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Matt    The following is an AP press release.By RANDALL CHASE Associated Press DOVER, Del. (AP) – Federal prosecutors have charged a former Republican Party official and state Senate candidate in Delaware with illegally dealing in firearms. According to court documents unsealed Thursday in Wilmington, 40-year-old Matthew Opaliski of Greenwood was indicted by a federal grand jury last week on three counts of dealing firearms without a license and two counts of unlawful transfer of firearms. Prosecutors allege that the illegal activity took place on several occasions between November and earlier this month. Opaliski appeared in court Wednesday and was released on his own recognizance pending a Feb. 26 arraignment. Opaliski’s public defender did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment. Efforts to contact Opaliski himself were not immediately successful.

Matt Opaliski is a well-known and outspoken defender of the 2nd Amendment, as he sees it. He has run for the Delaware State Senate on three separate occasions, unsuccessfully.He is also an RD Chairman in the Sussex County GOP Executive Committee.  Mr. Opaliski is seen as an intelligent and knowledgeable person in the area of politics and government, even if on occasions he is also seen as belligerent when defending his views.

As of right now, as the press release states, he is facing five counts of illegal selling and or transferring  firearms. Many who know Mr. Opaliski have already taken to social media to defend him and claim his innocence. Along with their support of Mr. Opaliski,  and their assurances that he is too smart a guy to make a mistake like illegally selling guns, many of his supporters have also taken the tact of the fringe right, to start the rumor mill of this being some sort of payback for his years of activism.

Yes, Mr. Opaliski has spoken candidly and loudly, both about his view of government and the people’s rights. But are we to believe that a simple exterminator from Sussex County Delaware, who failed in three tries for elected office is such a threat to the grand Federal government conspiracy as to warrant the federal government trumping up a Federal Grand Jury indictment, issuing a warrant, and arresting this man, simply because he dares to speak out? Okay, sure.

It is more likely, if the charges prove to be true, that Mr. Opaliski over estimated his own personal knowledge of the laws governing the private sales of weapons.

What this may actually demonstrate is the danger of a growing mentality among the fringe of the conservative movement. That mentality being, that because they have read the Constitution, and in some cases taken the twelve session course offered by  the Ponzi  scheme, carny act of The IOTC, (Institute On The Constitution) and its founder Michael Anthony Peroutka, that they now have the Golden Fleece and are above reproach.

Here in Sussex County there is a small, yet vocal group of people, and I believe Mr. Opaliski is among them, who have either attended these seminars, or who have been influenced by those who have. the IOTC is an organization that while wrapping itself in a religious/political righteousness, is really nothing but a pyramid scam. They sucker people into taking the courses and buying the merchandise. Just look what you can buy from them,


Once you have taken the course, you are to go forth and convince others to take the course, and of course, buy the merchandise.  Here is a video produced by the IOTC.



The real problem here, is that these camp revival type meetings are designed to ramp up people’s already heated emotions towards the government, to a point of revolutionary fervor. They leave out of these quasi-religious, cult like indoctrination sessions believing that they now possess the only true meaning of both God and country.

Unfortunately, for many of those who attend these cultish retreats, this will be their only source of understanding  the Founding documents and the meaning of them. Too many of these people have never taken the time to study for themselves, are all too willing to be spoon fed views that play to their predetermined ideas about government. Or as one might say, “preaching to the choir”.

Here in Sussex, and especially in the Republican Party, and specifically within the Sussex GOP Executive Committee, this small angry, fringe group of cult members have come to believe, that if you have not taken the IOTC course, and bought the merchandise, then you can have no understanding of the Constitution and law.

Mr. Opaliski, while I consider him extremely knowledgeable,  has this built-in arrogance that because he doesn’t like a law, or that he believes it to be unconstitutional, that he has the right to ignore said law, and if he has broken a law, it may be traceable directly back to the IOTC and their “teaching’s/preaching’s” . When we look around Sussex County at the several small groups that make up the fringe right, such as Oath Keepers, and the 912 Delaware Patriots, we see the birth mark of the IOTC and its founder Michael Anthony  Peroutka.

Mr. Peroutka until just recently had been a member of the “League of the South”, which is a neo-Southern secessionist group, with white separatist over-tones. He recently resigned from the group when he was running for a county council seat in Maryland. This after being a regular speaker at their gatherings.

If the people of Sussex County and Delaware would simply open their collective eyes, and look at who the people are, running the Sussex GOP, and their affiliations, they would see that it is groups like the Oath Keepers, 912ers and the IOTC that have infiltrated the Republican Party to leach off of its infrastructure. They are not Republican, they are libertarian, constitutionalist, anarchist, they are the new RINOs.

Mr. Opaliski may be completely innocent, or maybe just foolish, or maybe arrogant to the point of being criminal. But in my view, this case is but the tip of the fringe iceberg, and if the GOP does not steer clear of it, then the Party will surely wreck itself upon the fringe element of the conservative movement.

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  1. Vinny says:

    No comment.

  2. justsaying says:

    Maybe the government will tell him, “if you don’t like it there’s the door.” The worse part is the headlines ready GOP or Reoublican Official and that is the representation we put out there as a party…..Frank made valid points just look at the Sussex Republicans facing legal trouble…..

  3. Dave says:

    Frank, I think you nailed this on a couple of counts. Their behavior is cult-like and they do seem be bent on undermining the rule of law, thus promoting anarchy, instead of changing the law they ignore it.

    Regardless, the theme song of the SCGOP seems to be one of Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust.” At you won’t have to worry about how to take back the party, apparently they know how to attrite themselves.

  4. Larry Mayo says:

    It seem Mr. Knotts has graduated the school of Saul Alynski with honors. Alynski , who dedicated his book to “Lucifer” states in rule #12- * RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.) Saul would be so proud.

  5. Say it Ain't So says:

    Larry, reading is important. Frank wrote, “Mr. Opaliski may be completely innocent, or maybe just foolish, or maybe arrogant to the point of being criminal.” Not really “Alynski” like at all. Remember, “the guilty flee, when no one pursues.”

  6. Frank Knotts says:

    Mr. Mayo obviously graduated from the school of Limbaugh, just call someone a liberal with nothing to back it up with.
    I wonder Mr. Mayo, have you put in a call to the IOTC to ask that they fund Mr. Opaliski’s defense? Oh that’s right they only make money, they don’t spend money.
    I would also suggest you learn to read, and read to learn.

  7. Rick says:

    Second Amendment:

    A well regulated militia, being necessary for the security of a free State, the right of THE PEOPLE to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED

    Despite virtually no legislation on gun control and little hope for a breakthrough, President Obama made clear this week he still sees the issue as a top priority in his second term, publicly chastising lawmakers and gun-rights advocates and telling them they “should be ashamed” of U.S. firearms laws.

    As the Founders knew, only an armed citizenry can resist tyranny.

    Meanwhile, the murders in Little Wilmadelphia go on and on…Oh well, no problem there. We expect our inner cities to be run by criminals. So, let’s get the guy who sold a shotgun in Sussex County.

  8. Frank Knotts says:

    Ah! Rick I am pretty sure he was not charged with keeping or bearing arms. In fact, if the charges are correct, if he had simply kept his arms he would not be in trouble.

  9. Frank Knotts says:

    Oh I forgot to mention, Mr. Mayo is also a member and leader of the cult of the IOTC and is also an EDC in the Sussex GOP Executuve Committee. See what I mean?

  10. Harry Whittington says:

    One nation under arrest.

  11. Well written and lucid, of course assuming that the law under discussion IS in fact legal under the United States Constitution. We know that in Washington D.C. people have been found guilty and punished under weapons laws that have been ruled unconstitutional. They tried every legal means of acquiring tools of self defense and decided that their constitutional right trumped D.C. law and made a decision they thought in their best interest. It didn’t work out for them but that law was proven wrong, to me they are vindicated but I am sure in hindsight as individuals at least some have regrets.
    I don’t know anything but what the papers say, wisely Matt ain’t talking and is to be commended for that decision. From what I am hearing nobody alleged that Matt had the gun illegally or that the alleged transferee gave any indication that they weren’t legally entitled to keep and bear where they lived and if that’s the case should we blindly tout the ‘law’ or perhaps review it?
    Where does this state line thing end? If my daughter chooses ( I don’t have a daughter just saying ) to terminate her pregnancy and chooses to seek women’s health care in another state where it’s not illegal to seek that kind of choice in women’s health care do we want our daughters arrested and sent to jail for felonies? I realize some folks would answer yes to arrest to prevent any abortion and that’s another can of worms, wasn’t trying to go there. You get the idea Frank.

  12. Sanity Check says:

    My question is this: What is the executive committee of the Sussex GOP going to do about this? Is Matt going to continue to be a RD chair whilst defending himself in federal court on five federal felonies? Additionally, this (in my opinion) constitutes a ‘scandal’, and as per the rules of the Party, article VI section 1-B-4-a, he should be removed, for just cause, and I quote: Scandal, personal or public, defined as behavior resulting in negative publicity for the Republican Party as determined by a simple majority vote of the SCEC.

    Now, since he has been tied to the county party in the press, and this is certainly negative publicity, I believe he should at minimum resign and if he fails to do so immediately, he should be removed. We have to keep from bringing bad publicity upon ourselves. We want to want people to join our party and not be scared because we have indicted people in our leadership.

    If he beats these charges, then he can come back. But until then, and while he is fighting to clear his name, he cant be tied to the Sussex party.

    I honestly wish him the best. Personally, I like Matt. That being said, we have to look at the big picture and allow the party to be protected.

  13. Frank Knotts says:

    Mr. Beatty I would suggest that if someone feels a law is wrong, work to change it, not just ignore it, know what I mean?
    Sanity Check, the answer is nothing. That group will likely endorse Mr. Opaliski, and if he is also found guilty, will only clim that he has been framed.
    That committee has shown no integrity so far, no reason to believe they will now.

  14. Larry Calhoun says:

    If Frank can’t be in the spotlight about something he’s not happy. Frank is an example of the hayseed comment I posted yesterday on FB.

  15. Frank Knotts says:

    If Larry can’t deflect attention away from the topic at hand, he doesn’t say anything. Tell us Larry, why do you choose to make it about me? Bought any guns lately?

  16. Not Funny says:

    Larry Mayo you call out Frank but you supported a local candidate in November who wrote and sponsored legislation that created an entirely new crime to get arrested for in the state of Delaware. People like you are a big part of the problem.

    When you speak to Matt, Larry, make sure you tell him exactly what that legislator told the citizens on the radio, If you didn’t do anything wrong you have nothing to worry about. Matt will surely be comforted by that quote.

    If you tea party idiots don’t want to see people like Matt arrested stop dropping your panties for every tough on crime “homeland security” loving candidate who comes along. They are more interested in making law enforcement’s job easy than they are interested in protecting your constitutional rights as a citizen. Think Patriot Act (which I would wager was used to gather evidence against Matt).

  17. Dave says:

    1. Opaliski got arrested because Alinksy (yep, with an “i” not a “y”) and Rule12 – member of the SCGOP EC

    2. “What is the executive committee of the Sussex GOP going to do about this?” – ROFLMAO (umm..see item 1).

    Look, the SCGOP reflects it’s current members and is no longer what Republicans would even recognize as a political party. Regardless, Republicans can still vote for candidates that reflect their views. Folks like Ernie Lopez will continue to run (and probably win) office. I suppose that at the end of the day, most people will come to realize that they don’t miss the SC GOP and conclude that the organization is really not very relevant. Not being a member, I don’t know whether this state of affairs matters or not. It’s certainly embarrassing to be a Republican in SC these days, but it’s not like everyone goes about their daily lives wearing a GOP badge. No one really knows whether you belong to one party or the other.

    In the meantime the current make up of the party in this county is at least entertaining and considering the strife in the world today, we all need a good laugh.

    My general view on Opaliski is that I don’t actually care. Either he knew the law and decided it did not apply to him because he is special. Or he didn’t know the law and he is irresponsible. Either way, I wish him luck, but I am thankful he is not in a position of responsibility.

  18. No doubt, as most gun owners do. Realize also we are speaking in hypotheticals. You and I don’t have any idea what actually happened. Randy Weaver had a warrant out that sparked the Ruby Ridge tragedy. He was acquitted because the government entrapped him.
    There has only been one side told here, you have a lot of speculation per normal and per usual have missed the point. Why are handguns classified differently than long guns when it is established case law that both are protected under the second amendment? Well actually an appelate court has ruled that the prohibition on handguns is unconstitutional just like the handgun ban in Chicago, Washington D.C..
    Does that mean it’s a good idea to break the law? Not for me. I’m not going to comment on what somebody may or may not have done and what that means about their character.
    . The Gun Control Act of1968 is nearly a word for word translation of the Nazi gun control law of 1938. Senator Dodd the elder had it transcribed by the Library of Congress shortly before the GCA of 68 became law of the land. Refernces to Jews were removed and about two other things major, otherwise..
    Of course our first gun laws were passed to keep guns out of black hands, and today where you find dense populations of black people chances are you’ll find more American exceptionalism. Because except for those populations most Americans can easily own guns.
    Immigrants were the boogeyman for the Sullivan law which effectively let the City decide who could and could not own guns. Consequently today especially among otherwise law abiding New Yorkers who choose to defend their homes illegal guns are far more common that legal and much easier to come by.
    None of those things are or ever have been Constutional. If you endorse blind devotion on top of obedience that’s your right. You don’t have to like the Constitution or the principles that created America or America. Or you can be willing to urinate on all three just to kick a decent man.
    I’m sure your karma will be just fine if you keep it up. As some folks like to say, GO FOR IT!
    I suppose it’s more important to demean Matt so everyone knows how great and smart your squad is. Might work too but we are going to need more polish on this turd. Elbow grease. Cheers.

  19. waterpirate says:

    This has nothing to do with the Constitution, or gun control, or conspiracy. Matt was indicted on Federal charges, then released ROR while being represented by a Public Defender. Not to besmirch any Public Defender, but these are hardly ” smoking gun ” charges if that is how it played out.
    Pure speculation on my part = Matt was in violation of some part of the FFL. He was warned, and thumbed his nose at them. They dropped the hammer on him. After a lot of publicity by him, the Govt. will plead him out and get what they wanted all along. A big fine levied, Matt to cease and desist, and back to business as usual.
    It would be a rare day indeed that Matt and his Public defender will rewrite any case law or precedent, or change anything other than the weight of his own wallet.

  20. Rick says:

    Mr. Beatty I would suggest that if someone feels a law is wrong, work to change it, not just ignore it, know what I mean?

    Change it? With Omaba in the White House? Yeah, right.

    Quite a few ATF actions are based on regulations, not laws.

    In Washington, the courts overturned unconstitutional firearms laws.

    It’s great to see so many “conservatives” who back confiscatory gun laws. The Founders would be proud of you.

    I guess some people will never grasp the concept of incrementalism.

  21. Frank Knotts says:

    I’m sorry Rick, do you know exactly what happened in this case? No? Neither do I, we are both simply giving our opinions.
    Dear Mr. Beatty, you say, “you have a lot of speculation per normal and per usual have missed the point.”, that is your opinion. I have never thought of myself as a journalist, unlike those you hang with, I am merely a person who observes and gives my opinion on issues and things that happen around me.
    You say I miss the point, that is an incorrect statement, I simply have not attempted to make, your point. Possibly you could go back and read the post again and you may find, my point, after all it is my post, so why should I make, your point.
    My point was and is, that there is a group of people who have convinced themselves that they are the arbiters of what is and is not constitutional, you may find yourself comfortable in this group yourself. They, so believe this, that they feel that they have a “RIGHT” to do as they see fit based on some “Mary Kay” for the Constitution salesman, and his twelve class cult indoctrination.
    And yes, I have my views on the Constitution, and will share them freely.
    The larger point here has nothing to do with Matt Opaliski’s innocence or guilt, the larger point is how dangerous it is to allow this small noisy group of anarchist to gain control of anything.
    As for my Karma? Well since the idea of Karma is a Buddhist and Hindu ideal, I would be more concerned with my ever-lasting soul, and since you, nor no man, is in a position to judge me on that, I will leave it to God, that is unless someone has started to sell classes for the IOTS (Institute On The Soul)?

  22. justsaying says:

    Well being it is federal gun charges they will probably take all his guns. Good thing Christopher got beat cause Matthew would be thrown out of the Posse…..

  23. Dave says:

    “I guess some people will never grasp the concept of incrementalism.”

    Yep, and some people will never grasp that sometimes when it’s not incrementalism. Or as we sometimes say: To a hammer everything is a nail.

    You see everything as an example of incrementalism because that is your belief, the lens through which you view everything. It’s belief disconfirmation paradigm (a form of cognitive dissonance). You can’t change your beliefs so you resolve the conflict by rejection or denial of the conflicting information and seek out others who share your same beliefs.

  24. Dave says:

    “The Gun Control Act of1968 is nearly a word for word translation of the Nazi gun control law of 1938.”

    Not really, although I suppose it depends on how you define “nearly.” And by the way, the German Reichstag put the law into effect in 1919, which was pre-Nazi. Still back to the nearly. Since I’ve read both side by side, there is no “nearly word for word.” Of course there is only so many ways to craft the language for control of guns, so I wasn’t surprised to see similarities. If there two descriptions of zebras I would imagine finding some similarities as well. Further, the Nazi’s made the existing law less restrictive.

    Finally, “Godwin’s Rule of Nazi Analogies” says that It is generally accepted that whoever is the first to play the “Hitler card” has lost the argument as well as any trace of respect, as having to resort to comparisons to the most infamous mass-murdering dictator in history generally means you’ve run out of better arguments. Thus, once such a comparison is made, the thread is finished and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically lost whatever debate was in progress. I hereby invoke the Godwins Rule of Nazi Analogies.

  25. Frank Knotts says:

    Hate to burst your bubble Just Saying, but if Just Jeff had won and this had still happened, Matt would be a hero, most likely an honorary deputy for life. TYRANNY!
    And to Dave, damn, that was the bomb.

  26. The Law says:


    This was copied from the AP article you copied and pasted without subscribing to Associated Press linefeed, which costs $1500.00 per month.

    “Copyright 2015 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.”

    This will be reported and I hope they sue your stupid non-journalist arse along with those insufferable idiots Jeff Cragg and Steve Grossman..

  27. Frank Knotts says:

    Hey The Law, take notice they were credited.

  28. saltyindependent says:


    don’t be bring “reason” and “logic” around here. that is for liberals and its not loyal to the constitution for “we the people” clearly the constitution loves jesus and not you!

  29. The Law says:

    “Copyright 2015 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.”

    It doesn’t say anything in the disclaimer about accreditation, it just says the material, “may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. That exactly what you did.
    The Associated Press were very plain about what they stated.
    You were just too damn lazy to get the facts on your own and write a real story. Sometimes they enforce this, or if they consider you just an uneducated blogging idiot, they might just snicker and let it go. Get an education, you lazy piece of crap.

  30. Frank Knotts says:

    Thank you for your concern.

  31. Freddy says:

    No comment.

  32. waterpirate says:

    This event will also be a litmus test for the new chair of the Party. What he does or says, or the absence of either will be telling about the current policy of the EC. Are we to expect a publication of the official charges on Monday?

  33. mouse says:

    And they make the GOP a non viable party for millions of moderate cerebral folk who may be sick of the Democrats and vote GOP but cant because of the crazy science denying angry rubes.

  34. shut the front door says:

    Arraignment was today I wonder what happened.

  35. Bill Christy says:

    So now according to Oath Keepers (an organization that SCGOP EDC’s Mike Rowe, Kim Gibson and the alleged candidate running for governor) are members of it’s the Republican parties fault.

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