Open Letter From Ted Kittila Candidate For Delaware Attorney General

Ted Kittila

Dear Friends:

Since entering the race for Attorney General, I have made it abundantly clear that I view my Democratic opponent’s decision to run for Attorney General as one more round in the ruling party’s non-stop game of political musical chairs.  Sadly, with the shape of Delaware’s criminal justice system, a more apt metaphor of Mr. Denn’s decision to attempt a jump from Lt. Governor to Attorney General might be a re-arranging of the deck chairs while the ship is going down. Sadly, one party rule is sinking Delaware.

Delaware deserves better. With a record crime rate in Wilmington, a heroin epidemic spreading in all three counties, and even more shocking information coming out of the Medical Examiner’s office,[1] can we really trust that a senior member of the current administration will somehow fix what has developed while that same administration has been in control?


Former Governor Mike Castle aptly summed up his view of Mr. Denn’s decision to run for AG in an article in The News Journal:

“The fact that he’s giving up a four year seat to run for something else is concerning…. It seems to me when you get elected to something, you have the responsibility to stay there with it.”[2]

Gov. Castle made clear that Mr. Denn “should have kept his word to voters.”[3]

I couldn’t agree more.  I recently met my opponent face to face in a candidate forum, and I let him know that I think that his failure to keep his word to the voters of the State of Delaware is entirely unacceptable.
2 Years Early

My Democratic opponent views the office of Attorney General as a waiting room for the governor’s office.  Our current Attorney General Beau Biden noted in his decision not to run for another term:


“The Office of Attorney General is a four-year commitment. Its responsibilities are too significant, and the voters’ trust too important not to give it my complete and undivided attention…. It should not be, nor can it become, a two-year staging ground for another elected office.”[4]


Sadly, too many critical offices in Delaware have become just that:  staging grounds for the next step up the political ladder.


I am asking you to vote for me, a courtroom lawyer who has focused his career on handling litigation.  My profession is referred to as a “practice” in part because becoming successful requires constant practice – a dedication to a craft.  We have too many legal challenges in Delaware to not have someone as chief lawyer who has not focused his career on the practice of law.


I need your help.  The one-party rule that currently exists in Delaware makes it hard to get my message out. But we can do this. Your help, both financially and in sharing my message, will end the one-part headlock that has gripped Delaware voters.  We have had enough!


Share this note with your friends and family.  Pass along the message that there is a political outsider who has entered the race and who will make a difference.  My website,, is full with information regarding my vision for Delaware – a vision that has resonated with so many of our friends and neighbors.


Together, we can do this.  Please elect me as your advocate, the People’s advocate, and let’s bring relief to Delaware.


For Change in Delaware,


Theodore A. “Ted” Kittila

Candidate for Attorney General

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  1. Harry Whittington says:

    This is a good candidate, so good that I would go hunting with him.

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