Let’s Take a Close Look at Those Republican Candidates for President in 2016

So I’ve been paying attention as one by one the would-be American Presidents step up to the podium to announce their plans. I’ve got fifteen contenders and so far don’t think I’ve missed any. I also included George Pataki from New York though he’s mealy-mouthed about his plans.

Let’s take a look at their politics, their state and the effect that might have, whether I think they have a chance and throw in some snark and speculation for the amusement of yon readers.

6.29.15jebbushJeb Bush-So he came out swinging because Jeb Bush thinks he is the best Bush of all and any notion that maybe this country has been more than kind with the Bushes and maybe it’s time they all retire to Kennebunkport and fade away never crossed his mind.

In fact Jeb comes across as having an attitude that by golly with a father once the Prez and a brother too the Prezie….by golly the smartest and handsomest of them all, which would be Jeb, DESERVES I tell you, a chance at the big job.

By me Jeb Bush is entirely too liberal and his stances on immigration and that horror known as Common Core make me ill.

I think this country has had enough Bushes. Jeb needs to go away but in Jeb’s mind we are all idiots and don’t recognize his greatness.

Ted Cruz-Repeat after me…”Ted Cruz” for President.

Indeed Ted is my guy, for now at least. But I am open to many more contenders, more on this later.

I have yet to hear one single syllable uttered by Cruz with which I have NOT agreed so that’s a strong point right there.

Cruz is a Senator from Texas and yes the general rule of thumb is that Governors make better Presidents than Senators but I say Pshaw.

I think Cruz presents himself quite eloquently and let’s not dismiss the importance of good communication skills.

With my ear to the ground and eyes on the prize, I feel strong tremors out there for Cruz and with a big state like Texas behind him think he’s really got a good chance to win the nomination.

Marco Rubio– Like so many others, I became distraught with Rubio by his one-time stance for massive immigration reform.

And like so many others, I am frustrated that the media dolts and political elite do not understand the average American’s distrust of any kind of immigration reform.

Could this be because America granted blanket amnesty during the presidency of Ronald Reagan and we were told that it would never happen again?

And now the political class is asking to grant mass amnesty again and they have not a clue why we don’t believe or trust them?

But I grant relief to Rubio for an interview I heard him have one Sunday and I liked what he had to say.

“I was behind a comprehensive immigration reform bill but there’s simply not enough political good will on the issue,” so Rubio stated. He said he was very surprised at the vehemence of the American public on the matter.

Well yeah, we have doors and locks on our doors out here in la-la land and we don’t just let any ole body waltz into our homes and we expect the same thing from our federal government, one of the FEW jobs it has which it does very badly as the feds fight for climate change and new school lunch menus.

I’m giving Rubio, a likeable young fellow with the important state of Florida his home, a lot of leeway.

But I’m watching him closely because when given the first chance, didn’t Rubio jump right on the immigration-reform bandwagon, never mind us silly fools with locks on our doors?

Bobby Jindal-from Louisiana, a state of little electoral impact and locale of idiots too stupid to get out of town during a roaring hurricane called Katrina, Jindal simply doesn’t bring all that much to the table. Although he is a Governor and some think that’s best to fill the President of the United States’ shoes.

I just don’t see Jindal capturing much of nothing, possibly a VP slot but I see that as a long shot.

Donald Trump– One word for Trump…..


Well hey, I wouldn’t move away or anything if Trump were to win the presidency but the mockery of his hair alone will occupy the political commentary for his entire term.

And it would be worth at least four years of horrible hair commentary to see Trump take on Mexico and goodness, China….he really does not like China, does he?

Like many, I don’t think Trump is a serious contender; that he’s doing it for the publicity. He gets on TV and tells an interviewer that he’s losing millions for not producing “Celebrity Apprentice”, boo-hooing over his loyalty to the country and his sacrifice to be its leader.

Or something.

Lookit….if Trump gets the GOP nomination I will vote for him. I think the odds of him being nominated are like 90-1.

I’m jus’ sayin’.

Chris Christie– goodness No and I wouldn’t vote for Christie for what he did with the George Washington bridge 6.29.15chrischristiealone.

For those not in the know, Christie got mad at a candidate in a NJ town who didn’t support him during an election. So Christie has his minions shut down a lane on the George Washington bridge and hey, I drive that bridge all the time and the fact that Christie was asshole enough to punish a political enemy via MY inconvenience is enough to make me pooh-pooh any notion that he might ever get my political support.

This and he’s a fat slob.

Cause I dislike the man handily.

John Kasich-John hails from Ohio and he was host of a television show, to the consternation of the Tea Party across the fruited plains.

I like John but he’d be like ninth or tenth of my choices. And I assert this mostly because I have no idea how Kasich stands on anything. However, being that Ohio is a game-changing state, Kasich’s got a shot at a VP slot.

Dr. Ben Carson -I fall in love with Ben Carson every time I hear him speak. He has a gentle voice, soothing and of a leadership style.

Dr. Carson comes from poor stock, son of a single mother, a man who worked and did his best to rise to become a children’s surgeon.

I feel a void when it comes to Dr. Carson’s core beliefs. I’m not sure where he stands on immigration, for example. Or Common Core for that matter.

Still and so I’d vote for Dr. Carson with no hesitation.

I am not able to ascertain Carson’s home state. I’m not sure if it would be Maryland as he worked at Johns Hopkins, or somewhere in the midwest as I heard Carson was from.

Carly Fiorina – my isn’t she feisty?

I would grant Fiorina the VP slot right this second, no questions asked. First of all, she’s a woman, much like Hillary Clinton. As I look around I see no other females on the Republican presidential nomination. So Fiorina gets the nod because hey, we can’t let the Democrats have the first female President, if it comes to that.

And of the contenders so far, it’s Fiorina giving Hillary the most grief.

And I like that about Carly.

Scott Walker- -the guy didn’t get a college degree I am to understand?

Which makes me like him all the more.

Cause if anything’s a racket today, it’s the concept that one must have a college degree to succeed. Then a young person gets saddled with thousands in student loan debt for college professors who lie about their ethnicity just so they can get some of that student debt money.

Walker made a name for himself by standing up to the unions in Wisconsin who damned near hung this man in effigy for daring to go up against their mighty power.

Goodness the unions even staged a recall vote, leading all of us to believe that they were in charge and Governor Walker of Wisconsin was history.

Heh. Well they lied.

Christie would have closed some bridge in anger. Jeb Bush would lecture us about illegals aliens needing work of the unions. Scott Walker stood tall and he’s got some fans out here across the fruited plains.

I don’t see Walker as getting the nomination, nor the VP slot quite honestly.

Maybe next time.

Rick Perry -Texas loves the guy but he’s a bit of a big galoot.

Still and so I’d give Perry my vote. This country could do way worse than to elect a Governor of Texas as its President. Sort of like th current guy occupying the office.

Don’t go looking for Perry to go far but he is interesting.

Mike Huckabee -hailing from Arkansas, I assert that Huckabee is in this for one of two reasons only. First, his show on Fox wasn’t doing too well so they offered to save his face and let him quit for a presidential run.

Add to my prior paragraph assertion the concept that maybe Fox wanted Huckabee’s insider input on the Republican presidential nominee race and thus set it up just so.

I don’t think Huckabee has a chance in hell to win the Republican nomination. But I do think he’ll be able to garner another Fox news gig.

Rick Santorum -Here he is, the candidate for all the Republican social issues crowd.

This is not to say that I don’t believe in social issues but it’s just not happening people. Now we have the Supreme Court validating same sex marriage and I think this should be the end of that discussion.

Of course I don’t think that Brad should marry Bob. I think it fine that Bob should have a legal civil ceremony of some sort but marriage of a male and female is how I think it should be.

With that out of the way…..it’s really not something the Republicans should even bother with.

But if there is a chance someone will take up the gauntlet, then let it be Rick Santorum’s job.

This is why we have primaries, people. If Santorum garners a victory then we will know the social issues crowd is many and powerful.

Again….we shall see.

Lindsay Graham -South Carolina gives us Senator Graham and I don’t think John McCain’s sidekick will garner neither a presidential nomination or a VP slot.

He’s strong on foreign policy, this is for sure.

Another strike against Graham….my mother-in-law, a sweet 86 year old woman living in Massachusetts and who voted for Obama, loves the guy.

Be very wary of this set of circumstances.

George Pataki – From New York and without a chance.

Make no mistake, Pataki’s only throwing his hat into the ring because he wants a future as a political commentator.

Look for Pataki to be one of the Gang of Five on Fox, at five o’clock. OR maybe a Saturday night show on Fox when no one watches.

But he’s not going to be nominated for anything.

So there you have it, the humble assessment of a Blogger who is a bit of a political junkee but with no great expertise beyond that. I did not include Ran Paul because I’m not sure he’s even a Republican.

For the record, I would NOT vote for either Jeb Bush or Chris Christie. I would maybe not vote for Mike Huckabee, need to think about this some more.

Of course I will not vote for Hillary Clinton. For those candidates I dislike so much I just won’t vote for any of them.

And for my winner I pick….TADA…TED CRUZ!

6.29.15ted cruz

Top five….my guess only:

Ted Cruz
Marco Rubio
Scott Walker
Dr. Ben Carson
…wild guess…Donald Trump

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.
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8 Comments on "Let’s Take a Close Look at Those Republican Candidates for President in 2016"

  1. Jaws says:

    It’s way too early for me to pick my favorite. I’ll wait until the months have r’s in them before getting serious about picking the one I would like to see.

    In the meantime, it’s summer. So it’s time to get out the gear and head where the fish are biting like crazy.

  2. A Woman says:

    Do you realize that Fiorina led one of the largest companies in the USA and she spent her entire life as a business executive, blazing trails for women in the private sector and all you can come up with is, “DUH, she has a vagina.” SMHID.

  3. Nitpicker says:

    It’s good to see Pat is back and sinking her teeth into the issues.

  4. delacrat says:

    A Woman,

    Ms. Fish also neglected to mention that Ms. Fiorina laid-off 18,000 employees at Hewlett-Packard and subsequently fired by the HP board of directors.

    Are mass layoffs your idea of “blazing trails” ?

  5. mouse says:

    Only in conservative republican circles is abuse of workers blazing trails lol. The GOP candidates are all trapped in mindless lockstep to the talk radio ideology that the GOP has adopted. In an election that exposes candidates to all the voters and not just talk radio and Fox news listeners who are full of racial/religious/tribal and cultural resentments, there’s not a current GOP candidate that stands a chance. A majority of the nation isn’t interested in the nasty right wing faux religious sexual issue obsession and is supportive of science, clean energy, workers rights, reproductive rights, medical coverage for all, social security and medicare funding. The republican right is on the wrong side with all these issues and is wedded to old, angry, uneducated resentful white people who are dying off. Just my 2 cents. lol

  6. Yon Reader says:

    “wedded to old, angry, uneducated resentful white people”

    To be fair, they’ve had the right to be wedded for a lot longer than some other folks.

  7. Anon says:

    ” I did not include Ran (sic) Paul because I’m not sure he’s even a Republican.”

    Then you’re ill-informed and do your readers a disservice by failing to cover the primary race properly. Rand Paul has not only performed extremely well as a Republican senator, he also polls the best of all Republican presidential candidates in head-to-head match ups against Clinton.

    Do yourself a favor and read up on Rand Paul. He’s a real conservative and a real Republican, unlike some of the others on your list.

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