Not Don Ayotte

Sam Jackson   Jules Winnfield (Pulp Fiction):
“If my answers frighten you then you should cease asking scary questions.”

It’s not Don Ayotte, but it is fitting, don’t you think?

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  1. Unbelievable says:

    You are on sick puppy Frank Knotts. Maybe you are one of the most dysfunctional people I’ve ever met. First you are kicked off of Delaware Politics then the stricken and severely damaged GOP doesn’t even want you and asks you to take a hike.
    Your hatred shows that you have serious psychological problems. You need to get some help. Grossman, if you are monitoring this guy, he is a secret Kluxer and a severely damaged person.
    Ayotte will win the 20th District and you’ve given him a big boost by posting this utter crap.

  2. FLYLADY says:

    I don’t always agree with Frank and he’s often very angry, but…

    “he is a secret Kluxer” – GUFFAW!

    “Ayotte will win the 20th District” – even bigger GUFFAW!

  3. Rick says:

    What is the point of this post? It makes no sense.

  4. Frank Knotts says:

    Unbelievable, first of all, you and Don Ayotte can keep selling the story that I was kicked off DP, but everyone who knows the truth knows I walked away from there because the maniac Don Ayotte was allowed to run the site into the ground.
    It must be very easy for people like you to hurl empty attacks from behind a screen name, making wild accusations about me be a Kluxer as you put it.
    If you knew anything about me, and my youth, the people I grew up with, and the people I have loved in my life, even you would have to feel very foolish making such a stupid claim.
    The one statement you made that was correct was that the GOP is severely damaged, and yes they voted me out. So if I no longer fit in the severely damaged Sussex GOP, then maybe that means I am just not damaged enough for their far right fringe politics.
    And this the best of all, “Ayotte will win the 20th District and you’ve given him a big boost by posting this utter crap.”
    So you come here to tell me I am damaged and irrelevant, but that by posting a spoof of Don Ayotte I am helping him. Tell me, do you get dizzy from all that spinning?
    Rick, the point is that Don Ayotte is a continuous candidate, continually looking for an office to run for, of which he will never win. 9Not even dog catcher) He has even been quoted by a friendly blogger Pat Fish at Delaware Politics as having said that he is only running in the race for the 20th as a spoiler, in the hopes of pulling just enough votes from Smyk to allow the Democrat to win. He then attacked Pat in the comments thread, basically calling her a liar, by the way, Pat I believe was the treasurer for Don’s council loss.
    Ayotte is a small (in character as well as stature) man who is angry and seeking revenge, and has found a home on the island of misfit toys (IPOD).
    The “Not Don Ayotte” campaign is intended to send the message that people will vote for anyone, but Not Don Ayotte.
    This state does not need a person with the flawed character of Ayotte’s type in the General Assembly, we dodged that bullet once.
    This will likely be a fun little exercise on my part that like Ayotte, will be a running joke. (Get the pun Rick?)

  5. Don Nots says:

    Not Don Ayotte! That’s got a good ring to it.

  6. Unbelievable says:

    Frank, you are both a liar and a loser. You were kicked off of Delaware Politics and voted off of the Executive Committee of the GOP for being a scumbag.
    Pat Fish has a bad reputation of misquoting almost everyone she interviews and is the worst writer I’ve ever seen. Don Ayotte said that in the first comment of her post and you are just as bad as Pat Fish.
    Don Ayotte is not a continuous candidate. He ran against Joan Deaver and nearly beat her despite the GOP idiot losers running against him. He will win the 20th District Rep seat and we hope that Jason Dean does put up billboards quoting “not Don Ayotte” on them. Could you also donate to his campaign, you loser pit viper.
    You wouldn’t know the truth if you saw it you unbelievable losing cockroach.

  7. Frank Knotts says:

    Unbelievable, I proudly admit being voted out of the Sussex GOP committee. However you are not entitled to your own truth. I left DP because the management (of which there was none) failed to control Don Ayotte’s out of control behavior of deleting not only my comments, but those of anyone who disagreed with him or who showed him for the fool he was, I am sorry, the fool he is.
    As for Pat Fish misquoting him? Well if you have ever listened to Don Ayotte speak, or write, he tends to contradict himself in the matter of minutes.
    As for him being the continuous candidate, you have to remember his many attempts at leadership positions within the GOP, first chairman, and then vice-chair.
    His loss in the council race was a given the same as his sideshow status in this race for the 20th is a given.
    There is more substance in an empty brown paper bag then there is in either Don Ayotte or his so called campaign.
    He and the IPOD may have created a new category of politics, “delusional politics”, because anyone who thinks that Ayotte has any chance of winning must be delusional, and obviously can’t count.
    And Don Nots, I didn’t come up with the Not Don Ayotte, but you are correct, it does have a ring to it.

  8. Green Hornet says:

    Smyk wins in a walk. An easy walk. No 3rd party candidate has ever won in DE and that’s not changing this year. The R’s are motivated and the I-pads are broke.

  9. Unbelievable says:

    Greeen Hornet, Ayotte is backed by many Republicans, unaffiliated Independents and of course all of IPoD.

    Frank, why are you entitled to your own false truth. You just won’t face facts and your life is in the toilet and you have no sense of reality.

  10. Frank Knotts says:

    Unbelievable, which false truth would that be?
    And this statement, ” You just won’t face facts and your life is in the toilet and you have no sense of reality.”
    What do you know about my life? What I got voted out of a do nothing committee, that you yourself said was damaged? That does not define my life. I am a blessed man, with a family that loves me and a job that pays the bills.
    I know exactly who I am, and I don’t hide it behind a screen name. If I say something controversial, I own it.

  11. Arachibutyrophobia says:

    Not Don Ayotte , really.

  12. Jahi Issa says:

    Wow! I have never met Frank but this post is pretty shallow and shows a great deal about the obvious character of Mr. Knotts. Maybe Frank would have a heart attack if a Black man is ran as a V.P. for the Republican ticket in 2016. I want you to know that this is possible.

    What this post does show is that Frank does not like Black people! It is also obvious that those who own this site feel the same way! I now wonder if the states chair of the Republican Party know about this post?

  13. waterpirate says:

    Ohhhh Pleeeease.

    If you carry race related baggage everywhere you go, guess what? You see racism. This post is squarely about D.A. shortcomings when it comes to holdind an elected position, not race. If you are the gentleman from Dover, then we know that you and he are BFFS, and your opinion is clearly biased.

    D.A. is unfit for public office based solely on:
    His own words
    His own mis deeds
    His addiction to the public spot light

  14. Frank Knotts says:

    Mr. Issa, do you see racism every time you see a photo of a black man? I chose Samuel L. Jackson’s “character” from Pulp Fiction for the quote. It had nothing to do with him being a black man.
    Have you read the comments?
    Or do you simply troll websites in the hopes of finding something you can label racism, I know your history and how you make your reputation. I know it sells well on the Doug Beatty Show, but most people can see through your shallow veneer.
    I will repeat my comment from above, “If you knew anything about me, and my youth, the people I grew up with, and the people I have loved in my life, even you would have to feel very foolish making such a stupid claim.”
    Now why don’t you crawl back under the rock you crawled out from under until Doug Beatty needs to build his creds again.

  15. Unbelievable says:

    Frank and Waterpirate are BFF’s and are both racists and bigots. They hate Ayotte plain and simple for reason of their own. Ayotte will serve the people of the 20th District in a constitutional and true representative fashion and Socialists Frank Knotts and Waterpirate are opposed to Ayotte for that reason.

    Thank you Mr. Issa for weighing in and calling a racist a racist.

  16. Frank Knotts says:

    Okay all of you little brains. Explain what is racist about the photo, the quote or any comment made here? But no, you will just continue to throw out your hand grenades loaded with nothing but empty rhetoric and foulness. I at least give Mr. Issa credit, he made his outlandish remarks from behind his own name, unlike the tiny little man in the bolo tie.
    Unbelievable, I don’t hate Ayotte, he is not worthy of that much emotion. I oppose him gaining any elected office because he is a buffoon. If by some miracle he were able to actually win an elected position he would be nothing more than a constant side show. I imagine like one of his former heroes he would get a bullhorn and stand on the Green in Dover shouting about how conservative he is. This would do nothing to help the citizens of the 20th, or Delaware, it would however allow the political left to paint real conservatives as buffoons as well.

  17. waterpirate says:

    If I am a racist and a bigot, where is your proof? Yes, I dislike D.A. for his mouth and his actions, all spurious in my opinion. I would also caution you that I am a REAL person and do not take kindly to attacks, verbal or physical.

    The dillusion that D.A. is anything but a fringe 3rd party candidate in this race is purely dillusion. The Ipod like the libertarians talk alot and garner no votes worthy of the majority needed for election.

  18. Laffter says:

    I don’t bet money – ever…… That said however

    I will put down $100.00 on the FACT that DAs butt will never grace his own chair in the General Assembly, the county council , or any other elected position – excluding his current title of SPECIAL OPERATIONS with in the iPod AKA- the land of Misfit Toys.

    As for DR. Issa – a guffaw is all he gets- he pulled the race card on a traditionally African American University- the state – and anyone else that challenges or opposes his views .
    And I’ll bet I’ll be the next person called a racist – actually, to be called a racist by Issa is a badge of honor . Odd tho, he didn’t challenge the comments made by the Sussex County Council members ????? What’s up with that?

    Stay relevant my friends- stay relevant…..

  19. Jahi Issa says:

    @ Laffter I did not challenge the comments of the Council because the current leadership of the NAACP is just as racist and corrupt as Knotts. Yes, some Blacks (AKA… BLACK Elites) are the new watch dogs/gate keepers for White racism! Including the Black NECKS who are the overseers for the White elite at DSU. Its nothing new in American history–older than most of my detractors family’s recent migration to this ancient soil.

  20. Laffter says:

    And so Dr. Issa holds himself up and the only Good black who will save all the other blacks from the bad whites and the bad blacks…..SMH

    Hmmmmmm, who is going to save the Browns and the Red and the yellows?

    These people are as bad as Cliven Bundy, Sam Wilson and their ilk. Just another Grand Wizard in a cloth of another color…

  21. Frank Knotts says:

    Mr. Issa, you are obviously an educated man, so it should not be a problem for you to explain to me just what it is about the post that you find to be racist. That is unless you are simply the race baiter that you seem to be.

  22. Jahi Issa says:

    @ Frank Knotts I will not explain the obvious! However, I will say this, I don’t agree with Don on many issues! We have a lot in common though! First, the Constitution of the United States, which we both agree must be preserved and protected! I find Don to be a courageous man and a man of high morals! Am sure he’s not perfect! None of us are! I know He is not afraid to take action and has proven his commitment to the least of us as a journalist! As a Black man born and raided in the U.S. I never thought that former Tea party members would welcome someone like me. I now see that some of the propaganda that is being waged by some on this site only serves the interest of the 1 %. They are afraid to see us really unite in this country.

    Frank, if you were to go into the Black communities in the state and get to know people, you would realize it is not necessary to upload post like this! and wouldn’t want to be anything more than what God made me!
    In the past you have made unpleasant, untrue comments about me and my family! That’s cool though! I really understand your role! However, if you want to meet me and talk, am open to that too!
    I am proud of my history and my culture God Bless! Happy Memorial Day!

  23. Don Ayotte says:

    Dr. Issa
    We Worked a few issues together and we agree on more issues than we disagree on. We did become friends despite the things we disagree on and I thank you for taking me into the black areas in Wilmington we I had serious discussions with the Moors and started new relationships with people that I had not understood before.
    We collaborated on serious issues that were plaguing Dover and the Black community and agreed that the Constitution was meant to preserve liberty for all Americans. We found common ground on which to agree and become friends, and that is invaluable to me. I hope to remain friends with you and the Black community and be able to strengthen the ties of friendship between all ethnic groups in the future. The Independent Party of Delaware truly embraces all who come and seek a better America and that is the reason that you and I have found common ground in IPoD.
    I am offended by Frank’s post and don’t understand why he had to bring race into the picture while expressing his hatred for me. In my bid to represent the people of the 20th Representative District, I don’t have time for small minded people like Frank Knotts but I still wish him well. I find it sad that he must write these kind of posts and feel there must be many issue facing both Delaware and the nation that he could address.

  24. Laffter says:

    So Don Ayotte- how do feel about marriage equality this year

    And gays adopting children? Have you suddenly been converted to see the reason gays have rights too? And you progressing on that issue?

    And how does that new found revelation jive with your past rants and raves on gays and immigrants.

    Or are you another flip- flipper opportunist – you saying the IPOD ” truly embraces” all who come together to make a better American is like a rip off con man car dealer saying they ” accept” all credit applications- sure, we accept them, but we ain’t giving you anything….

    What a joke- you previously posted your great fear and loathing of the Delaware State Police now you seek an office that would have you interact with them and policy more? Your party’s leader thinks we live in a police state ….. That’s gonna get you far

    And you think those that speak Spanish are stealing from the government and folks on EBT cards eat T-bone steaks – or buy them then deep them in the parking lot

    Words live on Don- you have insulted just about every group imaginable. – gays, immigrants, Latinos, law- enforcement , women, . People get elected by building COALITIONS not DIVISIONS

    you will do for the 20th what COD did for the US senate ….. At least you have some uses.

  25. waterpirate says:

    This post was never about race. Dr. Do Little, just changed the subject of the post to suit his agenda and prop up D.A. The fact that Frank chose that quote from a movie was based on content not color. Just another play from ” rules for radicals”. How can someone who changed teams and their entire platform philosophy ever be trusted to hold a seat in Dover or elsewhere? That is the point of this post.

  26. Frank Knotts says:

    Mr. Issa, the fact that you won’t point out what it is you find to be racist about a photo of a black man playing a character in a movies, and a quote from that movie, demonstrates that you are simply going for shock value by making these unfounded claims.
    This statement by you, “Frank, if you were to go into the Black communities in the state and get to know people”, makes the assumption that I don’t know people, that I have no interaction with people of color, it is the assumption of an isolated person. Maybe it is yourself that has a need to get to know people.
    You have made a cowards accusation and then refuse to back it up with an explanation. If you find the photo of Samuel L. Jackson offensive, then explain why. Otherwise you are nothing more than a person seeking attention for yourself.
    Mr. Ayotte once again relies on others to speak for him, he now comes here and compounds Mr. Issa’s unfounded accusation about this post being racial.
    So Mr. Ayotte, can you explain what it is that makes the photo of a black man playing a character and the quote from that character racial?
    The post is satire about you, and the fact that people will vote for someone in the race for the 20th, but “NOT DON AYOTTE”. The quote is in reference to the scary answers that you have given over time to questions posed to you, both as a candidate and a blogger.
    You and Mr. Issa coming here to level such a heinous attack only demonstrates your desperation.
    But notice that your childish behavior is allowed to stand here, it will not be deleted or edited, unlike the way you delete all comments that oppose you on DP.
    So please feel free to come here, where we actually believe and practice freedom, and express your idiocy for all to see, and bring all of your friends like Mr. Issa to demonstrate the type of people who support you.

  27. You Have Fleas says:

    I thank you for taking me into the black areas in Wilmington we I had serious discussions with the Moors and started new relationships with people that I had not understood before.

    And what did you think of the “Moors” Don? Did you meet the “Moors” who are American citizens or the “Moors” who disavow American citizenship and feel they can steal property and disobey American law? :

    These particular criminals claim they’re members — or, more crucially, citizens — of the Moorish Republic or the Moorish Nation, or some version thereof.

    And apparently this Moorish citizenship gives them free rein to flout the laws within the borders of the United States of America. Like diplomatic immunity, only for low-lifes.

    And so they drive without licenses, break into and squat in homes they don’t own, refuse to pay their taxes and commit assorted acts of fraud, among other mischief.

    Just this week, one Lanaire E. White of Hampton was sentenced to seven years in federal prison for bilking U.S. taxpayers out of nearly $300,000 in a scheme involving gas cards at Fort Monroe.

    But White told the judge right from the start that “Lanaire E. White” wasn’t his true name (Moorish Republicans usually change or alter their names when they affiliate, typically by appending “El” or “Bey”). He disavowed U.S. citizenship and federal law.

    “Where is the contract I signed knowingly and willingly?” White asked the judge Tuesday, according to a story by Peter Dujardin. “I’m here under duress. I believe the court lacks jurisdiction…. Who are you people, and why do you deem yourselves better than me?”…

    Last year, Amun Asaru Heh-El walked out of a Newport News courtroom when it became clear the judge was having none of his similar gibberish about being an “aboriginal dejure citizen” of the Moorish Republic Nation and would, indeed, try him on multiple counts of driving without a license in this one.

    Heh-El — aka Jay Walter Scott — hid out for a while, but was arrested the next month.

    Also last year, more Moors broke into a new $645,000 home in Hampton, furnished it, changed the locks, and proclaimed the Moorish Science Temple of America had owned that land in trust since 1928.

    This was news to the developer who built the home.

    It was also news to another group also called the Moorish Science Temple of America, this one headquartered in Atlanta, who said the Hampton Moors were “in disguise” and not legitimate members of their group.

    There are similar reports across this country of scamsters who claim affiliation with what began a century ago as a religion established to instill a sense of pride among blacks, but which they interpret today as absolving them from state and federal law.

  28. Dave says:

    “There are similar reports across this country of scamsters ”

    Exempli gratia (e.g.) Cliven Bundy, who (as another well known constitutional scholar) switched his party affiliation. For Bundy it was the Independent American Party.

    It all wraps up pretty nicely. People decide they don’t recognize laws, especially when those laws or governance structures, constrain. They disavow any connection to society, the nation, and our laws, and yet join so-called, independent parties, whose purpose is participation in the very processes they disdain, disobey, and disavow. Sort of like criminals who don’t recognize the justice system, but file writs of habeus corpus.

    You’re in my country. You obey its laws. You don’t like the laws? Change them. Until then, STFU.

    P.S. A “Moor” would be considered as someone from Morocco and of Berber or Arab descent. Anyone else who refers to themselves as a “Moor” is simply a poser.

  29. waterpirate says:

    This whole thread reminds me of the Sienfeld episode where George beat the the ” bubble boy ” @ trivial pursuits cause the card said ” moops”.

  30. Laffter says:

    So, the Moors are also Sovereign Citizens?…….nice. And scary…hope they are monitored as well.

    Did they give up their right to vote with disavowing their citizenship too? Or their rights to collect benefits? The ACA, use our infastructure , our schools, our hospitals.?…

    Wow, undocumented immigrants at least pay taxes, and mostly attempt to follow the laws where they can, and are willing to die for the privilege. Seriously, too bad they can vote.

  31. Frank Knotts says:

    I love you guys. Thank you Flea, Dave, W.P., and Laffter.
    Flea points out who the Moors are, and Dave ties it all up in a nice bundle, W.P. as always seeing the fun side, and Laffter then unties it and lays it bare. WOW! I think I just had a TMV moment.
    But it is true, all of these so called Patriot groups and libertarians who run around spouting their love for the Constitution, are really nothing but anarchist who can’t function within the law, and can’t garner enough support to change the law. This will be clearly demonstrated when Don Ayotte fails to garner even three percent in his failed run for the 20th.
    The scary part is that at some point their frustration may metastasize into violent revolt. The fact that they have no real loyalty to anyone, or anything beyond their imaginary fellow patriots, means that all citizens are at risk of being attacked as traitors in their warped minds.
    Now I would like to address something that has been brought up in this thread. I have been attacked as being a racist, simply because I posted the photo of a black man, Samuel L. Jackson, in his role from a movie, and used a quote from that movie to make a point about the idiocy of Don Ayotte running for elected office.
    The person making this unfounded and unexplained accusation is a supporter of Don Ayotte, that alone speaks volumes for the reason he would make this kind of attack.
    However, in his usual rush to seem relevant, Mr. Ayotte showed up to comment, and attempt to reinforce this attack.
    He made this statement, ” I thank you for taking me into the black areas in Wilmington”
    So Don, what is a “black area”? Is this where all the buildings are painted black? Or is it where there are no lights at night?
    The term “black area”, or “black part of town” has been a historically negative term for a predominately African American community. As in, “don’t go over there, that’s the black area”.
    Which begs another question, why Don did you need to be taken into this so called “black area”?
    Were you frightened? Do you believe that you would be attacked simply because you are white, if you were to go unescorted into your so called “black area”? Guess that’s why you didn’t walk with Lacey Lafferty.
    It is true that parts of Wilmington are riddled with crime, and people are attacked and murdered all too often. But it has nothing to do with race, for if we look at the actual cases of who is attacking who, we will see that a large number of the victims are people of color, being attacked by people of color. I truly don’t think a white man is anymore likely to be attacked than a black or Hispanic person. It is not race that causes the crime in Wilmington, it is the lack of jobs and a solid family foundation. It is a self fulfilling prophesy, there is crime in the city, so businesses don’t locate there, so the people become desperate, and crime goes up.
    So you see Don Ayotte, it is you, who has latent racial biases. You would never have gone to Wilmington alone because of your white man fear of the “black man”.
    As for Mr. Issa, well he has again shown himself to be nothing but a wanna be Al Sharpton, crying racism at every turn with nothing to back it up.

  32. Laffter says:

    Frank- the great existentialist Frederick Neitsche ( sp) said ‘ becoming is prior to being”
    He was also an atheist – that didn’t make him dumb tho

    You are always open with your mistakes faults and failings . We all have them

    I cannot and will not suffer sanctimonious pricks to take pot shots – they hold themselves up on pedestals – and obviously have no mirrors in their homes.

    Who took DA they the Latino section of Wilmington? The Asian section ? Etc
    To even say there is a Black section lays bare his own racial bias – you are right.
    African – Americans live all over this state and many have nicer houses than I do- and that’s fine- one deserves what they work for or inherit. To talks about the black section is to stereotype about race and poverty and crime- none of it true . Crime is related to poverty far more than race

    Why would he need an entree into those communities? My gosh- they are people too? He must not be comfortable there and needs a cultural translator – wow what a sad sad man .

    Stand up Don – walk down the street and meet every person like you would your favorite

  33. Laffter says:

    Rules for those uncomfortable with ‘ the other’

    1 hold your shoulders back
    2 look folks in the eye
    3 extend your hand and firmly grasp theirs
    4 say something like ‘ nice to meet you’
    5 hold their gaze, let the hand go- ( don’t wipe it off Don, looks bad)
    6 engage then In a Conversation about topics that interest THEM
    7 try to treat them like. People. I know you find this difficult – but try

  34. Laffter says:

    I’ll send the political consultant bill later

    Anyone up for running a pool on how many pints he is beaten by

    Either in the – primary. Part two the general. ( if he makes it)

  35. Frank Knotts says:

    Laffter, you forget, there is no primary. Don is and Idiopendent (spelling intentional, unlike a certain T-shirt). It is not a matter of by how many points he will lose by, losing is a forgone conclusion. The real question is can he manage even a whole percentage point in his column? I think I heard there is something like 200 registered IPODians in the 20th, and I wouldn’t bet on all of them, come on, they can’t all be crazy moon howlers, can they?

  36. ombudsman says:

    “strengthen the ties of friendship between all ethnic groups in the future. The Independent Party of Delaware truly embraces all who come and seek a better America”

    Don does that include “beaners” or “gooks”?!?!

  37. Unbelievable says:

    This site and its writer and owners are accused of extreme racism by two posters, then a cast of unbelievable losers and scumbags post comments verifying those accusations.

    Laffter Said, ” does that include “beaners” or “gooks”?!?!”

    These statements are so vile and racist that Cragg and Grossman should take action; the very act of “no action” on their part means they condone this type of hatred and racism and endorse Knotts’ actions. Frank accused Bill Colley of being racist and now he needs to look in the mirror.

    This site exemplifies, and is the very definition of hatred and racism. What a sewer of humanity is allowed to exist at Delaware Right.

  38. ombudsman says:

    Don has uttered those racist slurs numerous times. It’s good to see that you agree the terms are vile and racist. This certainly isn’t the person I want representing the 20th or any other district.

  39. Frank Knotts says:

    Unbelievable, get your attacks straight, it was not Laffter who made that quote it was Ombudsman. And notice that those names were in quotation marks. If you did more than search for reasons to hate people you would know that the person making those remarks was showing that the use was to make a point, not actually calling someone those names. Maybe you should go back to journalism school.
    You are correct, I did write a post “asking” whether Bill Colley was a racist, based on an article he had written, and when I did ask this question I gave my reasons for asking, and pointed to what I saw as being potentially racist. I backed up mu views and did not hide behind the, “Oh Yeah”, argument. Unlike the empty headed rhetoric brought here by Mr. Issa, and the intellectually vacant Don Ayotte, who simply hurl out the accusation and then refuse to explain their views. I suppose Mr. Issa has become accustomed to people cowering in fear when he plays his race card. However unless he is man enough to explain his attacks he can take them to the next IPOD meeting and sell them there.
    Unbelievable then said, ” What a sewer of humanity is allowed to exist at Delaware Right.” Yep that’s right, we even let bottom feeders like you troll here to spread unfounded lies.
    Why don’t you take a swing at explaining what is racist about the photo.
    Or you can be just the next hypocrite to get in line. Notice that while you and Mr. Issa, attack me for some imagined racist act, you totally ignore Don Ayottes blatant racist remark about the “black area”.

  40. Unbelievable says:

    I’m going to call you a racist liar Ombudsman, and you’re no Ombudsman either.
    I’ve known Don for a long time and he has always championed minority causes. Dr. issa’s comment was correct about Don. If your civil rights are violated because you are a minority, Don will help. He helped Dr. Issa and many others.
    You only know the hatred and racism that Frank Knotts spouts and at least Don Commented on this post using him own name and you utter cowards are scumbags. This time Done will win the seat with man people helping him

  41. You Have Fleas says:

    This time Done will win the seat with man people helping him

    At least you got his name right.

  42. waterpirate says:

    How many sock puppets does it take to declare a site a sewer?
    Useing multiple socks, evidently.

    I saw 2 Lopez signs and 3 Smyck signs today! Hooray for the good guys. Lest I forget Briggs-King and Pettyjohn are also on my cheering list.
    NOT D.A.

  43. ombudsman says:

    Unbelievable please do tell how has DA helped the gay and lesbian community concerning their civil rights? What exactly has DA done to help the Latino community or the black community? DA jumped on the Dr Issa flap claiming that lynchings took place in Dover which were covered up (according to DA, DB and Issa). DA all but accused David Anderson of being complicit in the alleged coverup. Calling others cowards while you hide behind an anonymous name yourself is the epitome of the pot calling the kettle black………..oh snap I’ll be called a racist again for that comment.

  44. Frank Knotts says:

    Ah! The old, “I’ve known Don for a long time”, cover up. And still no explanation of what exactly was racist about the photo.
    Well I have known Done long enough to know he has no substance, or foundation. His current attempt to be a man of the “people”, is simply his latest attempt at relevance.

  45. Unbelievable says:

    Nobody on Mr. Ayotte’s campaign staff or Mr. Ayotte himself owes the insignificant Frank Knotts an explanation on anything. We are about to kick off a continuous door to door canvassing of the 20th District. If you weren’t petrified of Mr. Ayotte winning, you wouldn’t have wasted the posting space.

    We hope the people also replicate the “Not Don Ayotte” signs and post them in conspicuous places because the extra publicity is great. Frank, could you and your wife donate $1200. to Don’s campaign for some radio and TV time. Maybe you could take up a collection from the list of scumbags you have commenting here regularly.

  46. Frank Knotts says:

    Unbelievable, I hope that you do replicate the Not Don Ayotte signs, that would be genius. A candidate putting out his own negative publicity. Much in the way that Don Ayotte got on the radio on the morning of the county council race and announced the existence of the signs and described them to everyone and then whined and sniveled about how people were attacking him.
    As for donating to his campaign? I may donate to candidates that have a real chance to win, and ones who actually have ideas for moving Delaware Forward, I may donate to almost anyone, but Not Don Ayotte!

  47. Laffter says:

    Wow….unbelieveable is really unbelieveable

    1 can’t read a comment correctly
    2 misquotes the wrong person
    3 then writes this drivel-” If your civil rights are violated because you are a minority, Don will help. ”
    Does this mean that if you are NOT a minority and your civil,rights are violated Don won’t help?

    Yeah, like Frank said , go back to journalism school, get better glasses and lay off the sauce.

  48. Anon says:

    I would like to hear Don’s take on his great friend Bodie’s trial. Since Don declared his innocence after the arrest and swore this was all trumped up by the politicos. I guess they convinced Bodie’s pastor to make up lies and testify under oath.

    So Don do you still support your friend who at the very least by his own lawyers admission provided pornography to an underage boy and watched it with him. And according to his pastor molested this child on more than one occasion. Or will you continue to claim his innocence since this young has a criminal record. This 20th district voter demands an answer, do you still support Eric Bodenweiser after what we learned at day 1 of his trial?

  49. Frank Knotts says:

    Mr. Ayotte along with his fellow IPODians have been making those claims as late as a month or so ago, claiming that Bodenweiser was equivalent to a political prisoner. And just yesterday on the Doug Beatty Show on Hate Radio, Mr. Beatty, a supporter of Bodenweiser who stood the polls for Bodenweiser, acted as if he had failed to follow the testimony given at trial and denied having heard the news reports on his own station. Making the statement that, “even if Eric had watched porn with the alleged victim, that is not what he is charged with”.
    In a top of the hour news report, news reader Bill Colley led off with this statement, ” while Eric Bodenweiser may not be guilty of sexual molestation, he may be guilty of seriously bad judgment for watching porn with a minor”.
    No it is a crime. Which the defense had conceded.

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