If Only This Were Real This Time

We have seen this far too many times, in recent times.  We see some Republican, or a group of Republicans, or even all Republicans in congress putting on some big show of blocking a budget increase, and threatening to “shut down the government”.

The latest act comes from Senator Ted Cruz of Texas in the fight to block funding for Obama care. It started in the House, with Republicans passing a bill to extend the debt ceiling, AGAIN!, but tying it to defunding Obama care.

First of all this is but another empty show for fund-raising purposes. Does anyone really think that Republicans suddenly grew a spine and will actually allow the government to shut down? Not likely, since many remember what happened to Republicans after the shut downs during the Clinton administration.

So like in the past, the Republicans will take their threat up until the final seconds of the current extension, and then come out of some closed-door meeting, waving another empty agreement around and claiming victory, all while the debt grows higher and I’ll bet you, all while Obama care gets funded. History does and will repeat itself.

So enter Sen. Ted Cruz, Republican form Texas. He has been putting on a show over in the Senate, where by the way, the House Bill has as much chance as snow in August, Sen. Cruz has decided that reading Dr. Seuss books is the best way to get his point across. And what is his point?

Well I don’t think his point is to stop Obama care. Like so many of the TEA movement darlings in the past, of which Sen. Cruz is but the latest, he seems only to be promoting himself, setting himself up for a run at the White House.

I am sure I cannot be the only Republican that is tired of the circus acts of these TEA movement puppets. We get the clowns falling out of the car, we get the pretty girl riding in circles doing fancy tricks on horseback, we even get the daring trapeze artist. What we don’t get is any real change, we get nothing but empty promises and then we get sold some song and dance that they have worked out a compromise that does nothing to move conservatism, but simply allows the Democrats to have their way.

I commend the House Republicans for the bill to  de-fund Obama care, it is a good start. But only if they are willing to run the bluff. If they simply wait until the last possible moment and then cave, it only makes them look weak.

And Senator Cruz? Either read something of substance, or sit down. We are tired of the TEA movement and its antics, it may raise your one dollar donations, but it does nothing to convince people who conservative solutions will work.

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  1. delacrat says:

    And the GOP plan fix our healthcare system ?

    Ted Cruz is not talking about that…because there isn’t one.

  2. waterpirate says:

    Shutting down the Govt.= bad
    Extending the debt ceiling= bad
    Making a scene for scene sake=bad

    AHCA= nobody knows for sure. Having been to the states web site and plugged in my income and the plan that is comprable to the one I have now, I and my crew stand to save 4k by switching to the exchange from the plan that is currently offered. I think that if nothing else the AHCA is going to give people the means to have something rather than nothing. It will also define the word ” afordable ” meaning 10% of a persons income should be the max that they pay. That means that the raping and pillaging by the current HCP’s will stop, unless they want a mass exodus into the exchange being offered by the AHCA. I am just pissed that this is what it took to get my current HCP to be competitive rather than ” taking no financial prisoners “. I am sure as the end of the year approaches everyones current provider will tender a offer to keep their current customer base by having rates that mimick the ones being offered in the exchange.

    If the AHCA is such a train wreck as the antagonists claim, why cause such disruption? should you not be helping to implement a plan that you claim will fail? If it does or did fail you would be granted instant street cred, next election cycle.

  3. Laffter says:

    Their fear is palpable- and the fear is that it will work

    So we have theatre instead of serious governance

    That will be remembered at the polls

  4. Mike Protack says:

    Delacrat is always wrong. First, to want to stop BAD legislation does not require you to have an alternative, you have to vote against something which is terrible. However, the remedy for solving health care is in the states not the Feds. The Feds have screwed up Medicare and Medicaid to the point where either is viable. Medicaid has made no differences in outcomes and Medicare has $60 billion a year in fraud.

    Also, there have been several GOP proposals for portability and choice yet the clueless Dems want dependents not consumers.

    Now Tea Party wannabes. I don’t know is Sen Cruz is real or not but the Tea Party movement is so we will see. I certainly see him as a better choice the Gov Christie.

  5. waterpirate says:

    Health care reform first took center stage as Hillary care. It was turned back on a national level. What was the Delaware solution if you think the responsability lies with individual states? That notion is as hollow as the members of congress who are bitching now for the sake of throwing a temper tantrum with no plan to put forward inplace of the current AHCA.

  6. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    The house of Tuxamus Maximus has waited to hear back with the three business entities that make the House of Tuxamus Maximus exist. It was determined that speculation is all well and good but why not get feedback from those that provide Tuxamus Maximus healthcare. Tuxamus Maximus hopes all that read this are sitting down and understand the following. All three are businesses of over 50 employees, offer healthcare plans and yet small enough to be considered ‘small’ businesses. None are located in Sussex County.

    Quoting as best possible by entity #1: “For the last 11 years the business interests overseen have had healthcare increases in the double digit range. We’ve just negotiated a renewal of the same offering we’ve provided for many years that was under 4% of an increase. Nothing has changed except for the impending installation of Obamacare. NOTHING AT ALL. That’s a ‘savings’ of over $350,000 for the coming year. Tell me that’s not HUGE for all the interests involved in this healthcare plan and you’re living in a world that isn’t real.”

    Entitiy #2: From the HR director “We have received two rebates so far this year and didn’t know such a feature existed from healthcare insurers. We’ve been told to expect little or no increase for next year and the company rep has literally become a different person in the last three months in that there is no arrogance in her attitude. Claims have been paid that in the past would have been dragged along for months. This is totally new for us regarding this insurer.”

    Entity #3: “We are part of a co-op that does all negotiations on our behalf and won’t know until close to the end of the year when renewals are completed. We have been told to expect a much different rate increase than in past years”.

    This is REAL WORLD experience folks. Businesses that have offered healthcare in the past are seeing SAVINGS in the way of smaller increases that don’t break the back of small companies that, according to #1, “…aren’t so greedy that they don’t make the effort to provide for employees”.

    Say what you will but Waterpirate and Laffter got it right because this is REAL. Continual naysayer Protack can be as negative as he wants on all counts but small business is getting a bit of help in the healthcare offering front and it seems that Obamacare is the reason why.

  7. Frank Knotts says:

    Taxi-Maxi, not hard to believe that competition would lower cost, that is a conservative staple. Also a place to go and find information to help educate consumers also is a good thing, an informed consumer is a well armed consumer.
    However, you knew there was a however coming didn’t you? However, a mandate that takes the choice of whether or not to use these options is not Liberty. The fact that the government is subsidizing large numbers of people who still can’t afford the so called “affordable” health care means that you and I will still be funding them.
    Also many believe that these initial rates will increase, and most people, especially the young people, will see increases in their health care cost because Obama care also mandates the type of health care you must have, a whole laundry list of coverage that many choose not to have now, so they will be forced to buy higher costing plans than they would normally want.
    The bottom line is that this law steals our greatest Liberty, our right to make personal choices about the most personal of choices, how to protect our health. If it is a woman’s right of choice to have an abortion, why is it not my right to choose to not have to pay for health insurance I may not want and may never need?

  8. waterpirate says:

    The arguement that liberty is being stolen by requireing a level of health care is only true if the medical provider ( hospital ) can refuse service to a person or persons who have chosen to not insure, or a lesser level of coverage than a prudent person would carry for their age, needs ect.

    You cannot mandate one without the other, making us all no better than some other countries that allow those without cash or insurance to go without treatment.

  9. Frank Knotts says:

    WP, Liberty is lost when we are told we must purchase health care, or face penalties from the government. Again if a woman has the right to choose an abortion because it is her body, then why am I not free to choose how I protect mine from health related issues? i.e. health insurance.
    No one can be refused health care now, insured or not, so why the mandate? Because the other so called safety nets are unsustainable and running out of money, and this is a way, they think, to prop them up for a short time, by forcing young healthy people to buy insurance they either don’t want or don’t need.

  10. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    The House of Tuxamus Maximus offers that Mr. Knotts loss of ‘liberty’ is to many an OPPORTUNITY to have something they otherwise couldn’t afford yet desperately wanted for peace of mind. Some would be subsidized but many are hard working people that otherwise just couldn’t afford a policy before ACA. Being concerned about a ‘liberty’ in this instance is in the opinions here a very selfish line of thought.

    It seems that Mr. Knotts would rather take more money from small business on a yearly basis, on a double digit basis, to protect his ‘liberty’. Taxi Maxi would expect such thinking from Mike “Mr. Negative” Protack and of course Don A but such thinking from Mr. Knotts is so very disappointing.

    Standing ovation to Waterpirate. He gets it!

  11. Dave says:

    “No one can be refused health care now, insured or not, so why the mandate?”

    Frank, you kinda answered your own question. No one can be refused health care. So those who are not insured can be assured that they can always receive health care and just not have to pay for it.

    So, along with the mandate to provide health care to all comers (an unfunded mandate) comes the mandate to provide the means to pay for that health care.

    The ACA provides the means for me to not have to pay for your health care because you chose not have insurance. Now you have to pay your own way.

    Waterpirate said the same thing but. I just wanted to echo it.

  12. waterpirate says:

    Have you even been to the exchange to view the rates??? Had I had that option available to me 30 years ago, I would be alot happier and healthier now. The definition of affordable being 10% of your income just about says all I need to know about others complaining of costs.

    I am also growing weary of the ongoing rhetoric, including the liberty arguement. Change is hear. The amendment that should have come from the house should have simply said that the AHCA is going to go back onto the floor to examine short falls and make it better on an annuual basis, not scrap the whole thing cause I am mad.

    Listening to this crap we are being baraged with in the media is like hearing a child say ” I am going to hold my breath “.

    So if it is health liberty that you are after, how about a bill legaliseing the care providers refuseing you service if you opt out of the plan?

  13. Frank Knotts says:

    When the idea of Liberty becomes simply rhetoric, well then I guess it becomes easy to ignore.
    Our right to choose how we live our lives in my opinion is our greatest Liberty. I notice no one has touched on my question of my right to choose as opposed to a women’s right to choose.
    When you consider that a young person who chooses now to not buy insurance will be forced to buy insurance, then their rates will increase by 100%, along with people who have insurance they are happy with, but will be forced to buy the mandated policies, their rates also will increase, in some cases by 50 to 75%.
    If we were talking about the government mandating that every person must buy a gun, I wonder how many people would be in favor of that.
    AHCA may benefit some, it also is not what others want, why shouldn’t each of us be able to choose what we see as best for ourselves?
    Taxi-Maxi, those small business owners would not have to supply insurance if not for the mandate, and people are not forced to work there if insurance is their main concern.
    There are changes that could be made to improve the situation, the AHCA isn’t it in my opinion.

  14. waterpirate says:

    To expand on your definition of liberty, we should all be able to choose to stop paying taxes. I also do not agree with your standard talking points about rates and increases. It is simply not true, based on the published rates on line now for DE. You are also not going to be forced to change from your existing private coverage unless you choose to do so based on rates.

    The ACA is simply not the boogy man it is being portrayed as.

  15. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    The House of Tuxamus Maximus agreed to raise a toast in honor of Waterpirate and Dave at the dinner table last night! WP has obviously seen the light and understands the ‘why’ for ACA. Dave is just plain clued in all around. ACA may not be perfect but it’s better than the way healthcare has worked in the past. Obviously WP has been there and done that and has issues with the previous ‘system’.

    Taxi Maxi doesn’t have access to the crystal ball that Mr. Knotts (and others) enjoys but if the ACA turns out to be a dud in the years to come at least something that was geared towards the people was tried rather than the insurance and healthcare companies seeing the benefits. It sure is/was one sided for way too long. All market based comments aside…HEALTH should be FAIR.

    All TM’s raised our glasses in toast of Waterpirate and Dave in heartfelt appreciation.

    Laffter is missed. So is Harry and others. Hope all is good in life.

    TM’s will get back to the ‘choose’ thing asap. A few ladies have offered feedback on this one already. Both rotations will be in house soon and you will get what you asked for Mr. Knotts. Contact to the small business benefactors of House TM will also be made today to address your statement on offering healthcare to their employees.

  16. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    This particular member of the House of Tuxamus Maximus owes Mr. Knotts an apology. It wasn’t until after the earlier comment was made that it was brought to my attention that it was Thursday morning…not Friday morning. Must have had a few too many ‘toasts’ to WP, Dave, Laffter, Harry and others.

    Your requested comments on ‘choice’ will be taken on by a returning TM member. A fair warning heads up and request now as I’ve spoken with her, and agree wholeheartedly that if you are going to use any form of secular responses let TM know soon as it would be a waste of time otherwise. The use of any form of religious/secular type response will not be entertained by any member of the House of Tuxamus Maximus. It’s all about the separation of Church and State. Deal with it. You asked so please respond to the inquiry.

    Regarding the following from Mr. Knotts: “Taxi-Maxi, those small business owners would not have to supply insurance if not for the mandate, and people are not forced to work there if insurance is their main concern.”

    Well I just got off a call with the BIG dog, creator of House Tuxamus Maximus and main benefactor and it was a one call takes care of all. Hope you are sitting down. He states:
    “Although I don’t offer the greatest of healthcare packages I at least offer and have since 2.5 years after forming the base company. At the start of 1997 healthcare was offered to all and taken by most of the full time people. No mandate just the right thing to do if I wanted to keep the people I’d made the investments in over the previous 2.5 years. Not only that but I offer continuing educations at NO CHARGE so long as the classes are passed. It is my hope that at the start of 2014 that I can upgrade the healthcare package to offer dental and vision. Unfortunately we do have a package that includes co-pays but I’m not a huge corporation and pockets are only so deep. Three of my people now get 4 weeks paid vacation. Others get three weeks and they start with two.”

    As a sidebar House Tuxamus Maximus is fully covered in every way shape and form known to mankind and this is truly the greatest gig any has ever known but sadly it apparently will come to a close in the not too distant future. Student loans are being paid off. Study time for a BIG exam allowed for four TM members on and on and on.

    Being very familiar with the other entities he went on to say: “Another benefactor has been in business over 50 years and offers a Diamond level healthcare package that allows them to try and get the best and brightest when recruiting. The firm extends this package to partners, associates and all support staff (all are full time) including the guy that works every evening cleaning the property that been there over 30 years. No co-pays and includes vision, dental and whatever else one can think up for all I know. That’s how you keep the best and brightest. Turnover happens with ‘associates’ and that’s just life in the profession. Support staff? Seems that 98% have been there many years and turnover is basically due to retirement, pregnancy and spouses being transferred to other regions. Mandate? Don’t think so Mr. Knotts.”

    “The third benefactor is another story. The offering is a limited package but they have a high turnover rate among the younger employees as they usually move on to government or corporate jobs and there is no competing in that regard. All of the others are retired government and have benefits and all are subcontractors. The support staff has a similar to the first small business and in fact is offered through a subsidiary company so that rates are reasonable.”

    Bottom line Mr. Knotts is that all three entities have offered healthcare and other benefits for many years and that the only ‘mandate’ was that it’s the right way to keep top notch long time well trained and capable staff. When you add in what I’m led to believe is enjoyable workplaces (sure is here!) It’s becomes a beautiful thing.

    Now that you’ve gotten what you requested the man wonders about your benefit package and how it stacks up.

    Oh and by the way I was reminded that it is because of YOU, and some others, that the House of Tuxamus Maximus even exists so on behalf of all Taxi Maxi’s thank you.

    As for your ‘liberties’ TM offers the following from Mr. Spock in one of the Star Trek movies. “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or one”. Think about it Mr. Knotts. Doesn’t everyone at least deserve a chance to have healthcare? Your outlook is so very selfish and disappointing. Liberties are something expected to read from the continual joke around here named Don Ayotte.

    Look forward to the ‘crow’ eating response.

  17. waterpirate says:

    I raise my tankard to you TM.

    Well done and said.

  18. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    Tuxamus Maximus wants Waterpirate to know that a price was paid in toasting you, and others, last night and clearly the mind of this Taxi Maxi wasn’t working properly this morning but the House of Tuxamus Maximus is deeply honored by your kind words.

  19. delacrat says:

    wp and taxmax…. you too Frank.

    a tip of the hat from delacrat

  20. Frank Knotts says:

    WP, if you do not believe our current tax system is punitive and needs reform, then there is little hope of me convincing you that AHCA will end badly for all.
    Taxi-Maxi, I think you were making my point with your examples, see your own statement when you say, “Bottom line Mr. Knotts is that all three entities have offered healthcare and other benefits for many years and that the only ‘mandate’ was that it’s the right way to keep top notch long time well trained and capable staff.”
    Also your comments about insurance companies only being in it for the money, well yeah, it’s called business. These companies are not charities, but Pres. Obama and the Democrats would like to turn them into one.
    Along with tax payers, remember it is not charity if you are forced to give the money.
    And no, everyone is not “entitled” to health care. We are not even talking about health care here, we are talking about health insurance, two different things.
    As for my question about a woman’s right to choose and my right to choose, not a religious question about life, but a legal question about why a woman can make choices about her body, but I cannot choose how to insure mine.
    As for the quote from Star Trek, it sounds good, but is it practical?

  21. waterpirate says:

    Yes Frank, the entire govt. and the tax code desprately needs to be reformed and re-shaped. BUT you can not dismiss every and any attempt at change out of fear. That topic is addressed in many business training programs. That which does not change, stagnates and dies. Perpetuating the status quo, allways leads to eventual extinction.

    We are talking about health care here, it is the real issue. The govt. is so strangled and hindered by the pharma, insured, and dr. lobbies that it was pre destined to breed corruption and grift. This insurance modification IMHO was the only move left that the executive branch had to break the anti-trust actions of the legislative branch.

    To fully understand TM statements you must have had exposure to or alot of interaction with a business seeeking to keep and retain EE’s, or been the HR person trying to juggle the current mess.

    This is my final word on this, maybe. The govt. mandates you carry a minimum amount of car insurance, why not health insurance for the same or better reasons? And yes we would not interfere with your liberties if you should choose not to live like you choose not to drive.

  22. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    The House of Tuxamus Maximus is stunned. Mr. Knotts crystal ball must be charged with negative ions and charging his mind with ELF because the thinking here is that you’re making no sense whatsoever. It’s obvious that others here understand so it’s been decided that we will drop any attempt to understand your line of thinking.

    Your line of thought concerning insurance companies being business is true but the amount of greed involved and incredible profits and top tier salaries is way over the top and has been.

    Healthcare/health insurance being two different things? Without one you don’t have the other. They are ‘different’ but they are symbiotic. Real world Mr. Knotts.

    The choice thing is not going to be addressed by TM as your line if reasoning isn’t relevant. Example being we don’t step in and say a man can’t have a vasectomy so why does anyone have a say in what a woman can do with her body. Enough written and will waste no more time on the matter with you as it’s obvious why no one has taken up your ‘challenge’.

    Mr. Spock stated: “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one”. Practical? Ask any soldier that jumped on a grenade to save his foxhole buddies. Go ahead and please do that at your first opportunity. Good luck with that and get back to us with the answer you receive. It should help to expand your horizon of thought.

    Mr. Knotts didn’t respond as to how his healthcare plan stacks up and Tuxamus Maximus finds that curious.

    Once again the House of Tuxamus Maximus applauds Waterpirate’s every word.

    Being tipped of the hat by delacrat is nothing short of an honor of which the House of Tuxamus Maximus isn’t worthy but happily accepts.

  23. delacrat says:

    “And no, everyone is not “entitled” to health care.” Frank Knotts, October 4, 2013

    Should Frank Knotts have healthcare ?

    If so, why not everyone ?

    If not, why should anyone ?

  24. Frank Knotts says:

    WP, the car insurance comparison has been used before, but is not the same. We are required to have liability car insurance to protect others we may injure or damage while on the road, notice we are not required to have insurance to protect our own car, unless it has an outstanding loan so as to protect the lender. If I choose not to have health insurance, I am only putting myself at risk.
    And please explain why Bill Gates and Warren Buffet or Rush Limbaugh be required to buy insurance?
    Will not address the comments about businesses being greedy because they work to make a profit, capitalism is the anvil that our Liberty was forged upon.
    Taxi-Maxi, my employer supplied insurance serves me well. And if I did not have it, then there is Medicaid. If Medicaid is not a good form of health care for those who cannot afford insurance, then why not do away with it?
    Also I am not arguing right now that a woman shouldn’t be allowed to abort a baby, but if we are to allow that choice, why not allow all to choose their health insurance or not to insure at all?

  25. waterpirate says:


    I do not know the requirements to qualify for medicaid. I do know that the current health care system leaves alot of people stuck in the middle. Sound familiar? The working middle class who make to much to qualify for the programs to assist those below the poverty line, but not enough to afford commercial health care. I think you and others would be stupified to learn how many companies in just little ole Sussex County do not provide ANY health care options to their EE’s let alone a partial subsidy.

    If you remove all the talking/scare tactics from the right leaning media sources, you are left with a plan that may actually help the middle class, and others. The fact that keeps being avoided is that what we have now does not work. Trying to preserve the status quo is a losing position.

  26. Frank Knotts says:

    WP, I think we are fairly close in age, do you remember when ATM cards came into being? The banks were handing them out like door prizes, with no fee, then when they morphed into debit cards and quasi credit cards there were no fees, until everyone had one and had become reliant upon them, then the fees started to show up. Could it be that what you are so happy about now, could in the future, once enough people have either opted out of what they have now or have been forced into this new promise, that once that happens and there are no other choices, then the rates will go up? Is that at least possible?
    Also, do you know how many insurance choices individuals have on the Delaware “market” site? Three! And I believe businesses have two. With a total of around thirteen different plans to choose from.
    Limiting the choices will only lead to higher prices, then end game is single payer, we all knew this when Obama care was passed, but some have been fooled with early savings and are not seeing down the road.
    What we need to do is open up the market completely, to allow as many insurance companies that want to sell here to do so, that is how you drive down cost, the same as when competition grew in the debit card market, we have seen many of the fees go away.
    You have fallen prey to the left’s temptation of something for nothing.

  27. waterpirate says:

    I do not see this as something for nothing. It has a cost and pennalties attached. It is better than what we have now. There is and was nothing offered by our side, so in the absance of choice I choose NOT to prop up the status quo that is not working for the many. I aslo do not live in fear of what might happen, but focus on the good here and now.

  28. Frank Knotts says:

    WP, that is not true, at the time the Dems controlled the congress and rushed Obama care through, the Republicans were pushing for allowing insurance companies to be allowed to sell across all state lines, i.e. competition, and they were pushing for tort reform to lower the cost to doctors for malpractice insurance which is the leading cause of higher health care cost. They were willing to compromise on pre-existing and keeping your failure to launch kids on your plan, but the Dems wanted single payer and are now on the road towards that end, and if we go through life not worrying about the future, why have insurance at all.

  29. delacrat says:

    “the Dems wanted single payer” – Frank Knotts, Oct 5, 2013



    Single-payer advocates were led out of the Democrat-controlled Senate hearings in handcuffs.

    ACA should be more properly called the “Single Payer – Medicare-for-All Prevention Act”.

  30. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    Saqdly the House of Tuxamus Maximus (at least this rotation and a few others) has determined that Mr. Knotts can’t remove the blinders that prove his tunnel vision issue. Since he fails to understand the concept of the needs of the many vs. the few as an example time here is better put beating heads against a block wall.
    What Mr. Knotts states “Also, do you know how many insurance choices individuals have on the Delaware “market” site? Three! And I believe businesses have two. With a total of around thirteen different plans to choose from.” is something that he doesn’t truly understand in that these are plans that were NOT available in an affordable way until now.
    Tuxamus Maximus is done here for this subject. Both rotations here in the coming hours and much to do in the coming weeks. Comments will be forthcoming…on other subjects.

  31. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    TM has one more comment on this subject for Mr. Knotts. The Medal of Honor isn’t just handed out on a common or regular basis. It’s handed out to very few and each one is given to a person that knows the meaning of the needs of the many outweigh the the needs of the few, or one. It’s applies to all facets of life but soldiers that throw themselves on grenades or cut down a tree in the middle of a firefight so that protection is obtained best describes the theory. Deal with it.

  32. Frank Knotts says:

    Taxi-Maxi, I will address the quote from a make believe movie if it is important to you. I would ask you to consider our Founding documents. In my opinion the Constitution is clearly aimed at protecting the rights of the minority (the few), and the individual (the one) from the majority (the many). You see, that quote is from a movie created in an industry that embraces socialist ideals. However our real world history tells us otherwise.
    To believe that my individual right to choose should be sacrificed to support some ideal that history has proven to fail time and time again is not only wrong, it is dangerous and the height of selfishness.

  33. waterpirate says:

    I selfishly want my tax dollars to subsidise health care for everyone, not just pay 100% for people who choose not to insure, but expect prompt immediate care at facilities that they choose not to support.

  34. Frank Knotts says:

    I apologize WP, I selfishly don’t want to be told to buy something I either feel I don’t need, or don’t want.
    I know you are living in the day, and are not concerned with the future, but if we allow the government to be able to mandate this, where does it stop?
    If they can base this on the “FAIRNESS” principle, then why is it fair that my home is bigger than your home? My car is newer than your car? My clothes nicer than your clothes?
    Actually the idea of the exchanges is a good one, except in true government form they went too far.
    If the people were allowed to form their own exchanges, let us say that all the employees at a small business got together without any involvement from the employer and bargained with an insurance company for rates, and then another group from another company joined them to increase their buying power, that would make sense.
    That is what you are seeing with the exchanges, except the government is running it, and everyone must participate or be fined on a growing ladder scale.
    You and Taxi keep talking about the needs of the uninsured, okay, well what makes their needs more important than my right to choose? What you are talking about is a moral issue, you cannot legislate morality. What I am talking about is my constitutionally guaranteed rights.
    In my idea of an exchange, if you felt your neighbor was left out because they didn’t have a job that offered insurance, then you could invite them into your exchange, or create a neighborhood exchange. But why should I be forced to join in just to make you feel better about yourself?

  35. waterpirate says:

    I am not going to continue this discussion any further except to say this, untill you are charged with the HR responsability of traversing the health care maze you have no idea how ludicrous the statements you have made here are. I am going to assume you recieve your benefits from your employer and do not understand the concepts of ” group coverages, vs. individuals vs. the disparity that is forced upon people who have no insurance and if they even make the attempt to pay cash, the health care providors actually charge more for paying cash than they charge the insured.

    In the absence of anything meaningfull in the form of legitimate health care reform, this it. It is the way a 2 party system works. It was brought to the floor, voted on and passed. It is now time to implement, and anyone still crying about it is in effect sour grapes.

  36. Frank Knotts says:

    WP, I would ask you to read the entirety of my views on this, I have been against the shut down, one because it is no more than theater, and second it won’t work to the end it is said to be attempting.
    I believe that the GOP should be focused on winning elections and then and only then can OC be rolled back legislatively.
    Truly I would hope that my predictions are wrong, but if I and others are right, what will you and other employers do to keep up? And have you calculated the cost of documenting to the government?
    Good luck with achieving government paradise.

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