Is Bill Colley Of WGMD A Racist?



If I were to post this photo under the caption, “Are The Irish Catholics Responsible?”, what do you think the response would be? What if I then took to the air waves to defend such a “QUESTION”, and said things like, “these people”, and accused them of doing it because of their drunken culture, and called them, “Papist  O’Shea McMic”.

Don’t you think that there would be some outrage? I believe that there would be, and rightly so.

Well that is not exactly what happened, what did happen, is that local, small time radio personality, Bill Colley of WGMD, the angry Rush Limbaugh wannabe, posted the above photo under the title of, “Are Latinos Responsible?”.

Then when the Hispanic community expressed their displeasure with such an act of overt racism, did Mr. Colley realize that he had gone too far? No. Instead he went on his show and stated that, “IF”, Latinos were responsible, it was because in their culture they were taught to “go outside their village and dump their garbage”.

He said, “if these people are going to come here, then someone has to tell them to take their trash to the transfer station”.

In defense of the photo and the accompanying title, he said, “all I am saying is, are we seeing more of this because of the influx of Latinos?”. He went on to say to the Latinos in the area, “you have to start living cleanly”, inferring that all Hispanics are dirty.

On a side note, if Mr. Colley had actually lived here, or took a walk in some of the woods in the area, he would know that road side dumping has been an ongoing issue long before the “influx” of Hispanics. Also it was accepted practice for farmers to dump their garbage in their woods, granted it was on their own property, but in Mr. Colley’s world, are they not just acting upon their cultural background?

He then challenged the Hispanic organization that expressed their displeasure to come down to his station by saying, that if, “La Cocka Rasa Poo Poo”, came there, he would hang a microphone out the window to do an interview. I guess he wouldn’t want to invite them into the studio, since in his view they are all dirty trashy people.

In case anyone thinks I am exaggerating, here is the audio, please forgive the quality, the person who recorded this just happened to be listening, and since Mr. Colley doesn’t seem to post pod cast anymore, why would he, it would only be evidence of his hate speech.

I hope that everyone noticed the fact that he came back from the break playing the Tijuana Brass and making a joke about it being appropriate.

Here is a link to the photo.

But Mr. Colley doesn’t stop there. Later in his show, on the same day, only about thirty minutes later or so, he demonstrates not only his racism, but his hypocrisy. In this next segment he goes out of his way to defend Nelly Jordan, who is the current Vice-Chair of the Delaware GOP.

Mrs. Jordan’s heritage is Chilean, so one would have to ask Mr. Colley, does he believe that she is inherently dirty, and does he believe that she too dumps her garbage beside the road? Since in his opinion, “those people” can’t help themselves, it is in their culture.

But it would seem that Mr. Colley will overlook such shortfalls if the Hispanic shows the correct political leaning, and as in this case, if they are in line with his religious beliefs.

The issue was that Mrs. Jordan was temporarily the acting Chair of the state GOP, and in her first meeting she called for a prayer to open the meeting. Since this had not been the practice in the past, I guess some at the meeting were caught off guard.

Or as Mr. Colley chose to characterize, “Prayer? What’s that?”, “These are Republicans”.

In her capacity as acting Chair Mrs. Jordan appointed Kim Warfield as the Chaplin for the committee, or as Mr. Colley stated, “a very well-educated woman, Kim Warfield”. Later he felt the need to point out that she was a, “woman of color”. Now why would he feel the need to make such a distinction? Was this his Joe Biden moment? Did he mean to say she was ” articulate and bright and clean”?

He also went into great detail about Mrs. Jordan’s Chilean background, but I’ll get to that later.

Mr. Colley went on to further ridicule members of the GOP state committee in saying that only the members from the Greenville and Hockessin areas were uncomfortable with the prayer and the appointment of Ms. Warfield, “OBVIOUSLY”. Saying that they had to maintain a front for their liberal friends and have to be God hating people as well.

So you see, if you don’t express your faith in the proper manner, then you are God hating people, or Nazis, just ask another of Mr. Colley’s good friends, Glen Urquhart.

Mr. Colley went on to state that people, with no distinction, just people in New Castle County don’t pray, and are Godless. WOW! I know that a lot of people in NCC are different from people in the rest of the state, but how did only Godless people end up there?

He then went back to using the term, “these people” to describe anyone he doesn’t like, or who dares to disagree with him.

He also believes that we are right back where we were in 2010, proving what I have said in the past, that some people cannot move beyond 2010, and will doom the conservative movement to failure.

Here is a blog post by Mr. Colley that inspired his on air rants. and also the audio, and again, apologies for the quality, but thankful we have it as proof so that he can’t spin what was actually said.

Mr. Colley manages to show both his hypocrisy and racism in the same sentence, when he says, ” Nellie is the name of our Chilean born Vice-Chairwoman of the Delaware Republican Party.  She’s fluent in Spanish for obvious reasons and as a woman is also even in 2013 in a rare position of influence.”

So which is it Mr. Colley? Is she an accomplished, bi-lingual  woman of influence? Or a road side garbage tosser? Driven to throw garbage by her Chilean ancestors.

The rub seems to be that the Delaware GOP party plans to hire a Spanish-speaking director of Latino Outreach.  Nellie wasn’t considered. Maybe someone saw her throwing her old mattress out along side the road.

He then dares to say, “Here’s a little Spanish invention on my part:  El Creepo!  It very well describes the out-of-touch and narrow-minded chaff now in control of the party’s destiny.”

Which brings me to why I have such a large problem with this so-called radio personality. Not because of his overt racism, we all know that people like this still exist. We usually just avoid them and ignore them and teach our children to recognize them for what they are, hateful people.

The fact that he has a microphone from which to spew this hate speech every week day for three hours does add another layer to the bitter cake of hatred.

Another concern for myself and other true conservative, forward thinking people, is the fact that this “MAN”, is seen as the voice of conservatism in Sussex County, and that he is representative of all conservatives. This is far, far from the truth.

Oh yes he is somewhat of a glorified personality to the TEA Patriots, spewing his hate from the rusty towers of WGMD. But he seems to have fallen prey to the failings of all tyrants, he has surrounded himself in his little echo chamber of regular callers, who call in to tell him how great he is and how right he is. However, outside that ever shrinking circle he is seen for the racist hate monger that he has demonstrated himself to be.

The people who support this bête noire have moved beyond conservatism, though they continue to tout theirs and Mr. Colley’s conservative roots. When in reality they have moved beyond conservatism into the realm of socialism.

Look at some of the things they have pushed for in the recent past. They want to force their religious beliefs and practices upon all citizens of the state, they would force your children to pray as they do in the public school system, and would force involved citizens who show up at county meetings to also be forced to either wait outside the chamber, or to be forced to observe their Christian practices.

So called “small government” conservatives would gladly expand the size of county government, and the cost to tax payers simply for the sake of one man’s crusade of creating a new police force out of the county sheriff’s office.

And when people dare to disagree with either Colley or his minion, you are labeled a liberal, oh and you need only disagree on one issue to be a liberal, with this group it is 100% or nothing.

I would suggest that Mr. Colley travel outside his closed circle of sycophants, and go somewhere other than 912 Delaware Patriot meetings, and maybe instead of hanging up on callers who disagree with him, maybe he should try having a conversation with them.

I am going to make some challenges here. One is that the ownership of WGMD demand a public apology from Mr. Colley to the Hispanic community. Two, would be that Nelly Jordan denounce the statements   made by Mr. Colley, as a member of the Hispanic community, as the Vice Chair of the Delaware GOP, and as someone who has enjoyed the support and promotion of Mr. Colley in the past. I would call on the 912 Patriots to also distance themselves from this behavior, or be guilty by association. I would also call on sponsors to seriously reconsider their financial support of such a show.

I want to make it clear, that the real conservatives, be they Republican, or Democrat, or independent voters, have no place in their ideology for such behavior, and it is not representative of conservatism as a whole, but simply the outgrowth of a faction within the conservative movement that would see the world as only white and Christian, and they wonder why their numbers are decreasing. Let me also make it clear, I do not believe that Mr. Colley or those who support him, are representative of the TEA movement as a whole, but if they fail to condemn this behavior then they have condoned it in their silence.

P.S. This is a correction of something above. it would seem that in Mr. Colley’s defense of Nellie Jordan, he has credited her with appointing Ms. Warfield as state Chaplin for the GOP, in her short stint as acting Chair of the state committee. It has come to my attention that Ms. Warfield was appointed by former state GOP Chairman John Sigler, and that she was voted  into that position with a unanimous vote of the committee. So Mr. Colley’s characterization of the Delaware State GOP Executive Committee as “Godless”, seems to be not only offensive, but also a complete fabrication. I received this information from a reliable source, and someone who was at the meeting in which the vote was taken, and who actually cast a vote.

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  1. saltyindependent says:

    in all seriousness… you can pass the station on the dial and if you pause, you will hear one of his “regulars”. there is no question that 1059 has taken their audience along with their on air talent. bill colley’s hope was that he would be outrageous enough to move on to a larger media market. i seriously don’t ever listen anymore.

  2. Frank Knotts says:

    Salty, the problem he has with that strategy is that no larger market is going to want to deal with the angry Limbaugh wannabe rhetoric. It is the small market like WGMD that may think they need that edge, but this may have gone too far. My concern as a Republican and conservative is that he is seen as some sort of voice for us. Not to mention the human aspect of having such racial crap on the air waves in 2013.

  3. Frank Knotts says:

    Here is the latest attempt by Colley to spin his original photo of the mattresses. He is attempting to now make it about “illegal” immigrants and jobs, and then points out that he has actually seen three “Latinos” dumping garbage. So I guess if I see one Irishmen drunk in the gutter, then all Irishmen are drunks, and since Catholic Priest have molested children, then all Catholics are molesters. Right? He is doubling down on his hate speech.

  4. anon says:

    Colley’s biggest advertisers are Alan Leyman from Atlantic Cellular and Bill Baker from Bill’s Sport Shop. If those two men had a problem with Colley’s racism, Colley would be gone.

    Since Colley is still on the air every day after years of anti gay and racist remarks, it’s clear that Alan Leyman and Bill Baker are of the same ilk.

  5. lurker says:

    Also a sponsor is Jim Fritz of All American Mortgage.

    Two word to solve this issue: Sean Hannity

  6. Dave says:

    Mr. Colley appears to be a racist, but then most people have a racial affinity for their own and instead of being self deprecating, his brand of humor (if that’s what it was) involves making derogatory remarks about other ethnic groups.

    Regardless, Mr. Colley is a useful representative for the far right, including tea party and the 9-12 bunch. He is both useful to them and to us. For them he provides a platform (such as Beatty provides for the IPOD) to espouse their rhetoric and philosophies. For everyone else, he provides a demonstration of what they really are. It is far better to have Colley’s intent and feelings on public display than it is for him to be that in secret. The light of day is useful and it’s even better when he is the one providing the light of day upon himself. I would let him be what he is for he is an able representative of those who share his views and that’s important for people to know.

  7. Frank Knotts says:

    Dave, agreed, that is why I felt it was needed to post this. To show people who he, and his supporters are. And more importantly to show that not all conservatives support such behavior and such ideology. If he is allowed to be the only and loudest voice on the right in Sussex, then people will assume he speaks for the right in general. As for Bill Baker and Alan Lehman, I don’t know the contractual agreement they are under and the penalty they would suffer for pulling adds, but I am sure that if they made it known to management that they would not renew that agreement, then pressure could be brought to bear. Time will tell whether or not WGMD management, the sponsors, and Nellie Jordan will have the courage to condemn this outrage.

  8. Dave says:


    I think you missed part of my point which was, you don’t want Colley off the air. I don’t think that anyone who is familiar with him or Sussex County is under any illusion that he represents anything in the political spectrum except the far right fringe. Just as no one who has any knowledge of IPOD is under the illusion that they represent independents.

    So what is important is for the far right to be visible so that people know them for what they are. I don’t think that that DEGOP suffers because of their visibility. What the DEGOP suffers from is that they became associated with these kinds of people in the first the place. Ye reap what ye sow. If there is any lesson to be learned, it is to be careful what you wish for. The DEGOP should disassociate themselves from folks like this loudly and clearly, unless they want that association, that is.

  9. Dave says:

    On further reflection if you examine history, you will quickly come to the conclusion that the fringe are the real RINOs and I believe they need to be continually shown to be exactly that. If they want their own party, then IPOD (although I resent the “I” since they are IINOs since I am a true independent) is available.

  10. anon says:

    Dave giving the airwaves over to a racist from 3-6 every day will create more racists, embolden racists to be more vocal, create racial tensions and perpetuate racist stereotypes. There is no upside to giving racists the kind of platform WGMD is giving Colley with the financial backing of busineses like Atlantic Cellular and Bills Sport Shop.

    100 years ago some other fat, elitist, self entitled bloated white racist was writing about the “third world” disease carrying Irish ancestors of Colley’s (Typhoid Mary was an Irish immigrant housekeeper). Its very sad that the product of immigration, whose ancestors fought to be treated with respect, is taking such a hateful view of immigrants.

  11. Dave says:


    Even if that were true, wouldn’t it be better to for everyone to see who and what he is than if were that in private and became even more influential because no one see him for what he is? Sort of “better the devil you know than the one you don’t”

    Still, do you think that someone like him creates more racists? Look at his demographic – primarily old white men and some old white women. It’s relatively a closed loop. He gives them red meat because they are his listeners. His listeners listen because he gives them red meat. It’s similar to the parasitic oscillation effect whose climax is to damage the audio speaker which then can no longer produce audio. Those who listen to WGMD only do so because WGMD reflects their views (red meat). If Colley is a racist, then it’s probably the same for his listeners.

  12. anon says:

    I think giving a racist a large platform like a regional radio show creates more racists and emboldens racists. I think that people who advertise with a racist are racist and the people who hire a racist to be a racist, even for ratings, are racist.

  13. Mike Rowe says:


    Why are you spending so much time attacking Bill? I am sure there are plenty of other topics to write about. Why just this morning the Sussex Countian reported thirteen people who were arrested for prostitution in Georgetown(, specifically in the area of Depot and Race St. I grew up in Georgetown, and as a child,used to ride my bicycle all over the town of Georgetown. Today you wouldn’t even recognize the area of Kimmeytown in Georgetown, largely due to the increase in the immigrant population. I partly blame some of the landlords in the area for allowing this to happen. Landlords allowing too many people to live in a house, often renting a “day shift and night shift”, and with that many people living in a home you’re going to have problems with trash, etc. As a member of the 9/12 Delaware Patriots I find it not only insulting, but factually inaccurate to be labeled a “sycophant” , and to be deemed guilty by association of racism, and bigotry. I attended a GOP RD meeting back in 2010, just before the General Election, when a Republican Elected Official told everyone in the room to vote for Christine O’ Donnell, because we didn’t nee anymore Coons in D.C. I also attended a meeting in New Castle, in 2010, where a Republican Elected Official responded to a suggestion of doing more to outreach to minorities.That elected official said that we shouldn’t be reaching out to grow the GOP with minorities. And recently, at a local restaurant, a Republican Elected Official called an openly gay man a faggot behind his back. All three incidents involved Republican Elected Officials from Sussex, who have been supported by you, as well as other people who support this site. I have zero tolerance for a racist and bigot, and I can tell you from my experience, Bill is neither. The man has publicly spoken well of Herman Cain, Dr. Ben Carson, Allen West, Dr. Kim Warfield, and has attended several ball games with an openly gay Sussex County Elected Official. It would be refreshing, if for once this site would actually be about “Moving Delaware Forward”, instead of the constant bashing that exists here. We are currently facing a net job loss under the Markell Administration. EVRAZ and Color Box are the latest to be hit by this pitiful administration’s attempt at job creation, with 375 and 95 people losing their jobs respectively. The old Vlassic plant is being revitalized and transformed into a state of the art chicken processing facility which is going to create 700 much needed jobs in that area. These are the real issues that we as Delawareans should be discussing if we truly want to “Move Delaware Forward”

  14. anon says:

    Shorter Mike Rowe, “Bill Coley tolerates 4 AfricanAmericans and one gay man so he can’t be a racist.”

    He’s a RACIST Mike, and your defense of his racism makes you seem just as bad. Now tell us about the 4 minorities you tolerate and the one gay guy you don’t hate.

    *eye roll*

  15. Dave says:

    anon, I have to disagree. I don’t think someone on the radio creates racists. But then, I think I would agree that it may embolden racists. Yet, I tend to think that is a good thing since it brings the racists out into the open. I respect your views but letting folks communicate who and what they are all by themselves is a good strategy.

    Colley is who he is and he demonstrates that on his show and in his writings. Unintended self identification is much more effective.

  16. Mike Rowe says:


    If you’re going to accuse me of being a racist and make such libelous claims, use your real name instead of being a coward and hiding behind your keyboard.

  17. Observer says:


    Most everybody in Knott’s ilk-parade are cowards and cheap shot artists. They usually attack in a pack like hyenas.
    Knotts himself knows he has nothing to give to the blog and when it started dying, he did what he has always done, he used someone else as a crutch to fame and name recognition.
    First, over at DP, he used Ayotte to boost his ratings and now that he needs another boost, he’s using Bill Colley. The hyenas that surround him are so dimwitted and have no place else to go that they eat the scraps of the head hyena.

    Knotts knows that Colley is no racist, but some key words bring the desperately needed hits to his site. He masquerades as the new GOP savior and accomplishes his mission by libeling real conservatives like Bill Colley.
    The guy is an uneducated idiot that somehow conned Jeff Cragg and Steve Gross-man into paying him to write this crap. Anybody that would pay the village idiot to write this kind of crap, should not be running for Governor.

  18. Frank Knotts says:

    Mike R., please go back and read the post again. I said that if the 912 Patriots did not distance themselves from this behavior, then they would be guilty by association. So you see, they and others can separate themselves from this, but if not then they are condoning it. I also said that his language and behavior is not representative of all TEA people or the 912s for that matter. But he give a lot of attention to them, mentioning their meeting times, and many 912s support his show by calling into it and agreeing with much of what he says.
    To answer your question of why I am spending time writing about this? Because no one else is. You asked about the prostitution in Georgetown, well Jared Morris talked about that on his show and Delawareonline had a story on it also. I am amused with your statement of, “Today you wouldn’t even recognize the area of Kimmeytown in Georgetown, largely due to the increase in the immigrant population.” Well I imagine the native Americans felt the same way after the Europeans showed up.
    As for your three examples of Republican elected officials, if I understand the ones you are talking about, I believe at least two of those were the same person. But since I don’t believe that I witnessed these, or heard them firsthand, why don’t you share the names if you did.
    I also have to agree with anon, listing black people that Colley knows or respects, or supports sounds like the old cliché “some of my best friends are black people”.
    Mike. if you do not think that the photo and title are racist, I wonder if he posted a photo of half eaten watermelons in a field under the title, “Are Black People Responsible?”, would that be racist?
    Observer, first of all, I am no English major, but I believe that since my name ends in an S, then the ” ‘ ” goes after the S to show possession.
    Now to address your naked lies. You say, “First, over at DP, he used Ayotte to boost his ratings and now that he needs another boost, he’s using Bill Colley.”
    Well over at DP I did not pick that fight, I chose to challenge the foolish ramblings of Don Ayotte, and when he couldn’t answer the challenge he chose to delete and block my comments like a coward. When the administration of that site chose to allow such childish behavior, I chose to leave.
    As for the current dance with Mr. Colley, well he called that tune as well. I am only pointing out the words he used, if you choose to ignore this type of human behavior, or worse, if you actually agree with it, then you are welcome to support him to his end.
    Let me also address this word, “libel” . So many of you come here and charge libel. Well all I have done is to show in Mr. Colley’s own words, both written and recorded, who he really is. Not sure how that is libel, but keep trying.
    Now lastly, let me address the attack on Mr. Cragg, and Mr. Grossman. You are not able to carry their jock straps, let alone judge their intelligence. As for my contract with Delaware Right, well just understand that it is an open ended contract, either party can end it at anytime without any penalties or forfeitures.

  19. Duke Brooks says:

    I’ve known Bill Colley personally since 2007, and had the pleasure of working with him for 18 months. Since Bill has never been sued by the U.S. DoJ for unlawful discrimination in housing, hiring or public accommodation, I don’t see how anyone (except the leftist, race-baiting fringe) can accuse him of “racism.” Bill, like me, is a conservative and therefore admires the idea of a color-blind society. I know this for a fact because on an occasion in 2010, when he and I were eating together, a stranger in the same restaurant publicly used the “N-word” within earshot of our table. Bill shook his head in disgust and quietly said, “I can’t stand that kind of talk.” Neither can I. But equally disgusting is the constant mantra of “racism,” incessantly hurled by the left at anyone who disagrees with the idea of a cradle-to-grave, open-borders welfare state. Leftists nationwide will stand on the graves of legitimate civil-rights icons like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and illegitimate, manufactured ones like Trayvon Martin, all the while trying to downplay the spectacular civil rights and racial progress this country has made in the last half-century and accusing anyone who isn’t a minority-group member (New York Times editors and Southern Poverty Law Center attorneys excepted) of being Bull Connor reincarnated. Those who would attack Bill Colley must surely know how close they are coming to advocating the repeal of the First Amendment, and how their support for set-asides and racial quotas flies in the face of the Fourteenth. Beyond this, let’s face some facts: The flood tide of non-English-speaking, unskilled persons into this region has suppressed wages in many industries and has not improved the standard of living previously enjoyed by American citizens here. The Federal government has a duty and obligation to control our borders, and if it were to take those responsibilities seriously, many of the economic and social problems we now face would be obviated. The left insists on minority privileges, as if the entire concept of majority rule, which has stood the test of time, is “outdated.” Come to think of it, that’s what the left thinks about the Constitution, isn’t it? And, for the record, I was wrong about what would happen when so many former ‘GMDers moved to Milford. ‘GMD is still the overall #1 performing station in this county and, since Bill is the program director on Wil King road, I must presume that he knows what he’s doing. In fact, I know that he does.

  20. Laffter says:

    You reference facts duke,,,,,, where are they?

    Please link…..what I saw that you wrote were opinions

    What IS a a fact is that you have some pretty unsavory behavior in your past, and current past at that! And more warrants than any poultry worker I ever saw.

    What Bill Colley did is identify a specific ethnic group, originally, he stated , as the header ” are LATINOS responsible….he did not originally specify if the folks he was referring to were legally here , illegally here, ( immigration status NOT being a protected class) but he absolutely, without a doubt pointed blame at LATINOS.

    so – let me list some LATINOS. For you……Caesar Chavez, was HE responsible for the trash?
    US ATTORNEY GENERAL ALBERTO GONZALEZ, was he responsible for the trash?
    SEANTOR ERNESTO LOPEZ- was he responsible for the trash
    GOP vice Chair, NELLIE JORDAN- was she responsible for the trash?
    STATE REP JOE MIRO, was he responsible for the trash
    Superior court judge and former Cabinet Secratary Vivian Rapposelli – was she responsible for the trash

    All LATINOS, so they were all responsible for the trash?

    And THAT , my friend , is racism, when one group of people is singled out for different treatment than all others, then reviled. If Colley didn’t fear he crossed the line, why did he change the name of the post to the undocumented landfill, then accuse people from another culture for doing it, because that is what it’s like where they come from! That is discrimination based on national origin

    So first he discriminates based on ethnicity, then doubles down and adds national origin- dude read the Civil Rights Act of 1964…… You might just learn what DISCRIMINATION actually means- instead of a fact free OPINION, try an actual fact,

    It’s a very simple idea, embrace it. And if I was endorsed by someone with as ” checkered” and “unsavory” a past as yourself, I certainly would not be proud of that fact

    Mom always said- show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are……

    So, what does that say about you and/or Bill Colley, ?

  21. Laffter says:

    PS- Bill has never been sued by DOJ for those things because he is NOT in a position to be in charge of those things….and a failure to be sued does not make him a racist, it just makes him lucky, SO FAR.

    Thank God! Because as a tax payer as soon as the man opened his mouth DOJ and HUD would be BACK in Sussex County and paying taxes to have the county attorney defend frivolous lawsuits by that nut- the Sussex county Sheriff, is bad enough….

    Remember Duke, Sussex County has ALREADY BEEN SUED and entered into a consent decree to settle the matter ( with DOJ AND HUD) or ummmmmm- didn’t you know that?

    So, next time- come prepared with the facts, no one cares for just your opinions- we all have them…and you know what they say….same for Mr. Rowe

    Both of you, hear Spanish, or see an obvious Hispanic person, I will bet my retirement, that the first thing you think is that” they are here illegally.” It’s automatic, you can’t help yourselves…..with little to no understanding of immigration law, you lump all dark people or people with accents, or that speak another language as “illegals”

    It’s 2013, seriously, get past it. Try the Metro in DC for one day, you will hear multiple languages, drive thru center city Philly, WOW, there is actual diversity out there…..

    Bill Colley Could Have taken the trash on the side of the road, identified a problem and RALLIED a community to come together to FIX it- but instead, he chose the way of a ” small- minded man” he cowardly attacked a ethnic group of people, without facts or evidence for what, personal gain? To gin up ratings?

    He had a chance to,rise above , but instead, his true nature showed, and he sunk- both himself, and those he claims to represent and those that will support him.
    Like Frank said- we see him for what he is- and his supporters too… poor Theresa Garcia vainly tries to write letters to the editors and say….oh no, not us -WE are not racists. honey, racism is just one way we know the 9-12 ers by.

    Well, then be careful with who your mouth- piece is – because YOU and Colley don’t represent a very desirable demographic in Sussex. I think most SUSSEX COUNTIANS would rather have hard- working immigrants that work, and less people like you two, that do nothing but Whine

  22. Frank Knotts says:

    Duke, you have taken the natural road of the far right fringe, when you hear what you don’t like you label people as, ” the leftist, race-baiting fringe”. So Duke, I can only assume that you are calling me a leftist? Why? Because I dare to point out with his own words that Mr. Colley either is a racist, or pretends to be to play up to his chosen target audience of racist?
    Duke I pose the same question to you I posed to Mike R., if he would have posted a photo of a field of half eaten watermelons under the caption of, “Are Blacks Responsible?”, would you see that as racist? The honest answer is that of course it is racist, and so is what Mr. Colley posted about Latinos.
    But let me put this in a way that plays to your tried and true cry of foul. What if a Muslim radio personality had posted a photo of the Islamic Community Center that was vandalized under the caption of, “Are Christians Responsible?”, what would have been your reaction.
    Sometimes Duke we must recognize that when our neighbor’s ox is gored, our may be next.
    No one is saying that Mr. Colley doesn’t have the right to say racist things, but we have the right to point them out for what they are.

  23. Sussex Countian says:

    Real Sussex Countians refuse to make any connection with this site. Racism along with bigotry run rampant in here written by a bunch of cowards. To the idiot who mentioned Theresa Garcia her husband is a Latino. You people know all the buzz words to throw out there to draw attention. I’ve read this whole discussion if that’s what it can be called. I see Frank and his usual goosestepping hyenas all pointing out what Bill Colley is doing. The ignorant egos all get in the way preventing them from seeing they do the same thing. Their cowardice is so consuming they can’t even acknowledge they are no less guilty of racism and bigotry. All I see are a bunch of self righteous cowards continually accusing people they have never interacted with of being racists, bullies, bigots, homophobes. All based on nothing more than ignorance, the cornerstone for bigotry or racism. IGNORANCE!!
    Next time you speak do so for yourself no one in here is representative of the the good Sussex Countians regardless of party affiliation.

  24. waterpirate says:

    There is a universal truth here that the far right and the far left fail to acknowledge. History proves time and time again that when a group is ruled by extreme ideologies it allways ends badly. That is why when people proclaim themselves to be ” the real conservatives ” replace the word real with pure, and you will better understand that they will stop at nothing to force their will on others. We all know how that turned out the last time………

  25. Laffter says:

    @waterpirate- hit that one right on the money!

    And as for Sussex Countain……LOLOLOLOL

    Mr. Garcia actually does not self-identify as Lationo- u must not know him…..he actually identifies himself as NATIVE-AMRICAN AND CHZECH

    You obviously made that assumption based on his last name..what’ else…is he illegal too? Lol
    That how you think

    There is an entire NEWS JOURNAL article on him and his views- included in that article is his whole life story…..and where he loudly proclaims his heritage- native and white mixture

    Call him Latino to his face and watch what happens. Lolol
    Boy, did you just step in it! And for all of us to see too


  26. Laffter says:

    Here is a very good article about the non- racist right- wing base

    And views on race, pretty funny really

    GOP Candidate Has Been An Unmitigated Disaster For Republicans

    Lololololol……Lethe Sussex GOP Has the same problem as VA

  27. Observer says:

    “Duke, you have taken the natural road of the far right fringe, when you hear what you don’t like you label people as, ” the leftist, race-baiting fringe”. So Duke, I can only assume that you are calling me a leftist? ”

    It is obvious to everybody but you Frank (the Progressive Liberal). You fired yourself from Delaware Politics because you became holier than thou. You became a super leftist and your don’t recognize that fact. DP breathed a sigh of relief when you left the site. Ayotte didn’t say much because he was afraid you would beg to return.
    I agree with Duke’s comment completely. I’ve also talked to Mr. Colley from time to time and this man is not racist and you owe him an apology.

    You have done more damage to the GOP than you can even imagine. But you certainly won’t back off, because you are a legend in your own mind.

  28. anon says:

    Bill Colley’s blog post on his own site and on the WGMD site are racist. He sees trash on the road and assumes it was “Latinos”. He then publicly posts pictures of the trash and on one website ponders whether or not it was “latinos” and on another site calls it an “Undocumented landfill” and blames the local poultry workers who he says will get away “Juarez free”. That is racist. What makes it particularly racist is the fact that the trash on the roadsides in Sussex existed before the influx of immigrants, and that we see on the roads now is no more and no less of what we saw on Sussex roadsides 30 years ago.

    Duke, you worked with him for a whole 18 months so you must know that he was suspended by WGMD for making derogatory remarks about gays.

  29. anon says:

    Let me repeat that, Bill Colley was suspended from WGMD for a week for making derogatory remarks about gays.

  30. Dave says:

    WGMD is free to employ whomever they wish and those personalities are free to espouse whatever philosophies and beliefs they wish. I, like many others, are free to not patronize those business who advertise on WGMD, which I do not.

    There will always be people who think less of or feel superior to other ethnic groups. Often it is a compensating mechanism for their own low self esteem. I think there should be less time debating whether someone is or is not a “racist” because let’s face it, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. Offering evidence that they are or not something generally is a fruitless exercise, because in the end, it’s still a duck and most people can readily recognize ducks.

  31. waterpirate says:

    How about this?
    Frank, stop posting on the other site.

    Everyone who came running over here to either stir the $hit pot, or defend your sisters honor, please return your own sandbox if you have nothing more of substance to add, then this 3rd grade crap.

  32. Observer says:


    Glad you went over to read some real truth. But seriously, you need to learn how to spell. In almost ever comment you have a couple of misspelled words.

    “please return your own sandbox if you have nothing more of substance to add, then this 3rd grade crap.”

  33. Dave says:

    “In almost ever comment you have a couple of misspelled words.”

    To paraphrase, “Ok, I’m going back to my sandbox but let me get in one more parting shots before I leave’

    Unfortunately, the parting shot commits the same infraction (“ever comment”, should be “every comment”). I suppose I would remiss if I didn’t make my own snarky comment about the pot calling the kettle black. But then this is a blog with a comment section and in the heat of the exchange there are bound to be spelling and grammatical errors. So if I were to make a snarky comment it should probably be about lame parting shots. But, I think I’ll refrain since it serves no useful purpose.

  34. Dave says:

    And yes I put an error in my own comment, just so someone could point it out.

  35. Another Sussex Countian says:

    How astonishing Mr. Brooks writes a defense of Colley when the “n” word was allegedly used, and Colley said he could not stand that kind of talk when Colley on air called Pete Swartzkopf a Gauleiter. Think about that.
    Pete has a German sounding name, and if you don’t know what a Gauleiter is, look it up. They were the ones who signed the death warrants to be sent to Concentration Camps. I went to school with Pete and have known him all my life. He would never shoot a child in the back of the head, or kill a single person let alone thousands. When Colley went on his “Nazi rants” that’s when I stopped listening to GMD and have never gone back. How could Colley call Pete a coldhearted mass murderer and get away with it??? Total hate speech, in my opinion. Colley has a Nazi fixation, if you disagree he calls you one.

  36. lurker says:

    The racist plot thickens: the full length racist post is on a blog owned by the Operations Director of wgmd, Walt Palmer. The blog is from “Salt Air Broadcasting” and a google search of the phone number listed on the site returns the name Walt Palmer. It appears the racism runs deep in the building and management.

  37. lurker says:

    It appears that WGMD has taken the mattress photo/post down from the website, indicating an admission of guilt in some ways…will Sean Hannity be next on WGMD from 3 – 6???

  38. Sussex Countian says:

    I do know Mr. Garcia personally. His Native American heritage as I was informed is from a tribe that had Mexican roots. There’s plenty for all to see about how many people you have you called bigots, bullies, racists, homophobes. You claim the 9-12 Patriots are racists wheres the proof ? You have zero credibility. As for what would happen if I called him a Latino to his face, nothing would happen, unlike you he would politely explain he is not (if in fact I am incorrect). Alex happens to be an intelligent guy who’s extremely likeable and respectful. Certainly more than what can be said for you judging from the comments you write.

  39. Sussex Anon says:

    This morning Mike Bradley called Georgetown “Mexico North.”
    At this point the only conclusion you can come to is that WGMD’s ownership, management, staff, and sponsors are all either complicit in the racism or they are racists.

    What a shame, I thought the Mike and Judy Show wasn’t going to be another Hatefest. I was wrong. Back to 105.9 for me.

  40. First Hand says:

    The biggest polluter on Doc Frame Road is the home of the son of John Rieley, the Sussex County GOP Chair. Grass knee high, broken mirror in the front yard, bags and bags of trash on the front porch and yard, driveway packed full of junk. And just three years ago this was a new home. Looks like a dump now. The only thing missing is the dog chained up to the broken down car.

  41. Rick says:

    What do you have against Colley, other than the fact that thousands of people listen to him on GMD every day while ten people listen to you?

    This is my first visit to this site, but I notice that all of the wishy-washy, cross-the-aisle liberal ‘Republicans’ are here…Dave, anon and so forth- you know, the ‘moderate’ Romney supporters, the ones who get repeatedly slapped-around on Delaware Politics.

    Maybe I’ll present a photo essay for your perusal: Georgetown Latino back yards. Very similar to the Guatemala City barrio. Thus, it’s quite possible that the mattresses were tossed by Latino poultry workers- in any case, Colley never said for sure, just likely. And if the Georgetown neighborhood conditions are any indication, he’s probably right.

    …..”Envy is the art of counting the other fellow’s blessings instead of your own.”

  42. First Hand says:

    Why was my accurate comment deleted?

  43. Dave says:

    “moderate Romney supporters”?!

    Rick, you voted for Romney. You made have held your nose but you did. Not only that you voted for Bush. Twice! You are a hypocritical fool. Don’t give me that crap about the lesser of two evils. You either stand on your principles or you cave. And you caved! You have the backbone of snake.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Rick, instead of a photo essay of “Georgetown Latino backyards,” maybe you can do a photo essay about your comment a few years ago where you were going to solve all of Sussex’s illegal immigration problems with “5 guys in the back of a pick up truck with shotguns.”

    Hey Colley, next time send a more credible sycophant to defend your racism instead of a sycophant whose racism is as well known as your own.

  45. Rick says:

    Rick, you voted for Romney.…Mr. Know-It-All

    I most assuredly did not- nor did I vote for McCain. The GOP turnout was down in both 08 and 12, because the base- people like me- simply would not vote for liberal, like-long political appeasers. And if Mr. Tub-O-Lard from New Jersey is the nominee, I won’t vote for him either.

  46. Dave says:

    So pretty much you decided to let Obama the Socialist have the election? Pardon me if I don’t believe you did that. Since the ballot is secret there is no way for you to prove you did not vote for McCain/Romney and since you can’t abide Obama, I believe you would have voted for a dead muskrat rather than give the election away.

  47. Tony Stark says:

    I don’t know if Bill Colley is a racist or not. I don’t know him and have only heard him on the radio on occasion.

    What I will say, based on what has been published here and checking out Mr. Colley’s blog, is that Mr. Colley shoots from the hip without doing any fact gathering or fact checking.

    Anyone who has spent time growing up in southern Delaware knows that there are whites and blacks who have loaded up their trucks and dumped mattresses and other refuse along the side of the road. This can be done on forested roads or near farmland. It is done to avoid the fees one would have to pay at a local landfill. I don’t believe that being a cheap skate is relegated to any one ethnic group.

    Mr. Colley provides no facts or documentation that this load of trash was dumped by so called Hispanics. In fact most of the suspected illegal immigrants in the Georgetown area are from Guatemala and don’t have the financial resources to own a car. They are bused to the poultry plants for their jobs. They shop at small local stores that have the food they are accustomed to. I guess some have their own vehicles. But, I am betting if one sees a pick up truck near the circle, it won’t be driven by a Guatemalan.

    For the record, It was the selfish practices of roadside garbage dumping that caused the birth of the adopt a road program.

    The other blatant error in Mr. Colley’s account is the attribution to Nellie Jordan for the appointment of Kim Warfield as State Chaplain. Ms. Warfield was appointed to this post long before Nellie Jordan’s election as Vice Chair. Mr. Colley can be excused if it Nellie Jordan who was the source of this totally incorrect fact. If this is so than she is guilty of using the Warfield appointment to pad Jordan’s thin resume. Of course, it is also possible that it is Colley who is trying to pad Jordan’s resume.

    Now these two incidents are not earth shattering. But, it does call into question whether or not Colley actually checks the facts on these things or does he just report items that agree with his preset beliefs.

  48. Observer says:


    I’m sorry to see that the Knotts hyena pack has targeted you. They don’t have Christy to attack.
    This is the way that Knotts’ ilk as well as socialists behave when ideas that don’t quite line up with their ideas are presented on their site.
    Rick, do you see the the similarities between DR and DL. They are quite apparent.
    The Sussex GOP chairman, John Rieley also claims to be conservative but amply kisses the butts of NCCo republican leaders. Right now we in the GOP don’t have the committee vote to get rid of his liberal butt.

  49. First hand says:

    I don’t even care to get rid of Rieley just have him clean his sons property up on this road. The way they live I wonder if they didn’t throw the mattresses out?

  50. Laffter says:

    So, I’m thinking about changing my made and doing an upgrade


    See Bill Christy is over on DP claiming that me and ANGUS BERGER are the same person..- wow, and right after I question if Christy is posting as observer (kinda like moderator, dyt) as well as others sock puppets to make him look a victim

    Read angus Berger carefully, lol. Christy is out to destroy this site and stop people from posting, is using intimidation tactics and outright lies ( as is usual for him) to defend and deflect on Bill Colley, Don Ayotte, and his other pak of Sheriffs crazies

    There is no such person as a reasonable Christy……and CHRISTY, COLLEY , AYOTTE ETC…..are all culpable in this.
    Las they say, show me your friends , I’ll tell you who you are…..

    But hey Bill, thanks for playing , remember , jeff and Frank and steve have the control s to the curtain. They know who is behind it, oh great Lord, DP moderator banned from DL and other places..

    ROTFLMAO”. I love it when people who think they are smart screw the pooch this bad- and Tuxi muxi! This must be music to your ears- all 8-10 of them. Lol

  51. Frank Knotts says:

    Rick, if you were to do your photo essay of Latino backyards, and had proof that Latinos actually lived at these locations, then that would be facts. To post a photo of a mattress and title it as Mr. Colley did is racism in my view.
    Notice how the other haters come here and call names, leftist, hyenas, and others, they defend the behavior, not based on fact, but either on their friendship with Colley, or simply because they agree with him on his views on others issues.
    Let me once again say, I am not saying that all 912s are racist, or that they have committed an overt racist act. However, Colley openly supports their efforts, and many of his supporters and callers are 912s. My statement was, that those who do not denounce such racist behavior, are guilty of condoning it with their silence.
    Let me address the issue of sock puppets, I will only say that yes there are people coming here under multiple names, in most cases they are doing it to reinforce a point that they make under one name, by using another to agree. Yes I can see who is doing this, no I will not out them, nor will I delete them, or spam them. I would ask others who are able to recognize certain traits in writing styles to let it go, it does no good to get into a tit for tat with people who are in some cases willing to argue with themselves.
    I notice a lot of people are coming here to say how terrible this site is, and how great the site I once wrote on is. That’s fine, but please take notice all, that unlike that site I choose to allow this criticism. They are also attempting through out right lies to create the illusion that I or this site is somehow responsible for protecting those who choose of their own free will to come here and to jump into the fray.
    This is from our rules, “We are not a day-care center.”
    So, in other words, grow the hell up, all of you. For those who like the site, thank you, and help us to continue to grow by not playing the childish games that the haters want you to in an attempt to drag DR into the gutter that other site now resides in. For those of you who proclaim your loathing of my writing and this site, well feel free to crawl back under that rock known as DP.

  52. William Christy says:

    Laffter thanks for blowing the hell out of Frank’s assurance.

    http://www.delawarepolitics net/just-how-effective-are-political-blogs/comment-page-1/#comment-13643

    “I can assure all concerned about poor Mr. Christy, that when he is not there commenting, then he is not mentioned.”

    YOU and the other hyenas will be the ones to destroy this blog, I don’t need to do anything but sit back and watch it happen.

  53. Frank Knotts says:

    Mr. Christy, you inserted yourself into this thread. My assurance is that on threads where you do not comment, our guest here do not simply decide to speak of you, and please feel free to also crawl back under the rock known as DP. I notice it didn’t’ take you long to cozy back up to them, even though you attempted to convince us that you were on the outs. Even though you sought us out to put out rumors about a person that you had had a falling out with. I guess because we refused to, you have now reverted to your prior self. You and others have attempted to lie about how I administer this site, lying that I delete comments from you and others. Also, I was called about the video I removed, you are correct, because I was at work when it was posted and unlike some people I don’t check the site every minute, when I was informed I had a discussion with another member and it was decided to remove it because of the content, you see we here at DR do not rule arbitrarily. In the time I have been with Delaware Right I have maybe deleted a total of five comments. And on many occasions I have resisted calls by others to delete comments from people such as yourself, because I prefer to allow you to be you. I also know you have been offered the chance to write a post here, that stands, but you know that you can’t stand up under the pressure of defending your positions on anything without the delete button. You whine and cry about personal attacks, well who has been attacked here more than myself, and every one of those attacks stand posted as written by you and others. Your ideology is weak, you positions on pressing issues are weak, and you sir are weak of character. I am who I am, and I don’t attempt to hide it behind threats of lawsuits. If you don’t like the treatment you receive here, then feel free to hang with your buds and like minded fellow cry babies.

  54. waterpirate says:

    Personal attacks, threats of leagal action, crying about spelling and grammar, are the last bastian of those with nothing constructive to add to the disscussion in the absence of intelect.

    When you comment on the poster, not the post content, you have lost all credibility before you type.

  55. Rick says:

    Rick, if you were to do your photo essay of Latino backyards, and had proof that Latinos actually lived at these locations, then that would be facts.

    Why are you such a phony? You deliver propane to those locations, so why are you playing dumb, unless it is to serve your own position?

    To post a photo of a mattress and title it as Mr. Colley did is racism in my view.

    And slandering Colley while simultaneously posting on another blog that conservatives should “disagree without being disagreeable” is so hypocritical as to be laughable.

    Frank, twice you have taken your ball and gone home; from WGMD and from Delaware Politics. Now, you slander a proven conservative. You are acting like a spoiled child who hasn’t gotten his way.

    And yes, I consider your attack on Colley an act of war.

  56. Harry Whittington says:

    Since labeling Bill Colley a “racist” is factually correct and easily proved, it doesn’t fit the definition of “slander.”

  57. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    As a collective opinion of the House of Tuxamus Maximus (waterpirate can call us the ‘Borg’) it’s the agreed opinion that we can only write of the on air personality of Mr. Bill Colley regarding the posted question “Is Bill Colley Of WGMD A Racist?”.

    The on ‘air personality’ is not a nice person. Racist? We think so but we have many other descriptive (none nice) terms and phrases regarding the on air personality. Rude? yes. Crude? yes? Dismissive? yes. Many more. Where the on air personality gets off hanging up on callers is beyond any understanding of those that have lived here and had to listen (short straw thing) in on the ‘show’.

    Apparently it seems to work for the station ownership so he’s going to be around for the relatively near future. Dave, Laffter and many others have made comments that as a ‘Borg’ collective are agreed upon here at HTM but like them we share only our opinions.

    The off air personality could be a real teddy bear. Kind and loving to any and all outside of the confines of the station. Do we think so? NO, but it is possible. Consider Howard Stern. Abrasive and abusive to many on his satellite radio show but not nearly so when he’s a judge on the AGT show. Certainly doesn’t use foul language on that show and knows how to refrain from doing so in that format. When interviewed he can be a rather nice and funny fellow but no one knows the real Howard Stern aside from those that are his close friends/family. We certainly don’t know them just as we don’t Bill Colley’s close friends/family.

    Does Bill Colley espouse these, or worse, things or issues in private? Only a few would know but in our collective opinions and from those that call in to his show that we hear the collective agreement with Mr. Colley we would tend to think his hate for any/all that don’t agree with, or tow the line he offers, are something less than subhuman or substandard in his opinion.

    Originally we had something other to offer regarding this topic but having read the other comments stepped back and reconsidered. Abuse our collective opinion as you wish but we address this only as opinion of the on air personalty. If the off air personality is that of the on air than it just perpetuates the hate and prejudice that continues to keep this great country from evolving into a better people all around.

  58. Rick says:

    …labeling Bill Colley a “racist” is factually correct and easily proved…

    Define ‘racist,’ and then ‘factually prove’ Colley is one. I’ll be waiting.

    Apparently it seems to work for the station ownership so he’s going to be around for the relatively near future…

    The free market works. That’s why Colley has been there for years- ratings. Thousands listen to Colley, while ten or twenty read the words of your so-called ‘Borg.’ In other words, Colley is relevant, and your collective is not. Which explains Frank’s vindictive jealousy.

    Now that Colley is back where he belongs- on the three o’clock segment- even more listeners (and callers) will be involved. Of course, the ‘Borg’ can still call Jerrod Morris, and discuss ‘Lost’ and ‘American Idol.’

    Are you using Borg because RINO is already taken?

  59. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    Tuxamus Maximus F responds to Rick in that the House of Tuxamus Maximus is most definitely a losing proposition for one of the three entities involved that make this place happen. The company formed for this makes no product and provides no real ‘service’ other then what it was intended to provide for the main ‘benefactor’.

    Sometimes businesses are set up knowing they will lose money and those with deep pockets don’t really mind. Examples would be sports teams and using racing as a more specific example, be it horses, dogs, autos, wolly worms or turtles it costs more to make it happen than it will ever make in the return on investment but the business owner doesn’t mind because of the enjoyment he/she/they get in return is all the ROI that is expected. There is a saying that the easiest way to make a million dollars racing is by spending $10 million making it happen. I know of a guy that races for trophy’s only and pays a lot of money in entry fees, team/crew and travel just to have a chance to win a trophy and the fun that came along with participating in the event.

    The free market in which you refer could well have nothing to do with those types of people and they really do exist.

    This could well be the case with some radio stations as well.

    We are ‘Borg’ in this thread for waterpirate’s enjoyment if for no other reason than he understands “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one” and that he’s requested that we ‘identify’ in some way. He is respected and his request is being honored as best possible.

    ‘RINO’ is a term that can be used in many ways now…

    F didn’t draw the short straw today.

  60. Frank Knotts says:

    Rick, please go back to the original post and copy and paste the part where I slander Mr. Colley, (understanding that you actually mean libeled, since slander is the spoken word not the written). I posted his written commentary, I linked to the recording in his own words, I then gave my opinion of those words. That is neither slander nor libel.
    But let us look at your comments here.
    In talking about the backyards of Hispanics in the area you seem to infer that they are all slobs and dirty, much in the same vein as Mr. Colley’s statements. I admitted that if you were to post photos of yards that were trashy that would be fact, but not a fact that “ALL” Hispanics are trashy, but only those who you were to photograph.
    You then say, “You deliver propane to those locations, so why are you playing dumb, unless it is to serve your own position?”
    Rick you are correct, I have in my 30+ years delivered to Hispanics who are trashy, along with whites who are trashy, and Asians who are trashy, Jews who are trashy, Christians who are trashy, and even atheist who are trashy, homosexuals who are trashy, and heterosexuals who are trashy.
    It is when Mr. Colley and yourself infer that all Hispanics are trashy that it becomes racist.
    So who is the phony?
    And if there was nothing wrong with photo and title, then why was it taken down? WINNING!
    You go on to say, “Define ‘racist,’ and then ‘factually prove’ Colley is one. I’ll be waiting.” I believe I have done both in my original post, you and others are just too blind to admit it.
    Your only defense of his actions are to attack me, and to agree that all Hispanics are trashy, good luck with that.

  61. waterpirate says:

    I hope you are yanking my chain? If not I am offended, deeply. The Borg and the Vulcans can not, and will not ever be confused. Just as a good Porter, and Bud black label will never be the same no matter how much they spend on marketing.

    I draw comparison to what a really good idea the coffe party was, but as it gained membership and momentum, it quickly morphed into something very different from what was originaly intended. That left carnage and disunity in the political universe of ” common sense”. That dis-conect led to people claiming that Rose Izzo is a real patriot, and Bill Colley is a true consrvative????

    All just labels hap-hazzardly thrown around and applied willy nilly with no real way to measure the proclamations.

  62. Dave says:

    “All just labels hap-hazzardly thrown around and applied willy nilly with no real way to measure the proclamations.”

    So, true. The only objective measure at this point is the hate index. The degree to which the far left and the far right hate someone provides a relatively accurate measure of one’s place on the left right line.

    Chris Christie is a good example. Both the far left and the far right hate Christie. Therefore, one can accurately label him as more of a centrist. Center right to be sure, but nonetheless, he is within 3 sigma of the center.

    Let’s take Frank as another example. The far right hates Frank. The far left merely looks at him with no more than disdain or even simply neglect. But they don’t really hate him. That puts Frank somewhere around center right. The labels, RINO, DINO, yadda, yadda are just adult versions of playground taunts. The only accurate measure is the hate index.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Rick is on another blog still claiming that what Colley posted on two blogs wasn’t racist. Of course Rick doesn’t think it’s racist, Rick openly stated that his solution to the immigration problem in Sussex was “5 guys in the back of a pick up truck with shotguns.” That quote was covered several years ago by the News Journal, the quote was taken from another political blog, the one he’s whining on right now. Colley is a racist, both of his “trash” blog posts were racist, he has a history of hate speech (he was suspended for a week for inflammatory comments about gays, anon is right about that), and he is being defended by Rick, who thinks the way to fix our immigration problems is with “5 guys in the back of a pick up truck with shotguns.”

  64. William Christy says:

    “Well who has been attacked here more than myself, and every one of those attacks stand posted as written by you and others. Your ideology is weak, you positions on pressing issues are weak, and you sir are weak of character. I am who I am, and I don’t attempt to hide it behind threats of lawsuits. If you don’t like the treatment you receive here, then feel free to hang with your buds and like minded fellow cry babies.”

    Frank always the victim you’re misunderstood, your writing style was cramped, you were told by the owner of a blog what was not acceptable.

    The vulgarity of the comments that have been directed at me far surpass anything ever stated about you.

    You commentary about my character is based on nothing more than your ignorance, since you do not even know me personally.

    My ideology doesn’t line up with yours on every point, hence “your ideology is weak”.

    My position on pressing issues is not weak, again just because my pressing issues aren’t the same as your does not make them weak.

    My pressing issues at the state level were the gun control, same sex marriage, transgender legislation, as well as the common core issue. I don’t recall ever seeing you speaking before the legislature or at a school board meeting.

    My pressing issues at the county level relate to ones that directly have an impact on the community where I reside, which I represent as President/CEO of our homeowners association.

    My pressing issues at the local level involve the school district where my children and the children of our community attend. My pressing issues also involve our communities interaction with the local municipal government.

    While you claim I am of weak character I would suggest you reflect inwardly on your own weaknesses.

    Indeed you do hide behind threats of lawsuits, you also hide behind threats of contacting law enforcement.

    One final note Frank you’ve done nothing besides keeping the bigotry, ignorance, and intolerance festering within Sussex County regardless of party lines. A perfect example is this very topic, you state Bill Colley is a racist. At the several meetings of your district that I attended your fellow district members openly spewed terms like ni**ers, wetbacks, said inter-racial marriages should be banned, said we should go back to segregated schools at meetings. They openly refer to people involved in same sex relationships as faggots, dykes, queers.

    YOU never opened your mouth once to express your condemnation, of their statements, yet now your write about Colley.
    Your disdain for Colley doesn’t stem from what he stated, about Latino’s. You’re pissed that he had the audacity to comment about you.

  65. Laffter says:

    I really MUST say – THANK YOU- to Mr. Christy

    He has now put into black and white print , on the internet and for time immemorial, what many people have thought but never verified- that the Sussex GOP is chock full of bigots and racists.

    My question is- Mr. Christy, did you or anyone else there at the meetings you attended, ever call anyone out for their vile and racist comments. Did you or anyone else, openly state that this is NOT what the GOP stands for and that you are offended by what you heard……and the speaker sanctioned?

    No? I thought not, because you didn’t condemn it in here either- you just mentioned it. And if you didn’t condemn it, your silence condoned it.

    So THANK YOU for tearing the lid off the SUSSEX GOP. nice to know what they really are.
    Well, what you say they are anyway…

    I know lots of Republicans , and not one of them would ever say those things. So, why doesn’t the Sussex GOP remove that element?

  66. William Christy says:

    You know? You assume. I NEVER wrote “that the Sussex GOP is chock full of bigots and racists.” so don’t go twisting what I wrote around. What I wrote was at the several meetings of Franks district that I attended. One district, I didn’t imply or state that it was representative of the whole Sussex County GOP.

    I did in fact say something at both the district meetings and I never returned. I’ve also said something to the elected official that Mike Rowe mentioned.

    Go back and read the comments, I posted I couldn’t believe it wasn’t getting more attention. I’m sorry I refuse to jump on your bandwagon, by declaring the person a racist and bigot.

    I know 100’s of Republican’s and Democrats none would use those terms. Unfortunately there are people who do still use those terms. Those same people also make other inflammatory comments because they are ignorant.

    Just how do you propose that the Sussex GOP remove that element?

  67. anon says:

    You Tea Party “patriots” made a whole bunch of new rules in 2011 to make sure you could purge the party of RDs and EDs you didn’t like, where any of the racists at that meeting RDs or EDs?

    4. For just cause as follows:

    a. Scandal, personal or public, defined as behavior resulting in negative publicity for the Republican Party as determined by a simple majority vote of the SCEC.

    b. Dereliction of duty, (“duty” as specified in Article IV.)

    c. Voluntary actions or omissions that are deemed as significantly against the interests of the National, Delaware State, or Sussex County Republican Party.

    d. Misappropriation of funds

    C. Any member of the SCEC can be suspended or removed by a two-thirds majority vote of the SCEC members at a regular meeting.

    D. Removal for Cause:

    1. Any removal for cause shall require a Motion for Removal including a reading of a bill of particulars (which shall require a second) to be made at a regular meeting of the SCEC.

    2. If the member is not present, the Secretary shall notify the member, provide a copy of the Bill of Particulars detailing the alleged cause, and set the matter for discussion and vote at the next regular meeting of the SCEC.

    3. In any case, the matter shall be decided by secret ballot and determined by the simple majority vote of members present at the meeting.

    4. If the member involved does not stand to defend, the member will be deemed to have resigned.

    5. Should the vote affirm the Motion of Removal, the member shall be removed.

  68. William Christy says:

    You tea party “patriots” in 2011?

    If your comment was directed at me get your facts straight.
    1. In 2011 I was registered as a Democrat

    2. I’ve never belonged to the “tea party”

    In answer to your question to the best of my knowledge none of the people were RD’s or ED’s that I am aware of.

  69. Frank Knotts says:

    William Christy says, “The vulgarity of the comments that have been directed at me far surpass anything ever stated about you. ”
    He then says, “You commentary about my character is based on nothing more than your ignorance, since you do not even know me personally. ”
    My opinion of your character is based on what you have written here and other blogs, and the fact that you called my home phone and threated me with law suits and physical violence and secretly recorded the cal. And if you don’t like it? LEAVE!
    WC then says, “My ideology doesn’t line up with yours on every point, hence “your ideology is weak”. EXACTLY! Why is it that you think I am wrong? Because my ideology doesn’t line up with yours, the difference being, is I have enough character to admit my bias, you on the other hand lie to me, to everyone here and yourself. BYTHE WAY, YOU CAN LEAVE ANY TIME!
    Then the “BIG” man tries to brag by saying, “My pressing issues at the state level were the gun control, same sex marriage, transgender legislation, as well as the common core issue. I don’t recall ever seeing you speaking before the legislature or at a school board meeting. ”
    You are correct Mr. Christy, I didn’t speak in front of the Legislature, I unlike you have a full time job, but I did speak one on one quietly to several legislators about the bills you mentioned, while you were seeking public glory for yourself, I and others were attempting to convince law makers to vote in the best interest of the citizens of the state.
    By the way, you can LEAVE!
    Now Mr. Christy completely lies out of both sides of his face when he says, “Indeed you do hide behind threats of lawsuits, you also hide behind threats of contacting law enforcement. ”
    Please Mr. Christy, show me in which post I ever threated a law suit, ever? Or to call law enforcement? Even when you called my home and threated me with physical violence, all I said was bring it.
    Have you left yet?
    As for what you state about hearing racist statements at district meetings, well first of all, it is not “Frank’s” district, it is the district I live in. You are either again lying about what you heard or you are misrepresenting what happened. No one ever stood up and said the things you claim to have heard, so we must assume that these things were spoken to you in personal conversations, because you never stood up and spoke out against them. So if they were spoken to you privately and you did not make it public, we have to ask why? I feel the answer is because they either never happened, while it is likely they did, or you now only speak of them to try and paint me as something anyone who knows me, knows I am not.
    One also questions that if you heard these things and are so bothered by them, why not speak their names now. And then you can LEAVE!
    ” In 2011 I was registered as a Democrat” Please feel free to return.

  70. Laffter says:

    Good for you frank! Good for you!

    I think you hit the nail on the head- it IS about Bill trying to be someone… any means possible.

    A glory hound …..most of us do speak to our legislators…..quietly, we don’t go traipsing up to Leg Hall, coz we have jobs- and are not supported by others.

    As AWEFUL as Bill Colley is, and we all know there are those that do not respect others and their right to live as they wish, as long as others are not harmed, I really can’t believe the SCGOP meeting are as horrendous and full of hate and bile they way Bill described

    It makes no sense- there are a lot of decent people in the GOP- well at least there WERE until the tea bags took over with their pitchforks and torches- and ran out decent folks like Ron Sams etc……

    Now the inmates are running the asylum – thank you Don Ayotte, and Bill Christy and Jeff Christopher and your minions. Been to meeting where their minions are present, they are rude, arrogant obnoxious and without a sense of decorum or shame. Act worse than 3 year olds at times.

    It’s that group that listenes to Bill Colley – and that’s not the SUSSEX GOP, that’s the TEA PARTY and 9-12ers. Don’t care how much Theresa Garcia denies it and Alex says he’s Native American……..Lolol. By way of Mexico.

    It’s ugly and again, thanks to Bill Christy for exposing the gules under-belly

    FRANK- believe me, the democrats don’t want him either……and BTW no one cares what party on is registed for…..I have been registered as all sorts of voter, and went to different party meetings – never heard comments like that at any GOP meeting I went to.

    And no Democrat meeting either

    But……I bet one would find a home and nasty comments like that with Wolfie and IPoD… where those kind of misfits end up eventually.

  71. anon says:

    Colley is still at it, cross posting this just last Friday at another blog:

    It should be clear that WGMD from the ownership down to the last sales rep is on board with Colley’s racism.

    This is what WGMD is now, the last bastion for racists and haters. Ground zero for secessionists, birthers and crazies. Colley was just as bad with Gaffney at the helm, but at least there was a small amount of restraint when it came to the other talk show hosts. This new batch of hosts at WGMD is just as racist as Colley, or when Mike Bradley called Georgetown “Mexico North” was that supposed to be a compliment?

  72. David Blum says:

    This Bill Colley is a racist and intolerant of people who don’t agree with his views and religious beliefs. His so-called Patriot League was forbidden from holding their meetings at various American Legion and VFW Posts in Central New York back in the mid-2000’s. It amazing to me that his stint at WGMD has lasted as long as it has. As one frequent reader to his blog has told me time and time again: “this is a lawsuit waiting to happen.”

  73. House Tuxamus Maximus says:

    Having spent time researching the topic of Mr. David Blum’s comment we have yet to find any reason to dispute him. Although a bit after the fact concerning Mr. Knotts’ post he has been added to the toast list for this evenings meal at HTM.
    TMF drew the short straw today.

  74. herewegoagain says:

    Bill who?

  75. Dave Watson says:

    I have lived on Delmarva all my life. As far as I’m concerned Bill was right. I admit there has always been white/black trashy people who roadside dump, and I have always been applauded at that practice. I want my peninsula clean so we can all be proud of where we live. Since the influx of people from south of the border, the problem seems to be much worse. There are many life long Hispanic American Citizens I have spoken to that strongly agree with me. Since this was posted 4 years ago, the problem has gotten even worse.

  76. Frank Knotts says:

    Dave Watson, so you believe the back road dumping issue is race based? That it is Hispanic in nature? So what would be your solution?

  77. Lesa Wagner says:

    Apparently this is the same loser scumbag that has taken up residence in my small town of Twin Falls, ID. How did you get rid of this Donald Trump wannabe?

  78. Jen Taylor says:

    We love Bill Colley! What we do not love is liberal democrats who are trying to destroy America and make it a socialist country. Oh ya, and guess what? We LOVE president Donald Trump!!!!! Make America Great Again!

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