Senator Brian Pettyjohn, Mistake? Or Misfire?

brianpettyjohn  It saddens me to have to write this post. Continue reading →

So What Are We Talking About?

question  The  deadline for Delaware to finalize a balanced budget is drawing near. Continue reading →

Father’s Day

Mom and dad  It is Father’s day, and my daughter is on her honeymoon. One might think this would be disappointing for me. Trust when I say, it is not. I am extremely happy, and proud, and hope to share many future Father’s Days with her. Continue reading →

States Rights

johncarney  Let me begin by saying, I agreed with President Trump’s move to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord. Continue reading →

Thank You John Brady

brady  John Brady has announced his political retirement. Continue reading →

Memorial Day 2017

veterans-day-pfull  Well here we are, another Memorial Day. Continue reading →