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“…bringing in more than a million migrants from alien cultures has “changed the fabric of Europe” permanently – and “not in a positive way”.

I am fighting for a net-zero immigration moratorium for America, because we have to put Americans, our values, and our families, first.

U.S. President Donald Trump has warned that Europe is “losing its culture” because of immigration, arguing that bringing in more than a million migrants from alien cultures has “changed the fabric of Europe” permanently – and “not in a positive way”.

This was posted on  Lauren Witzke’s campaign Facebook page. Ms. Witzke  is running to be the Delaware GOP’s, nominee, for United States Senator.
It seems as though she will first have to win a primary before moving on to face incumbent Democrat, Sen. Chris Coons.
It seems as though, Ms. Witzke and her team, have decided they can run a hard right campaign, and mimic President Trump’s message and language on immigration. Great strategy. If all you are interested in is winning a primary? But what do you do, after you run too far right to win the primary? How do you spin back to the middle without looking like a hypocrite? Because, in my  opinion, a far right, Trump supporting candidate, cannot win in the general election sate-wide, in Delaware.
  Now before any of you get upset that I am unfairly attacking Ms. Witzke, let me just say, I have already said these things to her in person, and through correspondence. I offered this as advice, and hopefully productive criticism. She has been nothing but polite and respectful, and she has held to her positions. I can respect that.
  My concern is, we again go down the road of a GOP candidate, in a state-wide race in Delaware, where the candidate wins the primary, which is always heavy with the party loyalist, but who is perceived as too far right for the general public, including many Republicans. Trust me when I say, I saw that up close, and it isn’t pretty. The Delaware GOP has still not healed the wounds of 2010.
  Just look at this post. Ms. Witzke or her advisors are clearly sending the message that if elected, she will be lockstep with President Trump, her page is littered with post in support of Donald Trump.  How does that win votes in New Castle County? How does that win state-wide? I’m sure during her fund-raising events she is hearing nothing but praise. After all, isn’t that who shows up to give money. It’s still the primary season.
  However, what the campaign and the candidate don’t seem to understand about Delaware, is that it isn’t Republicans who elect Republicans, in Delaware. Delaware Republicans are out registered 2 to 1, or more. For Republicans to win state-wide, they have to gain the votes of Democrats and others. There is no denying that Delaware leans left as a whole. This is why believing a staunch Trump supporter will pull votes across party lines and win sate-wide, is beyond wishing on a star.
Now lets look at the above message in particular. In my conversations with Ms. Witzke, immigration came up, not surprising. I asked her my magic wand question. If she had a magic wand that would remove all the “illegal” immigrants from America immediately, would she use it? She answered yes. I then asked what time she would be showing up on the job sites, or hotels to fill the jobs left open, and how many friends she would be bringing?
  Her first response was the usual Trump supporter line, “Americans will fill those jobs”. When pressed on how we would find enough people to do that, she responded, and I kid you not, with, “we’ll have more babies”. Now that is sweet, and if we had generations of time, and we reversed the trend of fewer children per family, I guess we could produce enough people, maybe we could mandate four children per family, but what is the guarantee they will want to hang drywall, pick melons, or do any of the other labor intensive jobs many immigrants fill today?
  Considering that, all we hear from Trump supporters, is how low unemployment is, how many non-immigrants are there, who can’t get a job because of an immigrant? This message isn’t about America first. It’s about America never changing. President Trump’s quote is, “changing the fabric”, “losing it’s  culture”. Hey? You know what? Things change, cultures change. America in the 50s was not what it was in the 1800s culturally. Why should it be in 2050 what it was today? Or is culture code?
Our Founding Document, The Declaration of Independence states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
That is our Freedom in a nut shell. No where does it state these Rights were restricted to only citizens of the United States, nothing is said about applying for these Rights to the United States for permission to move from one spot of dirt on the earth to another , simply because it is north of an imaginary line in the dirt.
 The “pursuit “ of happiness? To me that means, being able to make all the choices in my life, that I feel will make myself, and those important to me, happy, as long as I do no harm to others. I get to decided where I’ll work, set my value to customers, or employers, and adjust my expectations based on the market. I’ll decide who to marry, if to marry, and how many children to have, and I’ll decide where I’ll live.
If I am a citizen, for doing nothing more, than simply escaping my mother’s womb, and I am  guaranteed these Rights? How is it we dare to deny these Rights to other “men”? The DOI says, “that all men are created equal”, it does not say “all men north of the border are created equal.”
If a person is willing to travel hundreds of miles, risk violence and death, pay thousands of dollars, simply to live here, raise families, and do no harm? Then they have the same endowed Rights from their creator, as I do, and you do. Who are we to draw lines and build walls, and create laws which bar anyone from Freedom? We should be accepting these people into this nation as citizens, and all that goes with that. Working, obeying the law, paying taxes, and doing no harm, placing themselves under the jurisdiction of The United States. The same as, any born citizen. And in doing so, we raise them in status, allowing them to better set the value for their labor and services. They would no longer be criminal, they would be equal, as the DOI tells us.
  I didn’t have to “earn” my Rights, I was born with them. But so were the immigrants who seek to pursue their happiness here. These Rights, as spelled out by our Founding Fathers in the DOI are, “unalienable”. This means all men who are created, are equal, and their Rights cannot be changed, or taken away by anyone, and certainly not by government.
When our elected officials, and political leaders, and hope to be’s, talk about a zero net immigration policy? What they  are really talking about, is restricting the work force. Which will have the effect of empowering the unions to raise the cost of wages to employers. Which will raise the cost of production, which will raise, as always, the cost to the end-user, the consumer.
  Now let’s put the two things together, if we restrict immigration, we have fewer workers with higher wages, but also higher cost of everything, to everyone. With a smaller work force, we will fail to produce enough, forcing us to import more, under tariffs, taking more money out of the consumer’s limited resources. Now consumers can’t afford to buy as much, companies can’t afford to expand and grow, and can’t find employees if they do.
  When Republicans talk about building walls and zero net immigration policies? What they are really talking about is stagnation of all growth, and only the rich benefit in those economies. And I’m sorry to break the news, but we are never going to birth our way out of a need for an immigrant labor force. We have had one since I was a boy, and worked with immigrants picking apples in Magnolia.
 Why would any Republican want to restrict the labor force, and raise the cost of doing business?
Well when you factor in Ms. Witzke has also presented herself as a supporter of unions and collective bargaining, the idea of a smaller work force and  raising wages and cost, starts to make sense. I guess?
I have to tell you, for a Republican to support collective bargaining kind of blew my mind, so I did a little looking around to see where this may have come from, and I didn’t have to look too far.
Micheal Sisco  This is Michael Sisco, he is Ms. Witzke’s campaign manager and this is from his Facebook page. As you can see from the screenshot, he is clearly representing the Witzke campaign. But it is his bio under his photo I find interesting. See that word? Paleoconservative? Know what it means?
Click the link, I’ll wait here while you read.
  Okay, did you get all that? If I may? Let me boil it down in my opinion. “We like things the way they are, we don’t want change, unless it benefits as few people as possible, to be chosen based on our preconceived idea of right and wrong.”
   Now, in reading that, did you catch the word, “paternalism”? Know what that means?
 Click the link, I’ll wait here while you read.
   Wow! “CONSERVATIVE SOCIALISM”, “RIGHT WING SOCIALISM”. Doesn’t that sound grand?
If Mr. Sisco is running the campaign of Lauren Witzke, and he is promoting these ideals on his page linked to the campaign, then we can only assume  Ms. Witzke shares at least some of these views.
They may be followers of Disraeli , and his one nation conservatism, or progressive conservatism. The theories are a tight rope to walk, and not be hypocritical. They believe government does have a role to play, if a limited one, in social change for the good of the “family”. Of course they get to choose who is considered family.
  I have no problem having Ms. Witzke’s as the Delaware GOP nominee for U.S.  Senate. What I would prefer is an honest discussion from her about her political views. Maybe fewer photos at fund-raisers, and of Donald Trump, and more laying out of real goals as a legislator. When your campaign manager is using words like paleoconservative, it means something. And now the candidate needs to explain what it means to her. After all, if she becomes the nominee, she will face Chris Coons on the debate stage. If all she brings is Trumpism, and paleoconservatism? Well?
  Voters have a right to know who and what they are voting for.
 As always, all are free to join the discussion. But understand this isn’t Facebook.

9 Comments on "Lauren Witzke For U.S. Senate"

  1. Meyer Persow says:

    He looks like Rasputin

  2. Nathan Hale says:

    Ms. Witzke’s America First campaign is thinly veiled white nationalism. She and her campaign manager invited Nick Fuentes to speak at a conservative teen event in Iowa. Linked below is an article from the Washington Times. Read more about Nick Fuentes and America First. Oh yeah, and she believes in the QAnon conspiracy theory too.

  3. Frank Knotts says:

    Can’t wait to start looking at the financial reports.

  4. Jesse T Flynn says:

    I’m sure we will put any stock in what you start looking for Frank Knotthead.

  5. Jesse T Flynn says:

    And reading you blog shows how clueless you are on Constitutional law and immigration status. Knotthead fits you well.

  6. Frank Knotts says:

    Well Jesse, why don’t you, instead of mocking my name, and being dismissive, try pointing out the flaws in my views, and have a discussion. Start with where I am mistaken about Constitutional law.

  7. Al Catraz says:

    I wouldn’t get too excited about Witzke winning anything, aside from displacing Christine O’Donnell as the biggest joke of a Senate candidate Delaware has ever had.

    So, we have a Constitutional scholar here. Well, okay, Jesse T. Flynn, perhaps you could explain how the US Senate is at all relevant to Witzke’s official platform to “End no fault divorce nationally.” How does federal divorce law work?

  8. James McNary says:

    Frankly, a brand of conservatism that actually cares for others is what we need. Witzke 2020!

  9. Al Catraz says:

    Hey, what’s happened to the Right in Delaware? Why aren’t you all running around Dover with your traitor rebel flags, waving your guns at people, and coughing on each other like the “patriots” in other states?

    C’mon jerkwads, you’re disappointing us all. Give us some entertainment, get yourselves sick, and die.

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