Political Gossip and Tidbits Wandering About The Small Wonder That is Delaware- The 11/17/15 Edition

Combining a Sussex County Council update with some Delaware tidbits. We got it all, council gossip, true crime horrors, Delaware State Police catch creep and much, much more.

Sussex County Council Update

So for giggles and grins let’s re-visit what Sussex county calls “Human Service Grants”. These amounts were approved last month but I got this complete list in the packet for this month and thought I’d copy and paste for yon reader information.

In addition to this money granted each year by the Sussex county council as presented by the county’s finance director, each council person is given a sum of money to add to the funds below.

Now I’m not complaining. I have taken my granddaughter to Abbott’s Mill Nature Center many times and am a member of the Delaware Nature Society. If these programs weren’t offered the gubmint would have to pay for it some way or another.

Still doesn’t hurt to keep sharp eyeball upon the money they spend.

Abbott’s Mill Nature Center $1,500.00 Delaware Nature Society
Alzheimer’s Association Delaware Valley Chapter $1,000.00
American Legion Auxiliary $1,000.00 Best Buddies Delaware $1,500.00
Booker Street Church of God $1,250.00
Boys and Girls Clubs of Delaware/Dagsboro $1,550.00
Boys and Girls Clubs of Delaware/Oak Orchard/Riverdale $1,550.00
Boys and Girls Clubs of Delaware/Laurel $1,550.00
Boys and Girls Clubs of Delaware/Georgetown $1,550.00
Boys and Girls Clubs of Delaware/Rehoboth $1,500.00
Boys and Girls Clubs of Delaware/Western Sussex $1,550.00
Bridgeville Senior Citizen’s Center, Inc. $5,000.00
Cadbury Senior Lifestyles, Lewes $2,000.00
Cancer Support Community Delaware $1,500.00
Cape Henlopen Senior Center $5,000.00
Catholic Charities, Inc. $1,250.00
CHEER Georgetown $5,000.00 Greenwood $5,000.00 Long Neck $5,000.00 Lewes $5,000.00 Milton $5,000.00 Roxana $5,000.00 Ocean View $5,000.00
Church of God and Saints of Christ $2,500.00
Clothing Our Kids $3,100.00
Delaware Community Reinvestment Action Council, Inc. $1,000.00
Delaware Center for Homeless Veterans, Inc. $2,025.00
Delaware Crime Stoppers $1,500.00
Delaware Guidance Services for Children and Youth, Inc. $2,000.00
Delaware Helpline, Inc. $3,100.00
Delaware Hospice, Inc. $1,775.00 Delaware Housing Coalition, Inc. $1,500.00
Delaware Lions Foundation, Inc. $3,100.00
Delaware Police Chiefs′ Council, Inc. $2,500.00
Delaware SPCA $2,500.00
Delmarva Clergy United in Social Action Foundation $1,500.00
DFRC, Inc. $1,775.00
Easter Seals Delaware & Maryland’s Eastern Shore $1,000.00
Everlasting Hope Ministries $2,525.00
Food Bank of Delaware $1,775.00
Generations Home Care $1,500.00
Harry K Foundation $2,500.00
Immanuel Shelter, Inc. $1,775.00
Indian River Senior Center, Inc. $5,000.00
ITN Southern Delaware $3,050.00
Joseph Patrick Fabber Memorial Foundation $3,050.00
Junior Achievement of Delaware, Inc. $3,050.00
Just Us Cat Rescue $1,000.00
Kent-Sussex Industries, Inc. $1,775.00
Kiwanis Foundation of Rehoboth Beach $1,250.00
La Esperanza $2,525.00
La Red Health Center, Inc. $2,500.00
Laurel Lions Club Foundation, Inc. $1,000.00
Laurel Senior Center, Inc. $5,000.00
Lewes Senior Citizens Center, Inc. $5,000.00
Love Inc. of Mid-Delmarva $2,500.00
Meals on Wheels of Lewes & Rehoboth, Inc. $6,000.00
Mental Health Association of Delaware $1,775.00
Milford Senior Center, Inc. $5,000.00
Nanticoke Senior Center, Inc. $5,000.00
New Hope Recreation & Development Center $ 800.00
Our Youth, Inc. $1,000.00
People’s Place II, Inc. $1,000.00
Primeros Pasos, Inc. $1,250.00
Read-Aloud Delaware $2,500.00
Reading ASSIST Institute $1,250.00
Ronald McDonald House of Delaware $2,500.00
Shechinah Empowerment Center $1,775.00
Sussex Community Crisis Housing Services, Inc. $1,500.00
Sussex County Habitat for Humanity, Inc. $1,250.00
Sussex County Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) Advisory Committee $ 850.00
Sussex Pregnancy Care Center, Inc. $1,000.00
Arc of Delaware $1,000.00
ARK Educational Consulting, Inc. $1,500.00
Delaware Adolescent Program, Inc. (DAPI) $1,500.00
Jefferson Awards Foundation $1,275.00
Lewes Historical Society $2,500.00
Way Home, Inc. $3,050.00
United Way $2,500.00
Vision to Learn $3,050.00
West Side New Beginnings, Inc. $1,000.00
YMCA of Delaware/Sussex Family YMCA Branch $1,250.00
YWCA Delaware $2,500.00

Total $199,975.00

girlssoftballToday’s Sussex county council meeting had an interesting contretemps about a girl’s softball team. Two of the council people did agree to give $500 each to this girl’s softball team but there were concerns. Just girls? Isn’t this a form of….eh, sexism?

Sam Wilson was very obvious in his absence during this meeting. We’re thinking he should be able to return by the new year but that’s just speculation on my part. We are soon going to need a vote on that Overbrook mall thing.

Delaware State Police Catch Creep Secret Service Guy

From the Pressherald:


WILMINGTON, Del. — A Secret Service officer charged with trying to solicit a 14-year-old girl for sex made an initial appearance Monday in federal court, where he was told he could face 10 years in prison if convicted of trying to transfer obscene material to a minor.

The hearing was held just hours after Lee Robert Moore, 37, was released from a Delaware state prison into the custody of U.S. Marshals.

The Secret Service used to be a venerable, vaunted, well-respected institution. Now we have drones flying across the White House lawn, men running across the land to gain entrance to the inside, SS men boozing and enjoying prostitutes overseas and now, a child molester.

The fish rots from the head down.

Local Realtor Jack Lingo Dead at 91

dr11.17.15deltidbitsjacklingoI never knew this guy personally but I purchased TWO houses from this group. Thought I’d throw out an RIP for a local icon.

Helping residents during holidays

The Delaware Hospital for the Chronically Ill in Smyrna and the Governor Bacon Health Center in Delaware City are seeking support from the community in “adopting” residents for the holidays who have little family involvement or support.

DHCI and Governor Bacon rely on the generosity of community members, including neighbors, local businesses, community organizations, and volunteers to help fulfill resident wishes during the holidays.

In keeping with the spirit of holiday giving, the nursing facilities ask members of the community to sponsor a resident at either Delaware Hospital for the Chronically Ill or Governor Bacon.

“We are grateful for the community support we receive each year on behalf of our residents at the Delaware Hospital for the Chronically Ill and Governor Bacon Health Center,” Department of Health and Social Services Secretary Rita Landgraf said. “During the holiday season, the community’s generosity truly has a positive impact on the lives of our residents. It’s amazing to see what a difference that giving spirit makes.”

Jennifer Bobel, volunteer services coordinator for the DHSS’ Division of Services for Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities, said there are a variety of ways for people to donate, including adopting a resident, a monetary donation or a general donation.


Awful True Crime-Will they go Free?

It’s a horrible story:

The ordeal began on March 18, outside the Chicken Man Convenience Store, when two girls — identified as Junia McDonald and Jackeline Perez — asked Smith for a ride to a home in Lincoln. She agreed.

According to the police statement:

When they arrived at a residence, the two girls demanded the victim’s keys and a struggle ensued between the victim and the girls when Ms. Smith refused to hand them over. Once in possession of the keys, the girls then ordered Ms. Smith out of the car and forced her into the trunk of the car before driving off with her inside. At one point during the kidnapping, the two girls demanded money from the victim before removing more than $500.00 from her coat pocket.

Smith’s relatives grew concerned for the 89-year-old, who has health conditions that require medication. They contacted authorities, who issued a Gold Alert with her vehicle information and physical appearance.

Smith was locked in the car trunk for two days before the teens dropped her at the cemetery, police say. She received treatment at the Nanticoke Memorial Hospital and was then released.

So this fellow is currently in jail for violation of probation and his guilty plea was thrown out.

Keeping and eye that these thugs don’t walk off free for the terror they caused to this family.


One of the teens accused in the kidnapping of an elderly Lincoln woman two years ago, is due in court later this month after his guilty plea was essentially thrown out.

The Delaware Department of Justice tells 47 ABC that Phillip Brewer’s guilty plea was vacated last month; officials say that means the conviction never happened.

A DOJ spokesman says the state did not oppose the motion because the case mirrored Rondaiges Harper, who had his convicted overturned earlier this year by the Delaware Supreme Court.

Brewer has since been indicted on charges of 1st degree unlawful imprisonment and 2nd degree conspiracy; he is scheduled for a case review on Wednesday.

Officials say Brewer is currently behind bars, serving a five year sentence for violation of his probation.

Public Service Announcement of Week

A great cause coordinated by a great person, Judy Malin Mangini… so get baking and support Operation Cookie Drop Off

Operation Cookie Drop Off

Nov 20 Our Mission Since 2005, every year before Christmas, we collect home & store bought baked goods from the Delmarva area to send to our Troops serving overseas to show our support and appreciation. And also to let them know we are thinking of them while they protect us from far away lands separ…

Here for more information

Ruth King and Manufactured Housing

The following came from an email update from Ruth Briggs-King’s office:

NEWS FROM THE AG’S OFFICE – Attorney General’s Office Acts To Protect Manufactured Housing Tenants From Improper Conduct By Community Owner

The Attorney General Matt Denn’s office has filed suit against the owner of three Delaware manufactured housing communities for attempting to financially pressure tenants to give up their legal right to arbitrate proposed rent increases.

The Department of Justice’s Consumer Protection Unit filed the lawsuit Friday against Chicago-based Hometown America Communities, Inc., the fifth-largest owner of manufactured housing communities in the United States. The lawsuit alleges that Hometown America violated Delaware law by issuing rent increase notices to tenants of its Barclay Farms, Angola Beach Estates, and Rehoboth Bay communities that attempt to factor Hometown America’s anticipated litigation costs into its rent increase, by requiring homeowners to waive their right to arbitrate the proposed rent hikes in exchange for giving them a purported “discount” to a substantial rent increase. Such conduct is forbidden under Delaware’s manufactured housing laws, which prohibit community owners from factoring arbitration and other litigation-related costs into the rent charged to homeowners under any circumstances, and prohibit community owners from trying to include in their rental terms provisions where homeowners waive rights provided to them by law.

“This tactic of getting community tenants to sign away their legal rights in exchange for a lower rent increase is reprehensible,” Attorney General Matt Denn said. “When predatory conduct by community owners threatens to upset the balance struck by the General Assembly when it passed the rent justification law for manufactured home communities, my office will act aggressively to protect tenants.”

So I worked freelance for Shore Reality, owners of Tall Pines and Rehoboth Shores manufactured housing parks and I know something about this. The tenants of these places are forever trying to force the gubmint to control the rent and there are some issues with this matter.

But I’m very skeptical about this nonsense of factoring litigation costs into its rent increase. This sounds like a bunch of malcontents want to SAY this is the case but how on earth can they possibly know this.

Now I understand that King has a large constituency of manufactured housing residents but hey, Ruth, those owners are also represented by you. Check this out because come on, such rent increases are usually some kind of percentage, NOT factors of all sorts of various costs.

Sounds fake and phony to me.

Markell Welcomes Syrian Refugees to Delaware just like Ronald Reagan
From the Sussex Countian we learn that Jack Markell will welcome Syrian immigrants to Delaware via the following statement:

Ronald Reagan once stood for ‘America’s tradition as a land that welcomes peoples from other countries,’ and one that shares with other countries ‘the responsibility of welcoming and resettling those who flee oppression.'” – Gov. Jack Markell

Heh. He uses Reagan as the basis. Must have gotten those talking points direct from Valjar.

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