Open Letter From Rep. Dave Wilson

wilson--headshot--mar_09   The following is an open letter to editors and the people of Sussex County from 35th District Rep. Dave Wilson (R).

To the Editor,

I write today to ask all Republicans to support Brian Butler as our choice for Register of Wills for Sussex County in the Primary Election on September 9th. As a former Register of Wills myself, I have a unique perspective on the requirements of this office.

The Register of Wills is not just another elected row office. The office serves a very important function at a time when people need support the most. When a loved one or friend dies, the Register of Wills is often the first public office people encounter – and the office needs a strong sense of compassion and service. Sadly, the office under its current leadership lacks both.

There are many reports of a lack of service being offered and a lack of compassion and understanding of the needs of those who come to the office for help. These reports are echoed by the professionals who use the office on a regular basis as well-attorneys, accountant, and other professionals.

This is also  not the office for political favoritism.  From Howard Clendaniel (Democrat), through my term and into the term of Greg Fuller (also a Democrat), the office maintained almost the same team of staff members. They knew their jobs. They were service-oriented. They solved problems. They cared. Before Cindy Green was elected, she promised me she was not going to throw out the current staff just because she was the new register. In fact, that was exactly what she did. She took  long-time public servants who knew their jobs and replaced them with her friends and political supporters. What a shame – on both levels. First she misled me. Second, she hurt the voters and citizens of our county.

The Register of Wills has a very important job. Although it is a government office, it needs to be operated with a business-like model. Putting friends in place and spending almost every day sitting in a friend’s criminal trial does not serve the people of Sussex County.

Brian Butler is a newcomer to politics. Isn’t that refreshing? He’s a family man, a small business owner and operator and I have found him to be a man of his word. He understands the first function of the office is to serve the people of Sussex County in their times of need. The current incumbent lacks this understanding.

Brian Butler understands budgets, personnel and service. At a time when the Register of Will has decreased revenue under the current incumbent, Brian Butler knows how to maintain revenue and services at the same time.

I have been promised by those who support the incumbent that they will find someone to run against me in a primary in 2016. Well, bring ’em on. If they want to challenge me because I tell the truth and support the best candidate (rather than have blind loyalty to someone just because), then so be it.

I believe the people of Sussex County deserve the best public servants they can find. Brian Butler will be just that type of public servant. He will be an HONEST office holder, putting the people and the office first. I urge you to vote for Brian Butler in the Republican Primary for Register of Wills on September 9th.

Dave Wilson

18 Comments on "Open Letter From Rep. Dave Wilson"

  1. Free Bodie says:

    Bodenweiser is running the office and Cindy Green is never there. It’s all about political retribution and retaliation with the Cindy Green, Eric Bodeweiser, Sam Wilson, Vance Phillips, Jeff Christopher faction. Cindy loves Bodenweiser and Phillips, WTH is wrong with her?

    My vote is for normal businessman, Brian Butler. Unlike his opponent Cindy Green, I didn’t see his picture in the paper supporting an accused gay child molester. Let’s get rid of these embarrASSments!

  2. anon says:

    I don’t know anyone who doesn’t trust Dave Wilson’s judgment.

  3. Laffter says:

    I’d vote for Wilson just coz he’s honest and forthright and calls it the way it is

    There is something to be said for those qualities when they are used judiciously – I would NOT recommend them in the way Sam Wilson uses them tho

    Just a thought- good for you Rep Wilson…..well spoken!

  4. For Instance says:

    Thanks for the rambling letter Dave but we well vote for Mrs. Green who has done a great job with her office.

  5. dogeatdog says:

    I’ve heard both sides of this debate but I have one question. From those I have talked to the ENTIRE county upgraded to a new computer system at onetime. So all recorders could be brought up to date( not just one office). Every time I hear Mrs. Green speak this is her only claim to fame. This was countywide. How can you promote yourself as the savior of the office?

  6. Jordan says:

    Cindy responded to Dave Wilson’s letter. She called it “baseless and false.”

  7. Frank Knotts says:

    Well Jordan, would anyone expect anything else? Cindy is running for re-election she has something to lose, Dave on the other hand has nothing to gain by publicizing his letter.

  8. Jordan says:

    I’ve known Cindy and Dave for quite some time. I helped them both get elected. I door knocked for Dave when very few did. I trust Cindy. I no longer believe a word Dave says. Dave threw himself into the gutter of personal mud slinging. I’m happy Cindy didn’t join him.

  9. Frank Knotts says:

    Not really an answer but okay.

  10. Honi Soit says:

    Psst, Frank! Didn’t you write this back on October 10, 2010?

    “Let me say that in my opinion, Cindy Green is exactly the type of citizen candidate that we should support and elect. She is a life time resident of the community that she wants to work for. She has seen the issues facing those at the end of their lives and now wants to work to make that experience as simple as possible. I have to say that if we could have about fifty or sixty Cindy Greens sprinkled throughout the state government, well I think we would be well served. So I recommend that everyone in Sussex County come out and vote for Cindy Green on November 2nd to be our next Register of Wills. Oh! And by the way, I hear she makes one mean apple dumpling!”

  11. Frank Knotts says:

    Honi, yes I did. And she still makes one mean apple dumpling.

  12. jack says:

    Sounds like to me Jordan your mad with Dave Wilson for speaking the truth. I can tell you Dave Wilson is a stand up guy and I’m proud of him for standing up for what’s right. He still represents his district ad his people. Do you have a problem with Sam Wilson out campaigning. No different. But Sam and Vance just want blinds sheep they can lead to the cliff!!! Who runs the office Jordan?? Green or Bodenwiser she said herself she’s not there much her deputy speaks for her..

  13. dogeatdog says:

    Funny thing is Sam and his crew run dirt campaigns time and time again. When someone tells the truth about one on their candidates. Looks like they like to cry foul. Before this is over there will be a full blown temper tantrum by the green camp. Truth hurts Jordan get over and move on!

  14. A says:

    You notice no one denies the fact that before Cindy Green was elected Patty Bodenweiser did not work for Sussex County. After the election she was named deputy, and the previous employee was moved to a new office. I’m sure if you got back to the 2010 campaign finance reports you will see that the Bodenweiser’s contributed to Greens campaign. Nothing conservative about rewarding your friends with government jobs, and government benefits just because they contributed to your campaign. Unless Patty Bodenweiser had tons of experience working with wills that made her a must hire. And since she works for Sussex County and is paid by tax payers dollars, I surely hope Cindy made sure that all the time Bodenweiser spent supporting her husband at his trial was not on the clock and was unpaid. But since she is a good conservative I’m sure it was right?

  15. Honi Soit says:

    Made curious by a comment that “A” made, I had a look at Green’s 2010 campaign report, and see that Patricia Bodenweiser did in fact contribute to Green’s campaign! But only $50. If dollars = job offers, then Glen Urquhart’s wife Angela would be Green’s deputy, She gave $250.

  16. dogeatdog says:

    I don’t believe the money is the tie its the physical political support. Just like now look at all the green signs on Bodie property in Georgetown. Job security??

  17. anon says:

    I trust Dave Wilson’s words and opinions more than I trust Jordan Warfel’s.

  18. mouse says:

    I’m writing in the sheriff for every office

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