Political Gossip and Tidbits Wandering About The Small Wonder That is Delaware-The 4/20/15 Edition

My thoughts on the Bodenweiser ending, lots of school news, war dogs and a new gym! Tune in to find out what’s up in Delaware.

Catching up with the Messed up School Situation in Delaware

There is a bevy of school referendums . There will be a Cape Henlopen referendum on 5/12/15. Milford school district will be on May 5, 2015.

On Monday, 4/27/15 there will be a meeting at the Hampton Inn sponsored by the Eastern Sussex Republican Club. The Hampton Inn is at 18826 Coastal Highway in Rehoboth Beach, from 7p-9p. Call Tony Matero at 302-947-0720 for more information.

And from my buddies at 9-12 Patriots I see this:

Mark you calendars – this Wednesday the House Education Committee will hold a hearing at 3:30 (in Legislative Hall) on HB 50, the bill that will allow parents to opt-out of the state standardized test!
HB 50 will explicitly allow you to opt out of the test and prevent any kind of repercussions against students, parents or teachers for opting out.

In addition to parents being against this testing so is the state Parent Teacher Association and the Delaware State Education Ass…

As for this “opting out” flurry….we are to understand that the Red Clay School district voted to have an “opt out” option and the pressure is on the state legislators.

For nobody likes Common Core except Jeb Bush. Put the pressure on these people.

As for the Sussex Tech kerfluffle, yon ladies and gems I have been reading and reading how this thing is set up and add to it where those powers that be want to go with this thing and it’s confusing as all get out to yon average reader.

With much ballyhoo we learn that our lawmakers are working to “fix” Sussex Tech although the fix I see as being needed is to get rid of those in charge of managing that place.

House Bill 100 will grant the district a 5.5 cent tax increase beginning July 1st.  The following year (FY 2017), the district will get an additional one cent bump, raising the overall rate to 30 cents per $100 of assessed value.  The tax hike will cost the average homeowner $8.86 in the first year, rising to $10.47 the following year.

Again, the above is confusing and one is apt to thing…well hell, ten bucks a year for Sussex tech ain’t bad.

It seems the Sussex state legislators have crafted a bill that would deal with all the problems at Sussex Tech, at least as they see it. The scuttlebutt is that the northern state people control Sussex Tech and as it’s going Sussex Tech seeks to increase its enrollment, to build new buildings, to allow “legacy” students (siblings of former attendees) to get preferential treatment for admission into the school.

Both Reps. Schwartzkopf and Short are working on this bill because given a chance the northern people will run any good thing into the ground.

Witness Wilmington.

The Mayor of Wyoming Running for Congress

wyomingmayorSo we come across the following in our travels and we ponder….well I knew Delaware had a Houston, pronounced H-O-U-S-E-ton) but who knew we had a Wyoming, Delaware? And it’s got a Mayor!

The former mayor of Wyoming is running for U.S. Congress.
Hans Reigle said Delaware needs someone with experience both inside and outside the political arena.

It’s not clear what the Mayor is running for but hey, we’ll keep sharp eye out on his campaign.



What is this “Convention of States”?
I come upon this information and first allow me to inform:

A Convention of States.
May 05, 2015 at 6pm – 8pm Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Lewes Public Library
111 Adams Ave
Lewes, DE 19958
Come Join us for our Lewes, DE Information Session where you can:

1) Learn why we need to call a Convention of States
2) Ask questions about a COS,
3) Learn about available online materials, and
4) Obtain fliers you can share with your friends.

Al Radke · director.de@cosaction.com · 843-480-2890

I am going to contact Mr. Radke and find out what this all about. Stay tuned.

DRWC leadership conference

The Delaware Federation of Republican Women, Senator Colin Bonini, and National Committeewoman Ellen Barrosse are sponsoring a Leadership Development Conference on Saturday, May 9th from 9 am to 3 pm at Grotto’s in Dover.
Paula Manolakos
President, DFRW

Published as a public service. I must wonder how Colin Bonini fits in this?

Steve Smyk and Fitness
Quoted from Mine own Rep. Steve Smyk and I am pleased. First, I just signed up for a new Medicare Advantage plan and it includes a FREE gym membership!


And now right here in Georgetown, already with a brand new great big Redners we have a new gym! I’m psyched!

State Rep. Steve Smyk recently attended the ribbon-cutting for Flex World Fitness’ new facility.

The new 10,000 sq. ft. gym — located in the Georgetown Plaza shopping center, at the corner of U.S. 113 & U.S. 9 — is twice the size of the previous venue.  It features more than 100 lifting, circuit and cardio stations, a dedicated classroom/studio, personal training, tanning, nutritional counseling, Fit After 60 programs, wellness products and more.

The smells of Delaware

It’s that time of year when the farmers are spreading manure on the fields and the recent immigrants from nearby states like New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia are not used to the smells of the farms.

My own precious granddaughter moved to Delaware at age 9 and when we chance upon the bloom of the poop Kaitlyn takes a deep breath and says it smells like home.

Kind of a left-hand compliment but let me note that the newest poop smell is more like burned toast.


Here’s an experiment to yon reader. Walk up to any stranger in Sussex county, ask all your Sussex county friends. Ask them if Sussex county Delaware isn’t the greatest place in the world to live.

Every single one of them will say it is.

So tell the Republicans to do whatever they’re doing here because everybody’s glad they’re living here.

The Bodenweiser Sentence.

I am trying to mentally absorb the end result of the Bodenweiser case, the implications, the horror of an injustice, the possibility that something happened.

Whatever the case, I do know that hundreds did not pour out of the halls to accuse Eric Bodenweiser of abuse and molestation. Eric did have an accuser that lied so much….

Well anyway Eric plead no contest to some lesser charges and it’s just as well. The guy couldn’t even see his own grandchildren! Pity that Eric has to have the title of sex offender attached to his name, albeit low level or some such.

I’m sorry guys, I will never ever believe that Eric Bodenweiser deserved any of this, that the matter should have been handled in civil court, that if the state will do it to Eric Bodenweiser they will do it to you.
War Dogs Memorial

This is kind of cool. Kudos to Jeff Spiegelman. Who doesn’t love dogs?

On the 50th anniversary of the American involvement in the Vietnam War, an effort is underway in Delaware to remember the estimated 4,000 “war dogs” that served in that conflict.

The Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 850, is leading the effort to erect a five-foot black granite stone monument at the Kent County Veterans Memorial Park in Dover.

State Rep. Jeff Spiegelman, R-Clayton, is lending his support to the campaign.

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  1. Anon says:

    You didn’t know we had a Wyoming Delaware (as in Camden-Wyoming) and you’re writing for a Delaware political blog?
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