“I Have A Dream”

I am sorry I didn’t get this up sooner. I wonder how many people have actually heard the entire speech? Take the time it is well worth it.

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  1. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    ALL of the house of Tuxamus Maximus have listened to this speech before this week. Unknown as to how many times before this week but it was played at least twice this week in this house. Much was learned about the speech that was unknown to all in the house of Tuxamus Maximus.
    1) it was only intended to be a four to six minute speech until a ‘singer’ just behind Dr. King stated “tell them about the Dream!” and he did.
    2) talking about the “dream” turned it into a much longer speech but worth every moment in time to listen to by all for ages to come. Truly a visionary man and one of the all time greatest speeches ever made in modern history.
    3) the original typed out speech was handed to a man just after Dr. King finished and to this day he has turned down as much as $3.5M for it…not a word about the ‘dream’ in the two typed pages. The dream was in his heart and mind.

    Tuxamus Maximus knows we’ve made a lot of progress and in another 50 years maybe it will all be truly happening in the USA and THAT would be a beautiful world in which to live.

    Once again Tuxamus Maximus wishes all a great long weekend and comments from TM won’t happen until the TM moniker disappears from the home page.

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