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                        Liberals Only Seem to Care When Kids Are Killed By Bullets


President Obama receives reports that 20 children and 6 adults have been murdered at the Sandy Hook Elementary School and decides the country needs national standards for gun accessories to protect our children. Limit ammunition capacities for rifle magazines. Outlaw triggers and stocks on rifles that look like pistols. Push for legislation requiring all law-abiding citizens to go through background checks and have the information stored for future reference.

We all know these measures will not keep criminals from acquiring weapons, but President Obama and many Democrats say, “it’s a good start” and we must “remember Sandy Hook” and “do something.”

Many Americans agree. 48 percent are disappointed the senate gun control bill didn’t pass. Of course, 47 percent are happy that it didn’t pass, according to the Washington Post — Pew Research Center poll.

This is a president who wants to “do something” when tragedy strikes… or is he?

On trial right now in Philadelphia is an abortionist accused of murdering babies born alive and conducting late term abortions that are illegal in Pennsylvania.

Workers have testified to finding a baby lying on a shelf, crying, along with jars, bags and jugs filled with human remains. The conditions were reportedly so filthy that women have contracted sexually transmitted diseases from the medical instruments, and painkillers administered by unlicensed, untrained employees resulted in the death of at least one woman.

Four counts of murder remain to be adjudicated at the time of this writing.

Until his arrest, Gosnell’s clinics in Pennsylvania and Delaware had not been inspected since 1993 despite complaints from third parties such as CHOICE, a nonprofit that connects the underinsured and uninsured with health services.

In 2011, it was reported that none of Pennsylvania’s 22 abortion clinics had been inspected by the government for more than 15 years.

In nearby Delaware, an unrelated Planned Parenthood abortion facility has also been closed due to complaints of multiple botched abortions.

Two women there quit their jobs, filing complaints that doctors performing abortions didn’t wear gloves or sterilize equipment.

Considering the Pennsylvania Department of Health reportedly had a history of refusing to investigate complaints, such as Kermit Gosnell performing an abortion on a 14 year-old girl who was 30 weeks pregnant, this, too is a time for President Obama to try to save lives by pushing for national standards.

Why doesn’t he?


Gun control is nothing new. Liberals have been pushing for gun control for decades. In 1993, New York Democrat Daniel Patrick Moynihan proposed taxing ammunition to the point where it would be unaffordable. Newtown was an opportunity for gun control legislation whether or not the laws would keep criminals from getting guns.

The only time the issue of abortion is important to liberals is when its availability is threatened, real or perceived.

If concern for the lives and health of children, teenage girls and women were truly free from this President’s ideology, the Gosnell trial would compel him to call for national standards and new federal laws for regulations and inspections of all abortion clinics, wresting control from Planned Parenthood and the states.

Instead, President Obama was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at Planned Parenthood’s biggest fundraiser of the year on April 24th.

On April 23rd, he decided to delay the address until Friday, after the dinner, and visit West, Texas, site of a devastating fertilizer plant explosion.

This decision follows massive protests from Right-To-Life groups asking him to step down from the keynote address in light of the Gosnell Trial.

The President’s decision also avoids any unsightly press photos of Mr. Obama smiling and being charming at the nation’s largest abortion industry fundraiser juxtaposed with same-page news coverage of abortionist Gosnell’s baby-murder trial.

It does not include any call to action to create national legislation and regulations designed to prevent filthy, deadly conditions in clinics.

Why no call for national standards for abortion clinics?

Ideology and campaign contributions trump all.

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  1. kavips says:

    I would have to disagree with your conclusion. You’ve left out another option which is far more credible. To review, you chose ideology to be the cause of focusing on guns instead of abortion mishaps.

    That left out option was,… Obama didn’t know. You didn’t know. No one knew. We default ignorance in people as a derisive term, but if one doesn’t know he is ignorant, how does one go about finding out? If no one knew that 1993 was the last inspection, then no one knew how terrible the practice was. With Sandy Hook there was no ignorance. Sandy Hook had the entire country upset within two hours.

    90% of America thinks our current background checks are too loosely done. I may be ignorant, but not even I guessed it would be that high of a number. But after Sandy Hook, we all found out that background checks make real good sense to most Americans. If you don’t agree, you represent a minor fragment of the population.

    Does 90% of America also think abortion clinics need inspected? Probably so, but no one has ever done a poll or a check yet. Should they be inspected? Absolutely, just like all guns should be regulated out of the hands of criminals… Absolutely.

    Everyone knows that once guns are registered, a case where every gun is registered to an owner, so that immediately someone is implicated once every bullet is fired into a human, then criminals have a very good chance of getting caught… If not caught, at least their crimes can be traced to discern a pattern as long as they continue to use that gun.

    Gun registration makes just great sense. To register every fire arm to a single owner, and have it all tucked away in a data base, inevitably will one day happen….

    Just like (who would have thunk) all slaves in 1830 would one day be free. Just like (who would have thunk) all women in 1870 would one day get to vote like their men. Just like (who would have thunk) cigarette companies in 1960 would one day be libel for the pain and suffering their cancer-inducing products caused. Gun registration is inevitable because it just makes too much good sense.

    One can choose to be a minority and fight to the death against the onset of progress. But whenever it is that you die, that progress will come.

    My feeling is that Obama and local Democrats will now move much faster to inspect abortion clinics than anyone in the Tea Party will move to establish a registry of guns….

    Point is, ideology has nothing to do with it. Being made aware of a problem, does.

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