullies like Grossmann and Knots running around acting like they are in power, it’s no wonder that the DE Republican Party is falling apart.

    How much money has been wasted in building and running this retarded excuse for a website run by such small minds? A lot more than a few misspelled tee shirts.

  59. Laffter says:

    Gee Frank, think they are all sitting around the same computer in their underwear, scratching themselves?

    You and I and dave and TuxMux and waterpirate …etc. MUST BE doing something right to earn such spite

    Maybe no one comments on that other site any more and they have nothing to do but come in here?
    Let’s try ignoring them, maybe they will go away.but it is funnier to see the reveal themselves. – well , as much as folk who sock puppet can comment on their own comments…ll

  60. Captian Qweeg says:

    ” Ah…but I was ahead of them . I proved with geometric logic that there had to be a second key and the mess boys hadn’t eaten the strawberries.”

  61. William Christy says:

    Laffter you’re the biggest sock puppet in here. That was made known by an owner of Delaware Right several weeks ago at Jimmy’s.

  62. Frank Knotts says:

    Well Tongue Puppet, you say Don said, “go ahead and take a swing Fatso.” , and to you this is being a gentleman? You also ignore the fact that Don started the confrontation. And why? Because he was offered the chance to sign a card for Ron Sams, and instead of doing the gentlemanly thing and sign the card or just decline, he chose to storm into a circle of people and start threatening someone. And this is the person who is telling people he will be the POD people’s choice to run for state rep. in the 20th? Okay! Good luck with that.

  63. Laffter says:


    Also the same man whose WIFE had more manners and good grace than him and congratulated his political opponent first in his last race, which he lost

    As for outting. Hahahahahaha. Good luck I’m sure the owners of Delaware Right have seen this, just like the GOP has seen the comments about THEIR meetings and A certain contender for Governor has heard the same stuff- the cinch is narrowing,
    And the amount of people not enraged by the lies is getting smaller.

    So remember
    1. I could not care less
    2. I consider the source, and as the source is…….well we have all had our view of that individual , enough to know if word are written and lips moving, lies are spewed.

  64. Tongue in Cheekt says:

    “Well Tongue Puppet, you say Don said, “go ahead and take a swing Fatso.” , and to you this is being a gentleman? You also ignore the fact that Don started the confrontation.”

    Well you finally started name calling. I’ll tell you what happened that night from start to finish.
    It started in the parking lot when Grossman chased Ayotte down with a congratulatory card for Ron Sams, becoming state Republican of the Year. Don responded that he would not sign it after the Sussex Committee had forced Sams to resign.
    Grossman continued to pursue Don throughout the building, berating him for not signing the card. Grossman then told Ayotte that he would” drop him like a bad habit if he didn’t sign the card.” Ayotte then told Grossman to go ahead and take a swing fatso, that he would enjoy having him locked up for the night.”

    In no way did Ayotte start the confrontation and I’m not a sock puppet. Frank, you are nothing but Grossman’s marionette and bootlick. How embarrassing and humiliating that must be for you

    I worked with him on his campaign and he is a gentleman but I wish Grossman would have hit Ayotte. Ayotte would not have had to press assault charges, I would have done it for him after kicking Grossman’s butt myself.

  65. Indpendent Idiot says:

    More threats, from guess who? The Ayoti camp.

  66. Frank Knotts says:

    Well Puppet Tongue, I have long made use of the numerous fictitious names used here, such as Angry Berger. So try again. As for you being a sock puppet, well again, unless as Laffter says there are three or four of you sitting around the same computer scratching yourselves, well then you are using multiple names, and to tell you the truth I am getting a little sick of you weak minded pee-ons using multiple names to agree with yourselves.
    Now to the lies you tell. Since I was the person who bought the card, and brought it to the meeting and passed it around, I guess I know that it was after Mr. Sams’ surgery, not his being named Republican of the year.
    One thing you did get right is when you quote, “Ayotte then told Grossman to go ahead and take a swing fatso, that he would enjoy having him locked up for the night.” To which Mr. Grossman said, “what are you going to do? Call the sheriff?”
    Might I also council you that your use of the word, “bootlick” tells me exactly who you are, since in the past it is a word that you have over used.
    As for kicking butts? Guess you are a regular “Kick Buttowski” aren’t you?

  67. william Christy says:

    I wonder Frank does your getting sick of the pee-ons using multiple names apply to Laffter as well, or is it as it appears your alter ego is given preferential treatment?

    You steadfastly claim you don’t redact or remove comments. I found quite a few that were either partially redacted or removed in their entirety, in other discussions.

  68. Frank Knotts says:

    Independent Consultant, yet you are here.
    Bill Christy, Laffter has never come here under any screen name other than Laffter that I am aware of, and yes I check on the people who agree with me also, but unlike other sites I do not use that information for intimidation. Not sure what you mean by alter ego, but I can assure you I have never used a screen name since my days on the old WGMD bulletin board, where I went by the name RWR(correction made by Frank Knotts). I have no need to hide my views and no need to self inflate my arguments by creating shadow puppets to agree with me, can you say the same before your God? I can.
    As for editing and redacting, of course I do, but again unlike some sites I do not simply remove the comment, I always give an explanation and sign it by name. Your problem is that you can’t understand integrity in the use of authority. Done packing yet?

  69. William Christy says:

    Your problem is like every addict recovering or otherwise is you’re selfish and narcissistic. I’m not packing or going anywhere, I have just as much right to live in this state as you do. I have just as right to express my views and opinions as you do.

    I suggest you start actually practicing some of the lessons you claim you father (may he rest in peace) taught you. Try starting with humility and tolerance for others.

    I post in here with one name the one I’m using now, not only will I swear before GOD, I’ll swear on my parents and my brother and sisters graves to that fact.

    I DO NOT use proxy servers can you say the same?

    I find it extremely hard to believe that you aren’t aware that Laffter posts with other user names, especially since you claim to know about all the other sock puppets.

  70. Dave says:

    I’ve never been able to understand why someone would post with multiple names anyway. I suppose it’s to maintain plausible deniability but why would someone want to deny what they said?

  71. Frank Knotts says:

    First Mr. Christy, you say, “I suggest you start actually practicing some of the lessons you claim you father (may he rest in peace) taught you. Try starting with humility and tolerance for others. ”
    Well my father taught me to never tolerate fools, you can take that for what it is worth.
    You also say, “Your problem is like every addict recovering or otherwise is you’re selfish and narcissistic. I’m not packing or going anywhere, I have just as much right to live in this state as you do. I have just as right to express my views and opinions as you do. ”
    As for my being a recovering addict? Yes! Better a recovering addict than a lifetime fool. Take that for what it is worth. And you are correct, you do have the right live in this state, it just seems as though you and others, the sheriff included, find it to be a God forsaken place, and we wonder why you stay, when there are so many states with better sheriff’s offices. As for having the right to voice your opinion? Again you are correct, to a point. The U.S. Constitution guarantees you the freedom of speech. That sir however does not guarantee that freedom here. You get to voice your opinions here by the grace of myself and the other governing members of the Delaware Right organization. That freedom up until now has only been marginally infringed upon when needed due to your behavior. Do not mistake our amusement with you as tolerance of fools.
    Now to your statement and question, “I DO NOT use proxy servers can you say the same?”
    Well Mr. Christy, no I do not use “proxy servers”, I do however have a lap top as well as a home computer, however the puppets are coming in under several names from the same IP, but maybe the POD people can only afford one computer.
    As far as what other “GUEST” here are doing, I will not discuss specifics, I will only say that the time and effort some “GUEST” expel in hiding the fact that they are using puppets boggles the mind. The only reason to make the same argument under multiple names is to create shadow puppets to agree with an argument that no one else agrees with.
    Remember, always pack the fragile stuff together and label your boxes, it makes unpacking in Arizona much easier.

  72. Harry Whittington says:

    I have now asked this question twice, and no one will answer. I will ask it again, directed towards the Sheriff and Inspector General supporters:

    Bill Christy, Angus Berger, Wolfgang, Don Ayotte (under whatever name you’re using today), Mike Protack:

    How much will an IG be paid, what will be the cost of their benefits, how much staff do they need and how much will the offices cost in rent and equipment?

    I ask for the same cost analysis for giving the Sheriff what he wants.

    If you don’t have the answer to the simple question, “HOW MUCH WILL IT COST?” then you should STFU about it and accept the FACT that you are NOT a conservative.

  73. William Christy says:

    As I suspected you were taught intolerance, thanks for admitting that. 1963 Delaware General Assembly outlaws racial segregation, 9 years after the SCOTUS ruling. I can only imagine what other things you were taught not to tolerate.
    Take that for what it’s worth.

    To bad you don’t understand or realize intolerance of others, or differing ideas is indicative of fear, and an ignorant fools thinking.
    Take that for what it’s worth.

    I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt concerning your claim about proxy server use Mr. Knotts. I certainly afford you more benefit of the doubt than you have ever afforded me.
    Take that for what it’s worth.

    Posts you have made originate from CO, AZ, WA, NJ, FL and other locations which is indicative of proxy server use.

  74. Frank Knotts says:

    Let me address the proxy server usage first. This site is set up on WordPress and was set up by someone other than myself, how the articles that I post are routed? I have no idea and could care less. Since I am an administrator, my comments may also follow the same paths. But obviously you feel the need to track this, so feel free to do as you will, your inference was that I post under other names, never happens.
    Now as for what I was taught? Well Mr. Christy, my quote of not suffering fools in derived from Saint Paul, 2 Corinthians 11:19, in which he says, “For ye suffer fools gladly, seeing ye yourselves are wise.” Where he is criticizing the Corinthians for suffering fools while seeing themselves as wise.
    So what were you taught Mr. Christy? Guess you were taught to race bait, considering your comment of 1963, by the way I was 2 years old at the time. Is that a tactic you learned from your friends at hate radio?

  75. Tuxamus Maximus V says:

    Since this has gotten so off topic now I’m going to add something to this mix. What I know about “proxy servers” and “sock puppets” pales in comparison to knowing that if you throw enough money at something it eventually (usually) works out. As I sit at at this desk and look at the original cable modem and the little box that’s been attached for a long time now all the lights are on and so far as I know there is a house somewhere between Bridgeville and Ellendale that is able to use the IP address that I’m working off of right now. Somehow it works with the other little box that’s attached to the cable phone modem located in my garage.

    Do I know how any of this works? That would be a resounding NO and I don’t want to know either but what I do know is that when I loosen the leash on the TM’s when they comment here Frank will only see my IP and nothing else. I’ll get back to doing what I want/need to do and the TM’s will be having fun with Frank’s playground once again!
    One thing I have had explained is that this ‘wordpress’ is all over the place so what Frank wrote makes sense to me. This ‘wordpress’ is HUGE and serves an endless myriad of blogs and other sites. No holds barred and some really weird stuff but it’s a free country and like Frank ‘tolerant’ for the most part.

    You’re a stand up guy Frank keep up the good work. I and the TM’s (at least the IT TM’s) like your theory of three or four sitting around one computer (probably in a circle) making comments.

    Lastly I’ve been asked to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving as they haven’t been able to wish even a “great weekend” in some time now. Apparently WP, Laffter, Dave and Harry among others and this playground are missed.

    Some topics of late a few TM’s want to comment on before it gets too late to be relevant. They may start using a new email address.

    I’m going to miss this a bit when the time comes as I look forward to comments from ‘Laffter’. You really are a hoot!

  76. William Christy says:

    Frank I’m not referring to how your articles are posted in here on word press. I am referring to your comments posted in a blog site I was a moderator for. Your comments posted came from all the locations I mentioned. Those locations are indicative of a proxy server.

    There is no “race baiting’ in my comment. I stated the fact to show that the state of Delaware has in the past got it wrong such as desegregation that took Delaware 9 years to correct after the federal law was passed. Nothing more nothing less.

    My friends at the hate radio? I don’t know any of the staff at the radio personally, I certainly don’t consider them acquaintances or friends. Typical feeble attempt on your part at guilt by association

  77. Laffter says:

    SMH, Sigh”……….

    One has to wonder about the depth of hatred directed at me- and the instability of one who is obsessed with me. It truly is an obsession, as we all can see. SO take precautions folks, there is a stalker out ther.

    Unable to defend themselves, people like that try to deflect or ghost their own actions on others, the pathology of that individual is scary. Many people have blocked them from social media and all form of contact….and the obsessiveness in asking ‘around’ to see who is who and on what blog is …….sick and twisted.

    But I suppose these people live in a bubble and don’t think their words and actions are talked about and discussed. The only thing I can think of is that someone that desperate for attention will do anything to garner that attention , even if the attention they garner is NEGATIVE.

    So folks, if anything happens to me, ever, ya”ll know where you can look…..and keep the IP logs Frank, they will point to very specific people.

    Repeating lies over and over does not make it true. I only ever post as Laffter, Frank knows that,he can see it
    Regardless of what a proven liar and malingerier says- and why bother saying it in the first place……? No one in their right mind believes them, and as Frank has no reason to defend me, he only speaks the truth, not to defend me , but simply because he is truthful.

    But a liar would not see that, a liar thinks everyone else is a liar, because that is their world view.

    Heading out for Turkey day! Happy Thankgiving WP, TM(all of you) dave, Harry W, Frank

    and as for the sock puppets in the circle jerk, please wipe up the floor after you all are done- it tends to leave a sticky residue. 😉

  78. Frank Knotts says:

    Ah, Mr. Christy, if you were a moderator on that other site, then you know that it too is a product of WordPress. Damn I hate when that happens. Everyone knows you for what you are, you come here and throw mud against a wall hoping it will stick. Once again, I post from my home PC, and sometimes from my lap top, how that gets to the site? I have no idea and no need to know. How empty is your life that you spend so much time tracking that which matters not at all to so many others. Does it make you feel important? Does it give you a sense of power? Do you think it strikes fear in the minds of those you threaten with lies? Grow up and be a man, and quit playing at a child’s game.
    As for your attempt to somehow tie my intolerance of fools to segregation, you now try to deflect, whatever.

  79. waterpirate says:

    All this snipe hunting over IP addresses. What a waste. Trolls and sock puppetts are a product of the age and we should endeavor not to feed them or give them a stage. Here is the WP challenge for the holiday season:
    Donate 10% of your weekly salary to a charity of your choice, or donate 20% of your time and energy to it. Above all, DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE AND HELPFULL, not clack away endlessly playing secret squirrel.

  80. Tuxamus Maximus V says:

    @waterpirate What a wonderful sentiment and I offer this in hopes that it provides incentive for others to do something nice for another. I did most of my gifting early last month to the local United Way through corporate interests and just before Christmas we will, as usual. make a hefty donation to a woman’s shelter that is dear to us. In addition, and as luck would have it I’m about to leave my office here at home to pick up an elderly man that has been a great community Volunteer for well over 40 years to knock one more thing off his bucket list. Nice guy and his handicap isn’t going to make this an easy thing to do but he deserves the opportunity.

  81. Dave says:

    If I chose to do so, I could post under an infinite number of IPs, but I haven’t yet figured out the point of doing so. Perhaps someone can enlighten me.

  82. William Christy says:

    My final comment on this. The fact that this blog site and DP are hosted on word press has absolutely nothing to do with where your personal IP number is generated from. When you compose an article or post a comment the IP number is who your personal Internet Service Provider is ie. Comcast, Verizon or any of the other providers.

    David Anderson owns the DP blog site when he posts an article or a comment his IP is from the middle east.

    I could care less about IP numbers unless it indicates corruption and misuse of taxpayer owned computers and servers.

  83. pandora says:

    I’m not a huge tech person, but posting from different IP addresses does not make you a sock puppet. If Frank Knotts posts from his home IP as Frank Knotts and then posts from his laptop at Starbucks (their IP) as Frank Knotts that is not a sock puppet. That’s Frank posting as Frank from different locations. Some people might need to get out of the house more.

    A sock puppet is (according to Wiki): “an online identity used for purposes of deception. The term—a reference to the manipulation of a simple hand puppet made from a sock—originally referred to a false identity assumed by a member of an internet community who spoke to, or about, himself while pretending to be another person.[1] The term now includes other misleading uses of online identities, such as those created to praise, defend or support a person or organization,[2] or to circumvent a suspension or ban from a website. A significant difference between the use of a pseudonym[3] and the creation of a sockpuppet is that the sockpuppet poses as an independent third-party unaffiliated with the puppeteer. Many online communities attempt to block sockpuppets.”

    A blog administrator can discover a sock puppet when multiple comments under multiple names come from the same IP address – altho, this isn’t foolproof.

    Everybody got it? Frank Knotts posting as Frank Knotts from different IP addresses isn’t a sock puppet. It means he’s not a shut in.

  84. Frank Knotts says:

    WOW! Pandora, for someone who is not a huge tech person, that was pretty good.
    Billy boy says he could care less about IP addresses, yet he seems to spend a lot of time looking them up trying to track people down. Of course he may just be looking for a nice place to move to. By the way Billy boy, did it ever occur to you that maybe I changed providers to save money or get better service? No of course not because in Billy boy world everything is conspiracy.

  85. pandora says:

    In addition to changing providers you could have had a power outage, or simply unplugged your modem for some reason and that could very well result in your being assigned a new IP number.

    I rarely look at IP numbers… unless there appears to be some shenanigans going on in the comment section. We run into this from time to time and we’ve found some of the biggest sock puppets to be people we’re all very familiar with. 🙂

  86. William Christy says:

    perhaps if you could put your contemot for me aside for a minute you would see where I stated more than once that I gave you the benefit of the doubt that you might not know how your ISP works. Any more excuses Frank. There are back to back comments some just minutes apart that are different IP numbers from various locations around the country.

    Pandora I agree if the power goes out or someone unplugs their modem the static IP number will change BUT it will still be for the same geographic location.
    Verizon as an example automatically changes IP numbers but the geographic location always remains the same, Philadelphia.
    Comcast is the same way even if the service is interrupted when it returns it’s the same
    geographic location.

    I was discussing the use of a proxy server, which IP numbers can also easily identify.

    Since the term sockpuppet has been brought up there are several people in here using various names to post, some have even stated so themselves. Frank is very aware of the people who are doing so. He only makes issue with sock puppets who oppose his views.

  87. William Christy says:

    Following the comment about multiple names using the same IP number that is not a fool proof way to claim people posting are sock puppets. Some Internet Service Providers use block IP numbers for a whole neighborhood so it could be one of many households within a specific radius. No different than a person who does not have a secure wireless network, in their home. Someone can sit in front of your location and log into your wireless connection.

    Using your starbucks example every person who is using their server has the same IP number. While highly unlikely several people or a group could be commenting in a same blog site.

    Hackers are known for frequenting public internet access locations. They use their own portable wireless ISP to hack into other peoples computers because the wireless networks in Starbucks, McDonald’s, airports, Internet cafes are not secure.

  88. pandora says:

    Can you tell me why, as a moderator at DP, you were spending so much time digging into details on commenters’ IP numbers? …Details that most likely required additional steps to find since most WP admin comment pages don’t show geographical locations of comments.

    Seriously, William, what you’re doing isn’t moderating – it’s snooping and then “hinting” or, as some have claimed, running around Sussex County outing people. Very unprofessional and immature. Hopefully, David Anderson has relieved you of your duties.

  89. William Christy says:

    How soon you forget one of your fellow moderators and a guest did the same thing in your site. The guest even went as far as to claim my IP showed that I was posting form a specific location which was an outright lie.

    It doesn’t take a great deal of skill to find a geographic location for an IP. All someone has to do is put they IP number in any search engine like google or bing.

    Your fellow moderator actually uses a more detailed source which they posted that I used.

    Is it immature performing the same thing you have stated you do to root out sock puppets?
    What was discovered when checking IP numbers used by one particular sock puppet was they all were from the State of Delaware’s own internet server. The IP numbers and times associated with the comments posted was when the employee should have more than likely been working instead of using a state owned computer and state owned server to post in the blog site I was one of the moderators for.

    I consider that to be just as equal as any other corruption that occurs, certainly no different than the whole Chip Flowers mess.

    By the way that person has ran all over the blog sites including Delaware Liberal, this one and Delaware Politics posting I’m a racist and other more disgusting allegations.

  90. Tuxamus Maximus V says:

    I go out and do a good deed, visit a work site and do a meeting to come back to find out that Pandora has come to play on Frank’s Playground and my day just got that much better!
    Welcome to Frank’s Playground Pandora! You have a big fan here with this Volunteer!!! With your last comment you go directly to Super Hero status to be honest. TM’s adore you!
    WC seems to be so confused as he writes he’s not going to comment again and then does TWICE more.
    Pandora I think you could add ‘watchers’ to the sock puppet definitions.
    I don’t know what to think about it all but this entertainment playground is special and aside from the time it requires it is FREE.
    Oh Yeah…remote access can also provide an IP of one geographical location being used from another location yet remains the same if the provider is static….something like that anyhow.
    Secret squirrel stuff might be fun for a while but apparently rather time consuming and costly.

  91. pandora says:

    William, I assume you’re referring to the time a DP contributor was called out for his blatant sock puppetry – which is a DL no no. Were you called out for sock puppetry, as well? Oh my.

    As far as what a guest posted about you… guests do not have access to DL’s behind the scenes info, but you must know that since you say what they posted was wrong.

    Honestly, it’s impossible to keep up with everyone you’re fighting with on any given day. Ever consider the problem might be how you approach people? Think about it.

    Also, why in the world are you copying and pasting IPs into Google or Bing? I have never done that. Not once. Why does where someone is posting concern you so much? People get breaks during the day. People have flexible schedules. Why were you gathering this information? I’ve seen you threaten people with it online, so… is your aim to intimidate people and shut down the discussion? That’s what it looks like.

  92. pandora says:

    Thanks for the shout out, TMV!

  93. William Christy says:

    I could ask the same question why in the world are you so concerned how a blog site you have no involvement with your concern? Why do you feel it is your place to comment on how the site decides how to handle matters such as IP numbers.

    I am well aware that people get breaks, but I don’t know any job private or state that has 3 – 3 1/2 hour breaks. There are posts made that went on for that length of time.

    Jody Sweeney was removed from his position at delDOT for doing the same exact thing that was uncovered by the Moderators (plural) in Delaware Politics.

    My home address has been posted by people in your site and this site. That drags my wife and my 7 and 5 year old grand daughters into it. I’ve had a false child abuse report filed against my wife and me, directly tied to posts made on DL and DR.

    I returned to this forum and took the high road I even sat down and talked to one of the principles of this site. He commended me for maintaining the high road, the attacks didn’t stop in fact they escalated. Clearly a different approach doesn’t mean a thing.

    In a recent topic I was once again accused of posting as a sock puppet. That was quite interesting since I was on the Canadian border in Maine hunting with my grand nephew and a friend from Delaware. There is NO phone or Internet service where we were, yet aoine and mama didn’t raise no fool were insisting I was posting.

  94. Agent 99 says:

    And the IP address of Mickey Mouse, Daisy Duck, Scooby Doo and the Road Runner have what to do with the fact that the leadership ( I used a little “l” for a reason) of the ‘fastest growing political party’ in Delaware go to public forums wearing a ‘prototype’ t-shirt with the party name spelled incorrectly.

    I think we can all agree that the Delaware GOP has its issues. I think we can agree that ‘one party rule’ has not benefited the citizens of Delaware. I think we can agree that our education system need a major ‘kick in the butt’, and I KNOW we agree that the ‘rising stars’ of third party community organizers will, following the 2014 Elections, still be as relevant as they are today.

    Thomas Jefferson once said, “We in America do not have a government by the majority. We have a government by the majority who participate”

    Chew on that one for a few.

  95. Frank Knotts says:

    Pandora, thank you again for pointing out any number of reasons why an IP might change.
    As for you Billy boy, save your benefit of the doubt, you have thrown that out there hoping that people might think I am as corrupt as you and your old friends at DP. I will rely on my history here of integrity and honesty, and fairness, and my immense amount of I don’t give a damn!
    If you don’t like the treatment here then go back over to the rock known as DP and crawl under it. Oh! Wait! Maybe you aren’t so welcome there either considering the comment that Don put up in response to your comment, it went something like this,
    “DonAyotte on November 26, 2013 at 10:30 said:


    I am an Administrator and these are separate posts that cover different actions in the legislature. If David has a problem with this, believe me, he will call me. You may however, e-mail him and complain. Leave my work alone!!”

    Sounds like Billy boy is a man without an island, what’s the matter Billy boy? Did the rest of the misfit toys vote you off the island?

  96. Laffter says:

    WOW- I step away and POW!

    I’m thinking someone got spanked, but good! ( but they kinda spanked themselves – whoops)

    Nice job Pandora, thanks for stopping by and good one Frank- and yes, your honesty and integrity does show – also the “. I don’t give a damn”

    Judging by lack of action on the part of the state…haven’t seen any headlines for anyone busted for the high crimes and treason alleged …they either don’t give a damn (maybe coz there are bigger fish to fry) or….there was complicity on their part?

    Let the conspiracy theories begin. 😉

  97. waterpirate says:

    I want my prize for being the 100th poster.

  98. Dunleve says:

    I think the point that may have been missed is that this was just a publicity stunt by the IPOD’s. Certainly a group with only 3,300 registered voters in the State must have realized they needed something drastic to increase their exposure. Since they cant’t fake their own death, this was a pretty good plan. Over 100 comments over a simple T-Shirt. Minus the embarrassment of the 99.9 percent of the people that won’t get it, if they can increase their rolls by 30 people, adding 1 percent in a month, as Agent 99 pointed out; that will keep their status as the fastest growing party. I might suggest in the future more effective ploys such as; advertising the IPOD’s have bought the liberty bell, crashing two trains, fake sex tapes, a monkey trial, etc……..

  99. Frank Knotts says:

    dunleve, not sure if you have any history, or knowledge of the POD people, but they are not forward thinking enough to come up with such an idea, they are however politically clumsy enough to have bought and paid for, and then worn these shirts without catching the mistake. And unfortunately like so many blog threads, this one has spiraled off course so maybe the first 25 comments were about the shirt.
    Water Pirate, this is a point based game, you have been awarder 3 points, once you collect 3,000 points you may cash them in for 3 points. 😉

  100. William Christy says:

    Pandora wrote:
    “William, Were you called out for sock puppetry, as well?” Oh my.

    NO I was accused of posting with several names, which I was not. The other name was not agreeing or defending me so according to your own definition I was not a sock puppet.

    As I’ve explained which you just chose to ignore certain Internet Service Providers have multiple households in areas that share the same IP number. Sussex County residents do not have true high speed Internet access, which has been discussed by county council on more than one occasion.

    “As far as what a guest posted about you… guests do not have access to DL’s behind the scenes info, but you must know that since you say what they posted was wrong.”

    So are you saying that your moderators are above discussing information that they are privy to with friends who post on your site? What I said was the IP number they claimed was mine was not, I have to wonder why a person posting in your site would go to all the trouble to find my home address and post it. I also wonder why that’s not found to be offensive to anyone who has a family or young children.

    “Honestly, it’s impossible to keep up with everyone you’re fighting with on any given day. Ever consider the problem might be how you approach people? Think about it”

    Honestly why would you even waste time being concerned about something that is based on nothing more than a perception made by you. Are you privy to the identity of each person who is posting with a name in here, how do you know that 2 or 3 of the people aren’t all the same person?

    Since I am the other 1/2 of these perceived “fights” there is a difference between expressing a differing opinion and childish name calling and posting outright lies about someone. I don’t take kindly to reading a post that I am an avowed racist. I’m not denying I am very opinionated, I am. I base how I am perceived by real people that I interact with. I’ve been President of my HOA for 5 years, I’m beginning my 3rd term. That didn’t happen because I’m someone who just wants to fight.

    Did you ever stop to think that maybe it has nothing to do with how I approach people? Perhaps it has to do with the intolerance that some Delawareans especially in Sussex County have for people who move here from another state. Anytime a “transplant” dares to express their opinion in Sussex County the pat answer is pack and move. It doesn’t matter if the person has lived here one year or twenty five. We will always be “transplants” that will never be accepted or tolerated for no other reason than we came here from another state.

  101. Frank Knotts says:

    Now Billy boy is taking on the poor me victim status. Billy boy, no one is telling you to move because you came from another state, it is because in almost every debate over Delaware law, you point to what other states do, so, if you like what they are doing maybe you should move there. And here is another suggestion. Why don’t you go to Word Press and set up your own blog, one on which you can educate others in the fine art of tracking IP addresses and proxy servers, and discuss the fine art of being one of the most annoying people in the blogosphere, you have successfully become the JM of this site. Also, it is my experience that the person who ends up being the president of a HOA is either the only person who wants the job, or is a two bit little Caesar, or both.

  102. You’ve lived here all your life, you don’t have a clue how people are treated that move here.

    The general consensus of the vast majority of people who have moved here from other states is a) we will always be a transplant b) even though we pay taxes, are active in our communities, we have no say in the Delaware way. c) we will always be a transplant.

    I debate based on experiences from other states so whats your point? Just because it’s another states way doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

    How many HOA communities have you actually lived in Frank?

    My experience with blog writers like you, Bill Colley, Christopher King and others who are the only people contributing their personal biased editorialized views about topics are driven by their narcissistic personality.

  103. Harry Whittington says:

    What Ayotte’s post fails to provide is a price tag for the IG’s office. This will be a six figure job plus benefits. The IG’s office will need staffers, with benefits. There will be office space to pay for and equipment to buy, how much will that cost? Of course, the IG’s office will need state credit cards and state cars.

    This will cost millions of dollars, We The People deserve to know the price tag for this folly.

    Until Ayotte or Wolf come forward with the Fiscal Note, the idea isn’t worthy of discussion.

    Then we can talk about how the IG will just end up being another government crony.

  104. William Christy says:

    “I can cohabitate with those I disagree with, but I cannot abide watching as someone abuses their so called authority. I write about those who see themselves as leaders, yet have neither the temperament, nor the willingness to work with others that may not share their views 100%.”

    ” Unlike some other contributors I never hide behind a made up name like some cowards when I comment.”

    “I have always and will always welcome a challenge to my point of view, unlike some, I can defend my position with more than insults.”

    Have some slices of hypocrisy after you eat the bird tomorrow. To quote another one of your infamous sayings:

    “It’s moments like this I realize I don’t have enough middle fingers to salute you”

  105. Frank Knotts says:

    WOW! Billy boy may have just earned biggest fan status. Thank you Billy boy for showing how much you enjoy my writing.
    Let me address each of the quotes you have selected.
    “I can cohabitate with those I disagree with, but I cannot abide watching as someone abuses their so called authority. I write about those who see themselves as leaders, yet have neither the temperament, nor the willingness to work with others that may not share their views 100%.”
    This one fits you to a T Billy boy, you abused you authority as moderator of DP, which you have admitted to here on more than one occasion.
    Next, ” Unlike some other contributors I never hide behind a made up name like some cowards when I comment.”
    Well here is Little Boy Billy once again attempting to insinuate that I post under other names, wrong and now you force me to call you a liar.
    Next, “I have always and will always welcome a challenge to my point of view, unlike some, I can defend my position with more than insults.”
    Doesn’t mean I won’t be insulting when I am insulted, you lead the charge calling me liberal and other things when I disagreed on the sheriff issue and during the Bodenweiser campaign. And your phone call to my home guaranteed that you will always hold a place of contempt in my view, don’t like it too bad.
    This last one is a favorite of mine, though could you provide a direct link, since I never remember using the salute phrase.
    “It’s moments like this I realize I don’t have enough middle fingers to salute you”
    On this one I will just say, right at you Little Boy Billy.
    Above you whine because people treat you poorly because you moved here, maybe they treat you poorly because you deserve it.
    But in an attempt to treat you better let me help you with this link,

  106. Wiiliam Christy says:

    With all sincerity I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.

  107. Geez, Your Kidding says:

    Our Mission Statement
    Here at Delaware Right we will strive to raise the discussion among conservatives to a level that will allow for the free exchange of ideas in a manner that demonstrates that we can disagree, without being disagreeable. To show that we understand that our opponents at the ballot box, are not our fellow conservatives, but those who work to forward the ideals of a progressive agenda.

    You guys have got to be kidding. The whole text of this thread is mostly disagreeable. Like one of the commenters said, you guys are nothing but a pack of hyenas led by the head hyena You guys aren’t even conservatives but instead are delusional.
    This site is so bad that I won’t let my kids read anything that’s on here. They’ll learn about this kind of insane anger and hatred on their own Frank. One of your commenters said that this site was nothing but a hit site. I wouldn’t vote for any candidate you support or would accept your help. God help us.
    When I see you Frank, I’ll personally let you know who I am and to stay away from me and my family.

    What makes it worse, a few of you are not even literate.

  108. waterpirate says:

    What was it that you added that was so frofound? I think you added to the mess you seem to be condenming. We all should take a lesson from the past:

    If you do not have something nice to say about someone……… fill in the blank.

  109. Frank Knotts says:

    Geez, Your Kidding, first of all, I am responsible for only my own comments, unlike other sites that control the conversation through deletion of opposing comments, and ones that they label personal attacks, I choose to allow them to stand as testament of those making them. My own included. I would encourage honest people to read the thread and see where the wheels go off the bus. Yes I respond in kind, I will not stand by defenseless. As for honest people? I do not include you in this category. I will not name the multiple names that you come here under, but at least five or six names come up under your IP. Please feel free to introduce yourself, but I doubt that anyone who has to create multiple screen names to reinforce their views would have the courage to actually confront anyone face to face, you are little more than a keyboard hero.

  110. The Needle says:

    THEY say you are uneducated because you are uneducated — not to mention STUPID.

  111. Frank Knotts says:

    And you prove your intelligence by calling me names? By the way Needle and Geez Your Kidding came from the same IP address, only proving my point.

  112. Geez, Your Kidding says:

    I thought you were lying when you accused me of being a sockpuppet. I haven’t been near a computer in the last 3 and a half hours. I’ve been on Rt. 1,Christmas shopping, and I just got back home, you lying sack of crap.

    I don’t even think you know what the truth is. You are one miserable uneducated illiterate bonehead.

  113. The Needle says:

    It’s not name calling, Frankie. It’s evaluation.

  114. Frank Knotts says:

    Yeah, because the technology to post comments from your phone hasn’t been invented yet.

  115. ADman says:

    For those who are missing the point”

    The missing “e” is actually a metaphor for the systematic erosion of our civil liberties at the hands of unscrupulous elements.

    Misspelling can be an effective advertising technique when properly applied.

    It certainly got your attention.

    You wouldn’t have IPOD’s contact info? I’d like to meet these guys over coffee.

  116. pandora says:

    Oh my. Frank, these guys are tagging your site with blog graffiti. Your blog = your house = your rules. Seriously, would you let people speak like this in your home… or would you show them the door?

    They aren’t here for dialogue; they’re here to disrupt. Basically, they’re spam, and probably should be treated as such.

  117. Agent 99 says:

    I believe that pandora makes a point worthy of consideration.

  118. fightingbluehen says:

    @Geez,your kidding

    “What makes it worse, a few of you are not even literate.”

    “You are one miserable uneducated illiterate bonehead.”

    Dude, you spelled YOUR screen name incorrectly. Probably not the smartest thing to do if YOU’RE going to hurl insults about people’s literacy.

  119. Geez, Your Kidding says:


    Nobody is tagging this site with blog graffiti. Frank accused me of being a sockpuppet and I denied it saying that I was in stores with my family shopping. He actually accused me of using my smart phone, (which I don’t have) to follow the idiocy while I’m shopping. That wouldn’t even have the same IP number even if it were true.

    I don’t know who the rest of these negative comments are coming from and don’t care but Frank is a liar and when caught in a lie, he fabricates another lie to cover for it.
    Go back to DL Pandora, Frank has enough problems and desperately needs help.

  120. Tuxamus Maximus V says:

    As usual Pandora says volumes in just a few words.

  121. Dunleve says:

    Grammar. The difference between feeling YOUR nuts and feeling YOU’RE nuts.

  122. William Christy says:

    “Oh my. Frank, these guys are tagging your site with blog graffiti. Your blog = your house = your rules. Seriously, would you let people speak like this in your home… or would you show them the door? They aren’t here for dialogue; they’re here to disrupt. Basically, they’re spam, and probably should be treated as such.”

    Pot calling the kettle black. The focus of your posts have been commenting about people not the topic of discussion.

    Showing people the door that’s DL’s way of handling things. Even DP doesn’t ban people.

  123. Laffter says:

    ” even DP doesn’t ban people”
    Thats a patent lie, unless you don’t consider Frank a person, or one is splitting hairs between the site banning a poster and a contributing author banning someone in particular.

    But, DP has done both- but again, ” as a Johnny come lately” you may not know that.

  124. William Christy says:

    Frank left of his own accord, he is NOT banned. He is welcome to post in Delaware Politics anytime he likes, David Anderson even told Frank so publicly. By the way Frank posted there on the 6th of November:

    You just like to stir up crap. Next time you want to say someone is telling a “patent lie” I suggest you make sure you have your facts straight. Even you and all your sock puppet names aren’t banned, which all came from the same IP.

  125. Laffter says:

    Says the biggest sock- puppet and liar of them all…..

    While lying about the racist GOP and all the comments they alone heard
    While throwing a gubanatorial candidate under the bus
    While throwing DP under the bus
    While attempting to solicit information on people who post from those who MAY have access to that information
    While internet stalking
    While taping phone conversations
    While threatening physical violence

    While then going on the internet and admitting to all of it.
    And the beat goes on and on and on- there is no credibility left dear

    Packed yet?

    And while I should not be feeding trolls and Pandora is absolutely right, it’s time Frank bans you as we have seen enough of who your are- your lies from MA followed you here, your former friend and candidate has outed you the way you have tried to out others

    Karma is a bitch- and your time is up

    Packed yet?

  126. Laffter says:

    Maybe Frank will answer the question of –

    “Did Don Ayotte ban you from posting on DP?”

    And was it just on his articles or all of DP?

    I won’t go over there and they capture IP addresses of people who simply visit and track down the IP addresses to see who the readers are- so maybe someone else has the screen shots and/orFrank will choose to answer.

  127. True Republican says:

    That’s great, Frank.

    Now you are being influenced by the libtards.

    We know that you really are a RINO screwing up the GOP.

    Next, they’ll have you singing for Obamacare.

  128. Frank Knotts says:

    First let me answer the ban questions. Mr. Christy is correct, I left DP of my own choice, after the site was allowed to be run into the ground by Don Ayotte. Mr. Ayotte would post the most ridiculous articles with no facts and then when challenged by myself or others would hide behind the delete button. The end came not after he refused to allow my comments on his post, but when he began deleting comments from my articles. He is a tyrant of the worst kind, because not only does he not allow opposing points of view, he is delusional in thinking he actually believes in freedom of speech. Yes I was allowed to comment on a post not long ago by David Anderson because I was named specifically, and have even gotten comments up on DA’s post for short periods before they are removed, so no I am not banned technically, but they fear allowing me to have any say over there.
    Which brings me to the second part of the banning question. Why don’t I ban Billy boy, or any of the others who come here to, as Pandora says, spray graffiti on the walls? I have actually fought to keep Mr. Christy here, others among the group have wanted him blocked many times, I on the other hand like to keep him as a pet. I can always count on him to do his tricks and be exactly who I want him to be. The angry right wing fringe lunatic. He is like the cat that can’t stop chasing the piece of string. I am the peanut butter that the dog can’t stop licking. As for the others? They too can’t see that they jump through my hoop, I posted a picture of their spelling mistake and they show up in force to take a thread about nothing to over 100 comments. They have gone from blaming the mistake on their printer, to it being on purpose first to get me to write about it, and now they are trying to say that it is a metaphor. Wait until I get them to do backflips next week when I post about how the numbers of the IPOD are actually going down when you consider them by percentage of population growth.
    I have been called a liar, I have been accused of creating false identities, I have been personally attacked in many ways here, and yet I allow these people their freedom to post such hatred. Why? Because I do not want to become that which I left behind. I was not deleted and edited at DP because I said hateful things, I was deleted because Don Ayotte and his band of misfit toys could not honestly answer the intellectual challenges that I placed before them on their banner issue, the sheriff’s issue. Here they cannot delete me so they choose to name call like the little brains that they are. For all those who come here to actually have a conversation, I apologize for the behavior of my pets, it is like coming to someone’s home and having their dog hump your leg, I know, but they are my pets and I walk them exactly where I want them to go. And when they piss on the carpet, we will rub their noses in it.

  129. Frank Knotts says:

    By the way, True Republican is another name being used by the IP of adman, needle, geez your kidding, and about six other names.

  130. Harry Whittington says:

    It is fairly obvious that there is a political faction out there that thinks they have to shut down and take out Delaware Right, Frank and Grossman to advance their agenda.

    You can’t have people like Frank out there speaking the truth about the IPoD and the tea party. It spoils the illusion these groups are trying to create that they have viable ideas and widespread support. Neither of which is the case.

  131. William Christy says:

    Frank you left because you wouldn’t wait for David to make some changes, which he did to address what you perceived to be a problem. Your arrogance is your Achilles heel, you perceive you are the only one who has something intellectual to say. When you insult people you claim it’s just you being sarcastic.

    Through your whole diatribe about others you never once said a word about Laffter’s continual derailing of discussions. You can claim you don’t know about other names the person uses or their history of the same actions in DP. You brought it up at least twice in DP.

  132. William Christy says:

    Edited for outing, Frank Knotts.

  133. True Republican says:

    People like William F. Buckley and Barry Goldwater advanced the cause of conservatism.

    Frank, the GOP needs RINO turd tossers like you and Grossmann like it needs another hole in the head.

    We truly have fallen so far.

  134. The Needle says:


    If you really believe the BS in your last rant, then you are thoroughly delusional and have gone off the deep end.

    Believing that you are somehow and anointed source of “The Truth” as you project, is itself an arch delusion.

  135. William Christy says:

    Frank Knotts wrote:
    “Yes I was allowed to comment on a post not long ago by David Anderson because I was named specifically, and have even gotten comments up on DA’s post for short periods before they are removed, so no I am not banned technically, but they fear allowing me to have any say over there.”

    The link I provided is for a discussion that was started by Don Ayotte on 11/03/2013 entitled :
    Just How Effective are Political Blogs

    Your reference to David was in a completely different discussion which David had started and was prior to the discussion by Don Ayotte.

    NO ONE in DP fears you, or your comments.

    (link above)

    “I can assure all concerned about poor Mr. Christy, that when he is not there commenting, then he is not mentioned.”

    * I guess Laffter missed your memo, hence why I started posting again, when my name was posted twice in this discussion.









    Frank you have been posting almost monthly in DP since you left, so your claim is false.

  136. Ground Control says:

    ROGER, Challenger… GO with throttle-up.

  137. Harry Whittington says:

    “True” Republican – Barry Goldwater wrote a New York Times OP-ED piece titled: “You Don’t Have to Be Straight to Shoot Straight,” decades before gays openly serving in the military was even a political topic, and William F. Buckley would have been standing next to Tom Ross calling Christine O’Donnell “unelectable” because of the Buckley rule that you back the most conservative candidate who can WIN. Reagan backed amnesty for illegals, how soon we forget.

    These gadflies like “True” Republican have no concept of what the founders of the modern day conservative movement really believed. The tea party and the religious right would call Goldwater, Reagan and Buckley “RINOs” if they tried to run today.

  138. Laffter says:

    WOOHOO… I had 27 different IP addresses… does one do THAT?

    I have repeatedly posted here under the same name, even while using a different IP ADDRESS if I was away on travel etc…..I could have easily poted under another name but didn’t- my internet service provider has a rolling lost of ISP, as Pandora pointed out, those number are reused and reassigned due to power failures etc.

    You simply want to pin something on me because you don’t like me ( why I can’t imagine) but the facts don’t fit, neither does the technology, but you want to shoehorn me in there anyway,
    But this is good, because everyone can see Frank personally and I are targets of your juvenile hate and rage. Apparently Lacey Lafferty is too, poor woman, you are smearing her all over the place.- Readers please see Delaware Politics and Delaware Liberal.

    Frank says I don’t use other names and he can see it. So you can stomp your little feet In wasted outrage or you can grow up- but if acceptance was what you were looking for……..

    Weeeeellllll, that boat sailed away a long time ago.

    If we were to go by sentence structure and grammar and SPELLING MISTAKES, based on the T-shirts that started this thread …..the ruling members of the IPoD would be the first suspects- not me
    As most people use a QWERTY keyboard and spell check, the same errors would be common to DOZENS of posters- and I have seen them, chuckling to myself , as I understand the origin.
    Like everything else, there is no substance to your claim, just a lot of strum and drung, without any baisis in fact.

    Harry, just so you know, I didn’t post using your name, must have been another one of the “pets” and Waterpirate….same goes for you too, not something I would do, but other have- remember Harry?

    So – Let’s leave them to pissing on flower beds and humping legs…… ;-). Best to the Misfit toys!

  139. Laffter says:

    And HOW much would an IG cost- we are all waiting – “pets”….

  140. waterpirate says:

    The wanton lust for which they pursue an expansion of govt. without any economic provisions or clues as how to fund it, makes them no better than all of their arch enemies combined.

  141. Laffter says:

    Truer words never spoken,

    I’m thinking based on the state budget, 6 million to start it up. Salaries, benefits, investigators, admin staff, overhead, etc

    So, what then is the State Auditor for? And why are we layering duplicate layer of government on top of government?

    It’s not a conservative principal, and while I AM not conservative on many things, money is not one of them. Here is where we need to cut, and if we have an office already slated to do that work, and they are not doing it, then get rid of the,.

    And the same is true for other state office holders, Treasurer, INSC. Comm. Wherever and elected official is failing. I’m an independent ( non-affialted) I vote for the best person for the job, outside party lines, it’s rather freeing and there are more and more of us.

    I look forward to Franks article showing that per capita , IPoD is actually losing people.

  142. The Needle says:

    @ HW:

    …. and JFK would be considered a flaming right-wing conservative by today’s socialist Democrats.

    The DE_GOP will continue to bumble and stumble as long as the neo-CONS are in power in Greenville and Centerville and cyberthugs run loose in the blogosphere.

    Delaware Right is the Democrats’ secret weapon.

  143. Wondering? says:

    laffter said
    “I look forward to Franks article showing that per capita , IPoD is actually losing people.”

    I don’t care what statistics Knotts fabricates. The Dept of Elections state that IPoD has gained more registered voters by percentage this year than any other party.
    Last month the GOP actually lost 290 registered voters and the Democrats lost 212 registered voters.

    Frank can print whatever he wants, IPoD has the results on voter registration each month and Ayotte has them on a spread sheet and shares them with IPoD’s Board of Directors.

    I don’t care what the population expansion is, if the GOP is losing registered voters, there’s no way they can doctor that with false facts.

  144. Tuxamus Maximus V says:

    I just want Waterpirate to hit both the 150 and 200 marks on this thread. This is just too much fun!

  145. saltyindependent says:

    “The DE_GOP will continue to bumble and stumble as long as the neo-CONS are in power in Greenville and Centerville and cyberthugs run loose in the blogosphere.”

    Grenville repbulicans are neocons? that’s news to me.

  146. The Needle says:

    LOL … It’s in the capitalization. SUCKS .

  147. Patrick Fitz says:

    laffter your an idiot lesbiman claimed he was banned from commenting in dp now he admits he wasn’t banned. You claim he says you aint posting with any other names probably another lie.
    Nobody gives a damn about the guy you follow all over the place your the only one posting his name in here. Your an idiot the admins in dp can see the IP number that goes with the posts you claim the guy made. Technology shows its the same IP you made over 200 posts with in dp before. Your the one posting comments with the guys name in that site. No doubt your the one posting in dl also. Now you come in here lying that it’s the guy your obsessed with. What a rey of glowing hatred you are.

  148. pandora says:

    And, with that comment, another English teacher loses their wings.

  149. Laffter says:

    Pandora wins the internet for today! And it’s still early….

  150. ADman says:

    Over 150 comments over a GD tee shirt error!!!

    Can’t wait to watch the YouTube video.

    Just like those annoying jingles, the IPOD has invaded Frankie’s psychic space and is going viral and practically owns Delaware Right.

    Judging by the generally low level of and response to its other postings,
    DR needs the IPOD to survive as it is otherwise circling the drain and jumping the sharks.

    What else can we expect from a blog run by a bunch of losers?

  151. Harry Whittington says:

    Delaware Right is the Democrats’ secret weapon.

    Delaware Right seems to be filling the void that was left when Dave Burris turned Delaware Politics over to David Anderson who flushed it down the toilet.

    The trolls on this blog are clearly the fringe IPoDers who need to protect hate-filled racists like Bill Colley and DelawarePolitics.crazy in order to keep the only public platforms that tolerate their wasteful, thoughtless ideas and their hate filled rants.

    Ask yourselves this: Which blog has the history of attacking sitting, viable, Republican legislators? Because it isn’t Delaware Right.

  152. EMILY L says:


    How dare you take the Lord’s name in vain?

    Wash your filthy mouth out with laundry soap.

  153. ADman says:

    GD stands for Graphic Design.

    DR sure needs professional help.

  154. EMILY L says:


  155. waterpirate says:

    It is not about the t-shirt (the expenses) so much as it is about the ensuing lying, story changing, and defense of an action that is otherwise not acceptable. I also reject the latest claim that it was a PR stunt, it was not. All we are left with is spin.

    As for the numbers game…………….. People all over this nation are becoming disillusioned with their party’s leadership and actions of late. Because 500 of them are driven to change from the big 2 to independant, does not make them card carrying active members of ipod, they are still disillusioned and chooseing not to participate in anyones party shenanigans.

    I also will bear witness to knowone of merit from the pod posting in here a credible answer to HW question of weeks ago. How much and where does it come from.

  156. TSUNAMI says:


    “The trolls on this blog are clearly the fringe IPoDers who need to protect hate-filled racists like Bill Colley and DelawarePolitics.crazy in order to keep the only public platforms that tolerate their wasteful, thoughtless ideas and their hate filled rants.”

    Those dots don’t connect.


    The only “spin” here DR/FN/SG spinning out of control.

    It appears that their RINO TURD is about to hit the fan.

  157. The Needle says:

    “Ask yourselves this: Which blog has the history of attacking sitting, viable, Republican legislators? Because it isn’t Delaware Right.”

    Big deal, Harry …

    Viable Republican legislators???

    The last “viable” Republican legislator was Wally Caulk and he quit the GOP while he was in office.

  158. Frank Knotts says:

    Anyone ever seen a cat use a litter box? If you have the chance take a moment. They tend to squat, do their business, and then turn to sniff it, before covering it up.
    That is what has been happening here. These pets come in and turn this into a litter pan where they choose to do their business and then turn to sniff it, thinking all the while what a wonderful pile of crap they have created.
    I will only say to the intelligent guest who have been subjected to the smell sorry.
    I will tell everyone, that changes are being discussed for the future. As much fun as this has been on a base level, it has added nothing to an intelligent discussion. Yes I posted the T-shirt as a joke, and instead of the intelligent response that most people would have made, of “oh crap we messed up”, we got lies and anger. We then get Billy boy with his agenda of tracking people and outing them, to what end only his sick deluded mind knows.
    This may be taken as the warning. This is not a bulletin board where you get to post whatever you choose. I am fine with topics taking turns onto other related issues, but this site will no longer be used for personal wanking, that is unless it is my personal wanking. You all are free to get your own blogs and wank away. You are free to not come here, you are free to talk about us on other sites, you are free to criticize us here, if done in a manner that the management approves of.

  159. The Needle says:

    You call this crap “Management”?

  160. Agent 99 says:

    i call it freedom…the freedom for stupid people to come here offer their opinions on subjects from jobs and the economy, education, politics, things that make you think, things that make you laugh, things that piss you off, and things you could care less about.

    ipod, their growth, their platform of increased government and single payer healthcare, conservatives that they are falls into the later category from above.

    keep the fight on children, play in the sandbox, scratch and pull hair but remember one thing, the GOP, IPOD minority will do nothing to stop the progressives.

    please enjoy the yelling and screaming, name calling, IP Address paranoia but until you begin to read the other posts on this site, and other sites, and offer something to the issue of a Rt. 113 By-Pass, heck, even the discussion of an Inspector General is worth having, however, i must insist that this conversation should only take place at the adult talbe and include the adults who have a seat at that table.

    i assume this crap smells, but i refuse to turn my head and sniff.

  161. 1st Mate says:


    Agent 99 has a point re: level of discussion.

    ” I am fine with topics taking turns onto other related issues, but this site will no longer be used for personal wanking, that is unless it is my personal wanking. ”

    That’s right.

    If Delaware Right was a fishing vessel, you would be the Master Baiter.

  162. Frank Knotts says:

    Since the children have lost the ability to control themselves I am shutting off comments on this thread. Anyone who takes this to another thread will be blocked at my earliest convenience.