Busy Is Good

me   Many of my readers know what I do for my main source of income, outside of blogging.   For those who don’t, well like my hero Hank Hill, I work in propane and propane accessories. This is our busy time of year, and I have a small window of opportunity to make overtime and to support my wife’s shopping addiction.

And while it has been a mild winter, our company has experienced some personnel issues which have left us a bit short-handed, which means the rest of us have had to step up and take up the slack. It has been challenging to say the least, but again, busy is good. I have a job which has supported my family for over thirty years,  and put my daughter through college with no debt.

But as many of my regular readers have surely noticed, it has meant I have been lacking in my posting here. I apologize, and may I just say that I appreciate very much, those who have made Delaware Right and myself a part of their daily experience.

But not to worry, I live in Delaware where winter last only about four weeks, and not necessarily in a row, so spring will soon be here, and I will have more time on my hands to discuss local politics, and maybe by March the presidential field will be down to a manageable three or four candidates.

This is Sussex and Delaware remember, and so, you can bet there will be plenty of drama to fill our days with. From primaries for primary sake, to candidates who may or may not be eligible to run for office here in Delaware, to election officials who may or may not be qualified for their jobs.  Can the Republicans make gains in the Senate, despite some poor candidate choices, to enable them to put the brakes on the one party rule that has led Delaware to a ballooning deficit? Will the Sussex GOP Committee be able to muddle through long enough to find enough money to pay the rent, or will they finally have to turn the lights off as they leave the building once and for all?

The cliché is to say, “this is the most important election of my life time.” Well every election is the most important election, because every election sets the stage for what is to come. So, yes, 2016 is the most important election in my life time, and you can bet there will be surprises, disappointments, and victories. Only time will tell who will celebrate, and who will be left licking their political wounds.

The election cycle of 2016 promises to be a busy one for bloggers, but busy is good.

Bear with me for a couple more weeks or so, and I promise to be back giving my unique perspective on all things politic. Feel free to use this as an open thread to discuss the up coming New Hampshire primaries, or to make suggestions for future topics.


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  1. fightingbluehen says:

    A weekly open thread might fill the void……There has been a lot of politics to discuss lately.

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