Guest Post From Curtis Staropoli

So, I write about my girlfriend Day who was abused by her father and committed suicide, and I often make the point when I post the link to this that most child sex offenders are KNOWN to the victims. In the past week we have had 2 educators and a coach/arena owner arrested for child abuse, and I keep noticing these comments from people how they are surprised that this child abuse happens with “respected people and in respected institutions.”
Do not be surprised. This is where almost ALL of it happens, with 50% of it being by FAMILY members. Here are the stats:
Megan’s Law – Facts about Sex Offenders
Let us see how much we know-and see how much of what we think has been based on the myths we have all heard about sexual assault and sex offenders. Take 5 minutes to complete the True or False Quiz:
Most men who commit sexual offenses do not know their victim.
False. 90% of child victims know their offender, with almost half of the offenders being a family member. Of sexual assaults against people age 12 and up, approximately 80% of the victims know the offender.  ————————————
It’s NOT strangers in vans — it’s people you know and trust.

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  1. waterpirate says:

    It takes courage as an adult to step up say something when it appears ” not quite right “. I threw up when we learned that many people who dealt with Earl Bradley susspected something was amiss, and turned a blind eye. The same thing was said about about Tyrone Gray. We as a society are guilty.

  2. William Christy says:

    waterpirate I don’t know how close you followed the Bradley case. Milford PD had turned over more than enough evidence to the DE AG to nail Bradley. The AG did NOTHING!

    The stigma associated with child abuse, sexual child abuse is horrific. These victims in most cases blame themselves for what happened to them. These kids spend years in counseling because they are so screwed up,. Far to many even with counseling still become alcoholics, abusers, marry partners who are abusive, self mutilators, and often commit suicide as in the case this guest poster wrote about.

  3. William Christy says:

    Curtis Staropoli thank you for the courage to be vocal about this and willing to speak openly about the tragedy you are dealing with.

    I can relate we are raising our 2 minor granddaughters who were victims of heinous abuse. We deal with the repercussions on a near daily basis, it is going to take years of counseling to undo the damage that was done. This is why I too have been very open and outspoken about having guardianship of them. I want people to open their eyes and be aware about child abuse of all kinds, including sexual abuse.

  4. Frank Knotts says:

    “Far to many even with counseling still become alcoholics, abusers, marry partners who are abusive, self mutilators, and often commit suicide as in the case this guest poster wrote about.”
    And yet when they find the courage to come forward, sometimes many years later, they are labeled liars. And these very symptoms you listed are used as reasons not to believe them.

  5. William Christy says:

    You won’t get any disagreement from me.

    So what do you suggest?

    I don’t think there’s any one size fits all solution, which is why child abuse of any type is such a heinous crime, IMHO.

    There unfortunately have been a number of high profile cases over the years where child abuse rape was alleged, which was later determined the victim lied. Sadly as a result these cases have become the reference point for those who have skepticism when it comes to other cases.

  6. New England Patriot says:

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  7. New England Patriot says:

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  8. William Christy says:

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  9. New England Patriot says:

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  10. Observer says:

    Mr. Knotts

    Another textbook example of attack comments by New England Patriot. These types of attacks are completely unacceptable and unwarranted.
    If you don’t want Mr. Christy’s patronage, then call him and tell him so, but please clean this site up.
    Nobody is perfect, including yourself. You site is becoming a sewer.

  11. William Christy says:

    Thank you for your comments. Fact be known it is not up to Mr. Knotts whether I post here or not. I was invited to by the owners of the site, to continue posting. I was also asked if I would consider writing a guest piece occasionally a while back by Mr. Cragg.

    I will continue to maintain the high road while these vicious attacks continue. My position will only prove that the message sent by the moderator’s inaction proves the belief he condones the attacks.

  12. New England Patriot says:

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