Did Delaware Just Run Off The Cliff?

train over cliff  Last night at midnight was the deadline for the Delaware General Assembly to pass a balanced budget. Continue reading →

June 30, 2017 Blink and you Lose, Open Thread

From the Delaware State Senate –Minority Republican Caucus’ Face Book Page from earlier today:
Delaware State Senate – Republican Caucus
5 hrs ·

24 hours ago, legislative Republican leaders delivered a reasonable compromise offer to the Governor and legislative Democrats. This proposal closed the budget hole and included two major concessions from our previous offer. As of now, 24 hours later, we have not heard a response to our proposal directly from the Governor or legislative Democratic leadership. We eagerly await their response, and stand ready to work together to solve this budget problem in a way that makes Delaware government more sustainable and more successful, not just more expensive.

UPDATE:  “It has now been 28 hours since a compromise and proposal were given and still no answer, but Senate Democrats were just seen walking into Michele’s to a private room for dinner – Who is paying for that dinner? And which party isn’t serious about finding a solution for the budget crisis?”

Time Is Running Out On Delaware’s Deficit Problem

money clock  We are one day away from the deadline, set forth in Delaware’s Constitution, requiring the General Assembly to put forth and pass a balanced budget. Continue reading →

Senator Brian Pettyjohn, Mistake? Or Misfire?

brianpettyjohn  It saddens me to have to write this post. Continue reading →

So What Are We Talking About?

question  The  deadline for Delaware to finalize a balanced budget is drawing near. Continue reading →

Father’s Day

Mom and dad  It is Father’s day, and my daughter is on her honeymoon. One might think this would be disappointing for me. Trust when I say, it is not. I am extremely happy, and proud, and hope to share many future Father’s Days with her. Continue reading →