Encouraging Thought Of The Day

Sitting here on a rainy day feeling grey. I have always thought that this song and video embraces and gives voice to the American spirit. Hope the poli-wogs don’t mind a slight detour, but this song always makes me feel better about myself and others, hope it does for you as well.

2 Comments on "Encouraging Thought Of The Day"

  1. Mike Rowe says:

    Thanks for posting Frank; it was much needed. Although I must admit I have thoroughly enjoyed the 100 plus posts on the Indpendent Party’s shirt, as well as the sock puppetry on said post it’s times like the one that is depicted in the video that reminds us, that in spite of our political and ideological differences, as Americans we always come together in times of a crisis. Have a great Thanksgiving Frank, and everyone else reading this. Enjoy the time with your family, and remember those fighting for our freedoms who are not able to spend the Holiday with their loved ones. Let us also remember and pray for those who will do without, who have no home, no job, and are doing their best just to survive.

  2. Frank Knotts says:

    Thank you Mike and may you and yours have a blessed day as well.

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