Political Gossip and Tidbits Wandering About The Small Wonder That is Delaware-The 3/11/15 Edition

So the Seaford school district fires a guy for using freedom of speech. Much like the Sussex GOP. Got an Opaliski update and a paean to the Delaware state fair. Much more.

Sussex School employee fired for telling the truth

Last week a man called claiming to work in the Seaford School District. He talked about bad student behavior and a weak administration unwilling to bring disorder under control. His critiques were blunt and harsh toward the school system. His goal was to start a dialogue about improving the climate in our schools. He talked about stressed out employees not wanting to be in the school because of this, etc. etc. Hear his call in the second half of this 25 minute podcast.

This story has made quite a showing on the Internet. The guy told it like it is and it cost him his job.
Podcast below.

Delaware AG will not file charges against NASCAR driver Kurt Busch
buschA Protection from Abuse order WAS filed, as I to understand, but the charges as alleged by Busch’s then girlfriend cannot be sufficiently proven to warrant a trial.

Now if Busch were to join, say, the Sussex GOP, or run for an office down this way, they’d throw his butt in jail in a minute. We got guys facing jail for selling a gun for God’s sake.

Beating up a girlfriend will get you the death penalty if you are a member of the Sussex GOP.

I am also to understand that Busch will NOT be barred from future NASCAR races in Delaware, no should he be.

This new, and very alarming, thing of punishing people three, four or five times for the same crime is very disconcerting.

Lacey Lafferty to guest on 105.9

To those who doubt Lacy Lafferty’s quest for a Delaware governorship, give her the chance to tell us what she stands for. Dan Gaffney has Lafferty scheduled as a guest on 3/30 on 105.9 at 8am.

I’ve been waiting for a chance to hear Lacey’s take on things.
Matthew Opaliski Sold a Gun-May He Rot Forever In Hell

“DOVER – Federal prosecutors have charged a local Republican Party official and former state Senate candidate in Delaware with illegally dealing in firearms…. According to the indictment, Opaliski allegedly sold, traded or gave a Smith and Wesson .357/9mm-caliber revolver and a Springfield Armory 9 mm pistol to another person who was not a resident of Delaware in early December. A similar transaction earlier this month involved two Anderson Manufacturing AM-15 5.56-caliber semiautomatic rifles, authorities allege.“

Matthew-OpaliskiLookit, if it’s against the law than I suppose Matthew should die in jail. But seriously folks, don’t you think it’s time these silly arrests stop? Was Matthew even warned to stop what he was doing?

Inquiring minds want to know.
Sussex County council Fights Over Roadside Trash whil Wilmington council just doesn’t pay their bills
From Delawareonline:

Seven of 13 Wilmington City Council members owed property taxes or overdue water and sewer bills dating as far back as 2010, according to public records, with the debts totaling nearly $29,000

Come on….seven out of 13 are behind on propety, water, sewer or all three bills?

No wonder Wilmington is a mess if these are who leads that city.

Speaking of county councils, I wanted so bad to write up a piece on the Sussex county council this week. I did tune in and listen but my eyes glazed over.

Oddly the discussion of the roadside trash was the most interesting part of the meeting and that’s mostly because Sam Wilson went on an amusing rant.

Do like John Atkins did guys, go to the Sussex penitentiary and bring home a few felons to pick up the garbage.

I gotta tell you everything?

Delaware Fair announces star lineup
I love, love, love the Delaware State Fair. Guys if you haven’t enjoyed a cool evening at the greatest state fair on the east coast be sure to go and check it out. By all means bring your kids.

They have one big tent that is filled with nothing but bins of candy.

They fry twinkies, feature quilts, show horses and the entertainment is often top notch.

The second of three concert announcements highlighting eight of the 10 nights at the 2015 Delaware State Fair in Harrington is released.

Delaware State Fair Assistant General Manager and Director of Marketing Danny Aquilar says the Fair will kick off with the Delaware Volunteer Firefighter’s Pro Rodeo Roundup on Thursday, July 23.

Next up is the Manlove Auto Parts’ Demolition Derby on Friday, July 24.

The first of the concert lineup takes place Saturday, July 25 with a performance by the Casting Crowns.

Fairgoers can take a trip down memory lane with New Kids On The Block performing Sunday, July 26.

Bryan Adams will take the stage Tuesday, July 28.

Returning to the Delaware State Fair is Josh Turner and guests Dustin Lynch and Craig Wayne Boyd (winner of The Voice in 2014), on Wednesday, July 29.

Finally, Little Big Town with special guests David Nail and Ashley Monroe are scheduled to perform on Friday, July 31.

The Delaware State Fair runs from July 23 through August 1.

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