Another Important Bill From Our Republican Legislators

Ramone  Representative Mike Ramone, has taken on one of the most serious issues facing Delawareans today.   I can only assume Rep. Ramone’s intention with this bill, is to create jobs.  With HB 383, Rep. Ramone has put forth legislation, to make May Pole Dancing the official state dance for Delaware.

may pole For those of you who are not familiar with May Pole dancing, and it’s long history here in Delaware, just go to this link and track HB 383.

I can only assume, since all I hear from republican Legislators, is the need for legislation which will create jobs and grow our economy, that the idea behind this bill, is to put people to work, either logging the trees for the poles, our possibly working in the factories to create the ribbons.

Surely, this is not just another meaningless piece of “….” legislation, just to get their name on a bill, which no one will vote against. And thank goodness, because what we here in Delaware really need, is an official state dance, to go along with our state dog, our state fruit, and our state bug.

But I’m not really sure that May Pole dancing is the best choice. Why not The Twist? Or the Soldier?

Come on man! Can our Republican Legislators just stop this crap? I understand they are in the minority, I understand they can’t pass meaningful legislation, but putting their names on this type of bill only highlights the irrelevance of the Republicans in the General Assembly. I would prefer they do nothing, or find what compromise they can, where they can, rather than silly bills like this.

But just in case there is another Republican looking for an easy win, maybe we could have an official state of Delaware word. I cast my vote for, “NUGATORY”.


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  1. Kurt J says:

    I think May Poles are European in origin and this legislation fails to recognize the dancing identity of African Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Various Groups with Hispanic surnames or those with Middle Eastern backgrounds,as well as many others. I am extremely disappointed that Governor Jack Markell did not immediately denounce this action on the part of elected officials unless- and this could be important, May Poles are a means of incorporating the LGBT community into our happy community, our loving World Family. If May Poles bring a sense of belonging to the confused, the misunderstood,the deprived or the taunted then by all means continue.

  2. Fish Bites says:

    Actually, Kurt, they are of pre-Christian pagan origin. I kid you not, but the pagan origin of May Pole dancing is a spring fertility ritual involving a phallus. The young men and women dance in opposite directions to get s good look at one another as they draw nearer to the phallus. Like the Yule Log at winter solstice, it is one of several examples of pagan Celtic ritual that survived the Christianization of Europe.

    Think about it. What do you really know about May Pole dancing, its origins and meaning?

    The whole thing was designed to encourage young people to have sex.

    And that’s the kind of anti-Christian Baal-worship sex ritual that Mike Ramone is pushing on our children here.

  3. Rick says:

    He got this idea from Nevada, where Pole Dancing is the state dance.

  4. Pat Fish says:

    I agree totally with this post.

  5. Henry says:

    It’s going to snow in May when I agree with Frank.

    Republican Party is so out of touch with the citizens of Delaware. It’s embarrassing.

  6. Fish Bites says:

    In point of fact, the 137th Delaware General Assembly passed a resolution (#42) establishing square dancing as Delaware’s state dance, but I guess square dancing doesn’t sell enough flowers or something.
    “The Delaware State Senate, 137th General Assembly, via Concurrent Resolution No. 42 – “Recognizing ‘SQUARE DANCING’ as Delaware’s Official American Folk Dance and encourages all Delawareans to participate in this most popular dance.”

    (“American Square Dance”, 1994, p. 68)”

    Given the pagan roots of maypole dancing, I’m surprised he didn’t just update it and go for twerking.

  7. Fish Bites says:

    Oh Frank, it gets better:$file/legis.html?open

    “Section 3. This Act shall expire 1 year after its enactment into law.”

    So, no, Ramone isn’t looking to make it the permanent state dance, but only the state dance for one year.

    I guess twerking will be next year. Thank God we have legislators as wise as Mike Ramone who, realizing that dance fads come and go, has the foresight to put an expiration clause into this act so that we won’t look foolish and outdated once this maypole dancing craze looses its grip on the citizens of Delaware.

  8. Kurt J says:

    Well Kevin Harvick won the May Pole and so maybe Ramone was confused for a minute and was actually speaking about the Spring Race and was misquoted. But lets stay with Ramone and whole official State This and That and have him lead the fight to change the U of D Mascot. Now as I see it if Michael Vick did time for dog fighting and it is a horrible crime, then Rooster on Rooster combat should be a crime also. There is simply no way we can continue to have this brutal Mascot, especially after people have come to their senses and started the attack on Conrad and their horrid mascot which I won’t even repeat the name of. Not the type to start a controversy without a solution, I have an answer and it’s already sitting right in front of us. Everyone knows the Official Delaware State Shell is the Channeled Whelk. I’m proposing a new U of D Mascot phased in over 9 years in a three step process. Initially and beginning with football season the Fighting Blue Hens would become the Fighting Blue Whelk. After 3 years and to distance the Diamond State from violence the Fighting Blue Whelk would become simply the U of D Blue Whelk. Finally after 3 additional years because the color of one’s shell is not what makes the Whelk , the U of D Blue Whelk would become simply the U of D Whelk.
    Now we could go straight to Jack Markell but he is tied up with improving the health and happiness of Heroin Addicts and not interested in Dancing or Sports obviously. None of the Newark area elected officials can agree on much of anything so it might be up to Ramone. Some one could forward this on to Mr. Kowalko, he seems to be interested in things the Governor is not, like schoolchildren and if he’s not too busy could give us bi-partisan standing.

  9. Cindy Bob Wilson says:

  10. Fish Bites says:

    Isn’t the blue whelk an endangered species?

  11. Mike Protack says:

    Delaware’s decline is steady and on schedule.

  12. mouse says:

    Wasn’t there a Seinfeld episode about this

  13. Rick says:

    No. Seinfeld was a show about nothing.

  14. mouse says:

    I guess it’s not the same thing as the Festivas pole

  15. Rick says:

    I guess it’s not the same thing as the Festivas pole

    Why do you always bring religion into the conversation?

  16. mouse says:


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