Conspiracy Theory Weary

Is it just me? Or is anyone else as weary of all the conspiracy theories as I am?

It seems that not an issue can be discussed, or a story told, that does not somehow end with the most sinister  contrivance of intent on someone’s part.

As  a conservative, it is particularly troubling that most of these, “theories”, seem to begin and end with, and from,  people who self describe themselves as conservatives, and or “patriots”.

It would seem that some of these people can’t simply debate an issue, nor discuss a problem, based on known facts and reasonable assumptions. These people are either a bit off-center, or they are deliberately attempting to excite and exercise others with their tales of impending doom.

There are any number of issues that will set off the doomsday tattlers.  But of course there are certain issues that are their oldies but goodies hit list.

One of their favorites here in Delaware is the so-called sheriff’s issue. This involves the attempt by the current Sussex County Sheriff to return the office of the sheriff back to what he considers to be its original function, and is seeking arrest authority and other powers that actual law enforcement agencies have.

This has drawn the Sussex County Council and the Delaware General Assembly into an ongoing dispute with Sheriff Jeff Christopher in which the Council and the G A  seem aligned to retain the sheriff’s office as merely an office to handle foreclosures, sheriff’s sales and the serving of court documents.

Many believe that this is simply a case of the County Council not wanting to pay the increased cost of funding the expansion of the sheriff’s office and the duties that such an expansion would entail. As for the state’s part, clearly there is a power struggle, the state would not want to have to deal with three new law enforcement jurisdictions, that would clearly confuse the issue of who responds to what and when.

Now enter the doomsday tattlers! For them it cannot be as simple as funding and jurisdiction, for them it is an attempt to rob us of our Liberty by a tyrannical state government, and the County Council is but a willing tool of the tyrant. We are to believe, if we are to believe the tattlers, that if the county sheriff does not have arrest powers, that it will be only a matter of time before President Obama sends in federal troops and starts hauling us away to camps.

It would seem as though the federal government is simply waiting for the law suit filed by Sheriff Christopher to run its course, and then the feds will storm the gates of Delaware and impose martial law. They will confiscate all guns, they will force us to eat our veggies, and no one will be allowed to say anything negative about Pres. Obama.

Gun confiscation is another of the oldies but goodies that the tattlers love to sit up late at night, with flashlights under their chins, and tell stories to their children about how the big bad government is going to come and kick in the door of their homes and  take away all their hunting rifles, and bazookas!

Of course this is again because of tyranny. The tyrannical government has to take away our guns first, before they can begin to place us in camps.

Here in Delaware HB 88 has gotten a lot of attention. This is a bill that deals with background checks and mental illness. Of course the tattlers are running around saying that this is just the first step in placing the people of Delaware in chains and enslaving us all under the boot of the governor. And of course once again the federal government is waiting at the border for HB 88 to pass, so that they can come in and declare martial law. And they will force us to eat our veggies, and no one will be allowed to say anything negative about Pres. Obama.

On the federal level the Benghazi attack is another favorite story rife with conspiracy theories. The most used is that Pres. Obama and then Secretary of State Clinton chose not to defend the American Embassy in order to allow the Muslim attackers to kill the Americans. Why you ask? Well because Pres. Obama is a Muslim.

We also have the NSA tracking phone calls, not actually listening (so we are told), in order to fend off terror attacks.

We have the IRS paying special attention to so-called conservative and TEA groups when considering whether or not to bestow non-profit status on the groups.

Of course all the above mentioned issues deserve to be discussed and debated. The sheriff’s issue is a matter of the opinion of the courts in the end, whether or not the General Assembly has the authority or not to define the office of the sheriff. The question of HB 88, again deserves to be debated, I certainly think that background checks are an attempt to restrict the number of people who will be allowed to own guns going forward. The questions surrounding the Benghazi attacks and the statements made afterwards should be investigated and those involved should answer the questions that must be asked. The people of the United States deserve to know whether or not the NSA is abusing its powers and going beyond acceptable practices in seeking to protect us from terrorist, and the IRS also must be held accountable for any over reaching of its powers and authority.

That being said, what purpose is served by crying that the sky is falling at every turn.

Of course certain groups benefit from this behavior, they attract new members, they raise money to fund their agendas. But how does this constant bewailing of nefarious intentions on the part of our elected officials help solve the problems facing the nation? Like the economy and unemployment?

The reality is, those who oppose the expansion of the sheriff’s office most likely do so based on the cost, and that there is no real need for another separate law enforcement agency. Not, for the reason of setting up some perceived takeover of our state by the federal government.

The people supporting HB 88 are likely doing so because they feel that guns are a danger to all people, they believe the world would be safer without so many guns, it is not necessarily an attempt to disarm the people in order to enslave them to the federal government.

Benghazi is most likely a simple case of SNAFU! People were slow to react and people died, then government being government, they attempted to spin it, and it got out of control. The idea that a U.S. President would allow American citizens to die on purpose is quite a stretch, especially at the Ambassador level.

Of course the NSA is tracking phone calls and emails, that is what the NSA has always done, this is nothing new and no surprise. But can anyone name one person who has been arrested in the middle of the night never to be heard from again? Can you name one case that is currently ongoing in which a citizen has been falsely accused based on this tracking of data?

As for the IRS paying special   attention to certain groups? Again is this really anything new? The same self-styled defenders of freedom who are so upset about the NSA and IRS scandals would not blink an eye if it were leaked that the NSA was tapping the phones and emails of Muslims, and there would be cheers of joy in certain monthly meetings if the IRS revoked the tax status of a mosque.

The point here, is again one of optics, is any purpose served by looking like we are off our rockers?

While these tactics may attract some people to a cause, these tactics in my opinion, drive more people away from the conservative view points.

The conservative message will be heard clearer and further, if instead of always talking about the conspiracy theories, we would stick to known facts and reasonable assumptions. Instead of always looking for the federal agent behind the curtain, maybe we should look for the money trail. Most issues in this nation center around revenue.

How to generate it, and how to spend it. When you know these two things, you can see exactly what is behind most of the things that happen involving our government.

The conservatives need to recognize that the time for crying from the hill-top that the Federals are coming has passed. The average citizen is no longer listening. They are too concerned about finding a job, or maybe a second job. They want lower gas prices, and food prices. They want to know that their kids will be safe walking home from school. In other words, the average citizen is no longer buying into Glen Beck’s brand  of “Circus Olay”.

There was a small window of time when the TEA movement and other conservative groups held sway over a growing number of citizens, but that time has passed and the numbers are shrinking. That movement has been left to, and taken over by, a faction that is a radicalized version of conservatism. They have no tolerance for any opinion beyond their own, they use Saul Alinsky type tactics to bully their opposition, and they are slowly driving people away from not only the GOP, but from conservatism in general.

There was a time here in Delaware, when the GOP was too moderate and left of center. Many of us felt the need to move it to the right, but we didn’t stop it fast enough, and it has now gone so far right, that it has come out on the left, in a place that breeds totalitarianism.

It will take leaders who understand that all of the issues I mentioned above, and many more, are of the utmost concern for the future of the nation and the state of Delaware. But they will have to also understand that to solve them we must all be willing to work together to find the solutions, and that to do nothing beyond using fear tactics, will lead to one party rule for a very long time.

25 Comments on "Conspiracy Theory Weary"

  1. Anonymous One says:

    If what those people you claim are saying about the Sheriff is not true look no further then HB 117 that was just passed Sunday night. Who’s picking up the tab for the funding for the National Guard to have police powers. Do you really think their powers will stop at the “drug issue” because I sure don’t, nothing will prevent the government from substituting any other issue using all the resources that the national guard has to offer. Our government had no need to enter an agreement with the Soviet Union to use Soviet troops for policing events in our country, yet they did.

    While you lecture others about conspiracy theorists you are one of the biggest ones yourself. Anyone who doesn’t agree with you gets labeled with any one of your many conspiracy theorist terms you like to use. You steadfastly refuse to accept any viewpoint or opinion that anyone else has to offer if it differs from yours. Rather then even consider a differing view you label it right wing nut jobs spouting off again.

    You claim that the state of Delaware is sovereign therefore doesn’t have to follow federal or other states laws concerning county sheriff’s yet you don’t object to another state mandated program such as common core which is dictating to the same sovereign state how our children must be educated. The sad part is you can’t even see your own hypocrisy in your beliefs.

  2. Dave says:

    “state mandated program”(s) are what states use to dictate to “sovereign state”(s)

    So, you have a problem with the State of Delaware dictating to the sovereign State of Delaware?

    “Who’s picking up the tab for the funding for the National Guard to have police powers.”

    Did you read the bill? It’s very very short and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read that the funds come from, and I quote, “transfers of property forfeited to the United States under the controlled Substance Act (21 U.S.C. 881).” I’ll interpret that for you. It means that when the feds seize drug property, including money, the National Guard gets a piece of the pie to use for drug enforcement (and other things).

    I’m not sure where you get this from “Our government had no need to enter an agreement with the Soviet Union to use Soviet troops for policing events in our country, yet they did. ”

    Do you people ever listen to yourselves? And you wonder why people think you are whack jobs? Let me help. People think you are whack jobs because you are whack jobs. And that is either by choice or because of mental illness. My tolerance for such antics wanes. You constantly look under your bed for boogeymen. Start sleeping with a night light or something. No one actually wants to put you into a FEMA concentration camp. Partially because such camps do not exist, but mostly because you don’t actually matter. The NSA is not listening to your phone calls because your phone calls are simply of no interest to anyone.

    What I sense is narrcissism masqerading as persecution. Soviet troops are not going to be camping out in your driveway. No one is hiding in the bushes at your house. The only thing under your bed is dust bunnies!

  3. Anonymous one says:

    People like us look out for people like you. Anyone who doesn’t believe in all the spoon fed pablum that you choose to swallow are mentally ill or whack jobs according to you. The information about the Soviet Troops came right from the Soviet Ministry communications website. Not only did I read the bill I was at Legislative Hall for the whole romper room circus that took place it was beyond disgraceful. Rules suspended, bills passed without even a shred of public input or Senate review. Sooner or later you will end up gagging on all the government crap you choose to swallow, or drowning in it since you are part of the federal government that is the problem in our country.

  4. Anonymous One says:

    I meant to say federally mandated program which is what common core is. It was part and parcel to the Race to the Top federal funding without being disclosed prior to the states accepting the money.

  5. Harry Whittington says:

    Russian troop conspiracy debunked, this is nothing more than the renewal of an agreement that was last renewed in 2007, radical liberal groups used the 2007 renewal to claim that Bush was going to use the Russian troops against Americans:

    Is it true that FEMA signed an agreement to deploy Russian troops to provide security at mass events on U.S. soil? No, that’s a fictional claim based on an actual agreement signed by representatives of FEMA and the Russian Emergency Ministry on June 25, 2013 stating that the two countries will share the expertise of first responders and emergency managers as part of an ongoing collaborative emergency relief program last renewed in 2007. The agencies also agreed to collaborate on improving protections against meteorite impacts and other space threats.

    A FEMA spokesperson quoted by the Russian news agency RIA Novosti confirmed that there will be no exchange of security or military personnel under the June 25 agreement.

    Misinformative reports about the terms of the agreement issued from standard conspiracy theorist venues such as the European Union Times (“Obama Requests 15,000 Russian Troops for ‘Upcoming’ Disaster”) and Alex Jones’ Infowars website (“Russian Forces to Provide ‘Security’ at U.S. Events”), neither of which provided documentation for their hyperbolic claims other than the sources I have cited above.

  6. Dave says:

    “I meant to say federally mandated program which is what common core is. It was part and parcel to the Race to the Top federal funding ”

    BS. Common Core State Standards Initiative is a state‐led effort that is not part of No Child Left Behind and adoption of the Standards is in no way mandatory.

    Where in God’s name do you get this stuff? I’m done. Between the Russians and Common Core there is no way I can even imagine a world in which you obviously live, much less relate to it. Next you’ll be telling me the Boston bombing was an inside job and you knew 30 minutes after the bombing (which is how long it took Alex Jones to apparently find out and tweet).

    The only question remains is it a mental illness or just entertainment? I’d like to believe it is simply a way in which some folks entertain themselves and make sense of the world around them. Sort of order out of chaos kind of thing. But even if it is a mental aberration one has to ask is a high functioning paranoid mentally ill? Well probably, but that’s not a big concern. It is only in the possibility of harming others that society should be concerned. Heck, maybe we are all a little whacky sometimes but the real whack jobs don’t harm anyone but themselves and if they want dig out their basement into a fortress to survive ensuring apocalypse, well it’s their time and money.

    The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!

  7. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    Tuxamus Maximus (aka Taxi Maxi) wants to know what Anonymous One is smoking and what planet it was acquired. Dave and Harry (my hero is BACK!) pretty much debunked this nitwit to the full extent needed.

    What scares Tuxamus Maximus most is that Anonymous one actually thinks “People like us look out for people like you.” Please stop thinking like that because it’s SCARY to most of us from this planet and I’m afraid we don’t have forces available on our Earth to defend ourselves from a planet full of nitwits.

    Tuxamus Maximus likes, and actually agrees with Frank’s opus and eagerly agrees with Dave and Happy as well. Taxi Maxi is now going to grab a banana and swing from the trees as far away from the likes of Anonymous One as possible. WHOA NELLY they really do walk amongst us!

  8. Anonymous One says:

    “BS. Common Core State Standards Initiative is a state‐led effort that is not part of No Child Left Behind and adoption of the Standards is in no way mandatory.” -Dave

    BS first I never said CC was part of NCLB Act. It was however part of the Federally mandated RACE TO THE TOP program, which NO states were made aware that as part of RTTT monies the accepted they would have to accept CC, or pay the RTTT funding back to the federal government and risk having more federal education money cut.

  9. Frank Knotts says:

    It is so much fun when I write these pieces on conspiracy theories, and the first comment comes from someone like Anonymous One!
    They start of by lying about me of course when they say,
    “You claim that the state of Delaware is sovereign therefore doesn’t have to follow federal or other states laws concerning county sheriff’s yet you don’t object to another state mandated program such as common core which is dictating to the same sovereign state how our children must be educated.”
    Okay, let me point out the hypocrisy here, AO portrays themselves as a Liberty loving person, yet I see from this statement that they think the state should follow federal law on the sheriff issue, and if other states are doing it then Delaware must!
    They then accuse me of not opposing CC. So if I do not give a knee jerk reaction to a complex issue, I am wrong? Please AO link to any of my writing where I supported CC. I have been consistent in my sovereign state stance. I have said that the state should refuse federal funding to remain sovereign, and local districts should refuse state money to remain sovereign, that is how you have actual local control and decision making. If they take the money they take the mandates, simple as that. If my local district refuses the money and yours doesn’t don’t blame me. Blame the voters and the board in your district. That is how it is supposed to work.
    As for AO’s statement, “People like us look out for people like you.” May I just say, please stop looking out for me, it’s embarrassing.
    I wonder what AO’s age is, did you grow up during the cold war? Did you not hear that we won? The best part is that you fear the Russians, and then use them as a reference for you fear, ” The information about the Soviet Troops came right from the Soviet Ministry communications website.” So you see, AO believes the Russian government more than his own. A certain skepticism is needed and healthy about our government, but people like AO border on psychosis.
    Finally AO, I again challenge the challenged, link to one instance where I used the phrase, ” right wing nut jobs”. What I have said is that people like yourself are a radicalized form of conservatism, much in the same way the 9/11 terrorist were a radicalized form of Islam.

  10. Laffter says:

    OMG- leave ya”ll alone for a little while and look what happens….

    anon1- is one of those parasites that lives in fear and has to puff themselves up to feel important …..
    They always have to be forecasting doom and gloom and the upshot is- no one listens

    They should change their name to either Chicken Little or Cassandra- bit then again , I doubt they were smart enough or educated enough to have read the classics either

    People like Anon 1 lead sad small lives, and show themselves for the sad small people they are…….

    Only trouble is, they don’t keep their poison to themselves, they like to spread it. The best inoculation against them is knowledge.

    Wanna talk about ramming things thru-watch and read about Ohio on June 3oth. And what Texas is currently doing….
    That’s some kinda game….

    Oh and Happy 4th.

  11. Let's Be Honest says:

    Let’s be honest. You write these rambling posts that are totally redundant in nature claiming it’s not all about your hatred of the sheriff, but you’re full of (edited Frank Knotts) as always.
    You have the same three or four people to comment along with you as you pat yourself on the back for telling the truth. LOL LOL LOL ROTFLMAO

    You wouldn’t know what the truth was, if it bitch-slapped you in the face. So long Lesbiman

  12. Laffter says:

    And you on the other hand would not know truth if it bit you in your rather moribund ass

    What- ur weekend not go exactly as planned so you gotta troll in here under yet another sock-puppet name?

    I’m the one laughing

  13. Frank Knotts says:

    Okay, Let’s Be Honest, who are you? I write these post because the same people keep behaving in the same manner. They run around crying freedom, while demanding that everyone share their views. They call themselves patriots, while they are no more patriots than Hitler was a Rabi.
    Your narrow agenda is once again showing, I mentioned the issue of the sheriff and you twist that into hatred of one person, seems you are projecting your own feeling for me.
    You do not dispute what I say, only attempt to minimize it by calling it hateful.
    Now this is where you say you wouldn’t lower yourself to actually debate what I have said because I am below you.
    More like, you have found yourself standing on the mound of a MLB field and don’t know what to do next. So just go ahead and throw like a girl, it’s all you know how to do anyway. (My apologies to all the girls out there that can actually throw better than me).

  14. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    Tuxamus Maximus wonders just what words, by the rules, are allowed because “Let’s be Honest” used a dirty word that I’m sure would get tossed of it it was me writing it.
    just quoting here: “…but you’re full of shit as always…”
    Hey Frank and the rules are what again?

  15. Frank Knotts says:

    I would like to thank my shadow editor Taxi-Maxi, sometimes one slips by. Don’t take it so personal Taxi. Maybe someone should start a blog where people can just show up and write the dirty words their mothers would slap them for, to get it out of their systems.

  16. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    Tuxamus Maximus has grandson and he looks over shoulder at times and asks questions while learning to read. This site not good place for grandsons education.

  17. chester says:

    This is the comment that Delawarepolitics keeps removing from their blog:

    Children who experience child abuse & neglect are 59% more likely to be arrested as a juvenile, 28% more likely to be arrested as an adult, and 30% more likely to commit violent crime.

    The comments were about Eric Bodenweiser’s closed door hearing to suppress evidence. I posted that paragraph with a link to the website, and they have removed it twice. I posted it again this morning.

    Why can’t people know that abused children are more likely to commit crimes? Would it hurt Eric Bodenweiser’s defense? I bet the judge in Eric’s trial would let that evidence be presented to the jury.

  18. Laffter says:

    What I find so amazing is that Don Ayotte and william Christie are the leading apologists for Eric Bodenweiser, mostly on the fact that his accuser has criminal convictions.

    On the other hand, the African-American male that reported an assault , who ALSO has many many times the multiple felony convictions than Bodenweisers victim is to be believed out of hand

    What is even more odd, , is that these folks have no inside information relating to either cases, and in Ayottes case, does not even understand the basics on how a grand jury functions.

    Delaware politics has become the dumping ground for the insane, the bitter, the angry, and the disaffected. I would not even post there. Reading it is scary enough
    If you want to post on blogs there are plenty in Delaware without resorting to their low level.

    Stay off the land of misfit toys, and while many bloggers have various opinions and occasionally get into flame wars, one really have to cross the line before censorship occurs.
    Links to websites such as younexplainednsimplyndontnfit into their little world view and TRUTH is not something they are fond of

    Bodenweiser is their sacred cow, and in their eyes , he was set up by some vast conspiracy to keep him out of office. Bodenweiser being elected would have been the best thing that could happen to Democrats. Fools like that destroy the entire Caucas and make the Dems more attractive. But those pea brains over there are too mind- fuddled to think last their noses.

    If you have TRUTH Chester, and stats and verifiable links and information….share it, with those who want to meet you on some sort of intelligent level.
    Don’t waster your time casting pearls before swine ( if you want to get all Biblical and stuff)

    Welcome to this blog anyway. 😉

  19. Frank Knotts says:

    Chester, first let me welcome you to Delaware Right. As someone who is well acquainted with the deleting habits at Delaware Politics, let me say I feel your pain. They tend to delete that which they cannot dispute. They are hanging their defense of Mr. Bodenweiser on the criminal record of his accuser, your comment in their eyes must place that defense in doubt, or why else would they delete mere statistics?
    And while this comment does in a way fit my post on conspiracy theories, I certainly don’t wish to have a debate across two blogs.
    I will be posting an open thread for today, I hope that all will use it to discuss any issue of news worthy topics, and as always please respect the rules of engagement as outlined on our rules page.

  20. Dave says:

    “What is even more odd, , is that these folks have no inside information relating to either cases, and in Ayottes case, does not even understand the basics on how a grand jury functions.”

    What was once maddening, is now simply amusing. The lack of logic, reason and common sense is the norm apparently. I attribute that to being blinded by one’s beliefs. Their beliefs greatly influence their reality, or rather, their perception of relity. They believe Bodenweiser to be innocent, a victim of a political conspiracy. Therefore all information, facts or otherwise will either validate his innocence or confirm the existence of a conspiracy. That’s a common patter with those who are belief driven.

    In case someone thinks that the word “belief” has religious connotations, it is not meant that way. Although, even religious beliefs have the same construct because it is pervasive in that influences all aspects of their lives.

    For example, there is one individual at DP who believes that COD could have one her election. Despite the hard numbers of voters for each party, he continues to assert that there were other reasons why she did not win.

    This is a form of cognitive dissonance known as “belief disconfirmation paradigm,” which results when are confronted with information that is inconsistent with their beliefs.

    This dissonance is not reduced by changing beliefs. Instead they reduce it by through misperception, rejection or refutation of the information, including seeking support from others who share the beliefs, and attempting to persuade others.

    Even when presented with unequivocal and undeniable evidence, they fail to change their beliefs. Instead, their dissconance results in increased devotion to their beliefs.

    Once you comprehend how those beliefs govern their existence, you will come to the conclusion debate or discussi0n serves no useful purpose since they cannot overcome those beliefs, even it a part of them desired to do so. They are effectively imprisoned by those beliefs and take irrevocable actions because of them.

    In sum, it is pointless to enaged in debate (except for your own amusement) because they cannot process what you say in any manner without conflicting with their beliefs. Therefore, even if Bodenweiser accepts a plea deal, he would remain innocent and the dissonance would be explained that he had no alternative because he was being railroaded, yadda, yadda.

  21. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    Tuxamus Maximus feels that DP is truly insignificant for the most part now due to Mr. Knotts efforts and applauds him.

    Tuxamus Maximus seldom visits that DP site anymore but feels that someone poked a big old grizzly bear that should have been left alone in that a lot of things have been redacted, retracted or removed recently and it’s really taken a toll on the main ‘moderator’ and his mental health or capacity to control his anger by being forced to make changes he doesn’t want to make. Maybe the bossman who apparently has bigger issues to deal with being overseas had to step in? As fearless leader Mr. Knotts once wrote it and I use this title with all due respect, “Makes one want to go Hummmmmm”.

    Tuxamus Maximus also wants to give a big welcome to ‘Chester’ to this blog.

    Tuxamus Maximus appreciates how this site now has a sense of decorum about its levelheadedness in exchange of thoughts among participants. Maybe it’s because the wackos can’t get a break from the sensible ones here and can’t bully anyone around as they do over at the other place.

  22. what the heck says:

    frank if you weren’t such a pitiful fraud you’d almost be hilarious. You posted “As someone who is well acquainted with the deleting habits at Delaware Politics, let me say I feel your pain. They tend to delete that which they cannot dispute. They are hanging their defense of Mr. Bodenweiser on the criminal record of his accuser, your comment in their eyes must place that defense in doubt, or why else would they delete mere statistics?”

    If you bothered to read the explanation that was posted in dp you would realize chester’s comment was repeatedly removed because he kept posting the statistic along with his assertion that Bodenweiser was guilty. The statistic was reposted alone and it stands…which blows the hell out of the claims made by you, chester, laffter dave, and maxi pad.

    You were one of the biggest mass deleter of posts when you ruled the roost. You deleted posts based on the author not the content of the posts which clearly did not violate any rules of dp. Your own words come back to bite you in that dumb ass of yours every single time.

    Frank Knotts on October 10, 2012 at 17:55 said:

    “Okay guys I ahve gone through and removed all of Moseley’s comments after my last one, now I also had to remove many of your comments back to him to maintain some sort of continuity. Now the deal has to be that we do not respond to him for any reason, I will remove all of his comments as I come to them on my post, I will also remove any responses to him and anyone who tends to respond to him too often may face his fate as well.”

  23. Frank Knotts says:

    Thank you Taxi-maxi and I hope you realize my abbreviation of your name is for convenience , not disrespect.
    Now to the “What The heck’s lies.
    WTH says, “If you bothered to read the explanation that was posted in dp”. You see WTH I don’t bother to read DP, unless someone informs me that I, or someone I know has been attacked on that sorry excuse for a blog, I was responding to Chester’s comment here.
    As for your lies about my deleting people on DP, you are correct, I did delete one certain commenter’s comments at will because I had asked him to stop using blog terrorist tactics on my threads and he refused. I did not however delete anyone simply because they disagreed with me or attempted to make a counter point.
    Certain functioning idiots at DP however could not face the heat and chose to delete.
    That is why I walked away from the downward spiral that has led to what was once a decent blog becoming nothing but a staging area for conspiracy theories and hate.

  24. Laffter says:

    frank-I have a correction to make for you

    The idiots over at DP are clearly NON- FUNCTIONING

    Kinda like their blog……..

    It’s hysterical how they kvetch about posting under a pseudonym then come here and on DL and do……just that!

    But we know them by their limping……hahahahah!

  25. Frank Knotts says:

    Laffter, I stand corrected!:)

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