Calabro Update

vince1  It seems that  Mr. Calabro’ notary commission is currently valid as of the opening of business for the state.

This does not however change the fact that several legal documents were submitted to the state with conflicting and confusing dates. It still calls into question whether or not the documents are legal considering the conflicting dates.

It also speaks to a carelessness on the part of Mr. Calabro in that he used an outdated stamp on three separate dates. This is the man who is now in charge of the county GOP.

It also does nothing to answer the question of whether or not a person who is listed as an officer of the committee submitting the document should ethically be notarizing said document.

This could also explain why Elaine Manlove has taken such a hands off attitude about the other issues concerning Mr. Calabro having to do with fund-raising. She would have to admit that her office accepted these documents without catching the dates.

Another question is coordination. Is it legal for one person to be the Chair of a political party and the treasurer of a candidate’s campaign, and be involved in a PAC.

The ongoing issues with Mr. Calabro’s administration seems to have an awful lot of unanswered questions.

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