John Sigler Resigns!

It was announced this morning in a letter to the state GOP Executive Committee that newly re-elected State Chairman, John Sigler, would be resigning, effective immediately.

Mr. Sigler stated that his reasons for resigning had nothing to do with politics, but that certain circumstances had arisen, that he could not elaborate on at this time, that made it impossible for him to continue to serve as the state GOP Chairman.

We will leave this as an open thread for discussion of the impact that this announcement will have, not only on the Delaware GOP, but on Delaware politics in general.

3 Comments on "John Sigler Resigns!"

  1. Harry Whittington says:

    Very bad news for the party. I can only hope we don’t end up with a do-nothing, one issue wonder like Ellen Barrosse at the helm.

    Is Mike Castle free? At least he can raise money.

  2. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    Oh boy…time will tell what’s up with that decision. Usually never a good thing.

  3. Frank Knotts says:

    Harry, now you are just trying to make my head explode aren’t you?

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