Now He Wants To Talk About The Economy!

Governor Jack Markell has announced three scheduled “Town Hall’ style meetings to take place in each of the counties of Delaware. The first will be on Tuesday night, I have to be honest from the report I read, I am not sure if that is the 17th, or the 24th, at Del-Tech in Dover, the next meeting will be held on Oct 3rd at Cape Henlopen High School , and the final meeting will be at Delcastle High School near Newport.

These meetings are being put on so that the Governor can discuss the Delaware economy with the people.

Really? Well where the hell was he to discuss the economy during the legislative session when all the legislature was talking about were social issues? We had gun bills galore, we had homosexual marriage, we had bills to allow cross dressing men to use the ladies rooms in Delaware. But how many bills did we see that had anything to do with the economy or creating jobs.

The obvious answer to why is Gov. Markell suddenly so concerned with the economy, when it seemed just a short time ago that he felt men being able to use the lady’s room was the most important thing going, is the recent release of the Moody’s  Analytics report that stated that Delaware was the only state in the nation still in jeopardy of  falling back into recession, this, four years after the national recession.

But is there another reason why the Governor would want this to be the news cycle? Could it be the fact that the special investigator into campaign fraud has announced that he is looking into whether Gov. Markell or anyone on his campaign knew about the money bundling that was taking place, and being contributed to his 2008 campaign?

There was a time early on in this administration that I, a conservative Republican, gave Gov. Markell the benefit of the doubt, however as time has gone by, and as the facts become clear, I have to say, that Gov. Markell may well be the weakest, and maybe the most corrupt governor we here in Delaware have seen for some time.

When we look at the Fisker fraud and waste of tax dollars, when we look at how this governor allowed his party, who by the way, control both the executive and legislative branches of government in Delaware, how he allowed them to waste valuable time on gun bills and bathroom bills and playing to a small constituency with the homosexual marriage bill, all while the state’s unemployment rate was stagnant, even though the nation was at least showing some slow growth, we have to ask, what has he been waiting for to start on the economy with only about two years left in his term?

Now suddenly the light has gone on for Gov. Markell, and he thinks it’s time to work on the economy? Well Gov. Markell a better time would have been about five years ago, or even a year ago, instead of trying to burden law-abiding citizens with punitive practices when trying to legally obtain a gun.

I hope that my job allows me to attend the Sussex meeting, and if not, I hope one of my fellow citizens will ask the question, where have you been Gov. Markell for the past five years on the economy?

4 Comments on "Now He Wants To Talk About The Economy!"

  1. anon says:

    I agree with the general theme of your post, but nobody can reasonably claim Markell is more corrupt than Ruth Ann Minner, who is not in prison only because of her age, gender and political party.

    Markell’s dog and pony show is for one purpose, to do what he does best — garner positive press despite the total lack of any meaningful accomplishments. I wonder when people will wake up and see that despite every advantage in the world, Jack Markell has been an awful governor. And you’re right that it’s shameful for him to be doing this now instead of during the session.

  2. delacrat says:

    The Governor’s office has far, far less influence over the state’s economy than the CEOs of DuPont, Astra-Zeneca, GM and Bank of America.

  3. anonymous says:

    I’d say it’s a PR attempt, to divert attention from his campaign finances.

    I agree with the post and the comment. He’s done so much damage to the state.He wasted away tens of millions of dollars. Gave money away to corporate welfare with no result. Gave money to the casinos. Possibly violated Coastal Zone Act. Didn’t keep promises, just catered to social issues. Did poor job re environment, jobs, schools, transportation, economy, over development, traffic, gun violence, etc.

    Delaware’s in worse shape than Minner days. That’s quite bleak.

    He went on a few expensive trips though.

    He should resign.

  4. Mike Protack says:

    Delacrat shows enormous ignorance again and again. Markell talked a good line in 2008 but punted on all of the serious issues and went foe the social ones.

    The long term problems of this state are well known and this D Governor did nothing about them. Education is still a money chase full of consultant bases acronyms and wasted money. Roads are jammed and left adrift while our Transportation Trust Fund is $3 billion behind needs, Delaware is swamped by relentless layers of government which choke off economic growth and most of the wanton killing of low income blacks in Wilmington is ignored.

    Too bad there is not a Delaware GOP to provide leadership and answers. This failed organization has over the years ate and destroyed its own in order to keep control of an ever shrinking party to the point where now it is dead and buried.

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