Guest Post From Rose Izzo

Mr. Carney Attacks the  “Little Guy”

 Congressman John Carney is  at it again.

 With things falling apart in Washington Mr. Carney took  to the News Journal to write an Op-Ed that blames everyone else for the  Washington mess he created. Carney  says the “Little Guy” who grinds along each day trying to make ends meet and pay  his bills along with Mr. Carney’s salary is the real culprit.  How  sad. 

 When the “little guy” speaks up and says “enough is  enough” he is held in contempt and smeared as a “Tea Bagger”.  A vile and  contemptuous term used to besmirch those who believe in the sound principles  that made this country the greatest place on earth.

  Mr. Carney’s vote to exempt Congress from the mandates of  ObamaCare is an example of Carney’s contempt for the “Little Guy”.  Mr.  Carney voted “NO” on a rule that would eliminate his exemption from ObamaCare  and make it apply to him the same as it applies to the rest of us. Mr. Carney is  keeping his Cadillac health plan and he demands that the “Little Guy” pay for  it.  Mr. Carney needs to tell us why that is  fair.

  Mr. Carney refused to allow veterans’ access to the WW II  Memorial in Washington .  Mr.  Carney voted to keep the Washington World War II Memorial closed to Veterans  who came to honor their fallen comrades who fought to keep us free.  My  heart ached when I saw wounded and disabled World War II veterans turned away  from the gates of the World War II memorial. Why didn’t Congressman Carney  welcome them to  Washington ?

  Shamefully Mr. Carney voted “NO” and against repeal of  the outrageous new tax on artificial legs, arms and hands.  Wounded  veterans are now required to pay a special tax on artificial limbs lost in  combat. Once again Mr. Carney cast off the “little guy.”

  On orders from Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, Mr. Carney  refused to vote for the funding of the National Institute of Health.  As a  result a little girl with cancer was denied access to clinical trials seeking a  cure. Harry Reid made a statement asking why we would want to help one kid with  cancer.  Mr. Reid is a bitter old man.  Nancy Pelosi said it was a  “gimmick.” It is heartbreaking that Mr. Carney sacrificed this little girl at  the altar of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  Why does Mr. Carney allow Nancy  Pelosi’s and Harry Reid’s orders to trump the “Little Guy” every time?

  The “Little Guy” is not a fool. The “Little Guy” sees  through Mr. Carney’s blame game. Instead of looking to blame others for his  economic mess Mr. Carney should do the honorable thing – accept responsibility  and then fix it.  Maybe if Mr. Carney had to live under the same rules that  he mandates for the “Little Guy”, things would change quickly for the better. 

  The “Little Guy” doesn’t like it when his elected  officials tell him it’s “my way or the highway.”   The roll out  disaster proves ObamaCare is a flawed plan. ObamaCare is not supported by “We  The People.”  Mr. Carney should push ObamaCare back to the drawing board  and not force it “as is” on the “Little Guy”.

  Sadly, Mr. Carney overrides what his constituents want.  This has been his trade mark since he first went to  Washington . Mr. Carney will do  what Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid tell him, rather than listen to the “Little  Guy”.

  Mr. Carney, get outside the  Washington elite belt way! Unlike  many of your fellow Delawareans, you have a job, now do it. Stop wasting time  writing self serving Op-Ed articles that try to cover up your failure to cut  spending, reduce taxes and improve the economy.

  Come next year, the  Delaware “Little Guy” is going to  be looking for a new face to send to  Washington .  It will be  someone who is a “Little Guy” and who won’t forget it. 


Rose Izzo

Delaware  Congressional District 1

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  2. Harry Whittington says:

    Sorry, but this is another fringe candidate without a chance of winning statewide. I would be willing to wager that if the GOP ran the water skiing squirrel for Congress against Carney, the squirrel would get more than twice the votes statewide that Izzo could get.

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