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Delaware Right - Moving Delaware ForwardIn a recent post,  Frank Knotts draws attention to an upcoming fundraiser that my father, John Rieley, is holding at his home.  The fundraiser will feature myself and my friend Christopher Bedford of the Daily Caller discussing what we do in Washington, DC, as well as the band Clifford Keith, which features my sister Erin and my brother-in-law Cliff. In the post, Frank refers to a botched fundraiser held earlier this year by former Chairman Vince Calabro in honor of my father’s service to the committee as Chairman, and wonders whether “lessons [were] learned, or will Mr. Rieley make the same mistakes as Mr. Calabro, or possibly make some new ones”.

Fine, fair enough.  A botched fundraiser can raise legitimate questions.

But then the post takes a turn for the bizarre.  Rather than contenting himself with the legitimate questions he raises, Mr. Knotts proceeds to discuss a GoFundMe effort that my siblings and I created in January to assist my parents.  He says

“While it is commendable for Mr. Rieley to host a fund-raiser at his home, one does have to wonder if it is a good idea, considering that just five months ago his children created a Go Fund Me account, and were sharing it around Facebook, asking people to donate to help their parents out of financial difficulties.”

Now, it is unclear why it might not be “a good idea” for someone whose children have recently appealed to friends to assist our parents during a difficult time to then host a fundraiser.  The connection between the two events is difficult to fathom.

But, still not content, Mr. Knotts continues with another non sequitur: “If this account could only raise $2,000.00 in five months, will they be able to raise enough in one night to even cover the cost of the refreshments? Let alone actually raising money for the party?”

In point of fact, the account was created on January 19th, 2015, but, as I mentioned in a comment on Mr. Knotts’s post, we opted to hold off on making it public, because we were concerned about the optics (or, as Mr. Knotts says “putting [our] business on the street”).  However, in April, there was a minor emergency in my parents’ home (a leak flooded the kitchen), and we then decided to make the GoFoundMe account public by sharing it, appealing to our friends and loved ones for help.

The account raised $2,000 over the course of approximately three to four days, with contributions from family and friends.

Our father had no knowledge of our plan before we went forward with it.  He had absolutely no hand in creating, or promoting the appeal.  That was entirely the work of my siblings and me.

After several days, Frank Knotts began sharing a screenshot of the GoFundMe account – along with some unkind remarks – on his Facebook, and it became apparent that he intended to use it to slander my father.  Realizing that the account could do more harm than good if used for ill by those who meant to cause harm to his reputation, we decided to immediately stop promoting it.  Hence, it has received no new donations since April.

So, a few points to summarize:

First, it is hard to understand what a fundraiser created and promoted by my siblings and I has to do with party fundraising, or our father’s ability to raise funds.

Second, it is difficult to see how the marginal success of a GoFundMe campaign indicts the likelihood of success for a completely different sort of fundraiser, which has a completely different purpose, or how it might render it not “a good idea”.

Third, as I have shown here, Mr. Knotts’ misconstrual of the length of time that it took to raise that $2000 completely moots any point that he might have had, difficult as it might have been to parse.

Fourth, it is ironic that Mr. Knotts would use his misconstrual of the length of time that it took to raise those funds, and thus the supposed failure of the GoFundMe campaign, as a point against the advisability of holding a political fundraiser, given that it was largely his actions that caused the fundraiser to be called off.

One final thought.

As I understand it, the Sussex County Republican Party is in need of a financial infusion.  It hardly seems like Frank Knotts’ place to decide whether or not it is advisable for my parents to hold a fundraiser, particularly given that he has, as far as I can tell, not lifted a finger to assist the party financially or otherwise since 2010.  That’s five years.  All I have seen is Mr. Knotts casting aspersions and criticizing while others do the work.

The bottom line is the party needs money, and my family – including my parents, my sister, my brother-in-law and myself (I will be driving over from Washington, DC to participate) – is willing to help.

Accountability is a necessary thing, but when “accountability” becomes nothing but slandering those who are attempting to do the work of creating a party that can win elections, one wonders: with friends like these, who needs enemies?

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  1. waterpirate says:

    I call full on B,S. !
    The point is that if your father is having financial difficulties, the lesson is ” physician heal thyself “. Also your father has been in the game long enough to know that ” everything matters, public or personal” once you rise to that level of player in the public arena. Frank points out the obvious, you attempt spin and damage control. B.S. I say

  2. Frank Knotts says:

    I would like to point out an inaccuracy in this narrative. First of all, I did not share around a screen shot of the GoFundme account five months ago when I became aware of it. So Shaun’s claim that I ruined their chance of raising more money is unfounded.
    Also he took one quote out of context, here is the entire quote,
    “While it is commendable for Mr. Rieley to host a fund-raiser at his home, one does have to wonder if it is a good idea, considering that just five months ago his children created a Go Fund Me account, and were sharing it around Facebook, asking people to donate to help their parents out of financial difficulties.
    If this account could only raise $2,000.00 in five months, will they be able to raise enough in one night to even cover the cost of the refreshments? Let alone actually raising money for the party?”
    Shaun want to say that they raised the two thousand in the first two weeks, and that then because of me they could raise no more for five months. Or is it more likely that two thousand simply exhausted their resources of friends willing to give to such a plea.
    I continue to be amazed how I am constantly described as an ineffectual genius. I am both meaningless, and yet constantly credited with moving public opinion.
    I would also point out that following my original post, Shaun and his siblings were allowed to make their case on both my personal Facebook page and that of Delaware Right. Their comments were not edited, nor were they blocked or unfriended. We here at Delaware Right also extended the opportunity for Shaun to post this “response” to my post.
    Shaun shared this post on his personal Facebook page which I am unable to see or respond to, and as of now my friend request has gone unanswered. I am told that there is a comment thread there.
    So while I and we here at Delaware Right are open to criticism and debate, Shaun Rieley chooses to sit alone on his own page and masterbate his own ideas within an echo chamber.

  3. Shaun Rieley says:

    Your timeline is off, Frank. That’s what I am trying to say here. The account was created in January, but you did not become aware of in in January, because no one knew it existed, as was not made public until April.

    I did not take the quote out of context, given that every word that you quote here appears in my post — read more carefully. It is certainly possible that the $2000 exhausted the resources of friends willing to help, but even if that were the case you have still not shown what one has to do with the other. You have not shown wha a GoFundMe has to do with an upcoming fundraiser that is of a completely different kind, for a completely different purpose. Unless you can draw a better connection, it seems as though your inclusion of that represents a petty attempt at a personal attack.

    You are certainly no genius, but your constant running of your mouth and tearing down of anyone who steps to to attempt to lead the party is tiresome. As I say, accountability is a needed and necessary thing, but sniping at anyone who gets involved in what are volunteer positions has the effect of killing desire to be involved at all.

    As to my personal Facebook page — I am under no obligation to add you. I have no desire to bring you into my personal life. I am, however, entitled to share my own writings on it. Steve was generous enough to give me a public platform here to say what needed to be said, and in the public forum is where imy interaction with you will stay.

  4. Shaun Rieley says:

    I see why you are confused about the quote being taken out of context — in the piece I submitted, the first portion of the quote does not have quotation marks, because it is in block quote format, as per academic standards for a quote more than four lines in length. But, the block quote formatting did not come through when it was posted here, and so I see why you might have thought I did not include the entire quote. I have asked Steve to make the correction.

  5. Dunleve says:

    Another inaccuracy:

    “as far as I can tell, not lifted a finger to assist the party financially or otherwise since 2010. That’s five years. All I have seen is Mr. Knotts casting aspersions and criticizing while others do the work.”

    That’s probably a statement that should be made after actually checking with the people Frank has help get elected. What else matters.

  6. Shaun Rieley says:

    Precisely why I couched it with “as far as I can tell”. If I’m wrong, fine. I live in Washington, DC, and so I freely admit that I am not regularly involved in the day-to-day activities of Sussex County politics (and given that I work in politics at a national level, and that I am a PhD student, I often do not have time to follow local politics). I do, however, occasionally read this blog, and as such, I say “as far as I can tell” Frank has done nothing but snipe and back-bite anyone who steps up. If I am wrong (and I hope I am), I am glad to be shown in what way (more substantively than a vague reference to “people Frank has help [sic] get elected”). Did he hold a fundraiser? Did he canvass door to door? Did he donate a substantial amount of money? What, exactly has he done? It is not particularly clear to me.

  7. Frank Knotts says:

    Ah, Shaun once again trots out his pedigree to show why he is too busy to know what is going on. Shaun you might want to take a look at the bi-line on this post. It’s mine. If you think this post got up without my approval and my consent you are mistaken. I, unlike you do not hide in an echo chamber. Anything I have to say I am open and honest, and welcome rebuttal.
    I hope you enjoy all of the stroking you receive from your friends and family on your great response to my post on your Facebook page.
    Unlike you, I will not write here what I feel are my “positive ” accomplishments, for that would be like bragging about my job or my education. If I have helped others, then that is for them to judge. Those who feel I have helped them have thanked me privately, that is all I require.
    I was once an active member of the committee, but my views were not pure enough for the fringe, I dared to support the wrong Republican against one of their cause candidates. Now I am outside where they wanted me.
    As for the connection between the fundraiser your father is putting on and the electronic panhandling account, is again, if $2,000.00 is all you could raise for charity, the question is how much could you possibly raise in a night for politics? Yes I became aware of it in April, but did not publicize it as you stated in your manifesto. So how you claim it my fault that you failed to collect more for your charitable cause is beyond me. Also, as chairman you father John Rieley oversaw members of his committee openly supporting and working for a write-in candidate against the GOP primary winner, something he condemned Tom Ross for doing in 2010. HYPOCRIT! Also, since 2010 the Sussex GOP EC has donated $0.00 to Republican candidates. FAILURE!
    I care not if you like the question. I care not if you like my answer.

  8. Shaun Rieley says:

    If explaining why I might have missed some activities that you have participated in which were helpful to the party is “trot[ting] out [my] pedigree” (an incorrect use of that term by the way — a pedigree has to do with one’s linage or ancestry, not one’s qualifications), than so be it. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt. Still, mentioning what one’s job or educational qualifications might be is not the same thing as bragging.

    There is actually very little discussion on my Facebook page, and I suspect that is because very few people actually care very much about this issue — one of the few comments is from a former colleague here in DC, who knows nothing of Delaware politics, saying “Damn, he’s petty”. Still, my personal Facebook page is just that: personal. I am under no obligation to allow you into my personal life, and I have no desire to do so.

    You became aware of the GoFundMe in April because that is when we opted to publicize it — all of the money raised was raised in the span of a few days. My sister had created it in January, but we kept it private. No one knew about it until April.

    We were attempting to leverage the power of community to help in a time of need — you know, that civil society that conservatives believe in; those “little platoons” that Burke talked about. In retrospect, I regret that we did so, having underestimated the way that it would be used by the likes of you.

    I don’t think I need to state again that the connection between the GoFundMe account, which was created and promoted by my siblings and I as an appeal to our friends, and a political fundraiser being held by my parents, as an appeal to Sussex County Republicans for the purpose of supporting the Party is at best a stretch. Two different purposes, two different appeals, two different methods of appeal, two different groups of people being asked, two different groups of people doing the asking.

    But I’ve already said enough, wasted enough time, and brought too much attention to an extremely petty man and petty issue. I’ve said my piece, I stand by it, it speaks for itself.

    Thanks to Steve Grossman for the opportunity.

  9. Frank Knotts says:

    Shaun, you call me petty, okay, that is your opinion. Yet you act as if I had nothing to do with you being allowed to respond to my post. Again, though you went through Steve, I also agreed to allow you this opportunity. Guess that only proves my pettiness in your view.
    As for my use of the word pedigree, I took artistic license, I used it satirically. You have every right to be proud of your accomplishments, but to feel the need to list them when saying “I am too busy to follow local politics”, would have served just as well, makes you seem like a braggart.
    You are also correct that you are under no obligation to allow me to participate on your Facebook page, though you took full advantage of my openness on Delaware Right’s page, and my own. You were allowed to defend your view along with that of your sisters. Those comments are still up and will remain there for all to see.
    You were also afforded a guest post here on the blog, because we here at Delaware Right believe it is about the conversation. You have chosen not to allow that sort of open debate in a forum that you control, and while that is your right, I think it speaks volumes about your attitude when it comes to openness and transparency. Wonder where you were taught that?
    There is another of those pesky questions.
    You again ignored that you made a false claim about me sharing the electronic panhandling GoFundMe page around back in April, which I did not. And if you are not embarrassed by it, why would you care what an uneducated hayseed such as myself thinks or says?
    I don’t think I need to say again that the connection is about if a man can’t pay his bills, and his children instead of helping out decide to publically implore people to give money, then some might wonder why that man’s attention is then divided to raising money for a political party. And also whether there is any chance that he will be able to.
    You are welcome for the chance to come here and make your case, we here at Delaware Right believe that all should have a voice, our Liberty and God given right of Freedom of Speech is not limited to that which is popular. Unlike certain other organizations and their leadership that would silence opposition, we welcome the debate, the conversation, and yes, even the criticism. My skin is thick, my opinions are often only my own, but I offer them honestly and openly for all to see and to reply to, unlike some who choose to hide among friends and be told how great they are.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    I can see where this gentleman takes it very personally for it being his father, however I wonder if the opinion would be the same if he was not a relative. It’s understandable that we fall on financial difficulties from time to time, but it does raise questions. In other words, this is where politicians get themselves into trouble. I am not questioning his integrity, but he has put himself in the position for it to be questioned.

  11. fightingbluehen says:

    “we opted to hold off on making it public, because we were concerned about the optics”

    Why do you think you were concerned about the optics? Could it be that it doesn’t look so good when someone with financial problems is involved in political fundraising? I’m thinking you probably should have stuck with the original game plan.

    And while we’re on the subject of fundraising I might suggest that the SCGOP save the camp meetings for Sunday. You don’t want to scare away the money.

  12. Rick says:

    There is actually very little discussion on my Facebook page, and I suspect that is because very few people actually care very much about this issue — one of the few comments is from a former colleague here in DC, who knows nothing of Delaware politics, saying “Damn, he’s petty”

    And that, in a nutshell, defines Frank obsession; petty.

  13. Dave says:

    And then there’s the whole “personal responsibility” thing as well as family taking care of their own meme. Plus as I said earlier, broadcasting one’s financial difficulties probably doesn’t help to jump start their new profession in the financial industry. Some things are just better handled with discretion.

  14. Long Time Observer says:

    @Mr. Pettyman, (Frank0

    Young Mr. Rieley is correct, in all of your recent mouth-fartings, all you have done is raise questions that have little meaning, simply to boost your own ego. Neither Mr. Rieley nor Mr. Calabro have committed a crime or malfeasance of any kind.
    I find it commendable that Shaun Rieley and his many siblings sought to help their father and mother over a small financial rough spot. I find the Rieley family a great example of what an American family should be. As for your recent incessant mouth-farting of untruths and exaggerations, everybody is about sick of it. C’mon Mr. Pettyman, stop the crap and join the human race, you might like it.

  15. Lou Ann Rieley says:

    Elizabeth. Please let me restate what has been said before in this discussion. My husband and I had no idea that our children had set up a GoFundMe account until after it was made public and it is not how we would have chosen to handle our financial situation but we loved their heart for us and their understanding of the conservative principles of community rather than government to help each other. Shaun referenced Edmund Burke, the English political philosopher of the the late 1790’s in a previous response. Burke articulated the idea of personal investment in our fellow citizens instead of government intervention, and that has been a guiding principle of conservatism. When I have a few dollars I can give, there are some GoFundMe causes to which I give. When we give on a personal level with a willing spirit we become invested in other people’s success. Our kids are astonished that what was an appeal to our community of friends and associates, has been taken to try to question my husband’s integrity and his service to his community through involvement in the Republican Party. You mention that my husband has opened himself up for scrutiny as a politician. That was news to us that he is a politician. John, our family, and I believe, most of the community, has only ever seen him as a private citizen that has stepped up to serve to the best of his ability and within the time constraints he has faced. He has never been elected to public office. The chairmanship of the Sussex County Republican Committee is not a public office since the public cannot vote in the election. You also questioned if Shaun would be passionate in his responses if it were not his dad that was involved. I can say without a doubt, the answer is yes. As we raised our children were worked to instill in all of them a sense of moral responsibility to their fellow man and service to their communities. Shaun works every day advocating on the national level for those who may be forgotten, overlooked or marginalized in the political process. So Elizabeth, thank you for your inquiry and giving me the opportunity to respond. For additional reading about Edmund Burke, please let me recommend the book, The Great Debate, Edmund Burke, Thomas Paine and the Birth of Right and Left. This is a challenging but fascinating read written by Yuval Levin, an working acquaintance of Shaun’s and the Hertog Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, founder and editor of National Affairs and a contributing editor of National Review and the Weekly Standard.

  16. anonymous says:

    I’m still waiting for and more interested in how Mr. Reiley never had to answer questions publicly about being sent away for his pornography addiction.

  17. Frank Knotts says:

    I too am a bit familiar with Mr. Burke, I especially like this quote from him,
    “Hypocrisy can afford to be magnificent in its promises; for never intending to go beyond promises; it costs nothing.”

  18. Lou Ann Rieley says:

    Anonymous, I have been married to John Rieley for almost 36 years and I don’t remember him ever being sent away for anything. I do know he has attended several Christian men’s retreats, along with a lot of the men at our church, that dealt with many of the issues men face. If you consider that being sent away, that is an interesting way to describe voluntarily attending times of fellowship with other Christian men.

  19. waterpirate says:

    And the band played on, even as the ship sank. Spin is not a legitimate defense for straight forward questions. The higher ground is to NOT spin.
    Also for the record, when you are the second for so long, fall victim to allegations about spurious actions during an election cycle that you were compensated for, and then assume the top position in the party, you are clearly and presently in the public domain. To claim private citizen at this juncture is just more B.S.

  20. Lou Ann Rieley says:

    It may behoove Mr. Waterpirate, (the cowardly use of pseudonyms on this blog site is fascinating to me) to refrain from imbibing heavily in adult beverages before he writes since this further impairs his already completely incoherent and illogical comments.

  21. Don says:

    The Rieley people are funny.

  22. Lou Ann Rieley says:

    Now, let’s all give Mr. Knotts a round of applause for his ability to use Google to to find a quote, (Thunderous Applause). This quote is actually the closest thing I have ever seen from him that has any intellectual content:, but, it could actually open the door here for some serious political discourse. I would be interested for Mr. Knotts to expound on the great philosophical debate of the late 1790’s between Edmund Burke and Thomas Paine that has had such far reaching consequences in political thought and action and affects our political structures today. Before doing some more advanced research, I had been a Thomas Paine enthusiast. I love the thrilling rhetoric of Common Sense, his pamphlet that helped ignite the flame of passion for liberty at the beginning of the Revolution. I admire his discourse on the problems of monarchies that draws heavily on Biblical references. I respect that even though he lacked extensive formal education, he was an avid reader and made a lasting mark in political philosophy. Then I began to research his views on the French Revolution and his lack of understanding of the horrific logical consequences of his political theories. Burke, on the other hand, warned his countrymen of the dangers of the radical egalitarianism and radical personal autonomy, hallmarks of Enlightenment thinking, Burke was not popular at that time, when the excitement of the French Revolution was beginning to sweep the European continent but he stood courageously for his principles and sounded an alarm to a largely unresponsive audience. No one knows how many people died in the French Revolution because Mr. Burke’s warnings went unheeded. but Mr. Burke was not intimidated. by even those who were supposed to be his political allies. to keep quiet about what he feared would be a bloodbath. He was correct as history shows. That is one reason I now must side in the famous Burke-Paine debate with Mr. Burke. Let’s see how Mr. Knotts replies. I anxiously await his erudite response and sincerely hope it elevates this discussion to something more substantial and intellectually engaging than a National Enquirer-like rag.

  23. Frank Knotts says:

    Ms. Rieley, I am not arrogant, nor pompous enough to attempt to prove that I know more about Edmund Burke than you do, since clearly you have taken him as a study, I have not. More over I hold limited respect for him due to his defense of the “church state”, his believe that linking the church and state would somehow guarantee that government would be honest and pious, goes against my feelings on the matter, I am more a Madison follower on this issue. While I believe that the people who are involved in our governance bring their virtues to that governance, I do not believe that having the state run the church, or the church run the state, is ever a good idea.
    I believe that the most conservative view on this issue is a complete separation of church and state, as spelled out in the First Amendment.
    And while I recognize that Burke is seen by many as the genesis of conservatism, I feel that he was misguided on this point.

  24. waterpirate says:

    Nice try.
    shifting focus from the questions at hand to others is just more spin.
    To all those who claim that Frank is so evil, again the higher ground is not to post spin.
    Logic and thought is also only evident to those who posses it.

  25. Don says:

    See my previous comment, all that impressive Jeopardy knowledge and can’t pay the bills.

  26. Lou Ann Rieley says:

    Poor Mr. Waterpirate, unable to engage in serious debate on a level higher than a middle-school girl’s must constantly shift the focus of his lack of intellectual acumen to “questions” regarding my family. Mr. Waterpirate is like a middle-school girl in several ways. First, they are given to sending anonymous notes to those whom they perceive to be their social enemies. They hide behind their anonymity because they have not yet developed their own sense of identity and strength of character that makes it possible to be publicly socially accountable for their words. Secondly, they pick their little friends and WILL defend them, but in a cowardly way to always try to keep the social wrath of the other little girls away from themselves. Thirdly, they pick someone they perceive as not able to adequately defend themselves but may be a threat to their power structure to viciously attack so as to try to insure their victim will never rise to a level of social acceptance and threaten their position. The attack is not long-lived, partly because their attention span is so short, but it is usually effective. The attacks these girls are prone to use are nebulous accusations that are difficult to defend oneself against, because they are rapidly released, through a network of willing anonymous whisperers to a waiting population of children whose moral sensibilities are yet underdeveloped. The target of the attacks slinks away to the shadows trying never do anything that might draw ire of the little girls who control the reigns of social power in the microcosm of the middle-school. These exercises are nothing less than Neitzchean will to power politics. Mr. Waterpirate, who will hitherto be referred to as “Litllegirl” by me, lacks the intelligence to participate in the the third point, but is relegated to the sidelines to participate in the first two exercises.

  27. Jack Black says:

    Ok Lou Ann. I have been wanting to post something on here but my wife stopped me because she felt you seemed like a nice family with adult children who were simply a little too immature yet to realize they should be working harder to contribute to the family’s finances instead of asking the community for charity for home improvement costs. Now that you have decided to show a level of arrogance and insult middle school girls, my wife now says don’t hold back. We want you to know that we have daughters and for a woman like you who also has daughters it’s quite shocking and ugly that you would insult every girl out there by using the term “little girl” and feed nasty stereotypes of young girls. I disagree with your adult children using GoFundMe for your family’s home improvement and personal financial issues when you have a capable family. Meaning GoFundMe should be used for people in dire life/health situations. A good example is a family we donated to who used this fundraising source because they had medical bills stacking up as they have been trying to save their child who has cancer. They chose to reach out to their community for support to save their child’s life. Not home improvements so they can have a political fundraising party by their pool 6 months later. Your pretentious comments on your knowledge of Burke and Paine mean nothing. Tell your adult children to work a job to help the family finances instead of asking your neighbors to give up their hardworking money to you. Their priorities are screwed up if they are sitting around studying Edmund Burke and Thomas Paine rather than working at McDonald’s to help the family out of debt.

  28. Joe Jaszemski says:

    According to Wikipedia, ‘GoFundMe is a crowdfunding platform that allows people to raise money for events ranging from life events such as celebrations and graduations to challenging circumstances like accidents and illnesses’.

    The Rieley children leveraging the power of a community to which their parents have given greatly is an appropriate use of the site. Its extremely inappropriate and in poor taste to use loaded words like electronic panhandling, especially given that this was unsolicited and to cover a mishap in the home. I’ve never seen anyone recieve such grief over holding a political fundraiser without any evidence of impropriety. John opening his home to raise money for the party should be commended. My only guess is that these attacks are personally motivated.

  29. Lou Ann Rieley says:

    Mr. Jack Black”s comments reminded me of a couple other characteristics of mean and/or socially/emotionally immature middle-school girls, and I will add “mean” because there may be some merit to his point against stereotyping all little girls the same way, although I believe most who have gone through middle school will admit to the unfortunate truth of my analysis. There is a paradox in middle schhol girls thinking and actions, mostly I believe due to immaturity and a incomplete development of their own sense of self. The paradox is the mistaken idea that their opinions are anxiously awaited and seriously considered by others while at the same time not having the courage to state their opinions publicly without cheerleading from their cliques. See above post. See also points 1 and 2 in my response to Little girl. Middle-school girls are notorious for jumping on the bandwagon to villainnize those they do not know personally or know very little about in order to hope to be part of the in crowd. Mr. Jack Black does not seem to know our family at all so feels free, behind his ridiculous pseudonym, to make assumptions and think they should be taken seriously.

  30. Frank Knotts says:

    Well if we are taking Wikipedia as sources now, okay. I can only speak as to my own views, and those of others I have spoken to. Everyone is welcome to their opinion.
    As to asking questions about fund raisers that have any connection with the Sussex GOP is in my opinion quite warranted.

  31. waterpirate says:

    Changing the topic to level insults at someone you claim to know the identity of, while in the same breath condemning the use of blog handles, clearly shows the lack of grace and decorum that we would expect. How do we know that you are who you are claiming to be? You could be Not Don Ayotte, for all we know.

    Resorting to social media for financial help makes someone the worst type of hard right conservative hypocrite. Charity starts at home and ends with the church according to your doctrine, so are there not more needy people in our community than you? I say that while children are hungry, your needs should wait. That puts your financial safety net squarely back on your families shoulders, not those of the community.

    Your ongoing discussion is nothing more than a case of ” the emperors new clothes ” or if you prefer Franks description ” the echo chamber “.

  32. mouse says:

    Another GOP reality show

  33. Dunleve says:

    Ms. Rieley,

    If I didn’t think it would bring bad karma my way, I would question your claim to supporting GoFundMe campaigns; which has only been in existence 5 years, when you fail to have the resources to maintain your residence.

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