I Am Shocked And Amazed!

Last night the Independent Party of Delaware, or IPOD as they have come to be known, held an open house, meet and greet to show case their latest acquisition from the GOP, Mr. Don Ayotte. Mr. Ayotte is a failed candidate for many things, the latest being a failed run at the County Council seat, currently held by Joan Deaver (D). It would seem however that within the IPOD he has finally gotten what he has so long sought, a title before his name, wait for it, yes Don Ayotte is officially the “Director of Special Operations”.  WOW! One has to wonder whether he will now dress in all black and only work at night?

There has been a lot of buzz in Sussex County as of late over the announcement of Mr. Ayotte leaving the GOP, all of it coming from Mr. Ayotte. He and the state Chairman of the IPOD, Wolf von Baumgart, felt that this was such earth shattering news that they trotted out to both local talk radio stations in the area and put on their dog and pony show of announcing this, as if it were the political event of the century.  During these visits to the stations they also announced the open house event numerous times. Hey who doesn’t like free advertisement?

Due to the pre-event media coverage the turn out was exactly what we would have expected it to be.  “15”

This is from a Facebook comment from Douglas Beatty in response to a poster who thought the event had been canceled when they arrived because the parking lot was empty,

“Don’s truck was there when I got there 😉 . Didn’t miss too much. Dr. Issa is the new Community Outreach Director, Ayotte is Director of Special Operations, I am  Communications Director, registered a few new party members, Lacey Lafferty  introduced herself as intending to be a gubernatorial candidate in 2016, Wolf, Don, and I gave brief presentations on the Independent party. Fifteen people showed up, no media. Very nice gathering, we learned a lot from Don. Highlight is that a man who never registered to vote at all registered tonight. So that’s a good night no mater what.”

So as we can see Mr. Beatty is the “communications  director”, yet failed to have any media at the event, and by his official statement as “communications  director”, we see that the IPOD need only to hold another several thousand of these events to actually grow the IPOD enough to be relevant.

I welcome Mr. Beatty, who has become a regular commenter here at Delaware Right, to please feel free to elaborate on parts of this statement. Such as, if Lacy Lafferty was there to announce her intention to run for governor in 2016, does this mean that she will be an IPOD candidate?  Also we would like to know exactly what a “director of special operations” does, exactly?  But most of all we would love to know what they learned from Don.

So you see I have to admit I am shocked and amazed that they were actually able to get fifteen people to show up at all.

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  1. Laffter says:

    First, we had the land of mis-fit toys

    Now, we have the party of mis-fits- I don’t think this motley crew will do as well as the mis-fit toys, they are missing the dentist.

    I am quickly running out of popcorn

  2. Harry Whittington says:

    I wonder how many of the IPOD’s registered voters thought they were registering as true Independents and had no idea they were getting into bed with these people?

  3. Doug Beatty says:

    Frank, I did indeed fail to get any media there despite inviting broadcast and print media people via FaceBook event page. . Harry, not exactly. Independent Party isn’t just a catchphrase. People aren’t getting into bed with us. Independent for real.

    These are all questions that would have been answered to your satisfaction had you actually accepted our gracious invitation to attend and have a coffee with us.

    There most likely will not be any media at our next function but I’ll be sure to invite you.

  4. John Hay says:

    While you write of irrelevant idiots, 41 members of the ruling party are passing poor legislation in our great capitol. Keep your eye on what really matters.

  5. Harry Whittington says:

    Isn’t Lacey Lafferty a Sussex GOP ED? If so, she needs to be removed immediately and completely from any type of leadership/voting position within the Sussex County Republican Party. Delaware eliminated fusion, she can’t be a Republican AND an IPOD.

  6. Anonymous says:

    IPOD or Republicans, the result is the same, they both get their asses handed to them on election day.

  7. Doug Beatty says:

    Lacey Lafferty is, and presented as a republican at our meet and greet. Being the Independent Party we welcome different viewpoints. Simply taking advantage of an opportunity to get in front of engaged voters could be seen as a strong move by a potential candidate.

    Any political consultant knows that no republican can win statewide office in Delaware without pulling a large percentage of unaffiliated voters. In the 2012 election cycle many candidates actually sought the Independent Party endorsement.

    We do not know whether or not Ms. Lafferty will be seeking an IPoD endorsement but she and other candidates are certainly welcome to address our group at meetings as time permits.

    The partisans don’t decide elections, it’s the swing voters, the independent voters who do that. Speaking to groups who aren’t tied to either major party might simply be seen as a good campaign strategy by some.

    Ms. Lafferty made known her strong commitment to the GOP and it’s core principles during her address.

  8. Frank Knotts says:

    “Ms. Lafferty made known her strong commitment to the GOP and it’s core principles during her address.”

    So did Don! Just saying!

  9. anon says:

    “We do not know whether or not Ms. Lafferty will be seeking an IPoD endorsement.”

    Of course she will. It’s the first place people go when they can’t earn a real spot on the ballot.

  10. Harry Whittington says:

    Doug, yes, a Republican candidate can’t win statewide without UNAFFILIATED voters, not IPOD voters.

    There are over 140,000 UNAFFILIATED voters in Delaware, there are less than 3,000 IPOD voters in Delaware.

    Getting an endorsement from the IPOD does NOT mean a candidate is endorsed by the 140,000+ UNAFFILIATED voters in this state.

    I have heard IPOD candidates, in past elections, claim that their IPOD endorsement was the equivalent of being endorsed by the state’s independents – a claim that will be vigorously debunked in future election cycles.

  11. Doug Beatty says:

    Being on the IPoD ballot and being endorsed by the executive board as a candidate are two different things.

    This group seems to create their own delusions and confusions. Lacey Lafferty is not a member of IPoD or seeking the IPoD nomination.

    Don Ayotte is dedicated to growing the Independent Party and not running for office. Dr. Jahi Issa is likewise dedicated to growing the party and not contemplating a run for office.

    We will be meeting Dr. Issa for dinner in Dover this Saturday night, mostly to let some party and board members get to know him better and discuss his vision for community outreach. I’ll post specifics when we nail down the venue.

    Our next event will be a pot-luck covered dish supper at the Manor House on May 4, at five o’clock p.m. EST. All are welcome.

  12. Mike Protack says:

    The IPOD has potential as the D’s and R’s are not serving the state very well. Good luck to Don and the IPOD.

    In 2008 I withdrew from the Governor’s race after getting beat in the R primary and not being able to establish any phone contact with IPOD for almost 48 hours. Still, unaffiliated voters and independent voters are not being served well in Delaware and the GOP in Delaware is clearly not going to get better any time soon.

  13. Doug Beatty says:

    Frank, you are invited to join us for Dutch treat at Uno’s in Dover on Saturday at 7:00 p.m. We are having a meal with Dr. Issa and perhaps he will share his thoughts with us on Community Outreach.

  14. Frank Knotts says:

    Doug, I appreciate the invitation, however I am a delegate at the state GOP convention that day, maybe another time, if you wouldn’t mind having a “white supremacist ” at the table. 🙂

  15. Laffter says:

    As one of those ” un affiliated ” voters, I cannot wait to let them all know ( as many as I can, anyway) about our friend Mr. Ayotte….and some others.

    His screaming, yelling, posting under multiple name, banning, blocking, censoring, and all the rest. If he wanted to make a name for himself, he has certainly done that and more. And the government hand outs.

    And of course there is the NEWS JOURNAL article about Mr. Protack’s FB temper tantrums. And racial comments and attacks on multiple people there, via postcards, social media and letters

    If Protack is among the group I would love to see how Dr. Issa’s community outreach will go. Hope his Spanish is good, he will need it in a couple of Districts in Wilmington. Protack did serious damage to himself in the City .

    Nice to know the IPoD is represented but such “classy” folks.

  16. Doug Beatty says:

    Not at all, in fact in North Carolina Dr. Issa actually had KKK members in his African History classes.

    There will always be the following Saturday at Manor House for the covered dish pot luck supper starting around Five in the evening.

  17. Mike Protack says:

    As always hate and discontent by cowards. The simple fact about Face book, the comments noted by the News Journal were posted when I was flying an airplane. The News Journal as usual went by “liberal” sources without any facts.

    I feel so sorry for the hateful losers who use fake names because they lack courage and backbone, how sad to live the life of coward.

  18. Anon says:

    Ah, the Router argument returns! You would think with your history of security issues you’d be more careful with your Facebook password. By the way, there’s Internet access in planes now. You’ve never been a good liar, Mike.

  19. Mike Protack says:

    Anon, you are clearly the dumbest person in Delaware. Flying a plane at 35,000 feet and 8 miles a minute is something you could never do because you are too stupid. Perhaps you don’t understand the job or for that matter anything. We do not have internet access in the cockpit.

    You are the one with issues which is why you hide in the shadows like the coward you are. I have no issues and generally love laughing at misfits like you who have achieved nothing and live through others who have. So sad for you.

    For those with an IQ above 15 which is not Anon, FB accounts are easy to hack so I took mine down and all of the dates and posts in question were when I was flying.

    If you gain any form of human intelligence, respond. Otherwise go back to your loser life of being no one.

  20. Mike Protack says:

    Poor Anon, you need to step up your game.

    In the past the De GOP did a lot better. Two years ago a former NCC Chair forged a letter saying I made death threats against him and went to the FBI. Total farce. How about the De GOP in 2004 when they let Dave Graham in the Governor’s race and never cashed his check to hurt my chances. How about in 2006 when the De GOP allowed Christine O’Donnell to file 5 minutes before the deadline with an out of state third party check for the wrong amount to hurt me against Jan Ting. How about the GOP lawyer who attempted to get my FAA records from my Dr Office and and my employer? How about the weekly information fed to wRONg Williams, a guy I never spoke to in person?

    You are pretty weak but I do appreciate you living through me as you will never accomplish anything on your own.

    The De GOP rots away and you sit at a keyboard pretending to be somebody.

  21. anon says:

    Thanks for chiming in, 0-fer. Keep an eye out for people standing in your driveway trying to access your router.

    And I’ll be laughing for weeks at the idea that someone would waste their time hacking your Facebook account in order to viciously attack your personal political enemies for you.

  22. joyce barrob says:

    I just recently mailed my form to change my party affiliation to the Independent Party of Delaware and don’t consider myself a misfit at all. The reason for the change is twofold. First, I had to fight for over an hour to vote in the last presidential election, where the polling place lost my registration. I then found they had changed me from unaffiliated to democrat. I will choose my own affiliation or lack thereof, thank you very much. Second, I plan to take an active role with the party to unseat others who have corrupted Delaware politics. We are getting significant financial support from groups appalled at what is going on here. For example, the ratio of minority owned business in Delaware is shameful compared to national proportions. My husband and i are fighting tooth and nail against special interest groups in Sussex county attempting to prevent us from creating permanent Kent county jobs. One on line surf fishing publication outright lied that over twenty individuals were arrested for poaching in a single night, then lowered it to over a dozen when i asked for a retraction. According to fish and wildlife, no such incident occurred and since they were quoted as the source, asked the writer to issue a retraction at which point his web site mysteriously crashed. I was warned those folks would make things interesting. One of the next tricks involved phoning our vendors and telling them our orders should be cancelled due to us going out of business. I’ve been investigating the company who holds most of the Sussex beach replenishment contracts and am appalled. The company does severe environmental damage in other cities and is heavily funded by hostile foreign countries. They set up shop in one beach, collect an easy million or two and move down the list. This same organization is behind proposed dredging projects of the delaware and owns a substantial interest in the source of sand trucked in when the borrowing area is insufficient. And, they are under federal investigation for failure to follow gaap, and the president/COO was recently fired. Is it any cooincidence they contribute heavily to democrat senate campaigns only to have their greed disguised as help, when Delaware is losing half a billion in annual revenue as a result? I know the route one pac is a front for one person and tied to seven other sites I have found so far. I would have been at the meeting last weekend but between fighting the efforts to put us out of business and my recovery from recent spinal surgery, we couldn’t make the trip. We are being forced to clean up decades of debris from our property, state property and others before being allowed to open and create jobs. So far its over 150 cubic yards carried by hand by a middle-aged disabled couple who refuse to allow Sussex county special interests from closing a Hispanic owned business.

    As for whether we have resources or not, you may be in for a surprise. Don’t underestimate my family, our business, or the ability of a few dedicated people to cause massive changes when scandals are exposed.

  23. joyce barron says:

    As for whether its important that biased local media showed up or not, I would say not. My experience with wdel especially is that they are prejudiced on their side. What is important is whether individuals have the knowledge and power to bypass traditional media today, and i have the ability to do so. I apologize if I seem gruff but I see my husband working ten to eighteen days, then spending his free time getting our business running. I am not accusing anyone of hacking. I have written confirmation that the online magazine lied outright, and records of our cancelled orders due to dirty tricks. If this is the best you can do to bully me, you have to try a lot harder to scare this old granny who walks with a cane. I’m not afraid and I’ve had people underestimate me before.

  24. joyce barron says:

    Laffta, do you speak for the entire right movement in your problem with Spanish speaking individuals? I have to say I only know enough to know when not to repeat something, but my husband and his family would have no problem communicating with the community or appreciating their concerns. Their family has been American citizens for generations but appreciate their roots. I’ll make sure to pass the attitudes of this pac along to the national Hispanic leadership council when they are discussing future endorsements.

  25. Doug Beatty says:

    Hi Joyce,

    I’d like to welcome you to IPoD. A point that seems to be hard for our friends here to grasp is that this is truly the Independent Party.

    We do have a platform based on returning power to the voters and fighting corruption – http://voteipod.blogspot.com

    I do understand the confusion of our dear friends here. They are used to the duopoly of political machines we call the two party system. We don’t have party bosses.

    Our immediate goal is to increase registration until we are in the primary elections. With more unaffiliated voters than republicans that’s not unreasonable. Unaffiliated voters retain all of their independence yet gain the benefits of party membership by joining IPoD, such as ballot access without filing fees and participation in the primaries as we expand.

    Joining IPoD isn’t endorsing my views, Wolf’s, Lafferty’s, Protack’s or Ayotte’s. In fact to the best of my knowledge Lafferty and Protack are with the GOP. Joining IPoD is simply declaring your freedom from the two party system.

    Despite the ad hominem attacks we bear no ill will to our friends at Delawareright.com and wish them well with their mission to move Delaware forward.

  26. Frank Knotts says:

    WOW! You guys are funny. Joyce my dear, I will allow your blatant breaking of the rules about run-on comments and multiple comments since this is on a dead thread anyway. However, if in the future you would like to post an article, please submit it through our contact us email and we will consider it.
    This is the saddest put up I have ever seen. first you come out of the blue on a dead thread and then Mr. Beatty just happens to show up to welcome you to the POD people.
    Well let me also welcome you to the IPOD, from your comment above I would say you will fit right in.
    First you registration issue is with the state department of elections, not any one party. Second you view that there are not enough minority owned businesses in the state may be legitimate, but how is that the falt of the state or anyone else. If a business is viable then it will succeed. Again, your tendency to play the victim makes you a perfect fit for the POD people.

  27. Doug Beatty says:

    Thanks for the gracious welcome to our new member Frank.

    IPoD welcomes all citizens who do not desire to participate in the two party system.

    Actually, Mr. Beatty is subscribed to the thread and thought it appropriate to welcome Joyce to the party as I’ve never met or communicated with her.

    Please accept my sincere apology if you find my actions inappropriate.

    It’s always a pleasure to see you exercise your wit and skill as a wordsmith, as well as to experience your vast knowledge and insight on the political landscape.

  28. Frank Knotts says:

    Mr. Beatty say, “IPoD welcomes all citizens who do not desire to participate in the two party system. ”
    More like all who wish to not actually participate in governing.

  29. Doug Beatty says:

    That’s one way to put it Frank.

    However most people don’t want to govern, they just want to vote and be responsible citizens. Currently unaffiliated voters outnumber republicans.

    All IPoD is doing is giving this demographic ballot access and with enough registrations there will be open primaries.

    I’m not sure why you are so anxious to demean and deride but I hope that strategy is of great value to you and Delawareright.com in moving Delaware forward.

  30. Frank Knotts says:

    I would say that in a system of government that holds, “We The People” as its mantra, that we all are a part of governing through our votes, that is the entire idea behind a representative republic form of government. So it is the choices we make in electing those people to represent us that we demonstrate our desires for how we wish to be governed and if we choose people who have no chance of winning then we have demonstrated no desire to govern.

  31. Doug Beatty says:

    So everybody who voted for and supported Jeff Cragg as I did had no desire to govern?

    Does that mean you backed Markell?

    I would say that sometimes you have to stand up for what’s right even if you have to stand alone.

    The GOP didn’t even field a candidate against Beau Biden, they didn’t run anybody against Schwartzkopf, or Blevins.

    How strong is their desire to govern?

    There are leaders in this world who will step out front and take on challenges regardless of the odds and there are followers who seek the safety of numbers.

    Which type gave us this republic?

  32. Doug Beatty says:

    To elaborate on ‘no chance of winning’ Doug Campbell did run on the IPoD ticket against Biden for Attorney General.

    As an IPoD, with very little money Campbell got 21% of the vote.

    As a GOP candidate for Governor Jeff did somewhat better at 28.9%.

    Bearing in mind that IPoD has never organized until now I’m not sure why feel you have such standing to be so derisive towards anybody and anyone who associates with IPoD.

    But I do wish you the best of success with that strategy.

  33. joyce barron says:

    Socatres once said when the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser. Seems like Frank is blustering a lot about people he does not perceive as a threat, and this article started off as a personal attack. Think about that people. Do you want to join a party of good old bullies who think their relatively small fortune allows them to control your lives, or a diverse group of intelligent thinkers who have researched issues and can offer workable, cost efficient solutions based on your input as to what matters to the common citizen? I’m able to calmly discuss any isssue. I’ve been involved in politics nationally for thirty years or so behind the scenes. My daughter tells me now is the time when it is my duty to step into the spotlight as the threats against our health, liberty and pursuit of happiness are great. I welcome the ability for a public debate with Frank also broadcast on a google meeting place where we can discuss any ten issues of his choosing that face Delaware and what his solutions are. Since we are all lunatics without a chance of a snowball in hades, i think he would welcome the opportunity to humiliate us publicly. To make it interesting, how about a scholastic team format where the public submits the questions electronically? I know my daughter was the stage manager for the presidential debate at Drexel and it fueled her interest in politics. However, she said she thought she accidentally insulted John Edwards when she told him she worked helping her mom put up campaign signs for his first campaign when still a toddler. If Frank is unfamiliar with technology required for this, its really quite simple, a laptop and webcam, and for the public meeting place, probably a projector unit and screen.

  34. joyce barron says:

    Wow I wasn’t aware I was breaking the rules. Let me address your personal attacks individually. First this thread is less than three weeks old. To me that is not a dead thread, unless you realize the folly of your post and want it to die a quick, private death. Unfortunately with the internet things stay around longer. Second, I am not playing the victim but i am refusing to play the Delaware way game. My business is viable and is succeeding despite libel and interference with our doing business. We are aware of another fishing related small business who has experienced many of the same issues and is taking it to court. We have offered our assistance in showing a malicious pattern of behavior. But if you bothered to go to the US census you would see that Delaware ratio of minority owned business is substantially below national averages. Why is that? To me racial equality and fairness is a serious campaign issue. Small businesses generate the vast majority of new jobs. If we are keeping large population groups from economic.success as a pervasive pattern, something is wrong. Third my comments tend to be long as I have lots of well thought out opinions and am not shy about expressing them. I get worse when I see bullies attacking others in public. So get over it or better yet, quit being a bully. Fourth, Mr beatty thank-you for your gracious welcome. Since I just changed affiliation in the last few days his gesture and good manners are both timely and appreciated. Tell your mama she did good in teaching you manners. Fifth I have no desire to submit an article at this time as i prefer less biased forums. The length of future comments will depend on the issue, and the quantity on the number of sub topics addressed. Since you have no problem with stereotypes Frank, feel free to call me that big mouthed beotch or any of the other degrading names for females I am sure are in your arsenal. I dont mind, I can take it and have most likely heard worse or more creative terms of disaffection.

  35. joyce barron says:

    As for your remarks about the kkk. I don’t agree with them politically but often saw them in public in south Carolina. I remember once waiting on a car for a friend who had an errand in orangeburg and finding myself in the midst of a kkk parade through a mostly black town. It was pretty scary but the residents pretty much ignored them as idiots. But the kkk used Microsoft’s database software years ago to manage membership and we had to occasionally take support calls from them. I have to say their employees were much more polite and pleasant to deal with than some of the people here.

  36. doug says:


    Frank isn’t likely to debate you.

    He’ll might even say that his contract precludes such.

  37. joyce barron says:

    What a shame as I would have welcomed a calm, rational discussion. I can understand franks hesitancy in meeting me in a battle of wits, however. As for the contract argument, I am confused as earlier this year he publicly stated he would only discuss political topics in his own venue due to his repeated clashes with his then employers. But perhaps he’s found an employer more in line with his opinions since then.

  38. Laffter says:

    Wow, Joyce

    1 you came in here slinging insults

    2 you attacked me and totally misinterpreted my comment about Protack- unless you know the story I referred to( which you obviously do not) you would be embarrassed to read the offensive racially disturbing comments he publicly made.
    Look for it in the News Journal

    3 those of us that read and or post have a long familiarity with mr Beatty and his……..ilk- wait until you cross him and he goes after you……all over the Internet and threatens you- you will sing a different tune
    He is well known for his instability and unstable behavior-
    Using multiple IP addresses and multiple identities to post.

    4 I have no bone with you and no problems with you- but look behind the masks before you are so quick to judge. ,any be some of the comments reflect the past knowledge most of us have with the likes of Mr Beatty and while I don’t agree politically with Frank often- I have found him becoming more open and thoughtful

    Unlike others, he doesn’t threatened to out folks who post, brow beat and malign- and while he can be snarky and curt, so can we all, and that is not the issue

    Here is a link for you –


    so here you can choose to accept or reject the real nature of Mr Beatty and the fellow IPod travelers.

    Good luck!

  39. Laffter says:

    Joyce- also try here

    Start around May 6 comments- quite the revelation


    But you be your own judge

    Peace out

  40. Frank Knotts says:

    Doug, you do stumble over the language sometimes. “No chance of winning” means just that. Your example of the 21% the IPOD candidate recieved only shows that he could not even achieve as much as the GOP did, and most likely would not have gotten that much if the GOP had put up a candidate for that office. Which we do agree on, the GOP has failed to put up candidates in far too many races, a problem that must be solved. This does not however change the fact that the IPOD has no real chance of winning anytime soon. So they and their supporters have no chance to govern.
    Joyce, you are playing Mr. Beatty’s game of putting words in my mouth. I have never used such language in posting and actually will delete such abusive language.
    Grow up!
    As for debating you publically? Well what do you think we are doing right now?
    Also I am sorry, but as I have said in the past I have an exclusive agreement with Delaware Right, if I were to debate anyone on a web-based radio broadcast it would have to be on Delaware Right.
    You also stated that you would not submit an article to such a biased site as Delaware Right. But doesn’t the fact that we would consider it show that we are open to all opinions, even those we disagree with? I actually welcome opposing view points to allow myself to disect them. But maybe you just aren’ t up to the challenge either.

  41. Doug Beatty says:


    The GOP has been around since 1854 and has considerable resources.

    IPoD is about thirteen years old, has less than four thousand members and a zero treasury.

    From the platform linked to my name in this comment:

    The Independent Party of Delaware exists to elect independent candidates (those
    not affiliated with major parties) in the greater Public Interest.

    This party has never organized, tried to raise money or expand until now. Becoming the third largest party in Delaware is a direct result of people being fed up with the major parties.

    Again, you can deride us for getting out there and leading. You can demean our accomplishments and our presence. But you can’t stop the inevitable.

    DeGOP has been losing members in unfunny quantities. In the short 12 years I’ve been here it’s over 100,000 members if I’m not mistaken.

    IPoD is growing because we value diversity. We want all voices at the table and our active membership is small, but incredibly diverse.

    What we have done is take people who would be enemies under the duopoly of the two party system and literally set them down at the table to find common ground.

    What you and your sycophants seem unable to grasp is that there is no party hierarchy. It’s a flat hierarchy.

    A while back you made a comment about Wolf taking John Atkins as a candidate in 2012 on Delaware Liberal. That just shows your lack of perception.

    Wolf gets ONE vote at the convention and you can bet your furry butt it wouldn’t go to John Atkins. Not that John would want to run on our ticket.

    What we are setting as an immediate goal is to organize activist who will help us expand to that magic five percent so we on the board have NO say over who gets on our ballot. We want that to be decided by the voters without interference from party bosses.

    This is what makes us different from GOP and the Democrats. We embrace conservatives like we would anyone else. We also have some recent defections from activist Democrats.

    Instead of demeaning those who are to the right of my views or the left of my views I strive to include them in a constructive dialogue. This is our philosophy.

    Something is working for us. We might be small but we are growing.

    Our numbers keep growing and now with organizers who have track records in both parties we will grow faster. So what if we don’t take an office in 2014, does that mean we quit?

    Did the continental army pack it in and quit? Would you have advised them to do so?

    What about the civil rights movement? After the first bus of freedom riders got killed would you have advised them to give up?

    Last night two more EDs’ defected and we are actually more interested in unaffiliated voters than GOP or Democrats.

    But four republicans are joining IPoD as a result of Don, Dr. Issa and I attending the Sussex 9/12.

    Instead of demeaning them we want to hear them. When we disagree we want to have a conversation. I would humbly submit that’s going to be more effective in crafting constructive solutions than your strategy of marginalizing them by calling them the loudest but not most necessarily best informed voices.

    Delaware is an incredibly diverse and densely populated state. Personally I don’t think the state can reach it’s full potential without bringing all viewpoints to the table without interference from party bosses influenced by donor money.

    We may have to agree to disagree on that point.

  42. joyce barron says:

    Frank if i based my opinion of you,on media reports, I would have to say your actions demonstrate that the delaware liberal site was pretty accurate in their assessment of you. But I tend to judge people on their actions towards me so that is why I discount media reports of Mr. Ayotts actions. Years ago while serving on a charlotte nc task force, I had the pleasure of meeting Arthur griffin who was often reviled by the press for his stand on minority issues. After meeting I came to appreciate his dedication and was proud to help amend the state constitution to give him and others a better chance to be heard. Anyway as for the debate, I welcome a radio station as long as Google’s meeting place is included as well.

  43. Frank Knotts says:

    Doug, you may take what I am about to say as deriding certain people but I mean this honestly. The people who may splinter off from the GOP and move to the IPOD are many of the same people within the GOP that have not been, let us say, satisfied and have been working to disable the GOP through their constant efforts to challenge incumbents and the party in general. While no party wants to lose members, it may be a benefit for the unsatisfied within the GOP to go their own way, thus freeing the GOP from the constant internal battles and allowing them to focus outward.
    The question will be, can the IPOD syphon off enough members to one, build its own membership into a viable third party, and two, enough to actually make a difference in the GOP?
    Many believe that once the louder more radical of the GOP step away, the GOP will once again be able to attract those unaffiliated voters that you yourself state are needed to win in Delaware. That it has been the so called TEA members of the GOP that have driven away, not attracted voters to the GOP.
    Now as to my making a statement about Wolf and John Atkins? You will need to link to this please, because I do not remember making such a statement.
    Joyce, please submit your idea of a debate to our contact us email, the board will decide if it has any merit. As for myself, well anyone who knows anything about me knows that I do not shy away from a debate. But I personally would prefer the Lincoln- Douglass format, rather than the modern day type, where you are limited to three minute bumper sticker responses and the moderator controls the ebb and flow.

  44. Doug Beatty says:

    That’s an extremely valid point Frank, and a very valid question.

    Because historically the Independent Party of Delaware hasn’t organized for membership registration and has never made a very serious attempt at fundraising.

    Internet savvy folks know exactly what dollar amount is in our treasury. Zero. People know how many elections we’ve won. Zero.

    It’s not invalid at all to chose to work with an existing party that has people and procedures for recruiting candidates, registration drives, local meetings, etc..

    Don’s elegant soiree may have been the first ‘official’ IPoD meeting that wasn’t a nominating convention with idiots like me showing up at the last second to get on the ballot.

    While my desire to serve may have been admirable attempting to secure the office was an ill advised decision. The incumbent Mr. Blakey has earned his constituency the old fashioned way.

    Don Blakey has worked hard helping children and families longer than the half century I’ve been taking up space on this rock.

    Running against this man could have been the dumbest political bid of 2012. The reward was getting to know Don Blakey, who is a great public servant in my view.

    We don’t agree on every issue, but I have the highest respect for my representative.

    With half a working brain I might have realized that getting involved with party building would have been more productive in working towards my goals.

    We aren’t talking instant gratification here. IPoD is a new party, but it’s grown without doing anything because of the freedom.

    The challenge is to continue to respect diversity while we work towards common sense goals that meet with nearly universal acceptance.

    There is actually no ideological litmus test as demonstrated by Alex Pires and Mike Tedesco being on the same ticket.

    Left, right, center, it doesn’t matter as long as we work return the power to the voters. If we don’t have that we don’t have any democratic process and you can bet the constitutional republic is a goner.

    . We understand that you and others have a problem with the people being able to elect the independent Chief law enforcement officer, as is customary in most of America.


    That being a given I would like to know what other planks in our platform you object to. I didn’t hyperlink the address, I trust you could load it.

    We welcome dissent because we seriously value diversity. Without disagreement there can be no new ideas or solutions.

    Your comments would be most welcome.

    I would say that a party that’s only 13 years old with no treasury and no party bosses telling people how to think or vote taking 20 percent in a race is a statement.

    The fact that’s happened more than once is significant too.

    More to the point, while I the optimist and you the pessimist are arguing over the state of glass, whether half full or half empty the opportunists can be known to be having a drink on both us.

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