Just Shut The Hell Up

Browns praying   So, the NFL is now in its pre-season, and this is the latest image to outrage people. Continue reading →

Both Sides

flame thrower  The phrase, “both sides” has gotten a lot of attention lately, and believe me, the last thing I want to do is defend President Trump. Continue reading →

Sussex County Council Stepped In It Again

dog poop  Sussex County Council seems to have a history of losing court cases. Continue reading →

Congratulations President Trump

donald trump  President Trump has once again found a way to deliver on another of his campaign promises, which is certain to further endear him to his already rabid base. Continue reading →

Who Says Republicans And Democrats Can’t Agree?

elephant and donkey We often hear about how there is not enough cooperation between the two major parties, how nothing ever gets done, how the minority party is simply the party of no, and the majority party is to blame for all the problems.  Continue reading →

The 207,290,000 Pound Gorilla in the Room that No One Ever Mentions…”

dollar signSo Delaware has a budget for FY 2018. Wow – that was quite a show!! Republicans and Democrats having quite the war on social media (as well as regular media) – each accusing the other of the same thing – taking money from our kids, seniors, teachers, fire departments, and police officers. Looking at Facebook, it seems like the final budget must have been a true “compromise” because my most liberal friends and my most conservative friends are equally upset! As I told one legislator two months ago, “The good news is that you get to tick EVERYONE off equally, so it shouldn’t affect your re-election!!” Continue reading →