Has It Really Been Twelve Years?

I have to admit that as time has passed, the memory of that clear September morning has started to gray around the edges. Not because the emotions we all felt that day, and the days following, have lost their value or meaning to us, simply because that is how human beings handle grief and mourning. We tend to compartmentalize it.

In the immediate aftermath of the tragedy we all felt raw, as if an open wound were spreading across the very surface of our nation, a wound that seemed as if it wound continue to open until the nation and all that it stood for would simply collapse in upon itself. But that didn’t happen, we came together as a nation, we shared our grief with our nation family, we all understood how each of us was feeling. We knew our neighbors were as mad, and as frightened as we were. We knew that we all felt the need to avenge the lives of those taken from us in such a heinous fashion.

But looking back over twelve years it begins to take on the feeling of a dream. I know that for those who were more directly affected by that day, it will be forever real, forever engraved in their memories of the loved ones lost. However for the majority of the citizens, that day has already taken on a sense of historic relevance, we see it as those in the future will see it,  from a distance, with an eye more towards the effect it has had upon the nation, rather than the effect it had upon us as individuals.

And my friends it has had both a terrible effect upon the nation and the individual. This once welcoming nation of immigrants, this diverse multi-cultural nation made strong, not by its unwillingness to accept people of all races, and faiths, but made strong by its determination to create a nation where all were welcome, and all were free. A nation in which the poorest were free to practice their faith as they saw fit. A nation where the smallest minority was protected from the majority that otherwise might grind it into nothingness.

I fear we are losing these strengths. We are becoming a nation of people who seek to isolate, and to narrow the very freedoms that made this the freest and strongest nation the world has ever known. And I believe that in a large part, it is due to that September morning, when not only our nation changed for ever, but the very world itself changed to a point that we may never be able to return from.

I sense a fear among many people of these United States, a fear that they swaddle in hate filled rhetoric. They speak of other people as if they are not human, as if simply based on their place of birth, or their chosen faith, that they are unworthy of our humanity. These fearful people attempt to hide their fear from the world by calling others animals, or barbarians. We see these people being murdered by actual barbarians and they say, “let the Muslims kill the Muslims”.  Is this what Christ would say?

Yes it has been twelve years, and no, we will never forget that day, nor should we, but neither should we allow that day to rob us of the one thing that has always raised this nation above all others, our moral superiority, the ability to know right from wrong, not simply based upon our national interest alone, but based upon knowing as a nation, that if we turn a blind eye towards man’s inhumanity towards man, if we allow terrible people to do terrible things to innocent people, then we have become no better than the men who flew those planes into the Towers and the Pentagon on that clear crisp September morning twelve years ago. And that my friends and fellow citizens is not the America I grew up in.

So on this anniversary of September 11th I will ask what I know will be hard for many, and impossible for  some, let us pray for those lost, for the children, the wives and husbands, the fathers, the mothers, the sons, the daughters, brothers and sisters, for all those who were affected by that tragedy. Let us pray for all who gave their lives seeking a justice for those lost on that day. Let us pray for our nation, that we as a nation will not fall prey to the human nature that can lead us to hatred that we are told will condemn our very souls. So on this day I ask all of us to pray for the souls of the very enemy that seeks to destroy us, pray that their eyes and hearts should become open to the saving graces of the one true God. We are all children of Abraham after all.

God Bless America!


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  1. Laffter says:

    Frank- nice job

    Sometimes, I would like to throttle you, gently

    Sometimes , hug you firmly

    After reading that- there is a hug coming your way 🙂

    Pass tomorrow with the feeling of peace and love – that is what will conquer the fear.

  2. waterpirate says:

    Foregive but never forget
    Allways vigilent

  3. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    The House of Tuxamus Maximus just wants to say in unison “GREAT JOB MR. KNOTTS” with a standing ovation from all here at TM.

  4. delacrat says:

    “So on this day I ask all of us to pray for the souls of the very enemy that seeks to destroy us…”


    That’s a humane sentiment, but I get the impression that many Americans talk as if time began on 9/11/2001.

    Anyone well-informed of the Middle East prior to 9/11/2001 understands the “enemy” does not seek to destroy us.
    They just want us to stop s******g with their countries.

  5. Frank Knotts says:

    WP, agreed, and thank you Taxi-Maxi. delacrat, of course you are correct to a certain extent. However, specifically when talking about Bin Laden I think we were dealing with a person who rose to a level of importance fighting the Soviet Union, and when that was over he needed a new enemy to hold onto that level of importance. We were but the next natural choice as the other super power. We knew for close to ten years if not longer that he was planning an attack, he announced it on many occasions. We failed, not as democrats or republicans, but as Americans to defend America.

  6. Laffetr says:

    I feel neglected Frank….but that’s ok

    Nice post- good comments everyone and frank our statement re: we failed as AMERICANS

    yes, we did, and if keep up this stupid partisan shit…..we are continuing to do so

    The right needs to lean left and the left needs to lean right
    It’s all about COMPROMISE,

    Can we be there?

  7. Frank Knotts says:

    A thousand pardons Laffter, your comment is also welcomed and appreciated. You are correct that the current state of no compromise what so ever is leading us to miss opportunities to move the nation forward.

  8. earl lofland says:

    Should we elect public officials to force you or anyone you know to convert to Islam? Christianity? Buddism? Humanism? Any religious faith or any particular doctrine that a religious faith holds?

    If you say NO

    Why do you support electing public officials l who agrees to either send state tax dollars to Washington, or those to go to Washington only to appropriate tax dollars that in part comes from the State of Delaware’s taxpayers for “humanitarian aid” and military supplies (also supplied by tax dollars), to foreign governments who not only oppose religious freedom, those same countries (like Saudi Arabia) enforce Sharia Law that includes capital punishment upon its citizens who openly oppose their governments selected religion or wish to openly practice another religion other than the governments selected religous beliefs- such as Wahhabism and Strict Sharia Law
    When you vote for public officials who agree to appropriate funding and military aid to countries such as Saudi Arabia in exchange for foreign oil, you are agreeing to violate your own civil rights, to spread another countries particular religious beliefs throughout the world. In the case of Saudi Arabia; Wahhabisim a strict Sunni Islamic doctrine that follows Sharia Law.

    Some will accuse me of being an isolationist. When in fact I am actually suggesting our elected officials use ‘common sense’ in matters of logical foreign policy.

    If a country seeks US funding or miltary aid but violates our constitution why should we violate it ourselves, to appease or even capitulate to “a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.”

    Again, I say, If a country violates our constitution why should we elect public officials to violate it for us ” Yes that is how sharia law has been spread around the globe. By constantly putting people in office-appropriating federal funding under the guise “Humanitarian Aid” or foreign policy to protect US interests abroad while overlooking the facts that slavery, and a plethora of civil right violations occur daily by those very governments we fund, while they continue to spread their religious theocracy abroad. thus prima facia American voters are saying to the rest of the world; our rights really are not all that important.

  9. delacrat says:


    There is NO Sharia Law lurking under your bed.

  10. Frank Knotts says:

    Earl, I think we can remove the fear of other religions from your scenario. Why should we think that our money should decide how another country worships? I do agree however that a nation state that abuses women or other groups should be on the no support list. Of course our foreign aid is used to influence foreign nations in our own interest, but when those nations show that it is a one way street, then the funding should be cut. So no we should not be funding dictators, but aiding other democratic nations is in our best interest. As for the Saudis? Well that is a unique situation, it is a nation run by a royal family, but the people are free to leave, but if they choose to stay, then they live by the rules imposed. Much like the “love it or leave it” bumper stickers that we see here. And remember that while we see Sharia law from our own prism, as being excessive, many Muslims see our laws as being weak and the reason our society is so depraved. While I agree that the money spent should net results, we must be realistic on what we expect.

  11. laffter says:

    I don’t see a whole lot difference between Sharia law and far right extremist Christians and that includes – multiple marriage sects of Mormanisn and other Christian sects like the David Koresch etc….

    As a mater of fact i wonder how many actual Muslims Earl actually KNOWS or Saudis for that matter……
    Having been around quite a few in my day, I found the similarities amazing and the differences minimal – and we had open and honest discussions about all sorts of very tricky subjects – sex, marriage, women’s rights etc and there were men and women in the conversation

    before anyone condemns the race,or a religion I suggest they actually research and discuss the issue with an open mind – one might just be surprised.

    Frank -you are right – the women I know see us as exploiting our young women and after the Miley Cyrus debacle – – I can’t blame them.

  12. Dave says:

    “If a country violates our constitution…”

    Actually Earl, given the fact that no other country is bound by our constitution, the only country that could possibly violate it ours.

    There are two facets of our actions regarding foreign aid and assistance. One is humanitarian, in that it is the right thing to do. The other is national interest/security, in that we have strategic concerns that need to be considered when deciding what, where, and who to support with word, actions, and dollars.

    It would be nice to be able to apply to clear tests and criteria and having passed or fail we would act accordingly to a country/nation. But then that is not real life. Real life is messy. It’s never black and white. So, we try and do the best we can knowing that we will make mistakes and hopefully learn from those mistakes.

  13. Hube says:

    Anyone well-informed of the Middle East prior to 9/11/2001 understands the “enemy” does not seek to destroy us.
    They just want us to stop s******g with their countries.

    While I certainly agree the US should mind its own business, if we completely withdrew from the mid-east today, radical Islam would STILL be in action. In fact, it would be a lot bolder. Anyone well-informed about the topic should know that.

  14. delacrat says:


    Religion does not explain 9/11, any more than it does My Lai, Nanjing or Deir Yassin.

  15. Hube says:

    Religion does not explain 9/11, any more than it does My Lai, Nanjing or Deir Yassin.

    Technically, you’re right. It’s a corruption of religion. But keep telling yourself religion doesn’t play a role. Hopefully it’ll keep you comfortable in that alternate reality.

  16. delacrat says:


    Since I’m not a Muslim and don’t even speak or read Arabic, I don’t claim to be the authority on Islam, “radical”, “corrupted” or otherwise, as you seem to be.
    It just seems too easy to assume the problem lies in their religion, not us s******g their countries. Their religion is not something we can change, hence, it gets us off the hook.
    However, if we stopped s******g, many of those whose livelihoods depend on s******g, would need to find gainful and socially redeeming employment in an economy they’ve long since hollowed out.

  17. earl lofland says:

    I have a few questons to ask each of you who have posted comments since I made my last comment.

    Do you realize that the US Dollar is dependent upon Saudi Arabia selling oil to the US using US Dollars?

    Do you think the US Dollar should be valued on something other than foreign oil supplies ?

    Do you know who Gehad el Hadad is?
    Do you know which non profit organizations he has worked for?
    Hint one is a former US President the other had 61 organizations named by the US Justice Dept for funding terrorism.

    Would realize our national debt is over $16 Trillion Dollars? And to raise the debt ceiling again would mean that since 1997 the debt ceiling has been raised by 300 percent?

    Do you realize there are ways of improving our economy while stabilizing the US Dollar and provide a means of adding over 200,000 jobs

    Do you think that stopping US dependence on foreign oil needs to end? And this would reduce the clear and present dangers of US funding radical islamic terrorism?

  18. delacrat says:


    This is not “twenty questions” .

  19. earl lofland says:

    If you don’t wish to share your knowledge related to foreign policy, the economy, the national debt, it’s alright. I was hoping you would shed a more objective discussion. I was wrong.

  20. Laffter says:

    Earl….nothing u have to say is objective in any way

    And certainly nothing is proven ….it’s all speculation and conspiracy theory

    Stay with the grassy knoll and the tri- lateral commission and the Bilderberger group

    Safer for everyone…..

  21. earl lofland says:

    I guess you also are disinterested in sharing what knowledge you have related to what I asked. Your remarks are below me to even make a comment .

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