Meet Your Elected Officials

Another event was organized to allow elected officials to come into the community and meet with the voters. It was only a few months ago that a similar event was staged in Bridgeville, this time it was held at Abbott’s Grille in Milford.

To broaden the number of people who could see this it was broadcast by Catch it Live .com, which is the project of Jim Weller and Collin Walls, the event was a joint effort of Catch It Live and Delaware Right, in an effort to improve the communication between elected officials and the voters.

While this event was slightly more formal than the one in Bridgeville, it was still meant to be casual.

It was moderated by Jack Riddle who is the Vice-president of The Community Bank, and he did a fine job on introducing the participants and giving some background on each.

The media was also represented in this event by radio talk show host Dan Gaffney from Delaware 105.9, and Doug Denision from the Wilmington News Journal, these two asked the questions of the officials.

The elected officials present included Rep. Ruth Briggs-King (R), Sen. Gary Simpson (R), Rep. John Atkins (D), and Rep. Dave Wilson (R).

The main topics covered were education, transportation, public safety, agriculture and of course jobs.

All who participated were respectful and friendly and we all left with a better idea of some of the real challenges facing the state when it comes to passing a budget.

The night was topped off with Sussex Clerk of the Peace John Brady (D) and former gubernatorial candidate Jeff Cragg (R) doing a round-up section for Catch It

I would like to say that I personally think Rep. Dave Wilson had the best moment of the night when the topic drifted from jobs in general to talking about the Markell administration’s complete failure in the Fisker deal.

Rep. Wilson pointed out that in his opinion the state of Delaware would be far better off if in his words, the state wouldn’t, “put all its eggs in one basket”, when it comes to helping to create new jobs. He feels that instead of dumping millions of tax dollars into one big company, which if it fails, the state loses all of the money and creates no jobs, it would be better to create an environment where twenty of thirty small companies can start-up, and if even two or three percent, even if fifty percent fail, you still have created new companies and new jobs and helped to grow the economy.

Rep. Wilson was the only elected official of the night to receive a spontaneous applauds for this view.

The event was about and hour and a half long and I would most likely miss something important if I tried to re-cap the entire night so here is the video. Pay special attention near the end when all of the officials comment on their opinions about the amount of social issues being passed this session, such as gay marriage and gun laws.

Delaware Right and Catch it Live would like to thank all who participated, and we hope that in the future we can replicate these events all over the state, not just in Sussex County. We can accomplish more by communicating than we can by shouting.


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  1. Doug Beatty says:

    I am shocked and amazed! How about that turnout Frank?

    I didn’t see any mention of that in your post, unlike the “Shocked and Amazed” post you made taking a swipe at myself and my colleagues at IPoD.

    While you didn’t post the turnout, I’ve communicated directly with one participant and heard from another through what I consider a credible source. Their reports match up.

    So do you want to post the turnout or would you like for me to take it upon myself to handle that?

  2. kavips says:

    What was the turnout?

  3. Harry Whittington says:

    “Catch it Live” live streams the event so you don’t have to physically go to the event. That’s the point of “Catch it Live.” I watched it online, from the comfort of my home.

  4. Doug Beatty says:


    So it was a virtual meet and greet? LOL. Everybody who was involved with organizing our meet and greet is also on our blogtalkradio show, so people don’t have to physically show up at our meet and greet to hear our views.

    Merci por jouez, c’est domage

  5. Doug Beatty says:


    It was less than our meet and greet for Don Ayotte drew, according to my sources.

  6. Harry Whittington says:

    What’s “a shame” Mr. Beatty, is that you don’t understand the value to many of us of a live streamed candidate forum. I, for one, appreciated the fact that I did not have to physically be in the room, and I could watch it from home. If I couldn’t watch it last night, I can still go to Catch it Live today and watch it.

  7. Doug Beatty says:

    It’s a shame that you think you understand more about media than I do, that’s for surez playa.

    But keep puckering up, if you kiss enough butt you’re bound to move up in the pecking order. Chapstick is cheap, connections are priceless no?

    So to be clear, it was a virtual meet and greet? That would explain everything. Still since Frank felt like he had to mock our group ( and by the way we covered all the issues covered at the meet and greet also online.. ) for low turnout I was curious as to why he didn’t list the number of folks that came to this Delaware Right shindig complete with local media personalities, elected officials, and so forth.

    Virtual meet and greet, nice deflection “Mr. Whittington”. πŸ˜‰

  8. kavips says:

    Virtual meets are helpful, but they are also easy to use to deflect the lack of support. Even saying the number of people on line, is misleading because we don’t know if they are real people.

    Just wondered how it related to ipods meet-and-greet, and thank you very much for answering that question….

    My two cents; it is time to stop the bickering that repeats back and forth within the party and officially file for divorce. There should be 3 parties in Delaware, making things clearer… Right now if you elect a Republican he is either a rural right wing kook or a city slicker RINO, depending upon the perspective of the Republican making the assertion.

    Those kind of name-throwing should be reserved between those of different parties, not within the same.

    Separating the two into two different parties, is necessary for clarity. For example, how many people are voting conservative? How many are voting moderate? A primary does not cut it because it is an election closed to only those in a party… It takes a three party election to decide how much support each side has.

    Conservatives have the Constitutional right to be conservative and represent themselves and their constituents with conservative values. Likewise moderate Republicans have that right too. I’d be willing to venture that with 3 parties, turnout for state races would be off the charts.

    Republican moderates have the power to siphon off Democrats. Just look at how many jumped over to Markell in 2008. Getting those back would be easy if there was not the divide across the canal between rural and urban…

    It is time to make the split. As in a bad marriage, divorce is actually a good thing. Both parties put the past behind them and go off into the sunset happy and free at last, free at last…..

  9. Doug Beatty says:


    mea maxima culpa.

    I agree that the bickering is pointless and it would have been much more mature of me to simply ignore this post. Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional.

    Just couldn’t resist after Frank was such a horse’s ass about our IPoD event. Truthfully in a battle of wits it makes me less of a man that I didn’t find somebody my own size to pick on. But it happened.

    My bad.

  10. anon says:

    Pretty sure you had to buy a ticket to attend this event. The IPOD meet and greet was free. This also wasn’t a party event. So any direct comparisons are just stupid.

  11. Frank Knotts says:

    First Mr. Beatty, let me thank you for watching the video. We are happy to reach as many people as possible. I have been told that somewhere between 25 to 30 people were involved in the event, and yes this includes the officials and the media people.
    I include everyone because the intention was not to trot out some weak kneed reactionary to announce that he was taking his ball and going home. This was an event intended to allow elected officials to discuss budget issues in a forum that allowed for intellectual exchange, rather than having them grilled about whether they know how many rights are contained in the First Amendment.
    This is the second such event I have been able to attend and the reaction has been positive, well except from the people who only talk about growing their party.
    When you factor in however many people watched live and have now seen it as video, we are working to create a line of communication, not simply a box from which to preach and shout.
    Take a lesson Mr. Beatty, watch the video again, watch how professional the officials behaved, notice that no one shouted out from the audience. This is how the grown-ups behave.
    Anon is correct, it was a ticketed event to pay for the food served, which by the way, if you have never been to Abbott’s Grille, I highly recommend it, the Cajun meatloaf if out of this world.
    This may also explain why more people did not come out, but chose to watch it at home as Harry did. It may also explain why those who did show up were well behaved.
    This is only the beginning of things to come, we hope to involve as many elected officials as possible and encourage the public to either come out or Catch It Live.
    So Mr. Beatty? Are you satisfied? Would you like to discuss anything the officials had to say? Or did you even watch the video for the content?
    Run along now the recess bell just rang, time for you to go back and play with the other misfit toys.

  12. Angus Berger says:


    You’re so full of shit that it is unbelievable. Seven people were at that event other than wives and girlfriends.

    Why don’t you come clean and admit it you scumbag.
    Delaware right is a total failure.

  13. Doug Beatty says:

    I paid as much attention to the content of the message as you did to our message when you slammed the IPoD event.

    I wasn’t discussing the message, only your hypocrisy and rancor.

    I’m sorry that the recess bell is taking you out of the conversation. If you’d like me to take my conversation elsewhere that’s not a problem. Hope you know what you’re asking for πŸ˜‰

  14. asshat says:

    Ayotte’s event hosted 18 people and according to witnesses, delaware right’s hosted 7 plus girlfriends and wives.
    LOL, What’s happening bro, is lying one of your strong points.

    You guys even advertised and sold tickets. Ayotte told people to come and eat food at a covered dish dinner. The people that were shown on the IPoD facebood page; were they just eating dinner.

  15. anon says:

    knotthead your a liar your own words prove it.
    Frank Knotts:
    “I have been told that somewhere between 25 to 30 people were involved in the event, and yes this includes the officials and the media people.”

    “This is the second such event I have been able to attend”

    If you attended then there was no need for you to be told how many people attended.

    270,000 residents in Kent and Sussex Counties with less than 100 hits on the videos isn’t even close to be successful. All anyone has to do is look at the body language of the panelists to see how bad it was.

  16. Frank Knotts says:

    You guys keep coming here and calling names and spreading your brand of hatred, that is the way you will grow your party by leaps and bounds.
    I also see that your misogynistic tendencies are showing when you say, ” Seven people were at that event other than wives and girlfriends.” So it seems that you do not feel that women are “people”, and or that they don’t have brains and are not an important constituency. What’s the matter, you have a bad mommy experience?
    It was a dinner event, and people came as couples? Just because you can’t get a date, don’t project your lonely prom night nightmare upon everyone else.
    Okay, so at our first event in Bridgeville we reached out to about 40/50 people, at this event we reached out to 25/30, and then we reached however many through the broadcast. This is how you build something.
    The reason I wrote my “shocked And Amazed” post was because of the hyper-speak that your master of special operations was running around trying to sell. Talking about how many people who were going to leave the GOP to become POD people.
    It’s the Tortoise and the Hare, we will build on solid ground, while the POD people run around crying the sky is falling.
    I have allowed your hate filled, name calling comments to stay up to demonstrate to everyone just who and what the IPoD is, but either tone it down or go back and play in the cat turd filled sandbox at DP where you can hide behind the deletion button of DA, it is ironic that his initials are DA, very appropriate.

  17. Doug Beatty says:

    While I did accuse Frank of being a horse’s ass about a particular issue and full of animosity and rancor in general, still have to laugh out loud at his whining over ‘hate filled name calling’

    Your event was a bust by the bar you set attacking my crew. You’re not enough of man to own up to that so you and your anonymous sycophants are spinning fast enough to throw the time zones out of whack here.

    Even with the serious decline in attendance of late our friends at 9/12 that you are so fond of deriding put more people in a room than that.

    Hell the Libertarian Party has had bigger turnouts at events where people pay for their meal with a cut going to the LP.

    Hilarious. You accuse me of hate filled name calling? After some of the stuff you’ve posted? Misogynist because I don’t count my wife as an attendee when she’s only there because I am? Sure, whatever you say oh wise one.

    Here’s a hint Frankie, if you go to gym and put on leather, get into the ring and punch somebody they will punch back. If you knock them out then somebody is going want to knock you out due to that whole ‘rep’ thing. That’s how it works.

    Instead of crying like an injured canine dowager maybe you should try reading your own post on dialogue?

    ‘POD people’ have worked with and even for GOP candidates in the past. We have the freedom to do that. If you want to be confrontational you’ll find that we are more than capable of responding in kind.

    Now go ahead and insult me again from behind a screen tough guy. You know that you must scare the crap out of me because you run around with your buck knife and denim jacket, while I’m just a piss-ant who shakes in my shoes around really tough guys like you. πŸ˜‰

    Or you can call me up and threaten me personally like you did to a mutual acquaintance. Even though this is a one party consent state I promise not to record you like our mutual friend did.

    If you keep using this platform to deride myself and my colleagues I’ll do my best to give as good as I get. You should be happy I’m doing it here.

    I don’t start these fights Frank, but I will finish them. Anytime you feel like displaying a modicum of maturity and decorum you’ll find me most amicable. Until then it is what it is.

    You called my name Sir, and I remain at your service.

  18. Bruce K Fitzgerald says:

    I was at the event–cost $25/ person to EAT–great food (the egg plant was better then meatloaf). I know not who you are Doug Beatty, but really this thing with Frank. To set the record who ever said 7 people THEY ARE LIARS ! Counting all 36 folks. The information shared was good for all folks in Delaware. As always Mr. Brady gave the 101 as the HOW to budget works. Tis a shame that we have a ONE party system. When I asked Rep. Atkins, how do we stop the bills that make no sense—He danced around & Senator Simpson summed it up– get the Democrats OUT! Seems as if we lower one self to name calling & forget that one day we shall give an account for what we have said & done.

  19. Jeff Cragg says:

    Question for my friend Doug Beatty, If we hold one of these “events” for candidates and stream it live next year are you going to want an IPOD candidate included? Or would you just rather not participate in such a low turnout event? Just thought the question would help further the conversation along! The fact that we can invite elected officials, invite key members of the press, and have the technical expertise to stream it and record it is a “little” bit of an accomplishment. The real question is can we create a forum for candidates to express their views and contribute to “informing” voters about candidates? Your derision has been noted, remember when you “bite” a dog he just might bite back. The IPOD party plays checkers, politics is a game of chess. (It’s your turn)

  20. Frank Knotts says:

    So much misinformation to correct from Mr. Beatty, as usual.
    First, I did not whine about your hate filled name calling, just pointing it out, notice it has not been deleted.
    Then you say, “Even with the serious decline in attendance of late our friends at 9/12 that you are so fond of deriding put more people in a room than that. ”
    Nice of you to point out the decline in attendance of the 912 Patriots meetings, maybe there is an awakening after all, but how long have they been organized? One would expect that they could get more people, we are on our second event, watch and learn, when we have been around for four years and are not drawing, then you may have a point, right now you are simply grasping. Much like the IPod.
    Think of the GOP as a boat, and yes it is taking on water but there are still a lot of people bailing, the IPoD doesn’t have a boat, so they are clinging to the side of the GOP with one hand while trying to build one with the other hand, good luck with that friend.
    Mr. Beatty also says,” Hell the Libertarian Party has had bigger turnouts at events where people pay for their meal with a cut going to the LP. ”
    As far as I know no one got a share of the admission cost, it was for the food as far as I know, someone else would have to answer that question.
    Now for the really big “misinformation”, “Or you can call me up and threaten me personally like you did to a mutual acquaintance. Even though this is a one party consent state I promise not to record you like our mutual friend did.”
    First of all “YOUR” friend called my house, I have no need to call him for any reason, unless I need to manure my rose bushes. As for the recording of the conversation, please if you can get a copy of it, send it to me, I would love to post it here so you people can stop misleading others about who threatened who, but maybe you are still working on the splicing. Cowards!
    And as far as your statement, “If you keep using this platform to deride myself and my colleagues I’ll do my best to give as good as I get. ” Back at you buddy. If attacked we are all free to defend ourselves to the best of our abilities. I have been told that to point out the failings of some people is akin to kicking puppies. Now get back on your paper Spot.

  21. Doug Beatty says:


    Personally as a candidate I liked to mix it up with everyone whenever wherever. Not all IPoD’s felt the same way and one event that led to my current activism was restricted to minor party candidates.

    As a candidate I would jump in wherever whenever if I ran again. As with all things IPoD, we are not a party of political bosses and ideological police so that specific question would be up to candidates in the ring, not people on the board like myself. We exist to serve the party, not tell people how to conduct themselves and certainly not to tell candidates how to run their campaigns.

    The fact that I endorsed you and Kevin Wade publicly and even worked on Bodenweiser’s campaign might be illustrative on that point.

    Indeed, I was impressed with Dan Gaffney and Doug Denison along with the elected officials in attendance. The public turnout of folks not involved with producing the event wasn’t impressive but as you know yourself sometimes it’s more important to ‘narrowcast’ and reach the right person or persons than it is to gather the multitudes for the sake of putting up numbers.

    A point that eludes your young friend Mr. Knotts. My response here was entirely to point out his hypocrisy and lack of intellectual honesty. Which I have accomplished.

    I do agree that giving this kind of forum to educate the voters is a valuable thing. I understand that Frank has no respect for what we do, not that he even remotely understands exactly what that is.

    You are also spot on with your comment about politics being a game of chess and IPoD playing checkers. “Politics” isn’t serving the interest of the public so well in my opinion..

    I would point to our (Delaware’s) high ranking nationally in corruption and our low rankings in business friendliness, SAT scores, and quality of life. Perhaps it’s time to stop playing ‘politics’ and find another game?

    Me personally? I never wanted to be in public life. The opportunity for me to pursue that was passed on many times as a younger man.

    When I arrived in the Diamond State on August 1, 2001 my intention was to recover from my injuries, live a quiet simple life and enjoy the simple things. Fame was never my thing.

    I like to tell people I didn’t get into politics, politics got into my life and refused to back off after many many polite and not so polite warnings. So here I am.

    None of the foregoing should be interpreted as me thinking I have a fix on everything and anything. I’m simply doing what I think is the right thing as are you.

    I suppose Frank also thinks he’s right with his politics of personal destruction he’s so fond of. I know that maturity should tell me to leave well enough alone, I confess to being far from perfect and growing up the way I did hope you can understand that taking on bullies is harder for me to resist than it is for others at times.

    I am at pains to point out, that when I arrived here in 2001 the GOP was much larger than it is now and IPoD seems to have grown a bit, for what it’s worth.

    Still Don Ayotte doesn’t speak for IPoD any more than Wolf or I do. I know this is hard to grasp for those in the GOP where everybody is supposed to be “singing from the same sheet of music” according to our good friend Duke.

    Don and I talk everyday and he will tell you that we are far from lock step agreement on many issues. That leaves us with finding what common ground we have and working together on what we can. Something else that seems elusive to some elements within our body politic.

    Like yourself, in many respects I’m a free market type of guy. I don’t think this HAS to be a war between parties. In a perfect world major and minor parties would compete in the marketplace of ideas and a meritocracy would form by the best ideas rising to the top.

    However, we live in this one. I’ll work with those who chose to work with me and confront those who can’t be convinced otherwise.

    Also, thanks for jumping in here Jeff. It’s good to have a mature dialogue now and then.

  22. Harry Whittington says:

    Seven people were at that event other than wives and girlfriends.

    If you missed 2012, let me clue you in: Women vote. 53% of the electorate in 2012 were women. If you want to win elections, the easiest way to start is by showing some respect to over half of the electorate.

  23. Doug Beatty says:


    While the person who posted that doesn’t seem willing to put their name behind that statement, for myself I didn’t include my wife in the number of attendees that caused Mr. Knotts to publicly ridicule and deride me because she’s not political and was only there because I was.

    Just as I have attended events she is interested in just to be with her. That doesn’t mean that males aren’t important to those events/causes, just that I wasn’t there for the cause or event as much as I was there to be with my wife. DUH

    I can assure you that I did not exclude females or gay couples or black people in attendance when I answered Mr. Grossman’s inquiry on FaceBook which led to Knotts deciding to make an adversary of me.

    So if Frank or you is taking what some anonymous hack said and applying that sentiment to me or named members of IPoD you are both gutless liars and cowards. If you aren’t then you morons should learn how to express yourselves clearly.

    _sigh_ this is so much more rewarding when adults like Mr. Cragg join the conversation. Don’t you juveniles have a Baywatch re-run to watch or something? πŸ˜‰

  24. Harry Whittington says:

    Mr. Beatty, I did not mention you or the IPoD in my comment about the 2012 electorate. I didn’t even quote you in that comment. I’m sorry to break it to you, but the Earth revolves around the Sun, and neither revolve around you.

  25. Doug Beatty says:

    You were making a generalization piling on to Knott’s remark about misogyny. You’re both a couple of losers for that spin. Frank for going there and you for following.

    Let me type slowly so the literally challenged present have a chance to keep up:

    I’m calling Frankie out for ridiculing IPoD and me personally on our first public meet and greet regarding the turnout when this shindig had lower PUBLIC ( folks not affiliated with the event) turnout. I guess that’s beyond the intellectual capacity of you and the esteemed Mr. Knotts to comprehend.

    Have a great day!

  26. Harry Whittington says:

    The comment I quoted wasn’t yours. I didn’t mention you, or the IPoD.
    The “losers” are the 2 people who completely discounted the women in the room. You were not either of those people.

  27. asshat says:


    put your big girl panties on lesbiman, you sweet thang. Thanks for coming out of the closet girlfriend.

  28. independent consultant says:

    The GOP is brain dead and its body is on life support.
    Likewise, the Democrats are moribund.

    It’s about time that the voters pulled the plug on the whole rotten mess.

  29. Doug Beatty says:

    I get that Harry, I still disagree and I explained why. I’m not going say my wife showed up at an event for the event if that’s not the case.

    She would be honest about my presence at an event I had no interest in other than being with her. I don’t think that would mean that she’s discounting men.

  30. Frank Knotts says:

    Has Doug Beatty outed himself as a sock puppet?
    Mr. Beatty has now claimed several times that I and Harry W. accused him of being misogynistic. One has to wonder if Mr. Beatty has lost rack of his multiple personalities.
    The original comment about women was written under the screen name asshat.
    My response was, “You guys keep coming here and calling names and spreading your brand of hatred, that is the way you will grow your party by leaps and bounds.
    I also see that your misogynistic tendencies are showing when you say,”.
    Mr. Beatty then began defending himself against this accusation, though his name was not mentioned in the accusation. Was this a mere mistake on his part? Or a subconscious admission? You decide, but it wouldn’t be the first time a person with no point to make, will resort to multiple screen names to make it seem as if their view is shared by others.
    But who knows, maybe there are actually two people in the world as intellectually vacant as Mr. Beatty.

  31. Laffter says:

    Odd, Mr. Beatty seams to have forgotten that besides forging his dad name (autographs) at flea markets to make ends meet- which he admitted to publicly several years ago….

    He also has publicly posted that the ‘other half’ is NOT in fact a ‘wife’ in the traditional sense of the word, but a girlfriend.

    There is no ‘ common law” spouse recognized in Delaware, as we are not a commonwealth, and anyway common law of that nature has gone the way of the dinosaur.

    He, and his merry band seem to forget how many sockpuppets they have created – and he and his ‘friend’ with the threats are well- known and documented Internet trolls and stalkers.

    But, this blog does a public service to keep their posts up…… caveat emptor with these two,…..ummmmm,m…whatever you want to call them.

  32. asshat says:


    Mr. Beatty has forgotten nothing. He freely gives information about his life while people of this site forget that simple principle but that’s not forget what the important issue is here. The important issue is whether or not Delaware Right is a viable source of information or is it a shill to raise money for Steve Grossman and Jeff Cragg.
    My guess is that it is a shill to raise money for the people that have no other employment other than than this site.
    This site was started with $100,000 coerced from Dan Anderson, an extremely old and very wealthy man that just simply wanted to get them out of his house. He finally wrote the check to have some peace.
    Why would anybody give credibility to this site that is funded by the coercion of Steve Gross-man who has never volunteered for any political party in his life without receiving cash payment or compensation of some kind.

    You guys need to take a look at who you are supporting.

  33. Doug Beatty says:

    Wrong on all counts Laffter. But thanks for letting me know who you run with and who’s butt you sniff. Well done.

    Never sold or said I sold an autograph. Said I fudged one on a busy set rather than interrupting work in progress to get Da to sign an autograph. What I told the fan was “if I can’t get his (Dad’s) autograph I’d come close. Nobody paid for it.

    Meyer Persow and Scot I-forget-his-name a forum admin made that up with an old post in the bilge of the wooden boat forum. The only money I referred to was saying that as a thirty five dollar a day pee-on extra, stand in, and gopher it made better sense for me just to sign dad’s name on a napkin or whatever and give it to the fan rather than interrupt filming or put up with a hovering fan that may or may not impede work.

    My wife is my wife and our house guest is none of your business. If you must know she was my best friend’s woman, has medical issues and I promised him on his deathbed I would do my best for her.

    But at least your mind was on hetero issues unlike Lesbiman when he went all dueling banjos on me. Diversity is good, would be bad if all of your clique had those kind of latency issues. Bad enough it appears that way.

    Now go ahead and make up some more lies. Have a nice day, and make sure you don’t cross that knowingly false and malicious threshold. Or not. πŸ˜‰

  34. Laffter says:

    So , I got all that information because I “run” with certain people and “sniff butts”

    Or, like lots of Other people , I can read a blog- several of them in fact- it’s the simple answer. You seem to think its a conspiracy.

    You seem confused and not quite mentally stable. – as u do tend to ramble on and forget what u have previously made public yourself.

    And as your IP address shows up under multiple sock puppets on other blogs , as you cross the line yourself , it’s interesting to see someone living in. A glass house throw stones.

    You have maligned and threatened and in general, acted in such a manner as to ensure that no one with any couth, moral, intelligence or intregrity and self- respect would associate with you

    But then again- my mom always said- show me your friends and ill tell u what u r – your “friends ” Say it all for – not like u needed the help- but thanks for playing.

  35. Doug Beatty says:

    Its not the “information” ( or what passes for such in your mind ) its the team your batting for sport that tells me what set you’re down with. Sorry if I confused you Laffter.

    I’m talking about your alignment with Lesbiman to be clear. Sycophants who just make stuff up are a dime a dozen. Your “information” apparently comes from the same dung heap of “intellect”.

    Welcome to the discussion. I’ve got to go deal with some people who actually do stuff and use real names, but I hope I get a chance to come back here to the clownbox soon and correspond with my timid friends. Cheers.

  36. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    Tuxamus Maximus thinks ‘Doug Beatty’ needs to get a grip on the realities of life. Stay on it Laffter!

  37. Laffter says:

    Didn’t realize I was batting for any team, Dougie

    I always saw myself as more of a switch – hitter

    Gives me more options

    Odd, the rather dismissive gender based language you choose Doug, yet you are all for equality I assume?
    Your choice of grammar and analogy gives you away , every. Single. Time.

    You don’t consider falsely signing your dads name on a napkin is making stuff up or being a symchophant- albeit a symchophant wih ” access” based on an accident of birth

    Yes, your moral outrage at those who invent and and use pseudonyms you dismiss….

    Yeah, ok whatever……

  38. Doug Beatty says:

    Yes, in 1982 I told a fan that if I couldn’t get Ned’s autograph I would get close. True story. What you posted contained a ‘mistake’ to say the least.

    I am indeed inclusive, latency issues like Frank’s have nothing to do with accepting other people. Especially given the manifestation under discussion.

    Since you took a whirl at defining my personal life and fell far short of the truth you can’t really object to the same in return can you?

    Yes, there’s a difference between making a mistake and owning up to it and what you’re doing. Maybe if somebody could break that down for you, yeah that would be great.

    Not sure why you’re projecting ‘outrage’? If this outraged me I wouldn’t do it. Takes more than a somebody who’s afraid to sign their work to get me there. Moral outrage? If I thought some folks had any morals to begin with that would be outrageous.

    Yes, I took advantage of the marquis value of my surname and my resemblance to Pop. I used what I had. Guilty as charged.

    I hope that I have at least given food for thought regarding your multiple concerns as expressed by your imaginary online persona. All sounds legit to me. Have a great evening.

  39. Laffter says:

    Frankly, you don’t give me much to think about at all- in your part that should read sadly.

    I could care less about you and your paternal , abandonment and narcissistic tendencies. Nor your personal proclivities
    No one cares- you are the one who posts about their personal life-you supply the ammo them whine when it’s used.

    You are just another non- sequitur Internet troll trying to be relevant in a world where you have never felt relevant.

    At best a carnival game – to laugh at not with

    Do yourself a favor….,,,
    Get counseling, Meds or both- although i did hear neither worked.

  40. Frank Knotts says:

    In case anyone is still reading here, let me attempt to point out that the original post was about an event that was intended to allow elected officials to communicate with the citizens of their districts and the state.
    It was not a self promotional wank fest, where some little known losing candidate attempted to create relevance for their self.
    Now this thread has become another wank fest for a little known losing candidate who also seeks to create relevance for himself.
    Maybe these two could put on an event for elected IPoD officials, oh! wait, there are none.

  41. IT unit says:

    Big talk for a person who left a documented trail of illegal use of state owned computers on a state owned ISP. 387 times in one online blog alone, your posts are the same intimidation, threats, harassment, and stalking (all classified as terroristic threatening under DE Code ) of taxpaying Delaware residents. Then there are the posts made from your home computer. Like Jeff Cragg said you bite enough times you’re gonna get bit back!!

  42. Doug Beatty says:

    Not at all Frank, the wankfest has been graciously provided by your supporters here. All I did was point out that your ticketed and promoted event open to the public attracted less people than your good friend Don Ayotte did with coffee and cookies.

    Said turnout apparently being justification in what passes for your mind to ridicule Ayotte, the IPoD in general, and myself.

    Nothing more and nothing less. Of course cries of unfair comparisons and attacks on me were forthcoming, not my first rodeo either slick.

    What your apparently pea sized thinkbox ain’t yet been able to absorb concerning a truly independent party is beyond the scope of this discussion. Your tendency to project your own experiences is a bit overwhelming here.

    Laffter, if you’re going to be giving medical advice I’m going to need to see some credentials. Not that you’ve ever posted anything that would lead anyone to question your intelligence. On some planet I’m sure that’s true, given the premise of an infinite universe.

    I’m flattered that feminine hygiene appliance nozzles take the time google me and then make up stories about criminal activity. Touching really. Says more about them than it does about me though. A psych 101 course might help them to understand that.

    Well there’s daylight to burn cowboys, cowgirls, and Lesbimen. Thanks for the conversation. Happy Trails until We Meet Again. πŸ˜‰

  43. IT says:

    We’ll see who has the last laugh misuse of state owned computers/ISP’s won’t play well with taxpayers.

  44. Doug Beatty says:

    IT I’m not sure who you’re referring to. If it’s me you might be off the map.

    I’m using the same computer I’ve been using since I jumped into this wonderful activity we call Delaware Politics. I don’t use windows or mac either so there is that. My I.P. comes from a comcast DHCP pool but it’s fairly consistent.

  45. Frank Knotts says:

    Mr. Beatty, I am not sure why you would presume that I was talking about DA, unless “you” perceive him as a ” little known losing candidate “, but hey, you know him better than I do I am sure, so we will take your opinion of him as gospel.

  46. Doug Beatty says:

    My apologies Mr. Knotts, perhaps I was too cryptic. The reference to Don Ayotte was regarding your “Shocked and Amazed” post.

    I would have to guess that I was the “little known losing candidate” you referred to in this thread. Alas, I don’t yet have the name recognition and legions of fans that Lesbiman has. _sighs_

    But that’s only incentive for me to work harder. I’ll try to keep all of my writing here to a fifth grade level so as to be more inclusive. My bad.

  47. Frank Knotts says:

    Mr. Beatty since you keep making reference to “Lesbiman”, in an attempt to insult me(good luck with that), I thought I would give a link to those who do not understand the reference, which by the way, would evidently include you, since you seem to think I am offended by the reference.

  48. Harry Whittington says:

    who left a documented trail of illegal use of state owned computers on a state owned ISP. 387 times in one online blog alone

    I can only guess this is the new “moderator” at what used to be a conservative site. When will the mice running this blog (while the cat’s in Afghanistan risking his life) learn that listing IP addresses and threatening people who comment with being outted isn’t how you grow a blog site.

    Poor cat, when he’s finished doing his duty for our country, he’ll have nothing left to come home to.

  49. Frank Knotts says:

    Harry, not mice, more like cockroaches!

  50. Laffter says:

    And we have heard the same meme and the same threat so many times from the same ISPs it’s becoming a simple repeating loop- empty threats and rhetoric- buts that’s all the far right has left ….. Impotency. Oh
    The far right is now…..

    And a certain someone was asked to NOT post in here and still does. LOL

    Glass houses and all that- either poop on that pot or get off it- we have been hearing that threat for so long now and when challenged to actually PRODUCE, it’s crickets…….

    I suppose some just never learn- course they ask don’t have the inside to DTI either. Lol. Keep at it .


  51. Laffter says:

    “387 times in one online blog alone, your posts are the same intimidation, threats, harassment, and stalking (all classified as terroristic threatening under DE Code ) of taxpaying Delaware residents”

    Oh, the horror! The horror – that’s why u have to leave your home armed everyday? The fear? Hahahaa

    Feeling froggy big boy? Then jump and file the complaint.

    Oh that’s right you tried

    And then were told to push off………. Hahaha

    You think they took you seriously? Ever? Or ever will? You have made yourself their laughing stock

    But as always, thanks for playing

  52. You're Sad says:

    Harry Whitless

    I take it that you and Frank believe you have intelligence, but I’ve seen no evidence of it.

    Mr. Anderson is indeed in Afghanistan, serving his country. Nobody is giving out IP numbers at DP.

    You must make this crap up as you go. But then, Frank has always made up most of the crap he writes. He believes that his writing can change the definition of the word conservative. He would take his left-wing politics and convince everyone else that he is a true conservative but he has only become Francine the lesbiman, an emotional wreck of a human being that has no clue who he is.

  53. Frank Knotts says:

    Ah! Look, another puppet show! Funny how all the new commenters who come here to hate on me and others all write with the same rhythm.
    And use the same tired attacks that didn’t work the first time, and don’t work now.
    “You’re Sad” has now resorted to calling me a leftist and not a true conservative, after accusing me of trying to define what conservative is, they then try to define what a conservative is!
    If they weren’t so truly challenged it would be funny.
    As an example of their intellect, “Francine the lesbiman”, this is soooooo third grade.

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