Call Jeff Christopher And Tell Him No To Write-In

Jeff_Christopher,_official_photo_0   By now all have heard that soon to be former sheriff Jeff Christopher is considering a write-in campaign following his defeat, I am sorry following his several defeats on the issue of what a sheriff in Delaware is.   He has lost law suits and primary elections and even a recount, and still it just won’t sink in that he has lost, so now he is alluding to the possibility of his forming another losing effort of a write-in campaign in the general election. Losing for him, and the rightful GOP candidate Robert Lee. The only winner in this proposed write-in campaign would be the Democrat candidate.

In an interview posted on  Delawareonline , Mr. Christopher says that he is receiving, “phone call after phone call, after phone call” encouraging him to run a write-in campaign.   here is a link to that video,

I am encouraging others to call  Mr. Christopher and tell him no to a write-in campaign, and here is a number he can be reached at  (302) 855-7830 . Please share this number with others who see that a write-in campaign will do nothing but assure the Democrat victory.

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  1. I called and encouraged him to go for the write-in.

  2. Frank Knotts says:

    Redneck, never would have figured you for a Gooch supporter.

  3. Since I live in MD, I have no vested interest in DE politics, but I do like people who choose to shun the monolithic party system.

    I know, you thought we were a two-party system. Most people do. But when you come down to it, the only difference between the two parties are in the social issues. One party tries to define the social issues in secular terms, the other in Biblical terms. When it comes to fiscal and foreign policy issues, there really aren’t much differences between the two parties.

  4. Rick says:

    I say Christopher should run as a write-in. My guess is that in a general, he’ll beat Lee. Of course, that might put Beau Gooch in, but who cares?

  5. saltyindependent says:

    interesting point rick. basically he has no power whether he is the “duly” elected sheriff or the former “duly” elected sheriff. my opinion is that the guy comes from the sarah palin school of media whoring. i can’t wait to see what kind of “uniform” he wears for his speaking engagements after the next sheriff is sworn in.

  6. waterpirate says:

    For those of you who think Gooch is a good guy…. you should aquaint yourselves to the reasons he left his position in Lewes as chief, and never returned to law enforcrment.

  7. karma says:

    Makes no sense calling the County Sheriffs office, he is never there.

    Not sure what you’re eluding to about why Gooch left. He served 28 years in law enforcement. I don’t know to many people who wouldn’t get burned out after 28 years especially in a position like that. I also don’t know to many public servants who serve that long without some sort of finger pointing or hushed whispers of wrong doing.

  8. karma says:

    Mike Rowe posted on his fb page asking people to pull up any Christopher signs they come across or they have in their yards.

  9. Dave says:

    Considering the responsibilities of the sheriff (a row office), both Gooch and Lee could competently accomplish the job. Party affiliation matters little. There is no Republican or Democratic way of conducting sheriff sales. You kind of just do it. In that regard, if Christopher became a write in candidate, splitting the Republican vote, resulting in a Gooch win, so what?

    In fact, the same holds true of row offices like Register of Wills. Wills accomplishes their responsibilities in accordance with state law, using state forms. There is no particular reason why that row office even exists and it’s akin to having a Sussex County DMV or a Sussex County Social Security Office. Wills should be just a local branch of a state office.

    The Christopher thing was simply about overstepping boundaries and subjecting the citizens of Sussex County (and the state) to legal and financial risk and costs, all because some “patriot” wanted to play Paul Revere and Wyatt Earp.

    As I said, either Lee or Gooch could ably carry out the responsibilities. Vote for who you think is best, including Christopher, not because you belong to a certain party but because really it doesn’t matter. I’m not sure who I will vote for, but I’m not going to spend any time sweating it. When the time comes, I’ll mark my ballot and be satisfied with the outcome.

  10. Frank Knotts says:

    Redneck, I know that your view of the parties is one shared by many. You are also correct about the social issues. I would have to say that on the fiscal issues you may be a little off. But unless the GOP in Delaware can wrest some control away from the one party rule here we cannot demonstrate the difference.
    Rick says, “I say Christopher should run as a write-in. My guess is that in a general, he’ll beat Lee. Of course, that might put Beau Gooch in, but who cares?”
    So Rick admits that the write-in should be about nothing but revenge upon Robert Lee, Rick doesn’t care that beating Lee does not equate to Christopher remaining sheriff and certainly Gooch would not be a “constitutional sheriff”
    Rick is once again putting forth the slash and burn mentality of the far right, they are willing to burn down their own village to prove a point and be left with nothing.
    Here’s an idea Rick, how about Christopher and his “POSSE” accept defeat like adults, instead of throwing a temper tantrum, and regroup and come back in four years?
    But I guess that would meant that Christopher would have to find a full time job in Maryland rather than the three night a week he works over there now.

  11. Rick says:

    For those of you who think Gooch is a good guy…. you should aquaint yourselves to the reasons he left his position in Lewes as chief, and never returned to law enforcrment.

    I know Gooch. Instead of a nasty ad hominem accusation, how about giving some specifics.

    Which is it…a lack of facts or a lack of guts?

    Here’s an idea Rick, how about Christopher and his “POSSE” accept defeat like adults, instead of throwing a temper tantrum..

    My God, you still don’t get it.

    I don’t care about Christopher or the sheriff having police powers. I never really have, and probably won’t unless the state police at some point become an army.

    However, I do care about the Delaware constitution. Instead of your usual bulls#!t, try contradicting my post on Blackstone, etc. You can’t.

  12. Frank Knotts says:

    Rick, instead of acting like we have never had the discussion about you so called post on Blackstone, address this, point which I have made to you many times here.
    No constitution, nor their content is relevant once a new constitution is ratified. No common law definition is relevant once either an issue is addressed within the new constitution, or actual statutory law has been passed according to the parameters of the new constitution. Anything that is not within the constitution is free to be addressed by statutory law, and thus is not unconstitutional.
    Once you go outside of the document for a definition of what is within the document, you have admitted that there is no definition within the document, and thus a defining statute is not unconstitutional.=, because it did not change anything held within the document.
    This is exactly what happened with Christopher’s case, and why his entire argument on this issue is flawed and failed.
    Now Rick, go away for a couple of days and then come back and make the same comments and act like I never addressed them.

  13. waterpirate says:

    There are some pretty dark days in the history of the Lewes PD. I am not and will not spell out the specifics to anyone on the internet. Go do your own research, or ask him yourself. To suggest that I lack facts or guts illustrates your not knowing me, for which I am thankfull.

    You also seem to take solace in stating you do not care about the outcome, you are just looking for a fight over the interpretation of a legal decision and document that you are ill eqiped to have. Like a jailhouse lawyer you do not have what it takes to argue the point to any meaningfull end.

  14. karma says:

    Christopher’s plea on his Sheriff Jeff Christopher fb page:
    TO ALL FRIENDS, FAMILY, SUPPORTERS, VOTERS WHO VOTED FOR ME! Please come out on Tuesday, September 16, 2014 at 7:00pm at the Stargate Diner in Seaford, Delaware (23415 Sussex Hwy Seaford, DE 19973). We are going to discuss the options to staying in the race for Sussex County Sheriff. If you believe in what I’ve said and what I have stood for all along, then please come out to this very important meeting. I need your support, input and thoughts. Thank you and God Bless! Sincerely, Your Sheriff, Jeff Christopher

    NOT my Sheriff Jeff Christopher

  15. justsaying says:

    Im tired of this game. If Christopher runs a write in, I say Phillips and Butler run write-ins as well

  16. JS says:

    This is such B.S. He has already told members of the press that he was going to run the write in campaign. Does he think that the people outside the Cult of Christopher are too stupid to realize that only cult members will be at this “meeting”. He is going to come out and say “So many people have called and everyone at the meeting wanted me to do it so I am going to bow to the will of the people and run as a write in”. What this egomaniac fails to grasp is that he doesn’t get a “do over”. There are no mulligans in politics. The will of the people was expressed last Tuesday. It is time for all the OathKeepers to step up and remind Christopher of his oath “If I lose I’m leaving this God forsaken State”. Don’t let the door hit you in the butt.

  17. Becky says:

    Sussex County news flash! Robert Lee seen at the Millsboro Country Festival today wearing a Mayberry outfit for Sheriff, uncover Don KNotts for Sheriff. What a goober looking dude!

    It’s so amazing to see all the Mayberry Rednecks come out in support of this misogynist douche Lee. All he needed at the festival today was a budweiser in his hand! Yeah I can see why y’all (is that the right saying) like Lee! H’YUCK H’YUCK!

    I do have a question for whoever owns this site. Why does it say MOVING DELAWARE FORWARD when it’s supposed to be Republican? You DO realize that FORWARD is a PROGRESSIVE term or are you that stupid?

    I’m a Republican but I’ll be voting for Gooch thanks to this asswipe Lee!

  18. Becky says:

    Common Law is what makes our Constitution so it’s not irrelevant. To say that is to say our Constitution is irrelevant then. Rick, from the looks of these comments by Frank and his goons, they don’t deal in facts at all but instead come back with some other (Edited for content, Frank Knotts)

    As to the comment from Rick about State Police becoming an army, why not have a Sheriff that is for the people now instead of the asswipe, paperpusher, order taking idiot like Lee! For that matter, why is that position an elected position if whomever gets it doesn’t serve the people, which the office was originally intended when DE first wrote their Constitution. It wasn’t amended, some (edited for content, Frank Knotts) (Short) who doesn’t like Christopher wrote up the bill (didn’t go anywhere but then another one came thru and it got ramrodded thru, thanks to the rinos and dems to do so). Note rinos and dems aren’t much different other than one has an R at the end of their name!

    And then Frank and your hardy boys, you say for the supporters of Christopher to get over it yet who keeps going on & on & on like herpes over this, you do! I’d say you’re more like the spoiled child throwing a tantrum.

    WAHH I lost 3 hrs of my life at that meeting yet no one coerced you to go! You weren’t a supporter, friend or family or one that voted for him. And you certainly could have walked out. I’m sorry I couldn’t make that meeting but someone has to work so you low-life bloggers can collect your welfare!

  19. Frank Knotts says:

    Becky, thank you for joining the conversation, and thank you for demonstrating so clearly the typical Christopher supporter. Name calling and accusations.
    As for the use of the phrase, “Moving Delaware Forward”, I can see how someone like yourself would have a problem with it, since it would seem as though you, like Christopher would keep us all in the 1600s.
    I do hope that you will stay engaged with the site, since it is much easier for people to hear from people such as yourself, rather than me pointing it out all the time, thanks again.

  20. not surprised says:

    Delaware is on its third or fourth Constitution, Becky, what the first one says doesn’t mean a hill of beans.

  21. Old Sussex County Native says:

    I have just taken the time to read, re-read, and for the third time, read the Federal US Constitution. The word “Sheriff” does not appear in the document, there is nothing addressing sheriff powers, or roles. Thus, losing in the Delaware Supreme Court was the final say for Sheriff Christopher, according to the three attorneys that I have discussed this with. The State Supreme Court is the final authority on matters not addressed in the US Constitution, so they say. It was the unanimous opinion of all three that no Federal Court will take up an appeal of this case. I am for the County Government deciding what kind of Law Enforcement we have. Not one man deciding to force it because of his beliefs formed on the wild west, or history of where he came from.

    I think, considering how the rest of the state operates, the best format for that day when the County decides to have it’s own police agency, they should form the Sussex County Police just like New Castle County did. The work of the Sheriff’s office as currently defined is quite important, and even Jeff Christopher has admitted they have brought 12 Million dollars into the County coffers by DOING THEIR JOB as Court officials. To play cop, and deviate from doing their job, who would take over the Court duties, which are very important, and revenue generating? They have a genuine role in Conserving the Peace, as Court officials, carrying out the important duties of the Judicial Branch and Superior Court. Since there is only one sheriff, who is considered part time — and four full time deputies, they have all they can say grace over doing the Court’s work. Last I heard, there were something like 45 troopers at Troop 4 alone, not to mention what’s at Troop 7 and 5, along with all the municipal departments make up a formidable force of patrol officers, and — makes the puny Sheriff office look like dipping out the Indian River with a spoon. Even if he (the Sheriff) had all the powers added, so few men would make little difference. He’d then be coming back for millions of dollars to have buildings, cars, more deputies, radio networks, ad infinitum, and we’d be needing to raise taxes for his new empire. At least that is my opinion.

  22. unbelievable says:

    The sheriffs followers are now telling people that he alone has the power to stop common core in the schools because it’s unconstitutional.

  23. Frank Knotts says:

    Yes, one has to wonder where he changes his clothes, since there are no phone booths anymore!

  24. Old Sussex County Native says:

    I spent time on line yesterday, and was astonished at how many states have Sheriff Departments that DO NOT do police work, Even in the deep South where you’d think Sheriff’s would be supreme. Right next door there are five Maryland Counties that are that way, including Howard County, Prince George’s etc. IT seems apparent that the COUNTY GOVERNMENT decides what kind of duties the Sheriff does in many, many, many jurisdictions across the Country and the Sheriff’s abide by what the County chooses. However, this is Delaware and I do not advocate doing something just because other places do or do not. Each of the 50 States have States Rights, and can decide things for themselves. Which is why we have a Legislature, and Representatives to that body. Mr. Christopher is “full of it” to suggest that all other states have the Sheriff as supreme cop of the County. Explicitly NOT TRUE!!!!!

  25. Frank Knotts says:

    OSCN, this has been disproved many times. It doesn’t matter to the Christopher Cult. You should see some of the videos that his supporters are posting on FB from these so called constitutional classes. They are tent revival style indoctrinations of people who are already inclines to believe in the smoke and mirrors that passes for fact among this small group of fanatics.
    One such video is of a small boy around five years old reciting the First Amendment, and is being used to say that if this small child can do this shouldn’t your congressman? As if memorization equates understanding. Many people can quote the Bible, the devil can quote the Bible, doesn’t make them a Christian.
    In another of these videos the speaker recites a phrase, and the group repeats it in an almost zombie like cadence.
    The people who pay to attend these classes, and who buy Richard Mack’s books and videos are no different than the people who once bought the snake oil to cure all their ailments.

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