Disagree When We Must, Agree When We Can

Delaware Right - Moving Delaware ForwardWell we are coming up on another year here at Delaware Right.   And in the previous year we had gone through some subtle  changes.  The changes were in some cases unintended, and in others deliberate.

We had been allowing the use of, shall we say adult language. But of course some felt the need to abuse this, and so, we will  again ask that we keep it clean, while we are all adults and know these words, it really adds nothing to an idea.

Also, I have always been a big believer in allowing idiots to be idiots, and so I had made a conscious decision to never remove any of the personal attacks that were made towards me. I feel that when people make those kinds of statements while vowing their support for this person or that person, it serves to highlight a candidate’s base of support.

However, in recent months I have been receiving the same message from quite a few people whom I respect, that message has been, that while they enjoy some of my articles, they choose not to comment, to join the conversation, because they fear being attacked in the manner that I and others often are in the comment thread.

After a meeting of the board, and hearing that they feel the same, and have heard the same thing from people, we have decided that moving forward from today, we will be strongly enforcing the all adult zone.

This does not mean that we can’t be sarcastic, it doesn’t mean that we can’t be opinionated.  What it does mean is that, if you are going to comment on a thread, if you are going to criticize an idea, then do so with rebuttal, even if it is just your opinion. But if all you can say is, “you’re stupid and so you’re wrong”, then don’t bother.

This is the warning, if a guest commenter makes it a habit of this type of behavior, then they will be placed in moderation. I and others will see the comments they send after that, and if they choose to make relevant and on topic comments, then they will be posted. Other wise they will remain in moderation until such time as they demonstrate the ability to participate in a manner that lends to the debate, not distract from it.

Do not expect any further warnings, nor will there be any announcement of such actions.

Those of us who are a part of Delaware Right intended, and still intend, to make this a place where all ideas can be expressed, we have welcomed guest post from all, and have shown a willingness to allow opposing views point to have a forum here.

Moving Forward we hope to open this up to even more writers, and welcome  all as guest, to help us build this site into a place where people can have the freedom to speak openly, as long as it can be done respectfully.

We will be putting up more open threads to allow the guest to have more input, consider Wednesday now as WOW day, “Write On Wednesday”,  we will place an open thread up every Wednesday. And if we forget, some one remind us on the most recent article in the comment thread.

I know we have many regular readers, and just a few regular commenters. I know this is not unusual, but we want to increase the number of commenters so as to enlarge the circle of conversation. We feel, by expecting our guest to act with respect towards all here, then we will be encouraging others to join the conversation.

So from today forward, while our slogan is, “Moving Delaware Forward”, our motto will be, “Disagree when we must, and agree when we can”. I hope that many of our “shadow guest” will come out of the shadows and join in the conversation, knowing that they will not face the attacks as in the past.

Let me thank in advance, those who will respect the wishes of the management here at Delaware Right. And to those who cannot control themselves? “You are the weakest link, goodbye!”

29 Comments on "Disagree When We Must, Agree When We Can"

  1. Moabite says:

    the new policy is: If you can’t win the debate, censor them.
    Yes, I agree that if you can’t take the heat, ban those that are your betters. That always works.

  2. Cynic Acid says:

    Frankly, Frankie without your critics, you’ll lose most of your comments as your regular content is so retarded and utterly delusional.

  3. Veritas says:

    The problem with ” Delaware RIght ” is that the gutter has come to power.

  4. pandemic says:

    Hot off of the press. Word has it on the street, Jeff Cragg and Steve Grossman are trying to buy Delawarepolitics.net. Say it isn’t so. One blogsite like this one is enough. David and his crew are crazy to sell their site.

  5. WINSTON says:

    Frankie and Stevie:

    I have it on good authority that you both are on CC’s SLas you all are a disgrace to the GOP. You can talk as good a game as you want, but you losers are going nowhere fast.

  6. Dave says:


    It appears you have several constant readers who await your every post with bated breath, refreshing their browsers every few seconds to check whether you have a new post. Unfortunately, it also appears that they don’t like you very much since their only comments are focused on you. The vitriol they exhibit is sort of amusing; sad but amusing.

    To be fair though, the issues (candidates) in this last election cycle, coupled with the dissension in the SC GOP the last several years, lends itself to that kind of disparaging exchange. There is always going to be someone who engages in infantile behavior. I hope you are successful in creating an adult zone. It will be difficult because once it became personal for most of them, the spiral is usually downward.

    Respecting others’ opinions is very difficult, just look at Congress! Even so, I would like to see a forum where robust discussion and debate takes place regardless of the political spectrum one lives in. Hopefully DR’s reboot will move towards that goal. It will take effort though because thoughtful discussion can only take place in an environment where opinion is ground in fact. Good luck.

  7. RINO Hunter says:


    Creating an “Adult Zone” sounds great in theory, however in practice, it can’t be done with an adolescents like Knotts and weasels like GROSSman in charge. The message of the GOP is much too important a task to be left to rank amateurs and quacks who are screwing up the party.

    I really don’t know what a decent patriotic American like Dan Anderson hoped to accomplish by funding Delaware Right, but he’s definitely NOT getting his moneys worth by paying these clowns who constantly put out lies, disinformation and character assassination while obscuring the real issues and muddying the waters.

    There really is no content to speak of aside from Frankie’s personal bitch box , so we can’t expect any significant improvement as long as the lunatics are running the asylum. It’s chasing away good writers and commentators who want nothing to do with these miserable fools who are a cancer on the GOP.

  8. Ecotourist says:

    The political problem, Frank, is that you polluted the environment and now the environment is pushing back. Garbage IN , Garbage OUT.

  9. waterpirate says:

    The winner is RINO Hunter! The first child to be expelled for potty mouth.

  10. RINO Hunter says:

    And the loser is Waterpirate for being a RINO.

  11. Fromhere says:

    Well, this new focus is off to a rousing start. Eight persons with comments to express and only one who managed civil discourse. Looks like you have an uphill climb ahead of you, Frank. Good luck. I’m looking forward to reading this blog to see how your experiment works out.

  12. Fromhere says:

    Apparently I forgot to refresh after being away from the computer. 9 persons, one civil discourse and one zinger.

  13. Veritas says:

    The downward spiral of Delaware Right can only be reversed by replacing the current incompetent staff.

  14. pandora says:

    And to think I considered this a love letter to me! 😉

  15. Themistocles says:

    Frank’s love letters are short and sweet. I you out debate me, you are on my crapper list.
    In the best tradition of Winston.

  16. Frank Knotts says:

    Pandora, while we may disagree you have never based your opinion of my views simply on your opinion of me, have you?
    Themistocles, I did not say that people are not allowed to disagree or debate, simply that we can do both in an adult and respectful manner. If that is above you so be it.

  17. Veritas says:


    Why the the sudden onrush of “maturity”? Delaware Right is one of the most immature hate filled blogs in the First State and all of your petty pompous ass preaching and candyass apple pie doesn’t stop you from insulting people by spreading lies and manure. This is the best that we can expect when three creepy losers like you, GROSSMAN and Cragg get together. It’s a universal principle that If you put out crap, you’ll get it back in spades but , since when have you and your buddies been troubled with principles?

    The result is just rude , crude and even worse than the snotty ,boring , narrow-minded pseudo-intellectual crap put out on Delaware Liberal. You don’t have any credibility with most Republicans as we know that you are a total hypocrite and waste of DNA, but the Dems and commies really love you for all of your active subversion of the GOP. That’s why you’ll never get any good writers as no one with a brain will submit to editorial control of an ex-drunk/druggie burnout like you, a sneaky, arrogant , incompetent, cowardly, backstabbing, self centered parasite like GrROSSman and a two-faced shape shifter like Cragg; together with the handful of your moronic supporters with idiotic screen names.

    When Dan Anderson pulls your funding, you’ll dry up a blow away and the air in Delaware will be a lot cleaner.

    Have you considered a new career like selling loose cigarettes on the streets of NYC? You and DR are certainly not doing any good for Delaware.

  18. Dave says:

    “Waterpirate for being a RINO.”

    Really? I always thought you were fairly conservative. Not out there in the hinterlands conservative but kind of a common sense sort of conservative. Of course I guess that’s the go to insult for anyone who is disagrees with the far right. Fortunately for me, I can’t be a RINO because I don’t affiliate. But I’ve been thinking about registering just so I can be one.

  19. mouse says:

    What is all this RINO crap? What makes people think they have a right to say who can be in the party and exclude anyone else who isn’t pure like the Nazis. The GOP used to have reasonable, intelligent people who were even liberal on environmental issues. I would often vote for such people and even worked for a few. Now very few people like me (moderate/liberal/educated would even consider voting for anyone in such a mean extreme party. You people will lose in the end as your hateful old white followers die off.

  20. Frank Knotts says:

    Keep trying Dave, there are plenty of labels available. I have bee called everything from right wing nut job, liberal, and even a statist.

  21. Cynic Acid says:

    DR also needs a new logo as it looks like a drunken Blue Elephant using Delaware as a toilet about to take a crap in Bowers Beach.

  22. RINO Hunter says:

    Sorry Frankie, but BLUE RHINO(r) is already taken even if a blue RINO is a more appropriate illustration of ” Delaware Right ” . Under your incompetence, DR stinks worse than a pile of ripe elephant dung. Anyway you and your buddies are nothing more than a bunch of BOZOS.

    Zookeepers Beware!

  23. Dave says:

    I will give you one concrete suggestion Frank. The site rules state:

    “If you have a problem with another commenter on a personal level, do not bring it here.”
    “we would like to keep it civil ”

    Now the rules are not commandments per se and perceived violations could be a matter of debate. However, it is apparent to me that this thread is a prime example of a violation of rules for civility and personal problems. You should decide how you wish to apply them and then act accordingly. Rules in a society exist for purpose but if the rules are not followed and there is no consequence, they do not actually exist.

  24. Themistocles says:

    Straight from the plains of the Serengeti, we have enlisted a great Rhino hunter from the ranks of Africa. Running out of great Rhino’s in Africa to hunt, he now seeks the new North American RINO, in which to utilize his great talents.
    The greatest of the North American variety of two-legged North American RINO is “NOT FRANK KNOTTS.”
    Stealthy he stalks this crafty Lesbiman prey, only to be eliminated time after time from the debate by this great RINO.
    However, this new great RINO hunter is crafty indeed and has outwitted the Greatest of North American RINO’s, NOT FRANK KNOTTS and has found his lair and bested him.
    Now the great North American RINO, cowers in expectancy of being exposed for the Libtard that he really is.

  25. Krytron says:

    Naturally , Frank Knotts believes in “Letting idiots be idiots” as in his case, it’s self expression.

  26. Frank Knotts says:

    Dave, thank you, but I am a conservative, more importantly I am a straight line conservative. This means I hold a straight line on my principles, unlike other so called conservatives, who veer from the left to the right in order to suit their own agendas. This is why I have been labeled all of the derogatory names (as evidenced above) to describe just about every political ideology.
    Because while I hold a straight line, others are constantly crossing back and forth across my line on principles, meaning that on any given issue the same detractor will be opposed to my views. They find their self far right on one issue, and almost socialist on others. They talk of freedom while telling you how to pray. They say “We The People”, but really mean, them and their small circle of sycophants.
    And I hope the children are enjoying themselves on this thread, recess is almost over.
    Dave, I promise you, the rules will and are being enforced. I said above, ” we have decided that moving forward from today, we will be strongly enforcing the all adult zone.”
    That would have been December 3rd, that means the rules are in effect.
    I have given some slack on this thread since the negative comments are actually in response to the topic of the thread, ok fine.
    Let me be clear for the obtuse, the children are on notice, no more bad behavior, or it’s back to the children’s table for you.

  27. Cynic Acid says:

    That’s straight and narrow minded.

  28. Frank Knotts says:

    CA, now that is funny.

  29. mouse says:

    It takes a minimum level of moral and intellectual development to think beyond dogmatic self righteous black and white mentality and to have empathy for other’s views. Purity has always lead to despotism through history. Conservatism has opposed each and evey advance of humanity

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