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  1. Rick says:

    I am getting tired of big media and Jeb Bush telling us that only a “moderate” can carry the “Hispanic vote.” Really? Then how would one explain the GOP dominance in Texas? Even in New Mexico, the GOP holds more state legislative seats than they did during the Eisenhower and Nixon eras.

    The Socialist-Democrats think that they can do to Hispanics what they did to American blacks- promise largesse in exchange for votes. But, this template won’t work. The GOP does well in Texas because the GOP creates jobs for Hispanics in Texas. And that’s what Hispanics want- jobs.

    As time goes by, Hispanics are becoming upwardly mobile. They are starting and running businesses. They are becoming employers. And they will be more interested in less regulation and lower taxes than promises of largesse from the government.

    A strong GOP conservative with a job growth agenda will do well within the Hispanic community. Latino “community organizers” would love to put Hispanics on the Socialist-Democrat plantation. That might work in Los Angeles, but it won’t work in Florida, Virginia or Ohio. The GOP needs to target Hispanic working families and ignore Hispanic political elites who think that all the Hispanic community wants is a handout.

  2. Pat Fish says:

    I am watching this market and my retirement fund drop like a rock.

    First, it’s really not about this notion of “quantitative easing” although that is, of course, a dumb idea.

    The fed pumps money into the stock market, crediting cash and debiting a mutual funds asset. The “money”, of course, is but paper but hey, it’s the fed. Still the fed does purchase a bunch of stock and the stock goes up and down and the taxpayers get the benefits of rising stock prices.

    It’s a stupid idea and just the hint that the fed will stop doing this causes the investors to panic.

    The Chinese, boom, lowered their money rate last week. So, say, Apple computer had receivables from China worth, pulling a number out of the air….a trillion bucks. With the currency devaluation, China now owes Apple a billion bucks….just like that…boom.

    Some of it is a normal correction cause the rate this stock market is growing is incongruent with the general economic picture in this country.

    Economically America is not growing as much as it could because, hey….Obama and the Democrats are in charge. They’ve been faking for about forever, manipulating this stock market, and sooner or later……

    Anyway….soon the investers will start buying again. Blue Chip stocks are taking a beating, mostly because of China.

  3. delacrat says:

    So Jeb Bush is a “moderate” …..because ?

  4. The Big JB says:

    Pat you have information scrambled from things you hear in the media. Quantitative easing was halted by the Fed in October of 2014. So there has not been any quantitative easing for almost a year. Also in this program the Fed bought bonds NOT stocks. That is a very big difference. China growth slowing and Fed raising short term interest rates possibly soon is a big part of what is causing the reaction. Apple products are doing well in China. They struck a deal to sell iPhones through China Mobile in 2013. Apple was in the news because the CEO, Mr. Cook, made some reassuring comments about it’s growth in China.
    So Just like that….BOOM!!…now that is the real market commentary. Much better to keep the scrambling for your eggs in the morning.

  5. fightingbluehen says:

    My brother, who has been trading bonds in NY for twenty five years, said that quantitative easing and Dodd- Frank killed the bond market.

  6. Pat Fish says:

    So this morning, 8/25/15, the stock markets opens up by almost 350 points.

    No matter all the naysayers, over the long haul, one will always make out investing in the stock market.

    I did NOT know they ended quantitative easing (QE), goodness frankly I am glad they did . It was an accident waiting to happen.

    It is China causing all the turmoil in the markets as I am to understand.

    I think to assert the stock market is destroyed is a bit premature.

    Got a little essay that I will be posting on this thread but it will help Jeb Bush and I don’t like Jeb Bush. So keep it a secret cause I have just the right answer to queries about America’s decision to invade Iraq after 9-11.

    Again, my fine essay will help Jeb Bush as he would be defending his brother and father. It will also help Jeb if he has the gonads to do it.

    Come back….my magnificent essay is not quite right for a separate post but will be perfect on this thread.

  7. Pat Fish says:

    I don’t like Jeb Bush. I will never, under any circumstances, vote for Jeb Bush. I am to understand I am not, ahem, alone but whatever the case, I do not like the man, mostly his causes such as Common Core and defense of ILLEGAL immigration. I can’t stand that he thinks this country needs another Bush….which we do not.

    However I have the perfect response to all queries about his brother’s decision to invade Iraq. Actually any Republican who’d like to gain the respect of the GOP base should grow a pair, stand up tall, and say exactly what I write below.

    Thank me very much.

    “In 1995 George H.W. Bush had to put American forces in Kuwait as Iraqi forces, led by the wonderful Saddam Hussein, invaded that small oil-rich country.

    Indeed had American forces barely entered the country and the Iraqi army took off like scared children and it was a quick victory.

    But the victory of the Gulf War isn’t significant so much as this was one fine example of the intent of Hussein, a man who was murdered by his own people, to invade his neighbors and control the oil in the Midest. Saddam Hussein was not such a nice guy.

    Through the years America had to fly planes over certain areas to protect the innocent Kurd population in Iraq, an action that cost this country plenty in terms of money and danger to our pilots. But it was how we helped protect the Kurd population as Saddam has been to known to gas them, killing even the children.

    Then on 9-11-01 America was attacked by Osama Bin Laden and his team of terrorists and we all remember that quite well.

    First thing we did was gear up the military and went after Afghanistan, where the terrorists were holed up and where the 9-11 attacks were schemed up.

    Second thing we did, WITH THE FULL APPROVAL OF OUR CONGRESS, was invade Iraq. United Nations reports were that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and, oh, let’s not forget that Saddam once had himself a cute little nuclear reactor in Qud, that the Israelis bombed to smithereens.

    No matter that Hillary and the other Democrats say we were not justified in invading Iraq. THE CONGRESS VOTED FOR THE INVASION and since when do we vote for something then criticize the one who carried out the vote?

    Saddam also had himself a bevy of rape rooms and two sons that were also killed and the world, I’d argue and invite Hillary et al to argue back, is much better off without Saddam Hussein.

    So I argue that America did the right thing because as we fight with the Iranian Mullahs, the Syrian Optometrist dictator and the Saudi back-stabbers, isn’t it nice NOT to have Saddam Hussein around with his brand of craziness?

    I would invite the media to ask Hillary and the Democrats just why the world needs Saddam Hussein back and how that would make the mideast situation better?

    Cause when they go on and on about how we shouldn’t have invaded Iraq, that’s essentially what they are endorsing….the return of Saddam Hussein!
    Don’t nobody tell Jeb though about what he needs to say above.

    I really don’t want him to win.

  8. mouse says:

    Unconscionable gerrymandering in Texas.

  9. mouse says:

    Dodd Frank killed the crooks and they have been screaming about it and as you can see here, the crooks have plenty of dupes to carry water and shill for them

  10. mouse says:

    Your party has filibustered every single bill that would have increased growth. Even bills originating from the GOP. But it’s far more important to the GOP to maintain their hatred of Obama to pander to their racist rube supporters than it is to actually help the nation.

  11. mouse says:

    The Dow is up 250 points. It was a head fake by your heros who don’t like to be accountable to Dodd Frank. Wall st parasites stealing from middle class retirement accounts and you people blame the people and things that help you the most

  12. mouse says:

    And the terrorists, 17 of 19 came from our “friend” Saudi Arabia. But the Saudies support and own most republicans in congress so they can’t be an enemy. The war was a lie and a war for profits for Cheney the torturer and butcher and his merchant of death friends. You people didn’t utter a peep about all the poor innocent babies who were killed by your beloved war. 4 trillion of unpaid debt for your beloved war and the wealthy weren’t asked to pay a cent more for their country while they raked in the death money. Where’s all the patriotic rhetoric asking the wealthy to chip in? Where’s the outrage on these issues? Just for once, maybe self reflect and think beyond your talk radio rhetoric and your tribal party. It’s not a football team. Maybe read some things and think about what actually happened in the middle east and who controls what there.

  13. fightingbluehen says:

    “The Dow is up 250 points. It was a head fake by your heros who don’t like to be accountable to Dodd Frank. Wall st parasites stealing from middle class retirement accounts and you people blame the people and things that help you the most”

    Obama has always had a surplus of those “Wall st parasites” working in his administration? Why does Obama get a pass? Obama basically gave trillions of dollars to his buddies on Wall Street. Why do you fail to see your own party’s corporate shilling?

  14. mouse says:

    First, it’s not my party. I do not have a political party and do not like political parties. In my view I think that political parties force people into single issue camps that harms the nation. Obama on Wall street issues is little different than the republicans. He hires the same crooks, the same parasites advise him. In many respects the 2 parties are ran by the same people. Obama could have prosecuted the fraud perpetrated by the Wall St CEO parasites. They were buying every mortgage they could, encouraging unregulated lenders to make all loans they could, then repackaging the mortgages as bonds knowing damn well the bonds were backed by bad mortgages. The CEO’s cried for bailouts then gave themselves 8 figure bonuses under administrations of both parties.Bernie Sanders is my guy. He will work for average people and fight to make an economy that works for people besides the 1%.

  15. Frank Knotts says:

    Sanders is playing the populist angle, appealing to the jealousies of the underclass of society. Rarely if ever have populist been able to deliver the middle class nirvana they paint.

  16. Rick says:

    So Jeb Bush is a “moderate” …..because ?

    Because he has the “support” of Chris Matthews, Mika Brezinski and the rest of the PMSNBC crowd. Like Romney, he is being touted as the candidate the Socialist-Democrats “fear.” This is code for meaning he is the candidate the Socialist-Democrats want.

    Conservatives win and middle-of-the-roaders get run-over.

  17. delacrat says:

    “So Jeb Bush is a “moderate” …..because ?” – delacrat

    Because he has the “support” of Chris Matthews, Mika Brezinski and the rest of the PMSNBC crowd. – Rick

    So you believe he’s a “moderate” (whatever that means) because the gospel of Chris Matthews, Mika Brezinski and the rest of the PMSNBC crowd sez so.

  18. Andy says:

    What is new and improved about this site?

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