Bitter TEA

I apologize in advance if this post seems rambling and without any real theme. But I have been mulling this one over for some time now, and as time has passed I have been building on a theme.

I have reached a point where I can no longer tolerate the fact that every time some sub group of the TEA movement decides to act the fool, it reflects back on the Republicans .

Okay, I get it, in the beginning the TEA movement, also known as the TEA Party, was welcomed and encouraged by a large number of Republicans. Of course that was back when TEA stood for, “Taxed Enough Already”, now it seems only to stand for, “Totally Eccentric Always”.

There was a time when the TEA people were reasonable and motivated to move the nation forward. That seems like such a long time ago. Now the TEA movement has been taken over by any number of sub groups, and one has to wonder how many of them are even registered as Republican, yet, when the TEA people do something outrageous it seems to always stick to the GOP.  And there seems to be no goal except to destroy, and obstruct.

Of course the most outrageous act in recent times is the so-called government shut down, instigated by TEA people in the U.S. Congress, specifically the House of Representatives, and yes they are Republicans, but they are RINOs, or “Republicans In Name Only”.  Because in my view Republicans wouldn’t act out in this manner.

The idea that we would just scrap our entire system of government, and attempt to govern by brute force, is the complete opposite of everything our Founding Fathers envisioned when they gave birth to our representative republic.

The fact is, that no one would like to thwart Obama care more than myself, but what is happening in D.C. right now is not governing. How did we get to this point? Well, Obama care was passed when the Democrats had won more elections than the Republicans, and in doing so they were able to push through their vision of health care reform, Obama care.

Now the TEA people in the House of Representatives have decided to short-circuit the process, and even though they haven’t won enough elections to repeal Obama care, they are attempting to strong-arm the opposition.

Basically they are acting like spoiled children. And who gets blamed? That’s right, the Republicans. But in my view these people are no longer acting as, or for, the Republican Party. They are acting for themselves, they are seeking self glory, and hoping for one dollar donations from the ill-informed among the electorate. These people who run around talking about Liberty, justice, the good of the citizens, they talk of their love of democracy, and the founding principles of this great nation. And for all their talk? What do they do? They piss all over those founding principles.

They either can’t, or won’t, accept the fact that to  actually affect real change they must first win elections, and win more elections than their opposition. Instead they spend their time coming up with what amounts to nothing more than theater, and grand standing. And for what in the end? Nothing, they will end up caving in, and in doing so, will again give more elections to the Democrats.

So why would so-called Republicans be so eager to do so much that hurts the GOP? Because they are RINOs, they are not Republicans in their ideology. They are libertarian, or anarchist at best, or just complete idiots otherwise. They are bitter people who cannot accept that if you lose elections, then you don’t get to govern, and you don’t get to repeal legislation, no matter how bad said legislation is. So they stomp their feet and hold their breath, and say it isn’t fair, and if you don’t let them have their way, they will never speak to you again.

But don’t think that this behavior is limited to the federal  level of our government. Oh! No!

Right here in little old Delaware we have recently been treated to another demonstration of the petulant child syndrome of the TEA people. In the recent ruling by the Delaware Supreme Court, in finding that the office of county sheriff does not have arrest powers, the supporters of the TEA candidate sheriff, Jeff Christopher have been running around crying foul and shouting that the court is either liberal, or corrupt, or both.

The worst offender of such behavior may be former losing candidate for Sussex County Council, Don Ayotte, who by the way is also a former Republican who thank goodness became a an Independent. Mr. Ayotte writes for a declining blog site and his post on the court decision was nothing short of pure libel.

In his post, Mr. Ayotte made accusations that all five of the sitting justices of the Delaware Supreme Court were either on the take, or that they were simply in the pocket of the well-known, unknown “them”.

However, Mr. Ayotte was not alone, in a Facebook post, Sheriff Christopher made these statements, “Folks, I am worn by these these people in this ever increasingly liberal state”, you see, it’s not that he was wrong, just that the state is too liberal. He went on to say, “We are considering going to the Federal courts only to get it out of those hands influenced by Delaware politics.”, again, not wrong, just so much corruption in the state that it is not fair. And finally, “Sheriff’s are elected with arrest powers by you. If that disappears, then we are doomed.” DOOMED? REALLY? It is this type of doomsday rhetoric that leads so many to believe that TEA people are not stable, that they are actually looking forward to Armageddon.

It is time for Republicans to stand up to these TEA people bullies, to stop allowing them to drag the GOP down into the gutter, with their gutter style politics. It is time that we call them for what they are, fanatical, fringe, and dangerous to the civil well-being of this nation.

Do I agree with the left on how to move the nation forward? No, not always. Do I want to move the nation, and the state forward in a more conservative way? Yes, always. But what I will not do is to totally ignore the rule of law, nor will I blaspheme our Founding principles for the sake of a political agenda.

This  nation is more divided today in many ways, more than it has been since the time of the Civil War. Some would tell you it is solely because of the liberal radical left, but I would tell you it is also because of the radical conservative right, or as they have become known, TEA people.

These two radical elements of our political society have made it impossible for the elected officials of the two parties to actually find any middle ground, any compromise on the issues most important to the citizens of the nation. To work together for the true good of the nation and its people.

Instead both radical elements demand 100% adherence to their radical agendas. And in doing so, we get what we are seeing in D.C., and it is spreading to the states.

I encourage all right thinking Republicans to marginalize the TEA people, do not allow them to set the agenda of the GOP, it will lead to ruination. The thing we need to be doing as Republicans is to be focused on winning elections, not on creating theater for the fanatical, radical fringe element of the party, but winning more elections than our opposition, so that we can make the changes that we believe will move the nation and the state forward, not simply for the good of the GOP, but for the good of all the citizens of the United States of America.

That is the American way, and also it is the adult way.



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  1. waterpirate says:

    Fear not Frank, your arch enemy lacks the following:
    common sense
    tangible results

    All of this party fracturing is fizzling out as we type. Lacking the things on my list above the posses only angry words.

  2. Frank Knotts says:

    Unfortunately WP, though your are correct, and that is why they must leach off the GOP, the TEA people’s angry words are still associated with the GOP, and so they have the effect of costing good Republicans elections. We have to be more vocal in pointing out to average citizens that those angry words do not represent actual Republicans, but are simply the rants of RINOs!

  3. anon says:

    First, it’s imperative for Republicans who actually want to achieve things, win elections and govern from the right to win back the support of the 80% of people who are currently following the lead of the extremists. Those 80% believe in small government principles, aren’t extreme in their own right, but have been tricked into thinking that the extremists have the best approach. It’s good to prove just how damaging the tactics and strategy have been for the extremists, both in DC and in Delaware.

    Second, I think Frank Knotts will be remembered fondly in local political lore as one of the very few who held to his conservative beliefs while battling the extremist element in the party. You should know that there are plenty of us out here who appreciate what you do.

  4. anon says:

    One small piece of advice though, Frank. Since there are a lot of good people who identify with the TEA Party, I would recommend using adjectives like extremist, defeatist, radical, etc. to define the problem people, not TEA. Otherwise, you run the risk of pushing away people we will need.

  5. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    Tuxamus Maximus wants to remind Mr. Knotts written of his loss of ‘liberty’ many times of recent. Great post though and DA really is a basket case but majority rules and crying loss of liberties kind of pigeon holes oneself with that ‘bunch’.

    The House of Tuxamus Maximus has studied this whole documented Sheriff issue and truly wonders what alternate Delaware universe these wackos come from to even think this is a federal issue in any way.

    WP does it again however Tuxamus Maximus would like to add to your list ‘hateful’ as he seems to be so angry at all that don’t agree with his rants. He really seems to be Rubber Room Ready.

  6. Dave says:

    I have become convinced that the true purpose of the extremist elements of the GOP/Conservative is nothing less than the destruction of the GOP ultimate goal of building a new opposition party that better reflects their beliefs. I say this because everything they do is focused on shooting themselves in the foot. So given that they are not stupid (not necessarily a given, I know) and they do not have a suicidal complex (also not really a given), why else would they act in such an extreme manner?

    The problem with that intent (or accidental outcome) is that they really only reflect the beliefs and desires of a minority – that is predominately older, white, men. That minority is rapidly aging and dying. Consequently, that constituency will ultimately go the way of the dodo bird. Knowing that (at least they should), why would they not build coalitions with other demographics? That’s a rhetorical question because there really is no logical answer.

    Maybe the radical fringe is on a mission to destroy the republic that they believe has betrayed them. They see it as a sinking ship and by God if they are going down, they intend to take everyone else with them. Of course they probably believe they will be saved by the Rapture and so they attempt to hasten the end times because they have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Regardless, radical, fringe, extreme, et al are appropriate terms. The one boundary that has yet to be crossed is terrorism. I would not put it past them to resort to that at some point.

  7. kavips says:

    The best thing that can happen to the Tea Party Conservatives and the Republican Party of old, is to separate into two separate parties.

    For the reality is, that likewise, when seen from their perspective deep within the Tea Party, it is the Republicans who are destroying their chances of winning elections.

    This puts us into the ironic position of having each wing blame the other for destroying their chance of winning. It would make so much sense to allow the Tea Party to win in districts where they represent the majority, without blemishing the Republicans, and to allow the Republicans to win in districts where they represent the majority, without blemishing the Tea Party.

    This can only happen when the parties separate for good, and let people gyrate to the one in which they feel most comfortable.

    It cuts out bitter primaries, and creates unionization and harmony inside each party.

    If they wish to vote on a bill in legislature to stop the Democrats, they certainly can vote independently on the same side and together, kill that issue. So the balance of power is not affected one iota if the parties split.

    If they wish to differ as say on Common Core, they can certainly differ. The Tea Party and Progressives of the Democrats can vote on the same side and stop that one bill from going forward.

    Bottom line, every district gets represented by someone they choose, someone who is loyal to the district and not to some affiliated party structure that wants them to vote a certain way to achieve a certain national advantage.

    The time to split the two is now. This is a serious idea that needs to be taken seriously. Yes it is a divorce and divorces involve complicated emotional feelings. But most divorces are for the best, and work out far better in the end than keeping two people who don’t want to be together, yoked in close confinement.

  8. waterpirate says:

    I had hopes for the local party, but upon opening my email and finding Rose Izzo as the guest speaker this month, I am once again relegated to patiently waiting for saner leadership.

  9. Angus Berger says:

    To (Edited, by Frank Knotts for outing and vulgarity)

    Rose Izzo has been an inspiration to the conservative movement. She would represent your sorry arse in spite of what you think of her. What is the hell is wrong with you?
    Rose is a true patriot, and you are not.

  10. anon says:

    “Rose Izzo has been an inspiration to the conservative movement.”

    Does anyone need to hear anything more? Doesn’t that pretty much just sum it up?

  11. waterpirate says:

    It would appear that the cheer center in G town is double booked for Monday night. DNREC public workshop as well as the monthly exec meeting. should make for an interesting mix of people.

    Her resume includes what that makes her such an inspitration? Former public service? Leadership experiance? Service to our country? Service to others before self? Volunteer anything? It is experiance and character that make a good candidate, not just someone saying what others want to hear. Frankly her non stop robo calls to my cell phone were offensive. Happy now?

    I will be at the cheer center Monday nite, but before you get all hot and bothered it will be in service to others attending the workshop, NOT the exec. meeting.

  12. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    Tuxamus Maximus wonders what makes Rose Izzo anymore electable than COD as neither is qualified to be dog catcher. Nice words Angus…make a lot of friends that way?

    Surprised Mr. Knotts is letting that one pass. Setting a new precedent here? Or just letting the free for all system come back again? Tuxamus Maximus job #1 collecting the nutz while being vigilant.

    Well done Dave and Tuxamus Maximus even agrees with kavips after falling over once that was realized by all here. All fell like dominoes leaning on the closest TM . WP…mucho admiration. TM knows but what Angus Jerkberger did wasn’t with the ‘rules’ and that it’s standing so far reeks. Angus/WC has a bit of a temper issue and it is why he has ‘issues’ in life.

    To all except the TEA’s have a wonderful weekend ! Vigilance will be maintained. Fall is here must collect nuts!
    May even test the waters of Lake Knotts to see what floats and for how long.

  13. Frank Knotts says:

    Kavips, I have come to believe that what you have said may be the only way to rid the political society of these fanatics, for surely they would never win beyond local races, and I mean such as city and towns, maybe a county council seat here and there.
    Taxi, calm down, I have to work away from my computer, but if you feel the need to curse you can always go over to DL and have a ball.

  14. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    House of Tuxamus Maximus is good now Mr. Knotts. Just part of the job descriptions. No need to curse. No TM’s comment on DL or DP but vigilance is maintained. Well done. Rather timely as well under circumstances. Angus is a ‘nut’.

  15. William Christy says:

    “Angus/WC has a bit of a temper issue and it is why he has ‘issues’ in life.”

    Taxi I hate to burst your bubble, I’m not Angus. No temper or “issues” in life either.

  16. Mike Protack says:

    The Tea Party came about because of the Obama over reach and the subsequent non opposition by the GOP. I helped plan the Tea Party NCC events in 2009 and 2010 and there were no extremists in the planning group or the attendees.

    The extremists in America is the left who continue to advance the welfare state while it slowly implodes around us. The debt ceiling is a prime example of sheer stupidity of the left who seem to deny basic math. The Tea Party does not want to destroy anything, they do want to help save the country along with Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare. Maybe even help economic growth a bit.

  17. Frank Knotts says:

    Mr. Protack, if you think there are no extremists in the TEA movement, then you may be one. All they want to do is destroy. They want to destroy the Democrats, they want to destroy the Republicans, they want to destroy any chance of compromise that could lead to actually fixing problems. The TEA movement is now made up of little more than libertarian anarchist.

  18. anon says:

    “Mr. Protack, if you think there are no extremists in the TEA movement, then you may be one. All they want to do is destroy. They want to destroy the Democrats, they want to destroy the Republicans, they want to destroy any chance of compromise that could lead to actually fixing problems.”

    This is the most perfect comment ever, describing Protack back to Protack. Love it.

  19. anon says:

    And let’s be real clear on what has happened here. The defeatist extremists known as the TEA Party have shut down the federal government, a shutdown that a) will cost billions of dollars; b) will not affect Obamacare in any way; c) has now endangered the budget caps in the sequester; and d) has lowered the GOP brand to the lowest polling rating any party has ever gotten. So it has undoubtedly made things worse.

    And who has benefited from all of this chaos? Check the bank balances of organizations like Heritage Action, FreedomWorks, the Club for Growth, and every other parasitic PAC preying on right-thinking conservatives with misleading and untruthful donation solicitations. Their $$ is through the roof. They’re all about collecting large numbers of mid-level donations from low-information, particularly older citizens who don’t know that they’re actions are making it less likely that conservative ideas will be advanced now and in the future.

    And now we’ve got a guy waving a Confederate flag outside the home of the most prominent African-American in the world. Can we be any more stupid than that?

  20. Laffter says:

    I wonder why Mr . Chrissy is so quick to jump to Angus’ defense

    Seems anger, vitriol, small- minded ness, and a general feeling of entitlement markes these two

    A study do the ID and the EGO, of these two would show a synergy – a synergy that coalesced together some time ago

    Wonder if he ever saw the many faces of Eve……lol

    Yeah, we know who the Squirrels are, it’s all in how they keep digging for the nuts……..and we know they haven’t found any yet

    Yo, boys, when u find your nuts, let us know will ya? We will miss your bushy little tails and pointed sharp teeth…..

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