Donald Trump Announces For The Presidency

donald trump clown   Must we really go through this again?  So today Donald Trump again announced his “INTENTION?” to run for the office of the president of the United States of America. Oh Really?

And as you would expect, from the reincarnation of P.T. Barnum, he did so in a circus style atmosphere. Oh, he left the elephants at home, but his use of American flags behind a mock presidential podium, with the word “Trump” emblazoned upon it, was nothing short of pathetic.

Just for the record, every person that I hear say, “Trump has got it right”, or, “Trump would make a good president”, or, “Trump is what we need”, immediately gets put on my list of know nothings.

First of all, how could we ever trust a man who wears a lie around on his head?

donald trump  And I am sorry, but I have the same problem with his tough guy New York attitude, that I have with Gov. Christie. But at least Gov. Christie has credibility when running for office. And while Trump has a proven record of making money, I just don’t know if the idea of government should be to make money.

Of course during his show, I mean his press conference today, he touched on all of the wacka-doodle hot topics. How best to fire up the TEA people than to talk about building a wall on our southern border? Sounds a bit like the Communist in Germany, but instead of the Berlin Wall, he would build the El Paso Wall. The best part is he says he will make Mexico pay for the building of the wall.

I guess if they don’t, then it would be.   donald trump fired

No one can possibly be taking this seriously, right? Everyone sees through this publicity stunt, again, right? There really aren’t people out there who think that he is serious, or that he seriously has a chance, right?

Do we really need this clown show again? Can we please not egg this on any longer, can we please get serious about selecting our nominee?

The problem the serious candidates will have, is that he can self fund, and secondly, the media will give him air time because he will tap dance for them as long as the cameras are rolling, and that allows them to paint all the Republican candidates as wacka-doodles.

Hopefully the libertarian and TEA factions within the GOP will be too busy fawning over Rand Paul (give me strength) and Ben Carson to give Bozo The Trump any attention, and he will go back to researching hair growth.

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  1. Piscis Mordere says:

    What’s not to like about the Donald?

    By “serious candidate” you mean those mealy mouthed politicians with “government experience’?

    I can’t see how holding elected office, and doing whatever it takes to hold on till their knuckles turn white – the right one from stuffing money in their pockets and the left one from taking it out of everyone elses’ – is any kind of qualifying virtue.

    Trump can’t be bought. He made every penny he has on his own, and not feeding at the government trough like all of the rest of them. He’s not backed by a billionaire sugar daddy like Rubio, or willing to fight to the last of someone else’s money like Bush.

    You can run down real conservatives with your pejorative vitriol all day long, Frank. The others want to lead, but Trump is the only one with any clear idea of where he wants to lead us TO!

  2. Frank Knotts says:

    And we have the first to top the list of Know Nothings. Well, the answer of what is wrong with Trump is that he is not really running to be president, he is running to promote Trump. He will never make the first debate because he is all bumper sticker and no car. But of course that is why the TEA people are drawn to the sound of the organ grinders music.

  3. Honi Soit says:

    Trump filed for corporate bankruptcy 4 times–all for casinos that were over-leveraged and in debt for billions:

    1991 Taj Mahal: Trump had to give up half of his ownership interests.
    1992 Trump Plaza Hotel: He kept his CEO position but had to give up his salary.
    2004 Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts: He had to reduce his share of the company to 25%.
    2009 Trump Entertainment Resorts: He resigned as Chairman of the Board.

    Quite a resumé.

  4. Rick says:

    …the answer of what is wrong with Trump is that he is not really running to be president, he is running to promote Trump.

    This is true. But who cares? He talks about some issues that the rest of the field is afraid to touch, and I like that. The border fence, for example. The incompetence of Omaba and Kerry for another example. He takes positions, right or wrong, and stands by them. Refreshing.

  5. Frank Knotts says:

    Rick, what he does is, he picks the most controversial issues because he knows that the media will pick it up so they can then paint all Republicans with the crazy brush.
    Trump will never file a financial disclosure, he will never participate in a single debate. At some point he will again claim that his personal business ventures need his complete attention and he will withdraw with another carny like press conference.
    All he will accomplish is to suck the air out of the room for about two to six months.
    Reminds me a little of the Alex Pires Campaign.

  6. Piscis Mordere says:

    So your “moderate” RINO Romney was a “successful businessman” when all he ever did was buy up companies, suck out the equity, load them up with debt, and dump them into bankruptcy.

    But when Trump plays by those rules, he doesn’t know what he’s doing? Hello? Does he look broke to you?

    Trump is a winner, but you insist on losers.

  7. Frank Knotts says:

    Piscis, like most reactionary fringe elements, you are missing the point. Yes Trump is rich, some may say he got rich by running a Ponzi scam by creating investment projects and then bailing out. First in, first to get paid, first out, leaving the small investors holding the bag.
    The point here is that he never intends to be president, he isn’t even really running, all he is doing is getting in front of the cameras. He will bail out before he ever files a finance report, that is why he isn’t taking money from anyone, he will never be in a debate, because in a debate all he has is bumper sticker, no car. But of course that excites people like yourself because you don’t have to think past hate.

  8. Honi Soit says:

    PM contends that Trump “made every penny he has on his own, and not feeding at the government trough like all of the rest of them.”

    Trump inherited many millions from his daddy, who made his fortune in real estate. And that fortune was enabled in the main by financing from the Federal Housing Administration. In 1974, Donald took over his daddy’s business. He then expanded it by building casinos that went belly up.

    So without daddy, government financing, and Chapter 11 provisions, Trump wouldn’t have a pot to piss in.

  9. Rick says:

    …he knows that the media will pick it up so they can then paint all Republicans with the crazy brush.

    Who cares what the left-wing media says about any Republican?

    I saw Trump on the far-left PMSNBC “Morning Joe” show this morning. He was great. Unlike most GOP wimps with their scripted answers and politically-correct inhibition, Trump spits it out the way he sees it. Refreshing.

    For example ( and I’m paraphrasing- I didn’t record the show;

    On China and Japan, he says we need to appoint professional negotiators. He points-out that Caroline Kennedy negotiates with the Japanese, and gets hammered. What exactly is here qualification as a major negotiator? Same with the caareer-politician John Kerry. The US gets killed in every agreement with everyone.

    On his “qualifications,” he says what were Omaba’s qualifications? Trump says that he- unlike Omaba- has worked in hte real world his whole life, unlike Omaba, who has been a career academic, political hack and politician all his life.

    On Jeb Bush, Trump said that he looked like a sad man who didn’t really want to be doing what he’s doing. Whic, to me, seems to be correct. He pointed-out how Bush couldn’t even bring himself to answer even the most simple, obvious question; knowing what we know now, would you have invaded Iraq? Bush danced around that question, which to me is incomprehensible.

    Trump reminds me a lot of Reagan. Back in the day, RR was the only Republican with a grasp of objective reality and the only Republican who confronted the leftist media head-on- which is why the leftist media hates him to this day. Reagan was a man of ideas, not platitudes- as is Trump.

    The left was confident that Reagan was too “stupid” and too “right wing” to be President. LOL, he carried 49-states in ’84.

    And like Reagan before him, the media will try to destroy Trump early. Why? Because the left doesn’t want their failed foreign and domestic policies to be discussed. With Bush, they won’t be.

    Bush, when told of Trump’s criticism, snickered. I doubt that he’ll be snickering in Trumps face- Donald Trump would tear him to shreds. At the end of the day, Bush is as wimpy as Trump is bold. I’ll take bold, any day.

    (Guess who Hillary would rather face, Bush or Trump. If you say “Trump,” think again. He’d portray her for what she is- a career failure. A Yale lawyer who worked in penny-ante real estate in Arkansas, a US Senator who did absolutely nothing while in office and a Secretary of State who lied, obfuscated and sold favors to foreign governments for cash.)

  10. Frank Knotts says:

    Rick, thank you for making my point. The media trots him out so they can paint him, and all Republicans as crazy.
    And even if you believe he is qualified, it makes absolutely no difference if he has no intention of actually running for the office, and I don’t think he does.
    Do you really think that a man with an ego like Trump’s would give up control of his so called empire? Do you think he will actually disclose his finances to the public? Come on Rick you know better than that.
    And even if I am wrong and he is really running, and even if he drummed up enough fringe support to win the primary, and if the heavens opened up and a miracle happened and he won the general, all highly unlikely, do we really want someone with an emperor’s mentality? The guy sees himself as king, he talks as if executive orders would be the rule of the kingdom. Is that what you want?
    No, he will be out of this before any financial report is required. Or if he self funds, he is out before the first debate.

  11. Geezer says:

    He’s a bunko artist. His net worth is much lower than he pretends it is, and he all but admitted his only actual asset is his name. He packed his “crowd” with paid actors. My money is on him dropping out so he never has to reveal how little he’s actually worth.

    He is also disapproved by 57% of Republicans. Your buddy Ayotte, naturally, loves him.

  12. Geezer says:

    ” I doubt that he’ll be snickering in Trumps face- Donald Trump would tear him to shreds. ”

    There goes Psycho Rick again, taking out his anger with imaginary feats of violence. What a pathetic old turd he must be.

  13. mouse says:

    So a “real conservative” is some bellicose no nothing who says nasty things?

  14. mouse says:

    know..The Republicans are on the wrong side of history with every vote. Look at the Republican vote on Marijauna decriminalization in DE. Every single sadistic “law and order” republican voted know to appeal to their sadistic supporters. So out of touch with objective reality, reason, self reflection and compromise. An old bitter white party whose members are rapidly shrinking as they dies off..

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