Don’t You Just Hate A Coward?

So I am setting here looking through my Facebook, when I come across a link sent to me by a friend. The link leads me to a blog article written  by someone who hides like a little girl behind the name “Bumper”. But I guess hides isn’t quite right, it seems to be an alter ego, as if this guy needed two egos, the one is large enough.

As much as I hate to actually send people to this site and drive the readership to two, I am going to link to this particular “ARTICLE”, that is dated 10/17/13.

Okay, now that you have read this tripe let me give the unfamiliar readers a little background.

The web-based media site that “Bumper” is talking about is the one you are currently reading this post on, our own Delaware Right. And so, I must be the uneducated writer that “Bumper” is talking about.

The one thing that “Bumper” seems to be afraid of is the truth. So let me take this lie filled bag of garbage apart piece by piece.

In the first paragraph he attacks the idea of a web-based media outlet that included a web-site, a blog, a web-radio platform, social media outlets, by saying, “They found a wealthy Rehoboth Beach conservative willing to bankroll the effort.  Why the fellow just didn’t buy a real radio station and couple it with a website is beyond me!”

So, smart boy believes that thinking outside the box he lives in is doomed to failure, why? Because he didn’t think of it? That’s it genius, keep living in the stone age, and you will end up along with the newspapers. At least he recognized that the “fellow” was a conservative, but I guess “Bumper” is just upset he wasn’t offered the bankroll.

His next misrepresentation of the truth is when he says, “The platform launched some months ago.  Haven’t heard a peep since.” Really? Well you are reading this now, and while we may not have the same amount of followers as some sites, we are constantly growing and moving forward, unlike some people who merely wish to forever live in the days of their childhood. We here at Delaware Right are working with as many types of people as it will take to move Delaware Forward, not some closed circle of closed-minded tomfools.

Now this is where Mr. “Bumper” gets a little personal, when he says, “The effort at Republican radio also includes writings by aspiring GOP social climbers.  While I know a great many people who’ve been successful in life without schooling I’m not sure having a fellow bragging while blogging about his lack of education is a winning formula.”

“GOP social climbers” ?

Really?  Come on “Bumper” you can do better than that. By the way, since I know who you are, and I know a lot about where you have been since you came to Delaware, and I know the people you have tried to rub elbows with, one might also label you, an aspiring  GOP social climber yourself, if not a successful one.

“Bumper”, while I am not ashamed of my high school education, I am not sure that I have ever bragged about my “lack” of education. Personally I don’t feel I lack anything, and your attitude smacks of the elitist attitude that I have often heard you condemn. Are you saying that only college educated people have anything worthy to say? Wonder how your 912 Patriot friends would feel about that? There are a lot of college educations in D.C., what is your opinion of them?

Now we get to the part where “Bumper” must have bumped his head on that phallic shaped instrument that hangs in front of his face all day. when he says,

 “The same fellow accused me last fall of being behind a series of robo-calls
attacking a liberal running in a primary as a Republican.”

No, wrong again. This is where I am going to out “Bumper”, because this is where I will set the stage for the truth, and not hide behind some pseudonym like my good friend Bill Colley of WGMD.

He is right, I did call into his talk show on WGMD, and challenged him about a robo-call that had been funded by a so-called conservative PAC.

Mr. Colley on that day had a studio guest on with him, Glen Urquhart, who was running against Ernie Lopez for the 6th State Senatorial seat, a seat the Mr. Lopez happened to win.

During this interview with Mr. Urquhart the topic of the attack robo-call against Mr. Lopez came up, and both Mr. Urquhart, and Colley denied any knowledge of who was behind it, and also denied any knowledge of who was behind the PAC that paid for it.

Well since, as Mr. Colley states in his blog piece, I had been involved with the organization, and did know who they were, I also knew that both Mr. Urquhart and Colley had also been involved with the organization, in fact, Colley had been the M.C. for several of their events. So knowing that they were both sitting in studio and lying to the listeners, I called in to challenge them on air.

What I got was more denials and smugness from Colley. I never once accused them of being behind the calls, I simply pointed out that they certainly knew who was. But their denial leads one to believe that maybe they were involved in the actual calls.

As for never speaking to Mr. Colley again? Well this is true, I made a promise to myself never to call his show again, and I haven’t, and I never will. I also have not had the opportunity to speak to him in person, but would not shy away from having a conversation with him. I simply will not patronize  his product. Which in my opinion has become nothing but a hate filled wannabe of  Rush Limbaugh.

Now to address his accusation of slander, well this is the tool of the weak, if they can’t argue a point made about them, they fall back and cry slander. In their world, the truth is slander, it seems to be a disease that many in the fringe right suffer from. I have often been accused of slander by these fringe lunatics. I tend to believe that if they are offended, then I have hit very close to the truth.

They attempt to hide their xenophobic tendencies behind shirt-sleeve patriotism, and anyone with the audacity to challenge them becomes a liberal, and they will accuse you of not loving America, as when Colley says,

“The guy is now a local GOP committee leader.  From my perch the party is filled
with a great many men and women such as him.  He’s been flattered by the elites
and they’ve promised him rewards for serving the party if not his community and

May I first point out the use of the phrase, “From my perch”? Again, a perch implies being above others, again a Freudian slip perhaps? Again showing Colley’s elitist attitude towards those he sees as being beneath him.

Notice that he says that I have been promised “rewards”. Well Mr. Smart Guy, if you know so much, why don’t you tell us all what those rewards might be?

Notice also his alluding to the fact that I am not the good patriot in his eyes, because in his opinion I am not serving my community or country. Well Mr. Arrogance, that is not for you to decide, now is it?

It is at this point in the post that he runs out of steam, like a child throwing a temper tantrum. He then falls back on his dog-eared playbook and rails against the “establishment”, an establishment that he and his ilk have been trying to become a part of for some time now.

I wonder Colley? Do you know that many have taken to calling WGMD, “Hate Radio”? And that we only troll  there for laughs.

I wonder if the timing of this blog post has anything to do with the fact that you couldn’t compete with Dan Gaffney on 105.9 in the morning slot, and you had to go running back to your hole in the ground, in the afternoons?

The entire station is becoming nothing more than a hate filled rant. With Beatty on Saturdays, spuming his anti-white rhetoric in some attempt to rid himself of some deep-seated white guilt. Then you have Bill Rogers who simply rants when challenged. Jim Rash is most likely the most rational on air personality there now, who actually allows people to disagree with him without belittling them. The morning show with Mike and Judy has become just that, a morning show that is at least fun to listen to, if not what one would call hard news or even political. But at least they are people who you can like.

However, Colley is the anchor at WGMD, and he has been and most likely will continue to be nothing beyond belligerent. His style is to hang up on those who disagree with him and then hide behind the dump button as he then calls names and attacks the caller’s patriotism.

I may be wrong, but my prediction is that the move back to afternoons will be a short reprieve for the failing numbers of the Bill Colley Show. His small core base of support, of like-minded haters, cannot sustain even a three-hour show.

So Mr. Colley, unlike you, I have said my piece from behind the name my parents gave me, I did not hide behind some made up name, though having seen you, I am sure bumping is something that you do quite often.

I don’t know why you have chosen to call me out at this time, but be assured, I, in my uneducated way, will be glad to exchange niceties with you.




108 Comments on "Don’t You Just Hate A Coward?"

  1. waterpirate says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head with the term ” personality “. If the man has become the personality, or the personality has ate the man. The job has consumed his soul. Otherwise it is just more hype to throw gasoline on a smoldering dislike of his prior bad acts.

  2. anon says:

    The world would be a much, much better place if there were 10 Frank Knotts for every Bill Colley.

  3. Harry Whittington says:

    He’s not “hiding,” Frank, he put his picture right at the top of the article.

  4. Dave says:

    WGMD is focused on a specific market segment that listens to talk radio and hews pretty far to the right. That demographic finds Colley appealing because he is effectively an echo chamber. Actually the entire station is an echo chamber for their target audience. The station validates their audience’s views, which keeps them listening, which in turn, generates revenue. Whether it’s Rash, Colley, or Rogers, it boils down to economics. WGMD management is focused on the bottom line. There should be no expectation that they have any interest in acting otherwise. In summary, except for the weather and traffic, there is little value in WGMD.

    Well, perhaps comic relief can be construed as value. So there’s that.

  5. fightingbluehen says:

    This heated exchange seems to be a microcosm of what’s going on nation wide in the Republican party.
    It’s going to get or has already gotten so divided ,that one faction will refuse to support any representative of the other faction. The Democrats have to be enjoying this.

    Charlie Copeland, and other GOP leaders nationwide, certainly do have their work cut out for themselves. It seems like a monumental task to say the least.

  6. Frank Knotts says:

    So far Harry wins best comment.
    Now the saga continues. Colley has responded with a post on WGMD’s blog spot. Of course as the title of this post suggest, Mr. Colley continues his cowardly ways. He has posted a response to my response, to his attack on me and Delaware Right. However, unlike here, no comments will be allowed, also unlike here, Mr. Colley does not link to my post, as I did his, this is so he can lie to his sycophants and convince them of how smart he is when there is no rebuttal.
    His comeback to my above post consist of a paragraph of name calling and insults, and then he repost his original attack piece.
    So I will once again link to Mr. Colley’s hate filled rhetoric, because unlike him, I am not afraid for my readers to see exactly what he is saying, instead of relating and lying about it. But will copy it here to save those who don’t wish to soil themselves over at Hate Radio.
    “Some Knutt recently posted at an establishment blog that I’m hiding behind an alias. He’s speaking about a site where I post under a name by which my closest friends and old schoolmates know me. It’s not like I’m hiding; hundreds of bumper stickers (get it!) with my name and a web address take you to the site. The Knutt also suggests I’m a liar because I appeared at a pair of Conservative Caucus events as a master of ceremonies and, therefore, should’ve been aware a series of robo-calls were made by an organization using the same during a primary months later. Said Knutt was at these same Conservative Caucus events as a volunteer. As was “Butch” Elzey, Christian Hudson, Lynn Brannon and Matt Opaliski. I guess they’re also all liars?

    Frankie, stop falling in love with the guy in the mirror! He isn’t all that smart and he hasn’t updated his wardrobe since the first Star Wars film debuted. What follows is the blog that has him crying foul:”

    So where to start? I could point out that his play on my name is so third grade, and not even original.
    He then complains that I said he was hiding, Mr. Educated Colley would seem to need some lessons in reading comprehension. I clearly said above, ” But I guess hides isn’t quite right, it seems to be an alter ego, as if this guy needed two egos, the one is large enough.”
    So you see Mr. Colley, I know what the site is and exactly who is behind it.
    He then says, “The Knutt also suggests I’m a liar because I appeared at a pair of Conservative Caucus events as a master of ceremonies and, therefore, should’ve been aware a series of robo-calls were made by an organization using the same during a primary months later.”
    No, I said you were a liar because you denied, along with fellow liar Glen Urquhart, that you had any idea who was behind the PAC who paid for the calls, I never said you made the calls or were involved in them beyond knowing who the 35th Conservative PAC was, but keep denying it, it only makes you seem more guilty.
    And yes, I was at, and actually helped the PAC organizers at the events that Mr. Colley has now admitted to being the M.C.. However I never denied it as he did. As for the other people who Mr. Colley named, and attempts to put words in my mouth and say that I am calling them liars. Again, they never denied being a part of the events, it was only Mr. Colley and Urquhart who chose to deny on air that they knew anything about the PAC or the calls.
    Then he returns to the third grade for his closer, “Frankie, stop falling in love with the guy in the mirror! He isn’t all that smart and he hasn’t updated his wardrobe since the first Star Wars film debuted. What follows is the blog that has him crying foul:”
    Hey if I don’t love myself? Who will? And really, you are going to bust on my clothes? At least I don’t need elastic top jeans. And of course he shows how smart he is, by saying that I am not all that smart, well that may be true, but I am smart enough to have a job that has enabled me to keep a roof over my head and that of my wife of over thirty years, and the only wife in my life, no divorce here, and I am putting my daughter through college, I am a blessed man, even if I am not college educated like Mr. Colley. I wonder what drives him to call me out now. I mean if I and Delaware Right are so insignificant, then why bother attacking us out of the blue?
    I might also add, that Mr. Colley’s entire side show over at Hate Radio and his attempts at blogging are OH! SO! 2010. It is as if he doesn’t realize that the world has moved on, and is still fighting the same battles using the same tactics. Of course considering that his audience is made up of people who think that we still need a sheriff, well enough said.
    And Mr. Colley, stick to what you know, being mean and nasty on the radio, and leave blogging to others.

  7. saltyindependent says:

    colley must be under a lot of stress. i can honestly say that i never listen to that station anymore. i heard one of the old news people on a music station the other day. employees continue to leave….

  8. kavips says:

    Again, this is why the party needs to split. This argument is within context, over who shall control the agenda of the Republican Party.

    Both sides make the claims that resonate with their constituents.

    If the party would just split, that would be the end of the conversation.

    The Conservative Independents would dominate Sussex County with enough clout to be taken seriously, and could have 12 reps. and 6 Senators in the General Assembly. This would put Republicans in contention for 7 Senate seats and 19 Rep districts.

    Trying to battle over the soul of the Republican Party is futile as these conversations well show… It guarantees the other party will dominate local politics for decades to come.

  9. Dave says:

    One alternate would be to throw the party on the trash heap and start supporting potential candidates from the other party who are center right, moderates, whatever you want to call them. We know that works, after all Castle was re-elected how many times? And he was from the other party.

    There is a great deal of support for moderates/centrists. Much more than there is for the fringes of either side. While it may be anathema to register for the other party to vote in the primary, it is simply a means to an end, not an expression of your loyalty or principles or whatever.

    I often toy with the idea of registering for one party or the other in order have a bit more influence. Well, not the Sussex County GOP of course, that would be simply for entertainment since their gatherings seem to be pretty entertaining affairs. The Dems gatherings are much more sedate (boring). Anyway, voting in the primary perhaps is a way to build up candidates who can work with people across all political ideologies, without burning the house down when they don’t get their way.

  10. Angus Berger says:


    Are you so lacking in self-confidence that you must trade on another’s popularity to get more that 5 comments on a post. You attack a man that is a good conservative, while you are a mere pretender.
    Congratulations, you might have picked up another commenter. Oh! you haven’t attacked Ayotte in a while. That’s right he just ignores you and treats you with the contempt you deserve as does Colley.
    Have a wonderful day Lesbiman.

  11. anon anon says:

    Billy Colley is Glen Urquhart’s pet:

    In May of this year, Colley wrote an endorsement of Congressional candidate Glen Urquhart that appeared sandwiched between actual news stories on WGMD’s homepage. In the comment section, he’s called out for taking gifts from the candidate and then offering an endorsement, this is his response:

    Bill Colley says:
    May 11, 2010 at 10:45 am
    You betcha. He bought me the ticket because I’m a volunteer media advisor. Who knows, maybe next year a press secretary? My trip to the dinner was an obvious endorsement and meant to signal the party where I stand. You may all remember a far earlier blog post where I offered he was a candidate sharing my views. On other thing you can bet on. I’ll do whatever I can to stop Mrs. Rollins and the entire Castle cabal.

    Bill Colley says:
    May 11, 2010 at 10:48 am
    Oh, and you swell guys need to know Vance Phillips rode to and from the dinner with me. He paid for the tolls.

    I wonder why WGMD lets Colley whore himself out to candidates like that?

  12. Frank Knotts says:

    first let me apologize for anyone who saw the video link that was in the comments section. I had deleted it once for content that we do not condone here at Delaware Right. The poster chose to re-post it, and so that poster is now spammed. This type of vial attacks, even on people we don’t like will not be tolerated here.
    Now for my multi-personality friend Angus Berger. You say, “Frank

    Are you so lacking in self-confidence that you must trade on another’s popularity to get more that 5 comments on a post.”
    Hey, are you actually reading or just looking for the pictures? Colley started this by posting on his hideaway blog about me and Delaware Right, I am merely responding. Does this mean in your world that he is trading on my popularity?
    You then continue the delusional behavior by saying, ” treats you with the contempt you deserve as does Colley.”
    Really? So I am so contemptible, that Colley took time out of his busy schedule of calling people names, to call me names? So tell me Angus, is it dark with your head of the “Big Dogs” butt?

  13. Laffter says:

    We all know Bill Colley is a bigot and a racist……as evidence, follow the link below

    Now what evidence does he have to blame a certain ethnic group for this? Specifically names Latinos as the perpetrators.

    Bill Colley is a noose that should be hung around any politician or public figure that remotely even associates with him
    Of course I was not surprised to see this post by him….what would surprise me would be if FATSO, actually was
    Or decent

    But we know he has none of these qualities- we also know he is rather economical with the truth.
    He has to disparage an entire ethnic minority I order to gin up ratings….he is on very thin professional ice and is DESPERATE to keep himself in greenbacks

    Making him……a whore.

    Actually, I think a hooker has higher standards than he does…..coz I don’t think even a hooker would service that fat disgusting pig……..ewwwwwwww, just imagine……

  14. saltyindependent says:

    the content on that radio station has become very thin. the hosts must be exhausted from acting so angry all the time.

  15. Tony Stark says:

    I did not read the initial attack post until after I read the subsequent comments to Frank’s piece.

    Mr. Colley puts out tons of misinformation in an attack piece on Frank. In the process he attempts to justify his behavior with specious pseudo facts.

    I’ll start with the easiest first. Colley attempts to refute Frank’s assertion that he was involved in robo calls against Ernie Lopez in the Republican Primary of 2012.

    Bill Colley’s untruthful and lame excuse is as follows:

    “The same fellow accused me last fall of being behind a series of robo-calls attacking a liberal running in a primary as a Republican. At the time I had been rebuilding a radio station and often hosting as many as 3 shows a day. As if on weekends I then telephoned area voters and frightened them with tales of the dark side?”

    Now, Maybe the readers of Colley’s blogs are really stupid and he is convinced that they will believe anything he says.

    However, Anyone who has done even minimal work on campaigns knows that robo-calls are automated. Bill Colley is just lying to say that he would have to have telephoned area voters in his spare time from his busy schedule. Robo-Calls are prerecorded, automated, and to me annoying.

    However, if you write the script, (about 30 seconds) and record the call, it will take all of 15 minutes and Colley can still have the whole weekend to himself.

    Before this, Colley makes a statement that reflects either his woeful ignorance of the radio business or his total disingenuousness. It is here:

    “They found a wealthy Rehoboth Beach conservative willing to bankroll the effort. Why the fellow just didn’t buy a real radio station and couple it with a website is beyond me!”

    Colley acts as if buying a radio station is akin to walking into Sears and buying a Craftsman Wrench!!!!

    Radio and TV stations are some of the most regulated businesses in this nation. There are tons of fees and paperwork. Key investors have to do more than just give money. They have to open up all types of financial information to a regulator. Not everyone is willing to do this.

    Former President Lyndon Johnson put the ownership of Austin Texas radio stations in the name of his wife Lady Bird due to FCC requirements.

    More important than the regulatory scrutiny is the undeniable fact that small market Radio Stations do not have a good Return on Investment (ROI).

    Wealthy people do not become and stay wealthy by making poor investments. To bankroll a website with pod casting is a lot less risky than buying a low wattage radio station. The former costs less than $5,000. The latter can cost more than $500,000.

    Now, I was an audio engineer in College and I got some gigs after college due to a dorm friend who is now in management at Clear Channel. I liked working the audio engineering end of the radio business. I got out because I needed to make money to support a young family.

    I have remained friends with many in the business. Based on their experience I have come to the conclusion that The only way that an investor can make a decent ROI in this business is to slash expenses to the bone and in most cases this means employee salaries. Most Radio station employees would kill for the salary and benefits of a first year teacher in Delaware’s Public School System.

    In short, there is little money in radio especially for the so called “on air talent” unless you are Rush or Sean.

    So called “on air talent” meander across the country from location to location doing the most outrageous self promotions in the hopes of hitting the big time. They will exaggerate and lie to promote themselves.

    Other than self promotion most of these radio guys have no skills.

    Inside Radio Joke
    Question: “What is the difference between an on air radio personality and a large Pepperoni Pizza”
    Answer: A Large Pepperoni Pizza can feed a family of four.”

    Now radio guys are not the only ones who have to travel constantly like nomads to get the next big break. The same can be said for TV folks. You have to start small and move your way up.

    That being said, Bill Colley has a face for radio and in my view TV is not in the cards for him. Maybe, in the far off future, someone will want a TV anchorman who resembles a bowling ball, But, I would not bet my house on it.

  16. Mike Protack says:

    The Delaware GOP has no soul to fight for anymore, it is a tragedy and it got that way by using the slime tactics against many Republicans yet they bemoan them being used to “hurt” the party.

    75% of the Delaware GOP are mindless lemmings who follow GOP leaders with no ability, no honesty and no courage.

  17. anon anon says:

    Mike would that 75% be the same 75% that didn’t vote for you in your dozen + attempts at winning an election?

    Republican voters aren’t stupid, Mike, you are proof of that.

  18. Harry Whittington says:

    LOL anon-anon. Nail. Head.

  19. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    Tuxamus Maximus has really enjoyed the comments from so many reasonable and a few unreasonable commentators on this post. Truly a special thread on Mr. Knotts site.

    House Tuxamus Maximus for the most part agree with most except Angry (isn’t ‘Bill” a nickname for William? WC) Berger that have commented. Mike from Planet Protack just confuses of TM’s but his orbit is a bit different from all others in the known universe.

    If the bullies like Angry Berger, William Christy, Don Agoat and a few others would all just go the way of the Ipod (ok Don A claims he’s done it) it may well happen that the real GOP people would come back and play well together again. If things don’t change for the better soon it’s a done deal that the Dems will get a grip on DE that will remain even longer than some think. Moderate GOP’ers already avoid the Sussex GOP and vote independently if they even vote in some possible selections of a ballot.

    OK. Last but not least TM’s all hope that the following have a GREAT weekend: Waterpirate, Anon, Harry, Dave, FBH, Mr. Knotts, Salty, Kavips (yeah…even Kavips!) Anon Anon, Laffter (special to House TM!) and Tony Stark. Thanks to all for the shared wisdom(s)! Hope you all have a special weekend in some way.

    As for Angry Berger it is hoped that an Angus Bull larger than you (if possible) not only finds you but takes a huge dump on your weekend and then sits on you.

    Mike of Planet Protack…it’s the hope here that one day your orbit aligns with that of Earth but that you have a good weekend is the best that House TM can offer. It’s assumed you’re a good man with good intentions but the negativity is all that is read from your comments.

    Last but not least. Listening to William ‘Bill’ Colley is part of the job description here. Far and away the worst part of the best gig any TM has ever had to this point in the life even for the older TM’s. You walk a thin line at best and your ego is even more inflated than you are in life. You are HATE RADIO and a JOKE. One day the black blimp of life will find and settle on you so that your foulness is forever quieted.

  20. William Christy says:

    Taxi you just can’t move on from a dead issue can you. Why you insist on dragging my name into your rhetorical nonsense is defies logic.

    The GOP was screwed up well before I ever became a member of the party, and it will be screwed up well after I change my party affiliation should I decide to.

    A perfect example of a GOP bully was the post made yesterday that Mr. Knotts removed. That’s the true mindset of a strong faction of the current GOP…. eat their own. The lengthy history is certainly much longer than my affiliation with the party which only occurred 1 1/2 years ago. Frank was at the meeting the night I joined the GOP.

    Since I have stepped back from all the b/s, I see exactly why Frank is trying so hard to pull things together in the party. The problems in the party will cause it to totally implode on itself, if things don’t start to change real fast. What you dismiss is the fact the GOP in NCCo has been in a comatose state for nearly 25 years. Without NCCo no state wide GOP candidate will get elected to the Governors seat or Lt Governors seat. The only hope the GOP has to change NCCo is to attract Conservative Democrats, that will not occur as long as the GOP continues on the path they are on.

    As far as me personally, I haven’t attended a GOP meeting in 4 months. My district has 3 ED’s with 6-7 empty positions which have been empty for years.

    Instead of wasting time with your lame excuses, dig deep and find the real problems within the GOP party. Once you do accept what you find, then offer a real solution instead of your lame rhetoric.

  21. Laffter says:

    So, mr Christy, where is Lacey these days? Certainly no longer sen in your company

    Odd that a candidate would call a PAC, that would be the Liberty PAC, her other FB page…and then completely disavow themselves of you …..

    While the GOP may have been screwed up before you came , you and your ilk did nothing to fix it, did you? And you have not stepped away from it in the least, you just think you are being clever by hiding behind PAC and pseudonyms

    See WC, this IS still DELAWARE. And you are STILL an outside agitator….and DELAWARE people of separate parties TALK and compare notes….

    You have been well and truly hung out to dry, by your words, your actions and all the documented trails of evidence you have left I your rather messy wake.

    You and Mike Protack are damaged goods in this state , that is irreparable , because in truth , your good name is all you have and you don’t have it it, either here or in New Hampshire.

    So, where is Lacey these days……doubt you will ever be at a DSP function again.

    Everyone else, especially the sweet Tuxi…….and house of…..have a glorious Sea Witch weekend – and stay warm everyone!

  22. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    The entire House Of Tuxamus Maximus just loves toyak the William Christy chain and it’s so easy to do!

  23. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    meant: to yank the chain!

  24. Tony Stark says:

    One has to admire the sticktoitiveness of William Christy. He has been in the party ONE WHOLE YEAR AND A HALF before making noises about making a party change. You have to admire someone whose loyalty extends past ONE WHOLE YEAR. That is almost one election cycle!!

    Mr. Christy has already perfected the art of blaming everyone but himself. He has the prescription for how to run New Castle County but he has done nothing to recruit folks for three empty ED’s in his Representative District.

    At least if he does change parties, no one will notice. He has done nothing of note so there is no expectation that he will do anything in the future.

  25. William Christy says:

    I was a member of the Republican party prior to moving to Delaware 7 years ago. You cite that I referred to the fact I had only been a party member for what you called “almost one election cycle”. Then you claim I did nothing to recruit people for the 3 empty ED’s in my RD. There are 13 empty seats in my RD, no one within my district tried to recruit me or any of the other 186 residents within my community. It was a member of the 35th district who recruited me.

    Currently there are 64 vacant ED positions out of 148 total ED seats within Sussex County. Nearly 50% of the ED positions vacant should raise red flags for anyone truly concerned about our party.

    As for what I’ve done, before I was even a registered republican I was helping republicans in their bids for elections. I worked diligently for Matt Opaliski, Harvey Kenton, and Gary Simpson.

    After registering as a Republican I attended every hearing concerning key issues during the last session at legislative hall. I don’t recall seeing very many Sussex GOP members in attendance. That includes the public sessions concerning the gun bills, same sex marriage, and the genitalia bill.
    I also became an Associate member of the SCRWC as the ED representing the 3rd 36th district.

    Even though I do not live within the annexed section of Milford I intend on helping Brian Shupe in his bid for Mayor of Milford. I will be once again helping with Gary Simpsons campaign as well.

    Some people choose to play keyboard commando bragging about yanking someones chain or passing baseless rumors off as fact to attack people. I choose to actually get out there to be part of the solution rather than just another cowardly person hiding behind a pseudonym.

  26. Laffter says:

    And all that an NO mention of Lacey……

    Hmmmmmmmm,m, and helping the GOP by open carrying in Jimmy’s grill….
    Protecting the Sussex GOP from…….scrapple?

  27. William Christy says:

    My right to Constitutionally open carry has nothing to do with the GOP, or my representation of the party. I’ve passed every background check required under the law to own, possess and carry a firearm.
    In case you haven’t figured it out it’s the Bill of Rights, NOT the bill of needs.

    Better compare your secret squirrel notes again! I haven’t open carried for months at Jimmy’s or anywhere else. But don’t let facts stand in the way of your usual vitriol.

  28. saltyindependent says:

    colley and christy are kindred spirits. you have to be a “tough guy” to open carry, or an honest to goodness cowboy. i think bill c and bill c are both tough hombres. just listen to them talk about how manly they are. very masculine and manly like only tough guys can be. they like manly guys that carry guns like sheriffs. they are going to fill the gop with manly conservatives.

  29. waterpirate says:

    The sad fact is that the people who thought the Sussex GOP was so broken and fought for the current, open and public system with platforms and statements of absurdity, That the sheople do not give a $hit. They can not even fill the positions they fought to create and make public, beyond 50%. Proving that the most vocal are in a minority no matter how loud they scream.

    Sussex county is as a whole center right. We will continue to ellect center right candidates to represent us regardless of the rabbit hole the party seems to be indulging itself in.

    Finally we should support WC in his more even aproach to debate and disscussion. We should squash any sock puppettry or diseased meat.

  30. William Christy says:

    Salty in following your numerous posts in here and over at DP where you used to post you appear to believe in Constitutional rights. Now it appears you choose to make a mockery out of one of our very fundamental rights bestowed upon us right after freedom of speech/religion.

    There are certain instances where open carry is a more viable alternative. We all have the Constitutional right to protect ourselves and our families from the criminal element that has invaded our society. I choose to protect myself with a firearm because the United States Supreme Court has ruled no less than 4 times it is NOT the duty or responsibility of the police to protect the citizens of our nation from crime.

    I know plenty of women who carry firearms, it has nothing to do with them feeling like a tough guy or manly.
    That is where in my opinion our views differ those of us who have firearms. It has absolutely nothing to do with a persona of manliness or toughness. I and others have made the conscious decision we are not going to be victims.

  31. William Christy says:

    Laffter that’s right, still NO mention nor will there be. Go back and read your comments in another discussion…. “methinks they doth protest to much”. Furthermore you and your ilk don’t care or desire to hear anything that varies from your predisposed succinct narrow minded view about people.

  32. Dave says:

    Carrying a weapon to protect oneself is decision resulting from a risk analysis. Risk analysis has two components: threat and consequence. If one determines that there is a significant threat, then one must also determine the consequence of that threat if it occurs.

    As an example, the threat of a meteor striking the planet is low (L) but the consequence of that event is high (H). Or, the threat of flooding along the coast – high (H) and the consequence of that event – medium to high (M or H).

    You don’t mitigate low level threats (building a meteor proof bunker). But you do mitigate medium and high threats IF the consequence is at least M or H. Threats that have little consequence are mostly ignored.

    So, carrying a firearm would indicate that someone believes there is a significant threat of being attacked and because the consequence is high, they feel they need to mitigate the threat by carrying a weapon.

    Now, never having been to Jimmy’s Grill, I have no idea if such a threat condition exists that would warrant mitigating. There are places where that threat is ever present and prevalent. However, my mitigation strategy (indeed most everyone’s strategy) is to just avoid being in those places. Still, there are those who constantly feel threatened and consequently have a need to be able to mitigate those threats.

    That obviously must be explanation because the only other explanation is that open carry is a demonstration, which is driven by one’s need to proclaim. The right to do something is not a reason to do it. Actions are predicated by need or desire. I breathe because I need to, not because I have a right.

  33. William Christy says:

    Dave no one including you can predict the future. We live in a violent nation and a violent state. Independent national statistics more than adequately substantiating that. No offense try thinking outside of the box. Carrying a firearm, whether openly or concealed isn’t about Jimmy’s.
    You say the easiest solution is to just avoid “those places” using your train of thought the list is endless!
    Because no one can predict when and where a violent crime is going to occur.

    We all breathe, the act of breathing is unconscious, and involuntary. Breathing is controlled by specialized centers in the brainstem, which automatically regulate the rate and depth of breathing depending on the body’s needs at any time.

    My explanation was offered, you clearly refuse to accept it. You DON’T NEED to refuse to accept my explanation, it’s your right to.
    You DON’T NEED to be outspoken about issues it’s your right to.

  34. Frank Knotts says:

    Following the above line of thought, and keeping to the original theme, no one needs to hang up on a caller that disagrees with them, but it is their right as the host, no one needs to call their callers names, but it is their right as the host. What it demonstrates however is an inability to honestly debate a subject of which they have no more than a passing knowledge of.

  35. William Christy says:

    Frank I agree with what you originally wrote and stated above. While some people continually feel it’s their right to be rude, uncouth, and classless, there is no need to be so. Those actions only further raise the barriers preventing the sharing of ideas, and opinions. Unfortunately some find it far easier to act in that manner especially when they have little else to discuss.

  36. Dave says:

    “Because no one can predict when and where a violent crime is going to occur. ”

    No, but we can certainly determine the probability of occurrence with a great deal of accuracy considering data related to socio-economic considerations, population density, etc. etc.

    The likelihood of occurrence in church is very low – not 0.0 mind you, but very low. The likelihood of occurrence in other places is a good deal higher. Not 1.0 but certainly high, depending on the location.

    In your mind, you assign the probability of occurrence somewhat equally for everything. Yes violence can happen any time and any place, but the probability is so low, in many/most places that there is no logical reason to mitigate that threat. It’s sorta like the guy who carries an umbrella with him everywhere, because it could rain any time or any place, but the probability of rain in Death Valley is such that carrying an umbrella there would be silly.

    So can tick bites can happen any time and any place, including our backyard. There are prudent measures to take for a lot of things in our daily lives, but if I’m not out in the field hunting, I’m probably not going to spend a lot of time worrying about ticks

    So, if it isn’t logic that prompts a threat mitigation, the only thing left is fear because ultimately you are correct, something could happen any time and any place. But it’s just not likely. But hey, it gives you comfort and whatever it takes to get you through the day. No one is challenging your right, just the sense.


  37. Laffter says:

    Remember Dave, Mr Christy loudly and publicly proclaimed that when he leaves his home is is ” always armed”

    Therefore, in his world , everyone and everyplace is a threat.

    Sad way to live a life….in a constant state of fear…..

    I too have the right not to feel threatened by someone whom I don’t know is mentally stable or certified to carry a weapon.

    UNLESS, THAT individual is a sworn police office in uniform who walks into a diner I am in…it’s not that I feel safer, the gun just doesn’t bother me
    Now, some dude in a suit walks in and has a shoulder holster and is carrying concealed, I’m nervous, I don’t who the dude is….and I will be watchful and on guard.

    Very normal responses…….I don’t feel the need to walk thru bad areas , or high crime ares in rural or urban environments wielding a weapon……because I KNOW how that looks – confrontational.

    And while qualified and certified to carry, I don’t ..because I don’t fear the world , or most of the people in it, and I engage in a sometimes high risk occupation…..
    But respect shown is respect earned and in 30 professional years of high risk work…..I have never been victimized and don’t expect to

    Not that it may not happen some day, but if it does, I won’t be the provocateur – although the other guy might not come out of a conformation at that level too good.

    We used to have a saying…….”judge ones skills and abilities by the amount of hardware they have hanging off themselves , because it is in DIRECT DISPROPORTION to their actual abilities.”

    That pretty sums up the difference between the need to carry in a Low risk environment and the need to PROCLAIM….and Mr. Christy’s personality

  38. William Christy says:

    You say it’s not likely that something will happen I disagree. Things happen in the most unlikely (and sadly as recent history has shown) places no one would have ever conceived such violence would occur.
    Since you brought up the church, I don’t think anyone of reasonable intelligence could have ever believed or thought that the sexual molestation and rape of innocent child parishioners would have ever been possible.

  39. Frank Knotts says:

    What I am about to say is not directed at anyone in particular. Mr. Christy is correct, violence can happen anywhere, and at anytime. He chooses to carry a gun to protect himself from the evil that exist in the world, his right to do so, no question.
    Dave is also correct, while violence and evil can occur anywhere, anytime, most people recognize that an early morning, in a local diner in Bridgeville has a very low probability of someone shooting up the place, simply considering the number of people there rules out a hold-up. And while the crazed gunmen cannot be ruled out, it is not likely.
    Laffter prefers to rely on good choices and common sense to avoid trouble, I too have had a thirty year career that has put me in questionable neighborhoods and having to disconnect service and collect past due bills, and in doing so in a non-confrontational way, I have never been threatened.
    I also put my faith in a higher power, if God chooses a time for myself, then there is little I can do about it.
    I am drawn to Matthew 8:24-26
    ” 24 And, behold, there arose a great tempest in the sea, insomuch that the ship was covered with the waves: but he was asleep.

    25 And his disciples came to him, and awoke him, saying, Lord, save us: we perish.

    26 And he saith unto them, Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith? Then he arose, and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm.”

    I have always taken this passage to mean that the Disciples had nothing to fear if their faith were strong, for why would anyone who believes in God’s message fear the after life? That is my understanding of the message.
    So while I am not rushing towards death, I do not fear it, for if it is my time according to God, no man with a gun will save me, and if it is not my time according to God’s will, then no man with a gun will harm me. And if the Devil wins that battle over my life, then I will meet God with a strong faith.

  40. Dave says:

    “You say it’s not likely that something will happen I disagree.”

    Statistically it is not likely because we have data and information that says it’s not likely. While you can point out an instance of a violent crime that communicates a community, diner, what have you, you ignore the vast amount of time where there is no violent crime in the same place. Again, it’s soft of like the folks who think flying is dangerous because there are one or two plane crashes every year, without considering the thousands upon thousands of flights all over the world where the worse thing to happen is getting stuck in the middle seat.

  41. Dave says:

    “Now, some dude in a suit walks in and has a shoulder holster and is carrying concealed, I’m nervous, I don’t who the dude is….and I will be watchful and on guard.”

    If the dude looks like law enforcement, I would probably stick around, but if someone comes into my field of view packing heat, I take it as invitation to leave because either the person has reason to believe there could be trouble, in which case it’s not a place I need to be or the person might be the source of trouble, in which case, it’s not a place I need to be.

    That’s my general rule, whether it’s at church, a diner, a community meeting or the WAWA. Firearms have a tendency to fire.

  42. William Christy says:

    Laffter as I said previously there is no reason to have a discussion with you, your mind is already made up and closed to anything that doesn’t match your personal beliefs.

  43. William Christy says:

    Dave our youngest son has his Masters in Actuarial Sciences so I’m well aware of statistical probability. I choose to temper those statistical findings with improbabilities that occur despite what statistics claim to be improbable. Pick any tragedy you want that we all believe statistically would not happen. Statistics are not finite or a definitive guarantee that something will not occur. What were the statistics regarding another terrorist bombing happening on US soil that cost American lives? So slim that once again we as a nation let our guard down in Boston during the marathon?

  44. saltyindependent says:

    i have no objection to the second amendment. many people i grew up with were avid and safe hunters. i can also see the argument of having one in your home for self defense. i have kids and a short attention span so that’s not an option for me. i was merely pointing out the manliness of people who carry “guns” or “pieces”.

  45. William Christy says:

    Frank I wanted to save my response to you for last. I thank you in advance for keeping an open mind during this discussion.

    I apologize if my response was lengthy or violated any rules. You brought up a number of good points including scripture.

    Carrying a firearm is not only to protect myself it is to protect my family including my 2 grand daughters we are raising, whom I promised I would protect from all harm.

    I agree the probability of someone walking into a local diner shooting it up is a slim probability. BUT what about a violent altercation of any other kind, these are all probabilities while slim they could occur. I never expected to see a group of the Pagan’s MC walk into Jimmy’s on an early Friday morning either but it’s happened on more than one occasion.

    Considering some of the posts Laffter has directed at me with claims of accessing FBI , NCIS, and NCIC files concerning me I hardly call the persons actions good choices or common sense to aviod trouble. I would submit the claims border of criminal activity and at the very least are meant to be very confrontational.

    I admire your strength in you belief in God. I too have a strong faith, I died twice from a heart attack, and was brought back to life. I am more than comfortable when my time comes I will be ready. With that being said should my death arise out of a violent act directed at myself or my family members I am more than prepared to take the perpetrators life. I will ask for God’s understanding and mercy when I meet him.

    When Cain killed Abel GOD did not banish rocks, stones or knives he banished Cain. In Gen. 9:5-6 God instituted capital punishment, but said not a word about banning weapons. Evil is found in man’s heart not the weapons used to commit the evil.

    Exodus 22:2-3 tells us: “If the thief is found breaking in, and he is struck so that he dies, there shall be no guilt for his bloodshed.

    In Proverbs 25:26, we read: “A righteous man who falters before the wicked is like a murky spring and a polluted well.”
    Certainly, we would be faltering before the wicked if we chose to be unarmed and unable to resist an assailant who might be threatening our life. In other words, we have no right to hand over our life, which is a gift from God, to the unrighteous. It is a serious mistake to equate a civilized society with one in which the decent people are doormats for the evil to trample on.

    1 Timothy 5:8 tells us: “But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”
    The doctrine of Scripture is that we prepare and work, but we trust the outcome to God. Those who trust God should also make adequate provision for their own defense. For a man to refuse to provide adequately for his and his family’s defense would be to defy God.

    No disrespect intended, taking concerning the position that “I don’t need to arm myself; God will protect me.”

    At one point, when Satan was tempting Jesus in the wilderness, he challenged Jesus to throw Himself off the top of the temple. Satan reasoned that God’s angels would protect Him. Jesus responded: “It is written again, ‘You shall not tempt the Lord your God’” (Mt. 4:7).

    It may seem pious to say that one is trusting in God for protection—and we all must—but it is tempting God if we do not take the measures He has laid out for us in the bible concerning our own personal duties..

  46. Frank Knotts says:

    Mr. Christy, you reference Old Testament in regards to violence, I happen to believe that the coming of Christ and his teachings of loving all as one love themselves set aside the more punitive nature of the Old Testament. The turning of the other cheek and all. He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword. Even Christ would not allow his Disciple to draw his sword to stop what was to come.
    As for your reference of 1 Timothy 5:8, my King James says, ” But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” 1Timothy 8 is talking about providing for the widows and the children and the elderly, it makes no reference of protecting from violence.
    As for tempting God by having faith in God’s protection? Not what I meant, more along the line of, if it be his will, then I will drink from that cup.

  47. William Christy says:

    Frank understood. As a born and raised Southern Baptist I believe one can not just selectively or summarily dismiss the old. There would be no new without the old, there would be no Christ without the old.

    As a parent if someone were harming your wife or child in you presence I doubt you would do nothing.

    Have a great day

  48. waterpirate says:

    Has WC got a ghost writer, or has some defining moment occured that has put his temperment back on a normal even keel? Either way the new improved WC has a much better command of vocabulary and coherant disscussion. All apreciated. cudos WC version 2.0

    I do prefer my politics without the religion however. This is Delaware Right, NOT Delaware old and new testament.

  49. Angus Berger says:

    The great Christy forced into submission and disarmed by the wonderful Dominatrix Lesbiman
    What is it next Frank, lion taming, with those kind of skills you could be in Markell’s seat ROTFLMAO

  50. William Christy says:

    Laffter it must be hell in fear worrying if people are carrying concealed or not. Shoulder holsters under suits, very old school my friend. There are far better holsters than a shoulder holster on the market for conceal carry. Many like Fobus make it virtually impossible to detect someone carrying a medium double stack frame firearm, and classic large frames like the 1911.

    You see someone open carrying and the first 2 things that come to your mind in your own words are “is the person mentally stable” “is the person certified to carry a weapon”.
    Speaking of mental stability. I know a retired leo in this state who’s certified to carry a weapon. That person has loaded firearms strewn about their house all within reach of small children. That’s in direct conflict with the very basic rules of firearm safety taught in certification classes. I would further submit that shows very questionable mental stability.

    You have great selective memory. How convenient you forget your loud and proud proclamation leading up to my comment. You claimed you (unlawfully I might add) accessed my NCIC, NICS, FBI files insinuating that there were indications of past criminal activity.
    My exact comment was “I leave my house armed because of people like you.”

    You are neither a professional or non confrontational. Your recent posts are just more perfect examples of that. You are the epitome of the title of this topic a Coward who purposely derives satisfaction in causing others undue stress and concern.


  51. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    The House of Tuxamus Maximus is truly confounded by the reinvention of William Christy. As the right wing sites are consumed on this Monday it seems that a kinder gentler William Christy wants to evolve. Needless to say TM is a bit leery of this and this TM is going to try to be ‘nice’ in calling Mr. Christy out on a few things.

    A TM made a reference to Mr. Christy being like the occasional Family Circus cartoon that has the ghost character “not me” when the kids are blamed for doing something wrong. It’s “not me” (although the words weren’t used) that caused the great divide in the GOP…it was all those other guys! The Sussex GOP is a shambles and has been for a while now. In comments made by Mr. Christy it seemed that he was stating he wasn’t, and had nothing to do with, the current state of affairs in the Sussex GOP. He questions why there are open ED positions and why so many more in the DEGOP. Well Mr. Christy the House of Tuxamus Maximus offers a reason why and hopes that you can address this TM in a manner that explains this new and improved William Christy without throwing insults at this TM.

    At this point in time House TM lumps the WGMD ‘host’ (aka Angry Berger), Don Ayotte (I’m an Ipod now), and many of the others that post/comment on that other ‘right’ site as the reason for the lack of filed positions in the GOP ‘leadership’ both county and state. As Waterpirate so aptly stated most people that consider themselves Republicans are “center right” and TM’s agree with that sentiment. The Sussex GOP has become some thing so far to the right that most want nothing to do with the current Sussex GOP and statewide the DEGOP can’t get any those moderate center right Republicans to even think about being involved because they don’t want to be associated with the ultra right whackos that would bully out a good man like Ron Sams who made things work well for so many years. If you go back and look at what was involved in his ouster there were many at the time (some comment here to this day) that were all for throwing him under the bus and taking over the Sussex GOP. That, in this TM’s opinion, was the beginning of the end of all remaining sanity in the Sussex GOP. When you consider what that fine man was replaced with…well it’s a sad thing to consider and this TM will leave that alone.

    Let’s face it…without the Sussex GOP being sane the DEGOP has no real hope in being relevant vote wise. The money is in NCCO and they don’t want to be associated with the whackos in Sussex. Plain and simple done deal and until the whackos all become Ipods the money won’t flow again. Without the money nothing of note happens. Bring on all the COD’s you folks want they will just roll over and hit the snooze button.

  52. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    TM continues:
    House TM may be wrong but it’s thought around here that Mr. Knotts is about as far right as those sitting on the sidelines now would be willing to accept in the lines of GOP thinking and personally there isn’t a TM in the house that would follow his line of thinking…but at least he’s sane. With all due respect to Mr. Knotts he just isn’t moderate enough to get the few GOP’ers here to get behind him.

    Not too long ago Mr. Knotts mentioned something about Mr. Christy backing a candidate that wouldn’t be indicted so the House of TM decided that was something worth looking into to figure out what Mr. Knotts was referring. Well it didn’t take long to figure out what Mr. Knotts was referring. YOU, Mr. Christy, championed that candidate in every way possible. Apparently even just as little as a year ago you still offered you full support. If not one of the most embarrassing moments for the Sussex and DEGOP ever that ‘candidate’ made a mockery of everything the far right lock stepping our way or the highway bullies of the Sussex GOP stood for yet you carried the banner.

    At one point Mr. Knotts apparently realized there was something terribly wrong about that candidate and William Christy and a host of others did all possible to burn Mr. Knotts for his change in thinking. Probably the beginning of the rift that started when he contributed to that other site…TM just doesn’t know.

    House Tuxamus Maximus also ran across a point in time when Mr. Christy proudly laid claim to law enforcement ties being a (there was a really nice way you had of stating your profession but it’s forgotten) bounty hunter and that’s why you “carried’. This TM prefers the term of old ‘strapped’ but that’s not politically correct anymore. What’s the deal here Mr. Christy? Are you still in that line of occupation?

  53. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    TM continues:
    Until you convince The House of Tuxamus Maximus you have changed your way of thinking House TM will keep you lumped in with the likes of Angry Berger and Don Ayotte. Both of which, like you, have written some simply horrific things to and about Mr. Knotts who is only trying, in the manner he knows best, to heal the Sussex GOP in a way that maybe it just might happen. Hurling insults simply doesn’t work and the House of TM is as guilty of that concerning you and depending on how you react to this the TM thinking may well change.

    Offer Mr. Knotts an apology for your past insults and he may well do the same. The healing has to start somewhere. That Mr. Knotts, or anyone else (especially House TM) would ever trust you only time and your words/actions would see in the distant future.

    On parting from this three part opus this TM promises you that if you ever showed up at this home doing a door to door for/with a candidate carrying (strapped) you’d be met with hand, and much larger, cannons that would make you want to march right back and put your weapon in the trunk of the car. Your carrying only, in the humble opinion of all TM’s, seeks to intimidate and the whole of House TM would gladly return the favor. Dave is right in all he wrote. Unless you’re on the ‘job’ you really don’t need to be carrying. The DSP does a fine job and 911 works even in Sussex County.

  54. Laffter says:

    Tux Mux…….leopards don’t change their spots……neither do Christys……

    WC seems to have forgotten all the insults hurled at posters and specifically me……

    This is the same old Bill Christy, nothing has changed and time will out that……I mention a shoulder holster only because I don’t have the time or inclination to go into the various class 1,2,3 types of holsters, or where or how they are carried, I have NO NEEED to prove my level of knowledge of such things, tactics etc….but. Bill obviously does

    Always has to one up……for every ” criminal” act he claims I “did” he has a response…’s not even worth the time deling with it…I am sure , if he could prove anything , I would have. .leo, whether fed or state show up for violation of DELJIS / fed / privacy and information abuses…..because Bill and his buddies claim to tract IP addresses etc…and made several accusations about he and his ilk turning in State employees for abusing the IT system.

    Yet ……nothing…..

    A few reasonable sounding posts from Bill Christy does not a reasonable man make

    Bill has a long history….we all would do well to remember that

    Still , nothing about Lacey, I’m not expecting anything, I don’t even really care…..just an about face like we have seen stinks….

  55. William Christy says:

    No offense intended, I have a problem taking anyone seriously who writes in the 3rd person.

    I have been an elected ED for approximately 4 1/2 months (which if I recall correctly you jumped on the band wagon when opposition was expressed about my impending election) I hardly feel I bear any responsibility for the state of affairs within the Sussex GOP. The state GOP has been on a steady decline since DuPont was governor, long before I ever became a resident of this state. While I do not disagree with you assertion about NCCo being the money (I’ve stated this numerous times myself) why hasn’t NCCo or Kent County put up a strong Republican candidate for Governor in over 25 years?

    All of Sussex County isn’t needed to win a statewide election for Governor. Personally I believe the NCCo “republican” big money is content to leverage the elections by doing nothing assuring a Democratic win. The old adage “playing both sides against the middle”, the NCCo money people still get the state contracts, the state sweetheart deals so they don’t lose anything.

    No offense I didn’t begin posting again in here to be accepted or impress you, Laffter, Dave, Frank, or anyone else. I am offering my opinion about issues, that doesn’t mean I’m right and you are all wrong, nor does it mean you’re all right and I am wrong. We have differing views on some issues, on others we may agree …..period

    No offense quite frankly I don’t care if you or anyone else likes me why would I? I’m not in some sort of online popularity contest, but it sure appears to me you are.

    The only people I have ever met from here are Frank, Jeff Cragg, and Steve Grossman. The rest of you are nothing more than some fictitious names on a computer screen.

    No offense I have a problem with someone questioning my sincerity while they are posturing and chest beating at the same time.

    No offense your use of secret squirrel innuendos regarding Eric Bodenweiser is not only childish it’s down right insulting.

    FYI when I initially supported Eric Bodenweiser I was STILL a registered Democrat. I changed party affiliation despite all the rumors and innuendos circulating. You claim it was an embarrassment for the party, yet the GOP in Sussex County still won elections decisively I might add.

    No offense you appear to be unable to separate me personally from me as a GOP ED. I am entitled to my personal opinions and views which are in many cases different from the views of my party. My support and belief in Eric Bodenweiser has NOTHING to do with party affiliation as far as I’m concerned. When and if there is a guilty conviction I will be the first to publicly state I was wrong. Until that day comes I will still continue to support Eric and maintain my belief he is innocent. ***This is my only statement I will make about this.***

  56. William Christy says:


  57. Laffter says:

    Seriously Bill, I don’t think anyone really cares anymore whether offense is meant or not.

    The water went over that dam a LONG LONG time ago.

    We have watched Frank for years go thru this loooooong process….I don’t agree with him on Lots of things and probably never will. – and that’s ok, because over time he can at least see the other side, but reasons it out and even his political polar opposites have deemed him a reasonable decent person……

    He has become very different from the angrier version of years ago. –

    Whatever entered your realm to suddenly have you pop up on this blog as ” reasonable” who knows, and I don’t believe anyone buys it, or believes it.
    If it’s genuine, you need to be told, straight out that YOU have done a lot of damage to a lot of people, not by slinging insults in blogs, but in the real world. And those things don’t go away nor are they forgiven easily.

    You have hurt people , seriously harmed and hurt people., and if you are sincere and genuine, you should reach out and ask for,their forgiveness. And then, forgive yourself for being so hateful.

    People make mistakes, understood, but I’m not sure how much you even realize the damage you have done. Why? To what end? Politics? People who used you as a tool to realize their own ends?
    To hurt others in defense of self or family can be understood, but to hurt others , to cause fear and to stalk, harass and intimidate, which you have done here and In a Number of other outlets , posts, blogs and forums and in the real world, to actually be physically confrontational where others have feared for their physical safety, whether you mean it or not, it not nice Bill, yet THAT is your legacy.

    Time will tell if this new version has turned a corner or not. your particular hatred of me is curious……and I don’t really care. But I do know a lot Bill, a lot of things you have said and done, you think that maybe you were dealing with people that would not betray your confidences but I think that you have recently found out that that was just not true. You were were betrayed and now maybe people who gave it to you straight – whether you liked it or not, were better that those that posed as your buddies.

    We all live and learn, but to now engage as a reasonable person , with the hate filled diatribes and intimidation tactics…forgive us for being skeptics.

    This has nothing to do with political affiliations , this has to do with basic human precepts- dignity, humanity, humility, not for me to lecture you on life, take it as you will.

  58. William Christy says:

    I have never seen or read a more sanctimonious, self righteous, pompous line of b/s in my life.

    You sit there with all that you have written about me, and my family in here and other sites fending innocence. Excuse me while I gag on my coffee.

    Not only is it not your place to lecture me you should try practicing the very precepts in your own daily activities.

  59. anon says:

    The state wasn’t in “decline” until Carper took office after Castle. Castle reduced government spending and cut the size of our state government. He was honored by President Ronald Reagan for the cuts he made in state government. Unemployment was low, and businesses were still moving to Delaware.

    I know that’s an inconvenient fact for you nut job tea partiers to swallow, but it is still a FACT.

  60. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    House Tuxamus Maximus appreciates Mr. Christy’s timely comment(s). Just as expected. There was no real doubt but confirming that he’s in lockstep with the others like Angry Berger confirms he still wears the blinders of the far right wackos. They are nothing more than an albatross around the neck of the state/Sussex GOP and happy to subscribe to the divide, conquer, divide again and fail theory of how to obliterate a political party. New but interesting way of thinking to HTM. Wouldn’t ascribe to that theory here at HTM but kind of cool to watch happen.
    As for Mr. Christy’s dislike of responding to the 3rd person writing is something he’s just going to get used to (and apparently has) as that’s how House Tuxamus Maximus rolls. Busy herding secret squirrels around here.
    As for the candidates guilt/innocence HTM could care less although his use served the intended purpose(s). That you were ‘insulted’ is just a happy byproduct not only to HTM but others as well is assured.
    House TM still in step with Laffter (and most other commentators on this post). Anon made a great point as well… again.
    House TM has secret squirrel duties to attend to now.

  61. Laffter says:

    Well, folks…..I think Mr. Christy’s thinly laid veneer of reasonableness has in fact been pulled back and the rot underneath exposed- rot to the core…..the leopards spots never change.

    See, he cares nothing about what he has done to anyone else, it’s all about HIM, HIS EGO AND HIS AGENDA. What about the threats YOU have made mr. Christy, the confrontations, the stalking? Oh no, not a word about that…you portray yourself as the perpetual victim. And it’s disgusting, because your troubles were all made by one person- YOURSELF.

    He could have simply said he didn’t agree with me…but no, instead another diatribe…..

    I just wonder as you gagged on your coffee, did it also come out your nose? Secret Squirrels like TM , need to know….

    Back to the same old routine, the world still turns and bill Christy is still the same ….

  62. William Christy says:

    It’s interesting that the HTM perceives me to be a “far right wacko since I have never been one.
    As expected after wasting my time reading the HTM’s lengthy diatribes, you lack the ability to refrain from hurling petty insults.
    It did make for interesting fodder during last nights Red Sox game.

    I too will derive great pleasure watching the HTM puke up excuses when the day comes that the case against the candidate is dropped, which I firmly believe will happen.
    The HTM and others maintain all the closed door hearings and wrangling going on in your mind proves what the HTM has maintained all along. I disagree what it shows is there quite possibly are more holes in the “alleged victims” story than Grannies colander.
    The HTM boastful admission“As for the candidates guilt/innocence HTM could care less although his use served the intended purpose(s). That you were ‘insulted’ is just a happy byproduct not only to HTM but others as well is assured.” more than substantiates the belief held by many on both sides of the aisle.

    The house of HTM is a sham not once has the HTM shown anything even close to outrage at the other elected official accused of similar crimes.

    One has to really wonder just what the HTM motivation and/or personal interest is in this one candidate.

    Ah yes the atypical mindset of the dyed in the wool liberal of the HTM finally shows it’s colors.

    “As for Mr. Christy’s dislike of responding to the 3rd person writing is something he’s just going to get used to (and apparently has) as that’s how House Tuxamus Maximus rolls.”

    The HTM/liberal credo goes; “I’m going to tell you how to roll my way because you ain’t rollin’ like me, in the meantime you’re going to have to get used to my way, because that’s how I roll.”

    Finally of course the HTM will step with others because that’s how all POD people do things. As long as the HTM can glance left or right the HTM doesn’t care that the front view never changes.

    I had a wonderful morning in fellowship with my Christian brothers.

  63. waterpirate says:

    You just could not let it go???
    Sometimes patience and silence is the best teacher, not wasting bandwidth goading someone on based on by their past actions. I am going to give WC or who ever is the voice behind the WC a mulligan, and let their actions/words moving forward dictate mine.

  64. Dave says:

    Usually only one mulligan per nine though. Any more than that and it’s not a real round it’s just practice.

  65. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    The House of Tuxamus Maximus sees secret squirrels out in the woods yanking at the chains attached to William Christy. Seems a really sore spot was touched and it has a short fuse. The learning curve continues here at House Tuxamus Maximus.

  66. William Christy says:

    waterpirate thanks I know we haven’t always seen eye to eye your willingness speaks volumes about you.

  67. Angus Berger says:

    It is so hard to speak in the third person, like the idiot TM or (edited for outing, Frank Knotts), as he is known in real life. Rants are part of his dysfunctional diatribe.
    I was going to give it a try for laughs but it is so ludicrous. And waterpirate (Edited for outing, Frank Knotts) is so accommodating that it requires an outright ROTFLMAO. While he desperately hopes of to gain another convert to the Lesbiman Knotthead’s roundtable, it appears otherwise. The worm has turned and drawn “the idiots of the roundtable” in, to make them a laughingstock of the whole cabal.
    Hey thar Lisbiman Knotthead, or faux conservative, did you get another $100,000 to fund your failure or did the old man kick Gross-man out of his house.
    (Warning number one Angus Berger Frank Knotts)

  68. waterpirate says:

    And the diseased meat I spoke of makes it’s appearance. Does attempting to ” out people ” get your rocks off. or are you just goading the powers that be? Tis no secret who I am, hiding in plain sight from those of you who refer to Rose Izzo as a true patriot??????

    I posted a list of questions about that which you ignored. Maybe you prefer a face to face show down like the old WC???? People change, they grow up, they grow old.

    At some point the tin foil has to get blown off your head like the feather in ” Forrest Gump “. Then and only then, when you extend grace and understanding, instead of venom does the world turn out to not be such a bad place. Sussex County has some real problems that need to be addressed. Rather than accept a defeatest attitude, I choose to make a differance locally, that will hopefuly spread statewide and some day nationwide.

    You are not helping nor advanceing anything, rather hanging yourself off the side of the tea cup in Franks funny.

    Eric Sackett
    or if you prefer
    Water Pirate, like it says on my personal card.
    What venom do you have left??

  69. Laffter says:

    Well…..I made my point, or better yet Bill made it for me

    Thanks Bill……..your level of hatred for me is actually too funny for me even to comprehend….these comments are blood sport among my friends and we have had a delightful time looking at mr , Christy’s denials and postings….

    Even funnier, these people know you and some are neighbors……LOLOLOLOL….

    As for angus, he is just the alter ego of someone else……..let’s see if we can figure it out….

    Hmmmmmmm…enough rope has been given, and there are just some politicians that are not comfortable with Bill Christy working on their campaign….

    Pay attention Bill, and see where you get relegated to……..lLOL. It’s coming and u dint even see it

  70. William Christy says:

    Eric well stated ! Hopefully we will meet one day and have the opportunity to chat about our ideas. I have a sense despite getting off on the wrong foot our ideas and views are probably similar.

  71. Laffter says:

    @waterpirate, be careful about meeting Mr. Christy

    Several folks have – also posters and bloggers…guess what, within a certain time fram, they all walked away

    And still won’t speak to him either….don’t know what it is that happens, maybe the fact that he asks too any question and goes in for personal information too fast

    I van and a few if you like but Lacy Lafferty comes directly to mind immediately…..

    Your pretty reasonable in your debates, Bill, not so much…….but hey, your call.

    Good luck with whatever you try….

  72. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    Hello to all: I am “Tuxamus Maximus”. I’ve been reading a lot of stuff from this site that’s been put up of late and figured it’s time to come clean so to speak. Not in the manner water pirate did but to a level most should know who’s writing right now! I personally haven’t commented here in a long time. Some people I trust have been for me for some time now and with good reason. They use an IP address I supply from here but it lets Mr. Knotts know I’m ‘watching’. I like and respect Mr. Knotts. Don’t always agree but respect him for many reasons.

    Somewhere between Bridgeville and Ellendale the home of Tuxamus Maximus exists. I’ve not been there yet but will most likely be in the future. I’ve gotten a couple ‘invitations’ since mid April of this year to attend a get together in a building located on the circle.

    This all really started for me when an attempt to hack into my personal cell phone happened in Mid May of 2011. The attempt was tracked back and surprisingly enough the nitwit was dumb enough to even call that phone leaving a message! Your pings came back to you from my phone! Knowing he didn’t have the smarts to do it on his own we began looking at who was smart enough and that’s when I became ‘aware’. It was time to start paying attention to what was going on in Sussex.

    Not long before the first ‘invitation’ arrived this past April I started receiving what I call veiled threats via email. Not particularly a concern to me but my wife was another story. I had to take steps to ensure her that I’d be ok and not put any of the loved ones I have in Sussex in harms way. She’s cool with it all now and has been.

    Next item was an email to our personal address. What the sender didn’t know was is that email client software collects data like IP addresses. Very old but reliable software. That was just another truly a stupid move. Give us an IP address and you’re known and found. Some people just don’t get it and think they are being sneaky…or maybe even smart?

    Not long after that I was made aware of some rather libelous/slanderous comments that I handled myself. One nitwit even had the gall to involve my wife in these comments. What part of DO NOT POKE THE SLEEPING BEAR confused him? If you’re going to do something like that at least know the bear well enough to understand his limits. Oh well…I digress.

    DSP was informed of what we had and suddenly the veiled threats cease. Well go figure that one out folks. There’s a lot more to this but that’s the ‘highlights’ so to speak. We are aware and taking precautions, sparing no expense while doing a good thing for two people I’ve known 40 years and haven’t seen in 37 years. I hope to see them sooner than later but my last invite got postponed so to speak. THEY are my agents for Tuxamus Maximus and THEY, along with a few others that have been added along the line comment as they wish on Mr. Knotts site. If for no other reason than to let Mr. Knotts see the IP I want him to view as stated above.

    Ok…this has gotten lengthy and I’ve been told to split it if necessary…by the rules! Part two in just a few!

  73. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    House Tuxamus Maximus now performs many more functions than when it started in a place where they could see a place on the circle called The Brick. The cost is shared by other interests but I carry the largest burden but it’s worth it to me because I don’t have to stay up like I am now reading and concerning myself with this stuff like I have been the last 24 or so hours. It’s worth it to me to let others do a better job than I can doing what needs to be done…making sure my wife feels good about my being in Georgetown sometime in the future.

    There are only a few ‘rules’ my “Tuxamus Maximi” have to abide by. 1) use the IP address I provide for Mr. Knotts knowledge 2) show respect to Mr. Knotts at all times (they’ve been scolded at times) and 3) not comment on that other site 4) update me weekly via land line phone and 5) be kind to the property being used. The prime directive so to speak would be to keep track of the ones that cause issue to my wife. I might not be the brightest bulb in the pack but I’m not the dimmest. I just get the brightest ones to do it for me!

    I occasionally comment on DL. Various Tuxamus Maximi have been commenting the last number of months on Mr. Knotts site thus the 3rd person writing style. Deal with it folks. That really is the way they are told, and want to roll at the House of Tuxamus Maximus.

    I have no doubt that ‘Laffter’ has figured out much of the above and probably others as well. Just add some of the above to your list. It’s my hope that they are taken seriously as they seem to enjoy commenting and apparently hail some as ‘heros’. I concur with them!

    I want to offer an apology to Mr. Knotts for any inconvenience the TM’s may have caused you. I offer my appreciation for your quick action of late. They were only doing what they are there to do and they apparently had ‘lost’ him. They ‘found’ him. They did what they had to do at the time. Forgive then as they seem to enjoy your playground and want to remain welcome. As stated, they….have a “learning curve”. Impatience on their part (most are much younger ‘kids’) and it led to a mistake. They have other methods of keeping track of him, and others.

    It saddens me to know that ‘water pirate’ had to once again ‘out’ himself.

    Questions will be considered. The more interesting ones I’m sure would be sent to and answered by me in due time.

    Mr. Knotts knows how to contact me if he desires.
    Do not trust him Mr. Knotts.

    That’s it from me. I’ll be leaving it up to all at ‘HTM’ once again unless some questions come up that interest me. It’s late and I’ve not had to do this in some time now and hope it’s not necessary for me to do any ‘reading’ again anytime soon. When the time comes I’m going to breeze in and out as fast and quietly as possible most likely seeing and getting to know most if not all the Taxi Maxi’s!

    I hope all is well and good for you Frank and that your father is in good health.

  74. waterpirate says:

    I am truly confused????? As Frank has told many people ” blogs are internet graffitti with bad spelling “. I can only assume that the amount of time some people seem to spend ” on secret squirel manuevers ” points either to: small mindedness, lack of gainfull vocation, true boredom. And yes older folks think that the net is an anonymous place! lol

    I do not give one hoot about outing myself repeatdely. It is what imaculates a bully. 1 simple rule I apply to my life, do not say or type anything that you would not tell your gammy.

  75. William Christy says:

    You know Frank better than I do, as do many others.
    I want to make this perfectly clear I do NOT believe (as Taxamus is claiming) Frank would ever knowingly allow the Delaware Right blog to be used as a platform for a personal vendetta (which is exactly what this is). Taxamus has made it his mission to destroy a former candidate who won the primary for a state senate seat. Make no mistake that is all this whole Taxamus Maximus charade has been about. A monster was IMHO unknowingly allowed to grow to the point it has become out of control. I know because it began on Franks own old site, where Taxamus used to post with his real name when he wasn’t the coward he has become now.

    Taxamus has tried to destroy people and their familes by whatever means, including outright lies who post in here like me. Why? Because I have said all along I don’t believe one single allegation made about Eric Bodenweiser.

    Taxamus I’m still standing, and I’m using my real name. As waterpirate said the bullies have been emasculated.

    This site should be about real issues effecting Delaware residents not the personal drama that taxmus et al continues to flood this site with.
    YES I too was guilty of bringing the drama, I got sick of it… serves no purpose.

    I offer my public apology to Frank and this blog for allowing myself to get sucked into the bullshit. Waterpirate the fact that you were willing to publicly give me a mulligan will not be forgotten or squandered.

  76. William Christy says:

    This is my final response to any of this CRAP. Taxamus Maximus statements are in quotes

    “Hello to all: I am “Tuxamus Maximus”. Not in the manner water pirate did but to a level most should know who’s writing right now! I personally haven’t commented here in a long time. Some people I trust have been for me for some time now and with good reason. They use an IP address I supply from here but it lets Mr. Knotts know I’m ‘watching’.”

    Stop playing people for stupid. I have designed, set up and maintained numerous web sites for bands (including my own) that I knew over the years. Even if you had a setup that is required to do as you are claiming, which I highly doubt, the trail would lead right back to the peoples personal ISP’s.

    “Next item was an email to our personal address. What the sender didn’t know was is that email client software collects data like IP addresses. Very old but reliable software. That was just another truly a stupid move. Give us an IP address and you’re known and found. Some people just don’t get it and think they are being sneaky…or maybe even smart?”

    Again don’t play people for stupid what you obviously don’t know is every email has an IP with it. IP is ( Internet Provider) the number generated is a GENERAL location where the Internet Provider is located not where the user/client of the service is located. The email address that was contacted was the one listed in public information registration site. It was the contact email for the site that you listed when you registered the site. Clearly you don’t get it and you just make these claims to intimidate people.

    “Not long after that I was made aware of some rather libelous/slanderous comments that I handled myself. One nitwit even had the gall to involve my wife in these comments. What part of DO NOT POKE THE SLEEPING BEAR confused him? If you’re going to do something like that at least know the bear well enough to understand his limits.”.

    Since I was the moderator of the other forum at the time. I will tell you what I know to be factual information. NO ONE posted any libelous/slanderous comments about either you or your wife. I was provided links to several different independent sources which are public clearing houses for domains which verified the information posted beyond all reasonable doubt. Let me make one thing perfectly clear YOU THREATENED TO SUE DAVID ANDERSON STATING:
    You knew David was deployed in Afghanistan, yet you still made that comment which was a threat. The ONLY reason I removed the comments was out of my immense respect for David as a fellow serviceman and personal friend. Furthermore you or “your agents” posted all kinds of vile, repugnant, repulsive comments about me, my wife and 2 little girls which you clearly were aware of and condoned.

    “DSP was informed of what we had and suddenly the veiled threats cease. Well go figure that one out folks.”

    I have knowledge of who made the original post, (which were in no way veiled threats of any kind) and I was also involved as moderator. I’m stating to everyone the DSP never contacted me or anyone else at the other blogsite, as claimed by Taxamus. The DSP does not get involved in civil matters which libel/slander is.

    “THEY are my agents for Tuxamus Maximus and THEY, along with a few others that have been added along the line comment as they wish on Mr. Knotts site. If for no other reason than to let Mr. Knotts see the IP I want him to view as stated above.”

    Now you are admitting you have sockpuppets posting with your name in here. You actually even think you have credibility still.

    “Here are only a few ‘rules’ my “Tuxamus Maximi” have to abide by. 1) use the IP address I provide for Mr. Knotts knowledge 2) show respect to Mr. Knotts at all times (they’ve been scolded at times) and 3) not comment on that other site 4) update me weekly via land line phone and 5) be kind to the property being used. The prime directive so to speak would be to keep track of the ones that cause issue to my wife. I might not be the brightest bulb in the pack but I’m not the dimmest. I just get the brightest ones to do it for me! “

    So you admit to being complicit and culpable to any and all possible criminal activity that may have occurred while people YOU KNOWINGLY allowed to use your name Taxamus Maximus.

    “I occasionally comment on DL. Various Tuxamus Maximi have been commenting the last number of months on Mr. Knotts site thus the 3rd person writing style. Deal with it folks. That really is the way they are told, and want to roll at the House of Tuxamus Maximus. I have no doubt that ‘Laffter’ has figured out much of the above and probably others as well. Just add some of the above to your list. It’s my hope that they are taken seriously as they seem to enjoy commenting and apparently hail some as ‘heros’. I concur with them! “

    WOW they and you “enjoy” posting lies about people and continually harassing people just to cause them undue stress. You might want to read Delaware Code that’s a criminal act in this state. It’s also a federal crime since you admit you are providing the IP which is from another state, and you set it up for the specific purpose

    “They were only doing what they are there to do and they apparently had ‘lost’ him. They ‘found’ him. They did what they had to do at the time. Forgive then as they seem to enjoy your playground and want to remain welcome. As stated, they….have a “learning curve”. Impatience on their part (most are much younger ‘kids’) and it led to a mistake. They have other methods of keeping track of him, and others.”

    Harassment and stalking via a tele-communicative device are crimes both which you have publicly stated you are a participant in of your own free will. Your comment “they have methods of keeping track of him” causes me some real concern, again it’s an intimidation factor meant to cause concern and distress which is a crime under DE Code.

  77. laffter says:

    I think Messers. Beatty, Ayotte, and Christy – and Colley have finally met their match

    and come uppance…. Amen Hallelujah!

    Waterpirate – no one has an issue with you that I am aware of – we may not agree with you – but you are honest and forthright, like Frank

    this whole blog is NOT about a personal vendetta, this blog is about exactly what Frank says – moving Delaware forward – (personally I swing left, but hey, it better than swinging from the Yardarm where Christy would like to put me and my ilk)

    Personally, one of the worst things to happen to Delaware was Don Ayotte, Bill Christy, and Jeff Chrsitopher among others

    the hatred and divisiveness and personal attacks, the stalking behavior mentioned above, the necessary calls to DSP etc…. none of this happened in DE before.
    It has crossed the line to criminal activity, many many many times – and sometimes the best way to whack a criminal is to continue to let them commit the crime over and over, while they get sloppy, and it worked.

    Think!! why did Lacey Lafferty walk away???? She discovered things – Sussex is a hard place to keep a secret especially if technology or the law is involved.

    the people of Delaware, who want the anger and criminality to cease have taken action, slow, careful, deliberate action – with a purpose – it may have taken years, and those now realizing they have been caught are they to appear reasonable and kind. – not so, your action have belied your intentions many,many times over.

    I’m here, not going anywhere, and will continue to be counted on to fight

    there is no coward behind this keyboard!! and those who know me – know that!!

  78. waterpirate says:


    I am truly confused. My pea sized brain can not take anymore of this. I know Frank, I met Jeff Craig. I do not know who any of our other participants are if I fell over them. It just does not matter, and should not hinder the disscussion, ” Moving Forward “.

    Blogs are like the 21st century version of the taverns of old. A heated place fueled by ideas and comments that some times fly, and others crash like lead ballons, but they keep the brain fresh and the talk lively. The one rule of taverns though is that they tend to be made up of people with simmilar views, not allways matching but simmilar. So to mention or talk about another tavern is just taboo IMHO.

    I am on my way to O.C. to have a adult beverage myself. A new brew in honor of ice hockey. Phat Pucking Porter. Since porters and stouts are my penchant, no more typing-time to start…….

    P.S. Laffter
    I think that I pride myself on having 2 effects on people:
    1. I just love that guy
    2. that guy?? he is a @#$%^!^&

    Proof positive that I am commited to something, or should be committed

  79. William Christy says:

    I can’t wrap myself around how anyone can hate an anonymous name on the Internet. To even make such a claim is ludicrous.

  80. Laffter says:

    WRONG BILL- DSP does has and will continue to involve itself in stalking and harassment

    You have been told by SEVERAL people to not directly or indirectly contact them again, using any type of media……
    I know that for a FACT!
    WHY? Because that is the first step LAW ENFORCEMENT requires when one person is having unwanted contact with another

    And boy, do you have history with them!

    So, billy boy, the chickens came home to frost and you and your partner Mr. Beatty have had some fun with the sheriff, but guess what… it’s out and your train has come to a grinding halt

    Your obsessive behavior , stalking and harassing may very well show you to be unfit and unstable to raise those grandchildren…and if we all pooled our info on you and your behavior , and expressed concern over the safety of those children based on your OBVIOUS instability, well… fill in the blanks

    Maybe their mom and dad would be better guardians…….than a hate filled person who attack, threaten ends, open carries, posts pictures in Combat gear etc

    Dude, stay home, put your feet up, enjoy the kids…….strum your guitar……..all your posts and personal appearances have shown you to be is a bully and a coward -you and Beatty -and your day is done

    Waterpirate, swing on by, I could use a good Porter……can’t say I love ya but hey…….

  81. Laffter says:

    I absolutely crack up when I read Christy’s posts. He thinks he knows De code, has No idea how many attorneys post in here, has outed himself as the DP moderator while stating on DL that he has no access to the IP address that posted on DP and made it look as if don Ayotte had given them to him..


    So , bill you lied then or you lied now? When exactly were you lying,? Poor david Anderson…..he trusted Ayotte, who brought in you and that blog has DIED.

    Liers Liers Liers….you have been caught in your own web…and guess what ? Lacey is talking…..oh my more to come out

    Now that’s a civil libel suit- I sure hope DL readers and posters are reading this because the DP MODERATOR WAS BANNED as was Bill Christy on DL….. And guess what, they are one and the same person!

    I’m shocked I tell you ! Shocked! I can’t believe it! Know this, your name is out there…..and known..with a reputation kinda like Freddy Kruger… one will touch you…like I said – u will see politicians keep you on the long finger, you can’t be trusted .

    And better yet, u can’t keep your mouth shut

  82. Frank Knotts says:

    This is what happens when we decide to talk about personalities rather than issues. An yes, I know this post was about a personality. But they attacked me first and I have not yet learned to allow such attacks to just pass by, my weakness I guess.
    As for Taxi-Maxi’s admission, or threat whichever you see it as, well Taxi has never in my view outed anyone, or threatened anyone other than to say they are being watched for their behavior. Be Taxi one person or ten people.
    I would take this time to tell all who post here, that never have I or anyone else involved, not will we ever, share IP information or pass around any knowledge of who the real people are behind the assumed names. Let me assure you all, that I have a 40+ hour a week job and do not have the time, nor the inclination to sift through IP addresses and figure out who is who. As WP said, it matters little who you are if the point you make is legitimate.
    As for Mr. Christy’s apology, well I am big enough to publically accept it, but know this Mr. Christy, that does not equate into either trust, nor forgiveness, another of my weaknesses. Both of those will take a much longer time and to see a real change in your behavior, which I have seen cracks in this new you, just in your latest comments. I guess that is your weakness. We all have them.
    I would ask all involved in this to please remember that this is how DP began its slide to nowhere, don’t be a part of that happening here, we at Delaware Right hope to have conversation about how to move Delaware forward, and yes sometimes that means pointing out the people like Colley who seem to work for no reason but to destroy any hope of that, that does not mean that we in here have to make it personal.

  83. William Christy says:

    That’s fine Frank trust and forgiveness go both ways.
    If I had posted anything even close to the threats that have been put up recently you would have shown me the door.
    You have a lot to prove to me as well, and pardon me if I doubt your ability to be impartial since you allowed the same thing to happen in DP with the same person.

    There’s a huge difference in pointing out what a public figure does versus a private citizen, I would expect that you would understand that. Even with all the “pointing out” that does go on none goes to the level that is allowed in posts directed at me.
    I’m not playing the victim and I’m not trying to be argumentative, you need to make a stand. All I see is you allowing the same type of vitriol that you outwardly claim to detest within our party you are trying to heal. There can be no healing when wounds are allowed to fester and reopen repeatedly each time worse than the time before.

    I’d like to remind you of your rules not mine:
    inally, on the matter of guest interaction. Of course many of our guest know each other outside of the bogging world. They may have personal knowledge of each other that can be either embarrassing or even actionable. We here at Delaware Right would ask that personal differences be settled somewhere else. If you have a problem with another commenter on a personal level, do not bring it here. We are not a day-care center. Those monitoring the comments will attempt to sort out comments that are clearly out of line, from those that are simply part of the natural give and take on a blog site.

    Threatening to conspire with others to file a report with the Department of Child Protective Services is in no way part of the normal give and take of any blog site.

  84. Observer says:

    I wasn’t going to get in this but Mr. Colley is right about you. You are a dysfunctional mess. I don’t think you even know who you are.
    I do know this though, you want to be somebody very badly.

  85. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    Seems that Mr. Christy has vivid imagination, goes to great lengths to tell some really big whoppers and doesn’t have as much knowledge of what can be done with the internet addresses as he thinks and how things can be made to happen regarding the internet.

    Little word quiz for all interested. Fill in the missing word which would cause the DSP and/or the Office of the Attorney General to consider more than just a “civil matter” as stated by Mr. Christy.
    Possible attempted ——- intimidation and possible ——- tampering. That’s something worth investigating.

    Mr. Christy may well want to look into the abilities of Qualcomm’s Eudora Pro Email v4.2. It’s old software but works in a manner that provides all data involving the sender. Old school stuff that works better than the convenient email of today’s times.

  86. waterpirate says:

    Taximus Maximus, or should we refer to you as the BORG? If you truly are a collective of minds all serving one master like the afore mentioned Star Trek entity. I would recomend numbering them at least. It may serve the disscussions here well to know which 3rd person we are disscussing things with. Just a thought….

  87. Laffter says:

    “Threatening to conspire with others to file a report with the Department of Child Protective Services is in no way part of the normal give and take of any blog site.”

    Hmmmm, neither is threatening people’s jobs, incomes and families.

    So , let’s just say there is enough sh** to make it all smell…….there are certainly no Lilly white virgins , or clean hands here and no one should play as if there is

    Except waterpirate and his Porters…….. 😉

  88. waterpirate says:

    I’m not lily white, but the porters and stouts will be defended to the last man standing!

  89. William Christy says:

    waterpirate don’t hold much hope for the person to let this go.

  90. William Christy says:

    Here’s the bottom line. State employees jobs wouldn’t be in jeopardy if they weren’t misusing their state owned computers on state owned servers, or misusing credit cards like the other discussion is covering. That’s the employees fault not mine as a taxpayer.
    The State of Delaware AUC policy clearly defines what is allowable and what is not. Posting personal comments in blog sites like this one, DP, DL, and newszap during hours of employment are strictly forbidden.
    It’s not only misuse of taxpayer owned equipment, it’s fraud. The person isn’t performing the duties they are being paid for. Furthermore it’s violating the trust given to the person by their employer the taxpayers.

    This wasn’t an isolated incident, it’s no different than the misuse of a state issued credit card which is another discussion.

  91. Laffter says:

    Yawn, as far as I know ( I pulled it up online) the acceptable,use policy says nothing about blog posting……..

    But it DOES say this little caveat…….read page 9 personal use……it cracks me up how much y THINK you know……
    Neither your interpretation of the sheriffs powers NOR your interpretation of DTI policy is correct……and like the sheriffs issue, no one ever had an issue with DTI for all your bilovating.

    1. Ummmmm, what was that about letting go?…….
    2. Posting actually isn’t strictly forbidden, and it depends on ones job- u interpret state policy like the constitution,,,,,cherry pick it.
    3. But that said, sending emails that have sales , religious or inspirational overtone and or certain jokes IS strictly forbidden- so do you want to really throw that stone? Because if I am correctl- school district employees are state employees as well, and are you sure there was not one instance of a joke or non- work related surfing or emailing going on in the school district?

    I think you will find that’s not the case.

    See , it eventually always comes back to he who throws the first stone….and always will……you just don’t know when to stop poking the bear-because the bear pokes back-and u r so focused on Petty acts , open to interpretation, (or the state version ) of it , and personal vendettas that you forget that people close to you have committed the same offenses….what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    It’s a boomerang thing…..get it? Probably not, coz in your eyes anything is justified or justifiable, and everyone else is wrong….like Frank said, already cracks have appeared.

    But hey, have the last word, coz others are certainly having the last laugh.

    Frank, I now return the issue back to you, this is not that OTHER SITE, that serves no purpose except for people to make asses of them selves, publicly

    Apologies for kinda getting off the issue , but personal attacks do seem to be the theme of this post- and I do hate a coward, especially a coward that is a bully too.and there are several of those around.

    Waterpirate, good time of year for a porter or a stout, personally I like the Stouts a bit better……suits my profile…… 😉

  92. Frank Knotts says:

    I have stayed out of this conversation hoping that it would run its course, or that one or all the participants would tire of it. I would ask all involved to please respect all who come here, even those who have in the past been more than willing to throw around threats of all kinds. I remind everyone. No one is mandated to come here, and if they do, they are not required to comment, but if they comment, then they are responsible for the reaction that they receive. If they do not like that response, they are free to ignore the comments and not respond in kind, but again, if they choose to keep the back and forth going, don’t be surprised when others are just as willing to play the dozen with you.
    I would hope that most of the people who come here do so because they enjoy at some level the post and the conversation about issues in our state, and yes I too enjoy a good debate and an occasional tit for tat. But let us be clear, we here at Delaware Right have no intention of allowing “ANYONE” to lead this site down the destructive road that other site have gone down. I and the other members of Delaware Right thank all for their cooperation.

  93. waterpirate says:

    It used to be that ” craft beer ” meant somrthing. The original micro brewers paid homage to beer types, and respected the accepted definition. I really enjoy a true porter that is full badied, has a good chew, low carbonation and suits the fall season. They are getting hard to find. As many bud and coors drinkers flock to other beers, I find that the accepted definition is being changed to suit the new consumer, not standing tall on its merrits and maintaining a purity of standard. Now as for DR, insert republican where I said porter, and trade bud and coors for Tea party. Make sense now?

  94. waterpirate says:

    What is your daily drinker vs. your out on the town porter/stout? For everyday usage I prefer a DGY, black and tan in the can. Its low cost and drinkability after breathing in a pint glass for a minute or 2 is pure heaven IMHO. If we are out onthe town or celebrating, Edmund Fitzgerald porter by Great lakes brewing is no brainer. Pricey and hard to get, but worth the effort, Just like a center right conservative R of days gone by.

  95. William Christy says:

    There is no room for interpretation.

    page 8
    Prohibited use of the Internet includes, but is not limited to, accessing, sending or forwarding information about, or downloading (from):

    Non State of Delaware business related chat sites
    (ie; newszap, Delaware Liberal, Delaware Politics, Delaware Right etc)

    Games, software, audio, video or other materials that we are not licensed or legally
    permitted to use or transmit or that are inappropriate, or not required by, State of
    Delaware business or instruction.

    (ie the king video you have posted no less than 4 times)

    Offensive or insensitive materials, such as sexually or racially oriented topics.

    (ie the king video you have posted no less than 4 times)

    PAGE 9
    Personal Use
    State systems are intended for primarily business/instructional purposes, but
    limited (incidental and occasional) personal use may be permissible when authorized by your management and it does not:

    Interfere with work responsibilities
    or business/instructional operations.

    Violate any of the standards
    contained in any Delaware code or

    Incidental use is NOT over 300 posts made in a blog site. Many of the posts were made within minutes of one another and not during lunch or coffee breaks. Harassing someone in the manner that you have repeatedly done violates numerous state policies.

    While you see your actions as petty I don’t. Like it or not you’re a state employee you work for me and the other taxpayers of our state. I/we ARE your employer.
    I’m sure if your hourly rate was calculated with the number of hours you spent using a state owned computer to post it would exceed the amount of the misuse of funds with the credit card.
    Your defense of your actions indicates you feel corruption and abuse of the taxpayers trust should be and is acceptable.

    I get your veiled insinuation loud and clear. It’s actually what I’ve come to expect from you because you’re so predictable.

    I’m not the one hiding, I’m at Jimmy’s every Friday like I was yesterday.
    Sam Wilson came in sat right down with me and we talked for about 20 minutes, so much for you claim about politicians.

    I’m out and about just like I will be today in a little while at the Green Turtle for a fundraiser. You should stop in and say hi.

    You might want to watch out though, I’ll be the guy open carrying my cell phone.

  96. Laffter says:

    Soooo…about that porter…..

    I just happen to love , love Guiness ……problem is….can’t get the good stuff here.
    And finding someone who actually KNOWS how to pour it is an whole other story….

    Did some home brewing for a while several years back but other family members resented the “hoppy” smell left in the house….

    Russian river brewing had a good one I liked, with family in that area I could talk them in to sending. Calories are the big draw back. No such thing as a ” light” porter, so I watch the intake.
    Tend to like them served warmer, not chilled. What is it with the chill thing anyway.

    For some reason I don’t like anything Dogfish head does, 16 mile, sometimes.
    Have you tried anything by Mispillion?

  97. Laffter says:

    LOL…. Yeah, how many troopers at that party did you walk up to and say-

    ” you work for me”.

    ROTFLMAO. I’ll make sure they know how you feel- ur next traffic stop should be interesting.

    Like I said……open to interpretation ……your interpretation may not be the same as say, a supervisor in the State of Delaware. or DTI or actually the opionon of those that matter , because your interpretation certainly doesn’t matter
    Just as your interpretation of the sheriffs powers didnt matter-did it?

    the DE Supreme Court, yes

    You? ummmmm no , you don’t matter. But you try real hard to be someone who does. But hey, working on your self- esteem might do some good.

    The ONLY interpretation that matters is the interpretation of the folks making the rules and making the decision…and I hate to inform you of the sad sad news……

    But……… that person is Not you.

    So you can continue to bilovate and spout and quote and interpret and rant and Fume and rage. Bottom line, I do as I please – with impunity- until someone that matters says I can’t , then and only then it changes.

    And nothing you have ever said or done has ever changed that. But you do provide some amusement at times. 😉

    As for Jimmies, been there , several times, know staff by name, chatted with Sam too….and Mr. Weller and several others. And will go again . You just don’t know that.

    Feel free to use my personal mug at the Green Turtle, if I’m not at the bar already using it.

  98. Laffter says:

    Let’s play lawyer this all being hypothetical :

    Specifically referenced is a “chat site”

    Chat site VS blog site = define, newszap? Don’t know what that is. But the other sites are called BLOGS, chat sites are something different in common terms

    Posting video- nope, not once ever did I upload , download , any video.
    However , if one were to say, POST A LINK to a video- that is entirely different, the reader must actively follow the link, it is an affirmative responsive, not a passive act.

    Interfere with work responsibilities – how would you know what those are? You can THINK – or ASS U ME that, but that is not your decision, it’s the decision of the state. Maybe those WERE work responsibilities, how do u know? Again, you don’t

    So you ASS U ME a Great deal, lunch? Coffee breaks? You ASS U ME you know when those are, and where and for how long? You ASS U ME I somehow work for the state too, that’s the best one.

    So, all we have left with is ASS U MPTIONS – can’t hang your hang on those- u ASS U MED the Sherrif had certain powers too and look what happened.

    One would have to assume that a state employee or employees, as the case is unknown, that did what you say also didn’t get any work done, or had no supervisor, or was tacitly permitted to do what you claim, or else how could it go undetected for all your best efforts to unveil the horrible fraud perpetrated against YOU, THE VICTIM, the taxpayer. and my hourly rate continues to increase for all your best efforts, love that COL increase!

    As far as veiled insinuation- not veiled, not insinuation. just fact. You live in a glass house– it’s not wise to throw stones. You continually paint yourself as VICTIM, when in fact you are prepetrator. Yet fail to understand the basic premise of exactly what Frank said- u come in here and post stuff- you don’t like the response then whine about it. Just like your buddy at WGMD did to Frank.

    So, now that we know interpretation of law and policy and past/current practice is definitely NOT your strong suit,
    Go have a porter, not that it would help…I have other things to do than show up your inability to think and logically reason.

    It’s all just semantics anyway- you are the only person that takes you seriously

  99. William Christy says:

    None of all you posts directed at me have anything to do with this discussion.

    Back to the real discussion. I can’t believe there aren’t more comments in the blogs about the recent events that took place. My understanding is several organizations have been contacted about the recent racially overtoned comments.

  100. New England Patriot says:

    If you all haven’t notice I will bring to your attention. There is one thing WC aka BC aka Angus Berger can’t do, that’s write with a different consistency when he changes his blog names. His favorite word is diatribe if you haven’t noticed among others. Let me show you.

    William Christy, Oct 29
    As expected after wasting my time reading the HTM’s lengthy diatribes, you lack the ability to refrain from hurling petty insults.

    Then few lines later

    Angus Berger, Oct 29
    It is so hard to speak in the third person, like the idiot TM or (edited for outing, Frank Knotts), as he is known in real life. Rants are part of his dysfunctional diatribe.

    WC is your sock puppet with quite a few names throughout your blog site. He likes to talk to himself bc no else will now talk to him. You all are bright people and I am sure you have already figured this behemoth out. He is a figment of his own imagination who idolizes himself. We as his neighbors in Mass. are damn glad he moved, now you have to put up with POS.

    He is groveling for attention, slithering from out under his rock like a desert scorpion ready to kiss up in one post then to change his sock puppet name condemning all who has a different view than he. A person who exhibits this multiple personality complex who is fixed on oneself has only one vice, that is to create mayhem, controversy, diversity, to divide, etc.

    Ha, what’s laughable if you have ever been on the receiving end of the phone with WC in a torrid verbal exchange which he uses every foul language imaginable then in this blog site quote Biblical scripture professing how Christian he is, OMGsh he is just the most disgusting display of human flesh I have ever witnessed. People wise up, he used up everyone else now he has no one else left but his enemies to talk too, in is ill attempt to friend somebody to talk too.

    If you are smart go back over this blog site and read through every post, there are quite a lot of similarities with a few different sock puppet names.

  101. Frank Knotts says:

    NEP, do you suppose that any of what you have said is news? Do you think that others here do not do the same thing? Taxi-Maxi outed themselves as being multiple people under one name, is that so different than one person under multiple names?
    I have had my issues with BC, and still do not trust the so called new version of BC, but what purpose is served by harping on this, do you not realize that you and others are actually giving the attention you admit knowing he wants, to him?
    Here is an idea, how about we allow people such as BC to have the forum that they seek, and in so doing we allow more people to see them for who they really are, that has always been my attitude, be it Bill Christy, Don Ayotte, or whomever. This is why I don’t spend my nights deleting the people who disagree with me. I prefer that the lunacy of there arguments and their total lack of reason be on full display.
    So why would I care that BC is commenting here? Personally I think he makes many of my arguments for me simply by opposing them in the manner in which he does, he and others as well.
    One other thing New England Patriot, don’t suppose simply because I don’t spend my night deleting and outing people for multiple names here, that I don’t know who is and isn’t using different names to hold arguments with themselves. I choose to not become like other sites, but it does give me a laugh when I look behind the curtain to see who is who, like I did with your last comment.

  102. Observer says:

    Mr. Knotts

    I thought this blog would fit in the realm of being reasonable but I find that this whole post is nothing but an attack on a radio personality. Don’t you think this is making you appear a bit hypocritical?
    There are so many scathing and vile attack comments on this post that I can only state the worst offender.
    Laffter’s comments are indeed so vile, they wouldn’t even be allowed on either Delaware Liberal or Delaware Politics, which have both tightened their standards.
    Laffter’s repeated vile behavior should be repulsed by even the most liberal of blog administrators. I an adept in writing analysis and Laffter sounds like a very disgruntled and psychotic female that has much inner rage
    However, this is your site, but Sir, you need to clean it up!!!
    This is some of the worst I’ve seen.

  103. Tuxamus Maximus W says:

    House Tuxamus Maximus is back! Issues with the satellite up-links left the house to using dial ups and smart phone hot spots and it was a bit slow around here for a while. Being slowed did stop the efforts here though and a lot of DP archive study has been accomplished but that will be addressed at another time.

    Waterpirate is liked around here so his request will be honored now. Feel free to use the ‘Borg’ is you wish but WE will offer a more unique description and moniker for the future and will try OUR best to remember to do so in the future. Most comments are written by one of two (a married couple) formerly homeless people that stay here full time and if it pleases you we will offer up “Flintstones” using either W or F at the end of our Tuxamus Maximus. Will do our best as they monikers get added at each computer station here.
    Hope this pleases you as you’re obviously a fan of Star trek as are most here.

    Others will identify as they comment but habit is hard to change. Give all here some time please. When the man comments again he’s going to use “V”.

    William Chrity just can’t tell the truth is seems because finding any thing even remotely close to what he claims he dis as a ‘moderator’ just didn’t happen. With that in mind it’s time to reveal that once things were up and running again that a series of EMAILS between V and David Anderson in early July. All seemed to be cordial and with respect shown to both individuals and the only truth to anything Mr. Christy stated was the Mr. Anderson was in Afghanistan at the time. If you nuts running the asylum when you leave you will have issues to deal with and that’s life.

    With all seen, both in reading archives and these EMAILS it seems that Mr. Christy conjured up something that just never happened and if it did he’s going to have to point US in a direction that would determine otherwise. IF, and that’s a huge IF there was a comment made such as he quoted it wasn’t in line with comments WE’VE read that were made previous to the September 2012 primary and then it seems he never commented there again.

    This has gotten lengthy so W closes with this tidbit. using proper equipment attached to dedicated phone lines can be used to to make an IP address appear from any site of ‘origin’. It does require that the cable modem at origin remain active and on top of all that happened the cable was interrupted last night at that point of origin. That’s not the whole of it because it’s an thing the IT guys do here but Mr. Christy just can’t fathom that there is any smarter than he seems to think of himself.

    V stated questions would be considered and House TM has offered to the respected waterpirate an answer. Good day for now. W has had a roof over her head for some time now.

  104. New England Patriot says:

    I am sure Delaware right thinks they know who is who and how many sock puppet names they have this week, however some on this forum use devices that can hide their IP addresses pinging locations around the world. I am sure you are familiar with such devices. People that make blogging a career just to slander and harass others that live their lives by higher measurable standards than slime such as WC by in which devotes all his time blogging hopping chat sites throughout the area just to create problems. Squash him like the bug he is.

    Ok, how about that real record of that fictitious military career WC? Let my help you figure it out. If you don’t have a copy contact the US government get a copy, put it on a copy/scanner, scanning same, down load copy to your hard drive on your computer then attach it to this blog site, so we all can see if you even served at all. Dare you!

  105. William Christy says:

    Here’s the link to the original post made by “V” with one of “V”s alias names , traced back to “V”s IP. The same IP that “V” also used to post with “V”s real name.

    I never redacted the comment made in DP because I knew “V” would unpublish it from “V”s website, just like “V” has all the other pages “V” had up at various times.

    “V” issued the threat because someone in DP named Will Rogers posted public information about other Bodenweiser. xxx sites registered in “V”s wife’s name.

    With that being said I have all the emails that were exchanged between “V” and Mr. Anderson. “V” was sucking up to Mr. Anderson in the same manner that “V” sucks up to Frank Knotts. Mr. Anderson forwarded “V”s emails on to me to deal with as the moderator. Monday July 8, 2013 10:14 PM, Tuesday July 9, 2013, 4:44PM, Wednesday July 10,2013 4:18 AM

    In the email you sent July 8,2013 you did indeed make a veiled threat. You also claimed to be closing in on Will Rogers to file action.

    I really have no desire to continue this crap with you, but you are not going to call me a liar. Once you got what you wanted you posted the comment on your site and in DP.

    I have no problem posting every single email that you sent Mr. Anderson which were forwarded on to me, if you insist on continuing this.

  106. Frank Knotts says:

    There are many people who visit here and who say that they respect me. There are others who come here only to attack me. This thread and those who are insisting on continuing it are doing nothing but acting like children. If people want this they are free to go to DP where they can play all day with Jon Mosley.
    To Observer, this thread was in response to said radio personality who made the first attack on myself and this site.
    The ongoing conversation between the so called guest here is unwanted. However I refuse to allow them to force me to behave in the manner of other sites.
    But be it known to all, my patience is wearing thin, take it somewhere else, I tire of it. If you want to publically expose someone, then do it somewhere else, do not use this site for your childish games of he said , you said. While I am hesitant to use it, the spam button is waiting.
    I ask for those who say they respect the site and myself to please respect this request, and as for the others, well let them be seen for who they are.

  107. Observer says:

    You cast aside the problem you have here on this site and justify you lack of action to police and moderate your site. Your actions are juvenile and will cost you dearly.
    You write a libelous post that appears malicious in nature and also actionable in a court of law. You give Colley no option but to sue.
    You are indeed uneducated. His attorney will not only go after you but also the owners of the site who are ultimately responsible. Good job Big Guy.

  108. Frank Knotts says:

    Observer, if it is a police state you want, there are other sites that will be glad to accommodate you, in fact on that site a comment like yours would have been deleted. As for a my writing as you say, ” libelous post that appears malicious in nature and also actionable in a court of law. You give Colley no option but to sue.”
    Really? Then please show me in the post where I did anything but dissect Mr. Colley’s own words, I even offer links to his post, something he does not have the courage to do when he attacks others.

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