Invasion Of The Pod People, Don’t Be Next!!

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  1. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    Tuxamus Maximus is also still pondering what this one is all about so it will be a discussion topic here and hope that others will make comments to provide a learning curve for Tuxamus Maximus.

    Mr. Knotts would you be so kind as to give a hint to your loyal following?

  2. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    Tuxamus Maximus is going to take a stab at this being the early life and times of that Don A guy over at that DP site maybe? IPoD People = Pod People maybe? A little help here Laffter? Waterpirate? Dave? Harry W. ? All the rest except Jon Moseley please help out on this puzzling post

  3. Name * says:

    I am going to bazaars a guess here – but the IPoD is trying to glean voters from the Rs the Ds and the Is

    Map co tents and misfits that are not happy with the status quo- and convert them into IPoD people

    While initially Don and Wolfie et al. Might be sweet and pleasant- the real truth soon comes out and they are uncovered ed for the mean nasty sniping clowns we all know them to be

    There is nothing attractive about them or their idealology

    They undermine every value and are not short of the eican Taliban

    Franks post is a warning…… Don’t fall for their crap- they are destroyers not builders

    But the best person the explain franks post ….. Is frank

    How did I do?

  4. Frank Knotts says:

    Sometimes I like to put this type of post up to allow my readers to play along and to allow their minds to wonder. Taxi-Maxi and Name* have clearly been paying attention.
    Name* has stated it brilliantly. The IPoD is a formless party, with no platform or ideology of its own, it runs around mimicking whatever other ideology it sees working at the time. Much in the way that the PODS from space in the movie were formless until they took on the form of the person they were placed next to.
    But even if the PODS in the movie could take on the form of the “REAL” people and could sound like the “REAL” people, there was something missing that allowed others to see through the façade, that which was missing was the genuine emotion of the “REAL” people.
    This is the case with the IPoD people as well, there is no genuine emotion or feeling for the things that they state is there platform or ideology, because they are willing to take on any and all views within the party in order to “SLOWLY” grow their numbers, even when those views are clearly in conflict with each other.
    Just look at the IPoD’s stand on health care and then ask how someone like Don Ayotte can be a part of that party.

  5. waterpirate says:

    The 2 principles of that party running around waiving their flag was enough of a warning for me, and their newest aquisition who resigned his commision in the EC only to give himself a more wordy and important title in his new party spoke volumes.

  6. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    The House Tuxamus Maximus now has a much clearer picture now and understands the intent of the post. Name* put clarity to the post and Mr. Knotts put it all into focus. The learning curve continues! From what is seen/read on other sites it appears that the lunatics have done a poor job of trying to run what had become an asylum over the past few years. The assumption here is that it goes back a number of years with the fringe element running out, and over, the mainstream rendering them moot in activity or desire to be active.

    This current IPod thing seems to be a reverse “my way or the highway” kind of thing. Very odd course of events.

    On a side note House Tuxamus Maximus will not be commenting for some time after this is sent. Major upgrades to the server(s?) for the IP address required to be used by House Tuxamus Maximus apparently will begin soon and last the entire day so Tuxamus Maximus hopes that all have a GREAT day and weekend.

  7. Dave says:

    I think you’ve all nailed it. Further, it is also about power. The “establishment” GOP has it. The iPOD people want it. Their purpose, of course, is not power for power’s sake (although there those for which that is their true purpose). Rather, it is power with the ability to affect change.

    Unfortunately, their problem is that in trying to be all things to all people, they ultimately become nothing to everyone. Groups form based on common goals and aspirations, not just principles. In order to provide substance to principles, those principles must be defined into concrete thoughts, visions, and goals. The principle of “liberty” only has substance when it is described in terms of what “liberty” means. How shall we know it when we see it? Principles are all well and good, but pragmatically they have to translate into concrete action. Let’s see the iPOD call for ending farm subsidies as a means of reducing the size of government. Let’s seem them call for the elimination of anything that compromises our liberty. Let them demonstrate how to balance the common good (traffic lights) with individual good (my need to drive unimpeded by traffic lights).

    It’s the details and when the details suddenly appear that grand coalition of the disaffected will find itself a body with no direction, in short, a zombie. While pod seems an apt descriptor, I would like to offer also, IZOD.

  8. tony stark says:

    Anyone notice that Delaware Politics is down?

    I guess the blog host got tired of the promises of the Pod People that the check is in the mail.

  9. Frank Knotts says:

    Maybe they finally hit the delete button one too many times and completely deleted themselves. We can only hope! 🙂

  10. tony stark says:


  11. tony stark says:

    Now that’s funny. I don’t care who you are.

  12. Jose Jalapeno says:

    people could easily ask the same question how can knotts be part of a party he is so opposed to on many issues. like it or not the ipod is not far behind the gop the gop only leads ipod by 4% in registered voters like it or not sussex county is losing gop voters with many registering independent. knotts should be more concerned with how to plug the dam that’s ready to burst from phillips scandal and wilson’s usual incendiary comments which many view as the views of knotts party

  13. Name*-laffter says:

    I tried to post as laffter am not sure where Name* came from…
    But Tuxi-maxi. I was trying to help you out as you called for assistance 🙂

    That said , I will now respond to the post above by the IPoD apologist

    See, the IPoD of Delaware likes the screw the numbers and saw they are close to GOP numbers

    So lets clear that up…..Independants – that is people that are un- affiliated with either major political party ARE NOT MEMBERS OR REFISTERED WITH IPoD.

    They like to mix the terminology up like that…..but the truth remain. Those registered to IPoD beside being NUTS are not the same as people registered as Independants…….as in non- affiliated……..

    But hey, they have never let the truth get in the way of their delusions…..

  14. Frank Knotts says:

    Laffter, sorry for the Name* confusion, but at least you owned up to it and didn’t simply use a sock puppet.
    You are so right and made the point that I would have. The IPod people continually use the word “independent” voters when referring to the un-affiliated registered voters in Delaware, in a clear and bogus attempt to affiliate them with the so called Independent Party of Delaware. The number that they ignore is that clearly those unaffiliated voters are voting with the GOP and the Democrats, not the IPod, as demonstrated by the fact that there are no IPod elected officials.
    If we think about it, even the name of the IPoD is contradictory.
    The word independent means; “not relying on another or others for aid or support.”
    The word party means; “a group of persons with common purposes or opinions who support one side of a dispute, question, debate, etc.”
    Not really sure how much of a contortionist you have to be to think that the IPod is actually a political party of any substance.
    As for “Jose Jalapeno”, it’s funny that they chose the name of a character that has a stick up its butt, but life is funny like that.
    JJ says, “people could easily ask the same question how can knotts be part of a party he is so opposed to on many issues.”
    I would answer that by saying that I am not opposed to the stated platform and ideology of the GOP on the important issues. What I am opposed to is the hi-jacking of my chosen party by people such as Don Ayotte and other radicalized functioning idiots who think if they wrap themselves in the flag and the word liberty, that they are beyond questioning of their ability to govern. I am opposed to people who are associated with others within the IPod, who are still in the GOP hoping to use the infrastructure of the GOP to fulfill their political hopes of running for state-wide office, when clearly they belong with the other misfit-toys on the tiny island they have created for themselves.

  15. Jose Jalapeno says:

    hey knotts how much money did the statewide gop give to cragg for his campaign against markell? Ayotte’s not in “your” party anymore so it’s time to stop beating that drum.

    Alex Pires ran as an Independent he’s hardly a nutjob and I’d dare say a hell of a lot more intelligent and successful then anyone posting in here.

    You’re the one who vowed to tear “your’ party down to the ground seems to me you want the party to follow your convoluted ideology.

    Bottom line the gop only had 36% of the states registered voters in 2002, they’ve been on a downward spiral for the last 11 years losing another 8%-10% of the registered voters in the state.

    interesting that you view flag wavers who support the constitution, the ideology of liberty that our forefathers shed their blood when founding our nation are “radicalized functioning idiots”. if your head wasn’t stuck so far up your butt you’d realize you are far from reproach.

  16. Angus Berger says:


    I hear tell that DP was down for a yearly scheduled maintenance on the site. What Knotts’ worshipers won’t lie about, when left to your own devices.


    I’ve heard von Baumgart and Ayotte on several media outlets speaking about IPod numbers and have never heard either of them mix Unaffiliated Independents with IPod. But I have heard them say they are registering and recruiting them as IPoD. members. You really have severe difficulty writing the truth.

  17. Harry Whittington says:

    like it or not the ipod is not far behind the gop the gop only leads ipod by 4% in registered voters like it or not sussex county is losing gop voters with many registering independent.

    Jose, there is a difference between being an Independent voter (U) and being a member of the IPoD. The last time I checked the IPoD had less than 1,000 total registered voters in the state. From past experience with IPoD voters I would guess that 50% of those registered as IPoD were errantly trying to register as TRUE independents.

    BTW, when you have small numbers like the IPoD does, it’s easy to claim you’re the “fastest growing party in Delaware.” Adding 10 people to 1,000 is a higher growth rate than adding 1,000 people to 100,000, but which one is adding more people? Semantics are fun.

  18. Angus Berger says:


    Semantics may be fun Harry but facts are more fun. The latest State VR Disc reveals that IPoD is now at 3,288 registered voters and rising rapidly as the GOP founders in the water, like a sinking battleship. Yes, I can use exel too.

    Harry, if you and laffter are going to write something, could it be something just a little closer to the truth.

  19. Harry Whittington says:

    OMG, I didn’t realize they were closing in so quickly on the 180,000 registered Republicans in the state. If this trend continues the DEGOP will have to worry in 50 years.

  20. Angus Berger says:

    Harry Whitless

    You’re a peach. First you are caught in an outright lie in one comment. After the lie is revealed with the true facts, you write another comment attempting to minimizing you original lie. You are so unbelievably credible.
    Rotflmao, I am rolling of the floor laughing my a** off.

  21. tony stark says:

    Yo Angus, or if you prefer, Don, what you are reporting about annual maintenance is a crock.

    Typical maintenance and update shutdowns occur at night so as to not inconvenience the customer and who the customer serves.

    If the maintenance must go into a work day then a screen appears that states “this site is temporarily shut down for maintenance”. That is not what the screen said yesterday.

    Now if a site becomes 30 days in arrears, the vendor will wait a day past the 60 date to determine if a payment was received on the last day,

    That would have been August 1. If payment was not made by then suspension of service would begin on August 2. And that is exactly what happened.

    This shutdown was not for maintenance. It was caused by the incompetent administration of Deadbeat Don.

  22. Angus Berger says:


    Although I do know Don, you have got the wrong guy. If you don’t believe me, have Knotthead check the IP number. He must know Don’s IP number by now, although he won’t know mine.

    I don’t think Don owns the DP site. David Anderson owns DP and pays the bills. You are just another stooge of Knotthead and you don’t know what you are talking about.
    Like I said, the site was down for maintenance.
    You will never guess who I am, but you would be surprised.

  23. Harry Whittington says:

    What lie, that the last time I checked the IPoD had about 1,000 members? That’s the truth. You’re still about 100,000 voters short of anyone giving a hoot.

  24. Angus Berger says:

    “Sometimes I like to put this type of post up to allow my readers to play along and to allow their minds to wonder. ”

    You put this post up because Ayotte won’t allow you idiocy on DP. You’re not fooling anybody with lesbiman ways. You’re an emotional wreck and always have been.

    Many people have thanked Ayotte for pervevering and kicking you a** off of DP.

  25. Frank Knotts says:

    Ah! where to start? So many lies and misinformation from the land of fools.
    First, JJ why don’t you tell us how much money the state GOP gave Mr. Cragg? And then you can relate to us the importance of that number in you little pepper mind. Was it more than the entire IPoD coffer last election by chance?
    Next Jose says, “Ayotte’s not in “your” party anymore so it’s time to stop beating that drum.”
    Funny you would choose that analogy, since like a drum, Ayotte’s head is also empty. I chose to use Mr. Ayotte as an example because he is one of the most glaring examples of the people who think if they say the word “liberty” enough, then no one will challenge them to explain what they mean, and if they are challenged then they will simply call the person a liberal.
    This is where Jose goes off the rails and as usual for the misfits makes a complete fool of himself, “interesting that you view flag wavers who support the constitution, the ideology of liberty that our forefathers shed their blood when founding our nation are “radicalized functioning idiots”.
    Please Jose, show us where I said any such thing, what I said was,
    ” What I am opposed to is the hi-jacking of my chosen party by people such as Don Ayotte and other radicalized functioning idiots who think if they wrap themselves in the flag and the word liberty, that they are beyond questioning of their ability to govern.
    Our Founding Fathers had no need to wrap themselves in the flag little brain, they invented it. People like the nimrods on the island of misfit toys known here as the IPoD think they simply need to yell “liberty” to make it happen, they think they need only say the word constitution to understand the document. They hide behind the nationalistic mantras and the flag and use them as a shield to defend against the fact that they are empty without substance or knowledge, much in the same way some people hid behind their so called Christianity to hide from their past deeds.
    Now to address “Asus Bagger”, unlike your hero Don Ayotte, I do not set at home in a dark room with my pants around my ankles checking IP addresses, I don’t have the need as I also don’t delete people at will for disagreeing with me. I have no idea what Don’s IP is, I have no desire to know yours. Take note however that all of your insults of me, all of your childish attempts to counter the facts of other commenters here are still posted, nothing has been deleted, while at that bastion of “Liberty” that Don Ayotte is running (into the ground) while Mr. Anderson is away serving this nation, there is no end to the deleting of comments. which by the way demonstrates exactly what I said above, they talk about liberty yet freedom of speech escapes them. Feel free to continue to call me Knotthead and any other third grade names you can come up with and I will continue to let them stand as a testament to your monumental idiocy.

  26. kavips says:

    I found some strange seeds on my lawn… after reading this, I think I’ll burn them now.

  27. Laffter says:

    Frank, they are certainly readicalized and idiots

    But they are Far From functional

    Hey, two out of three ain’t so bad.

  28. Laffter says:

    Whoops …radicalized…. Darn spell check!

  29. Dave says:

    “Adding 10 people to 1,000 is a higher growth rate than adding 1,000 people to 100,000, but which one is adding more people? Semantics are fun”

    @Harry, – fun with numbers. The interesting thing is that the far far right has such a disdain for facts that they wear their numerical illiteracy almost as a badge of honor. A 1988 book by mathematician John Allen Paulos (Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and its Consequences) is an interesting read regarding the topic.

    Just for the record, I am an independent (unaffiliated) and I am not a member of the IPOD. Even if I supported their platform, their membership is such that I would not want to be associated with them. Additionally, the name IPOD has a negative aspect (pod, pod people, yadda, yadda) and invites threads such as this. Who the heck wants to be a pod person?

  30. tony stark says:

    YO Angus, I mean Don. You don’t need to be an IT professional to realize that you can get a different IP address. All one needs is a laptop and you can post while in the drive thru line at McDonalds. You can get all of this done while waiting for your Angus Burger.

    As for Your attempt to blame David Anderson for Don Ayotte’s foul up, I find it disgusting. For the last few months, Don Ayotte has been strutting like a banty rooster all over Sussex. He brags to anyone who will listen that he is running DP. He has even gone on the radio to publicize this.

    Now if you are in charge, you stay on top of everything, especially bill paying. Don Ayotte, once again, has proven himself to be an incompetent fool.

    Don under the alias of Angus Berger is attempting to smear the good name of David Anderson. This reprehensible behavior, directed at a man who is in harm’s way while serving his nation, can only be done by an individual who is totally lacking in class and character.

    I can only think of one person who fits this description, Don Ayotte.

    Does anyone else out there find Don’s attempt to shift blame away from himself and onto David absolutely disgusting?

  31. anon says:

    Don Ayotte attacked David Anderson on David Anderson’s own blog while David is in Afghanistan, fighting for our country. Don’s less than factually accurate commentary on the suicides in Dover brought David Anderson’s integrity into question more than once, with Don accusing David of a cover up. Don Ayotte is a backstabbing POS. He not only stabbed David Anderson in the back, he stabbed the over 9,000 republicans who voted for him in the 2012, 3rd County Council District in the back when he changed parties. He’s a sackless, backstabbing, lying, whining, barely literate POS. Ayotte is also a criminal, when he pulled down those 4 or 5 campaign signs that said “Not Don Ayotte” on election day he committed a felony. I say throw the backstabbing bum in jail!

  32. Tony Stark says:

    anon thanks for the heads up. I had been off of the blogs when Don posted his blatantly false post about people being lynched in Dover.

    You are correct Don Ayotte’s personal character assassination of David Anderson on his own blog is far worse than his lying thru his sock puppet Angus Berger here.

    By the way, where is Angus to defend his lies? Where is Jose to lie some more?

  33. Frank Knotts says:

    Laffter I stand corrected!
    As for Ayotte’s attacks on David Anderson? Well even when I left DP I stated that I still respected David, even though I was disappointed that he would allow Ayotte to run rampant with the delete button.

  34. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    Tuxamus Maximus has been educated with all that has come to fruition on this topic. Tuxamus Maximus asked and received. It was rather reasonable until A Berger and JJ showed up but those appearances also helped explain as well why the post was offered up my Mr. Knotts. Comment yard bullies that are read on a site that used to be a playground of Mr. Knotts. Learning curve continues!!

    The understanding of why Tuxamus Maximus exists, why Mr. Knotts started this site and so much more clear on almost a daily basis. As the fall of the Sussex GOP is quite similar to the two ‘conservative’ blog sites the research becomes easier to put into focus.

  35. Angus Berger says:


    “As for Ayotte’s attacks on David Anderson?”

    You can’t be naive enough to believe that David believes that Ayotte attacked him on his own blog. Ayotte would never attack Anderson and Anderson knows that.
    Your vain attempts to reinsert yourself into DP are infantile at best and entertainingly laughable.

    I heard you on WXDE this morning and Ayotte wouldn’t give you the time of day and walked out on Gafney’s interview. You guys are a joke, keep on swinging, you might hit something.

  36. Frank Knotts says:

    Assus Bagger, I find it laughable that you and Ayotte think refusing to answer direct questions from an interviewer is superior to being able to articulate your views.
    Ayotte’s tactics of refusing to respond to me or anyone who challenges him on his childish views and statements only further demonstrates his lack of not only intellectual honesty, but any intellect at all.
    Gaffney was laughing at Ayotte on air for refusing to stand behind his stated views about the officer in the Georgetown shooting. Ayotte contradicted himself four or five times in the matter of ten minutes on air.
    But hey if you think that is special, well that says all we need to know about you and the Ayotte fan club of POD people.
    Maybe Don should stick to friendlier territory like the new POD radio at gmd where they will only ask him about his lunch.
    I went over to Delaware Politics and pulled one of Mr. Ayottes patented answers to a challenge, notice the third grade level retort.

    “DonAyotte on August 8, 2013 at 21:05 said:

    He wasn’t being charged with a DUI, you moronic imbecile. He wasn’t even driving. He was in his residence drinking, when Morgan showed up.

    What do you do, fabricate the details as you go. Are you stupid or just on PCP.”
    Yeah Ayotte is a genius. I also wonder how David Anderson would feel about Ayotte running DP down while telling everyone it is stupid and encouraging them to go to Red State to read his post?

  37. Angus Berger says:


    “I also wonder how David Anderson would feel about Ayotte running DP down while telling everyone it is stupid and encouraging them to go to Red State to read his post?”

    You want David Anderson to see the error of his ways by choosing Ayotte over “the great and famous Knotts” is in desperate error that you seek to find anything you can transfer into your favor, to make it so.
    However, you are what you are. You can deliver propane without blowing anyone up. (to date). You are a struggling writer (LOL) needing to desperately to be accepted in a market greater than you can become with your limited education.
    You have been entertained by Grossman and Cragg, who are both pretenders to the throne. they have built you up and will throw you to the wolves, when it suits them. (and that probably will be soon)

    Look Knotts, you seem to believe what you are writing but you are on the side of people who are using you like a two-dollar whore who hasn’t had a fix for a couple of days.
    Run like hell while you can.

  38. Frank Knotts says:

    Are all of you POD people delusional? or just those who hang out with Ayotte?
    The last thing I want is to come back to DP. You say I am being used, how so? If I am the lousy blogger you seem to think I am, then why would anyone want to use me for anything?
    I have nothing but respect for Mr. Cragg and Mr. Grossman. I have freedom to write what I want with no restrictions, that my friend is mutual trust.
    I notice you did not address the fact that NDA is directing readers at DP to read his post at Red State while saying that the commenters on DP are not intelligent. Do you suppose that David Anderson would appreciate such behavior?

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