Counting Pennies

Conservatives need to focus. There is all this fake outrage about the President’s African trip and the cost. Where was the outrage when former Pres. Bush went to the African continent twice, and First lady Laura Bush went five times, including taking the girls and going on a safari as well. These are good will trips that all presidents take, and yes it is a perk of the office for the family as well. Instead of conservatives feigning outrage, maybe we should focus on the facts that the economy is still growing at far too slow a pace, that unemployment is still far too high, and that President Obama cannot run for re-election and all of this focus on his African trip is wasted. We conservatives are counting pennies as the nation is bleeding trillions. The petty finger-pointing on this one makes conservatives look foolish. Stick to taxes, jobs, the economy, and the scandals, and work to elect the most conservative person possible. The good news is that the president is term limited.

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  1. Evan Queitsch says:

    Always good to hear your opinion Frank.

    Of course, one COULD say that the President’s irresponsible spending on his MANY vacations and trists (amounting to 10’s of millions of dollars at best… is indicative of the way he manages the public trust with which he is entrusted. Over the last 5 years, Obama has consistently wasted billions of dollars on green energy schemes setup by his friends and top donors, he’s sent billions more to Al Qaeda linked groups overseas, he’s spent billions more on weapons for these same people and has seemingly no regard for the fact that while the nations income (economy) is sputtering along, his spending continues to increase at record pace. Obama regards the American taxpayer as a limitless credit card for his whims (like most politicians think of the tax base). Whether those whims are vacations or billion dollar “green energy investments”, they are in fact, his whims. Add to that the fact that his administration is mired in scandals and is using the office in unprecedented ways to silence critics, hide the truth and punish detractors and you see a full reflection of Americas most corrupt Administration. Obama has made history, that’s for sure, first, by being a shining example of how far America has come in 150 years and then by proving that Americans wanted so badly to prove how far they’ve come that they did the exact reverse of what Martin Luther King’s dream was all about. Americans were so intently focused on “the color of his skin” that they forgot to judge him “by the content of his character”. Think that’s a racist statement? Tell Samuel L. Jackson, he said it (

  2. Frank Knotts says:

    Sorry Evan, your multiple links got you sent to moderation. My point however is that Pres. Obama is in his second term, and unless we can tie things to the Democrats in general, pissing about trips is irrelevant. Fight the fight in front of you, not the one that is past.

  3. Evan Queitsch says:

    And my point is that I don’t think it much matters WHAT we say. We’ve got the guy dead to rights spying on journalists (forget citizens…piss off the media and you are in trouble…right Nixon?), covering up the murder of American Citizens abroad (Benghazi is a city, not a person) and using the extreme power of the IRS (I originally typed IRA…maybe a Freudian slip) to attack potential political opposition…while also being every bit as “clueless” (some would say complicit) with regards to radical Islam both here in America and abroad as any of the previous White House inhabitants…and yet we might as well be trying to tear down the Himalayas with naught but our bare hands!

    The man has undergone less scrutiny than Jesus Christ and may just enjoy more support than the Savior of mankind! I’m willing to bet you that if he came out and advocated (or had is little minions advocate) for a repeal of the 22nd Amendment, and there was even the slightest chance that the House would pass it, it would come to pass and he wouldn’t hesitate to keep his name on the ballot. And don’t think it can’t happen. 2014 is a crucial year. The repeal bill is offered again, as it is every 2 years by one progressive or another, should it pass, the states are the only bulwark and while I’d hope they would stop it, I’ve found little confidence in anything political these days.

    I say continue to call his entire body of work to the carpet and PRAY that the people wake up sooner rather than later.

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