Not Don Ayotte

rock   Once again, this is “Not Don Ayotte”, this is a rock, and even so, a rock has a better chance of being elected as the Representative of the 20th district of Delaware, than does Don Ayotte.

A  rock has so much more to offer the voters than Don Ayotte.   A  rock has several uses. A rock can be used as a paper weight, “Not Don Ayotte”.   A rock can be used as a door stop, “Not Don Ayotte”.  A rock can be used as a boat anchor, “Not Don Ayotte”.

There are also benefits of electing a rock and “Not Don Ayotte”.  A rock will never open its mouth and embarrass you, “Not Don Ayotte”.  A rock will never run all over the state seeking relevance, it’s a rock and knows its place in the universe, “Not Don Ayotte”.  A rock will never point its bony little finger in your face and threaten to kick your ass, “Not Don Ayotte”.  And when you throw a rock away it never comes back, “Not Don Ayotte”.

Of course there is one similarity between a rock and Don Ayotte, neither has ever had a thought that would benefit the citizens of the 20th Representative District of Delaware, not the rock, and “Not Don Ayotte”.


10 Comments on "Not Don Ayotte"

  1. Unbelievable says:

    As his crew finished going door to door in the 20 District today, Don snickered and said to the crew, tell Frank thanks for the free publicity, ask him if he could ante up for some radio and TV spots. Ayotte was on Susan Monday’s show today and sounded great.

  2. Frank Knotts says:

    The line about this being free publicity grows as stale as Ayotte’s rhetoric. And I heard him on the Susan Monday Show, he might want to know whether he is running for the 20th Rep. Dist. or the 20th Sen. Dist.
    So his “CREW” was knocking doors, while he was looking for a microphone? Not a bad strategy, keep him away from the people who can actually vote for him.

  3. Unbelievable says:

    Frank, your post is about as shallow as it gets. I would feel sorry for you if you weren’t so full of hatred but you really need some help. Good God man, get some help

  4. waterpirate says:

    I am truly freaked out! This photo is so racist! I demand that you change the photo immediately to a rock that contains more quartz!!!

  5. Rick says:

    Don’t you recognize a tigersnail shell when you see one?

  6. Mike Protack says:

    This hateful post is enough reason for me and I hope everyone in Delaware to never go to this BLOG ever again. Do not feed such utter unprofessionalism.

    There are many issues to debate, contemplate and agree/disagree over but these harsh personal swipes are tragic and sad.

    Good bye to Delaware Right.

  7. Frank Knotts says:

    Mr. Protack. I am sorry that your life is oh so serious that you can’t see that the use of humor to make a point is useful.

  8. Tonyn Stark says:

    You are assuming that Mike Protack has a sense of humor, or even a personality.

  9. Postcards from the Edge says:

    Protack is against “hateful” political attacks unless they show up in your mailbox before the gop convention on pink postcards.

  10. HTM says:

    Having read DA’s response to Mr. Knotts, Nobody’s and Anon’s question(s) posed (on another site) to a different topic we have to comment here. Truly a funny and compelling post by Mr. Knotts verified by DA’s responses. Although we (except F& W) most likely won’t be here in November to see his political demise we will be paying attention from afar.

    The only argument we have with what Mr. Knotts wrote is that a rock would work as good boat anchor. Either it’s a much bigger rock or a bucket of rocks but the bucket alone would be smarter and provide better insights to most any topic short of washing a car.

    TMV, we know most here are likely short timers here but we had to do this!

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