Political Gossip and Tidbits Wandering About The Small Wonder That is Delaware-The 5/21/15 Edition

The Radio Wars, WXDE and WGMD. John Carney proposes bill, who knew he was still around. Sussex Tech updates and telling the tourists how to act. Much more.

The Radio Wars

There’s been a major shift in radio here in lower and slower Sussex county. When I first moved here there was only one major local talk station, 92.7-WGMD.

At that time Dan Gaffney was the major player in the morning with Bill Colley the talk guru of afternoon drive time. As now, WGMD was the local host for the Rush Limbaugh program.

Then Gaffney jumped to a new station, WXDE-105.9.

I listen to both of these radio stations, mostly WGMD because of Rush and Mark Levin in the evening. However I love Dan Gaffney and Susan Monday is a great hostess. WXDE doesn’t have any major radio personalities and you can’t take me away from Rush.

5.21.15jonbudlerI met Jon Budler (because, for whatever reason, I meet them all somewhere, someway, sometimes I fight with them) at a Sussex GOP meeting and he chanced to sit next to me. “Pat Fish!” he exclaimed, holding out his hand.

I shook it, grateful that somebody knew me but I had no idea who he was.

Former WGMD host, Bill Colley, now transmitting somewhere in the middle of America, posted his mockery of Jon Budler, calling him a country bumpkin or some such. Budler took over Colley’s slot so that might be the source of rancor.

Now Jon Budler will be broadcasting at WXDE and I wish him luck and plan to tune him in. Scuttlebutt is that Budler got into some trouble with some WGMD sponsors.

Those calling for the demise of WGMD need not to forget Rush Limbaugh. And WXDE needs to try to get a well-known personality on the air. How about Sean Hannity?

Sussex RD Goes After Dave Wilson

It was Republican Delaware Representative Dave Wilson of Representative District 35 who was once the Sussex county Recorder of Wills. Cindy Green has held that position for over four years now. It was during the last election that Wilson openly endorsed a Democrat!

This is supposed to be forbidden and, indeed, many got chastised for openly supporting Jeff Christopher instead of the current Sherriff, Bob Lee. It was Bob Lee who got the Republican nomination and condemnation rained down upon those who openly carried placards for Christopher.

So why does the elected Dave Wilson get to do the same thing with hardly a whisper of scorn?


Before the 35th District Republican Committee on May 18th 2015

WHEREAS, Representative Wilson endorsed the Democrat candidate for Sussex County Register of Wills in the 2014 election.

WHEREAS, Representative Wilson called the Dan Gaffney radio program regarding appraisals to claim that he did not engage in a conflict of interest or do appraisals while holding the office of Register of Wills and to claim that he doesn’t care about appraisals.

WHEREAS, publicly available documents from the Register of Wills office show that Wilson’s Auction did appraisals and commission based estate sales while he held the office of Register of Wills.

WHEREAS, in December of 2014, a former Republican official told the chair that Wilson threatened to join the Democrat party.

WHEREAS, the 35th district Republican committee has many unanswered questions about the details surrounding Wilson’s endorsement, appraisals, estate sales, and threats to join the Democrat party.

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED, that the 35th district Republican committee creates a special investigative committee with the following parameters:

The committee shall be composed of three registered Republicans from the 35th district appointed by the chair.  When appointing members, the chair shall consider each person’s skills, availability and whether or not they have demonstrated objectivity.

The scope of the committee’s investigation shall be limited to any information related to Wilson’s endorsement of Greg Fuller, appraisals, estate sales, and any threats to join the Democrat party.

The special investigative committee shall issue a report to the 35th district committee detailing its findings.  The investigative committee shall not include recommendations in the report.  The committee shall to the best of its abilities find answers to the questions of the members of the 35th district Republican committee.  Each member of the investigative committee shall include a signed statement in the report stating that they have acted as objectively as they are able.  If any member feels that he has acted in a way that is not objective, he shall offer his resignation to the chair, and the chair shall appoint a replacement.  The report shall be issued no later than December 31, 2015.  The committee’s vote to approve and release the report shall be recorded in the report and signed by each member.  The investigative committee shall also report its progress to the 35th district from time to time as is reasonable.  The report shall not be withheld from any member of the public.

So it seems that the right people are doing what needs to be done. For the RD’s and ED’s of the 35th district voted the above.

We are very happy this issue is still alive and being dealt with.

Death Penalty SB40 in House Judiciary Committee
Who has been flooding the phone lines to the Delaware legislature demanding repeal of the death penalty.


Perhaps the folks in the picture above but who else?

It’s not that a debate isn’t fine; this is a democracy and we discuss things. Times change. But I suspect this death penalty nonsense comes from the top down.

Senator Simpson, a Republican, is a sponsor of the bill. Of course there’s no strongly held rule that Republicans love the death penalty but in general America supports the death penalty. With all else needing attending to in Delaware, why don’t the legislature stop pushing feel-good legislation from the liberals at the top?

Bearing in mind that Delaware once already did the death penalty overturn than put it back!

Taxing and Spending

They’re burning up the midnight oil up in Dover in order to finance the state government next year.

Even the liberal News Journal says they should take a look at expenses like we have to do out here in la-la land where we carry this country on our backs.


Scuttlebutt and whispers indicate that noise will be made about raising the local gas tax .05 a gallon.

Yeah, we’ll love that.

Sussex Tech Update

“It’s appropriate that Sussex County voters went to the polls this week to select school board members,” said State Rep. Tim Dukes, R-Laurel, one of the bill’s five prime sponsors.  “Under House Bill 138, all seven of the current appointed school board members — each serving a seven-year term — would be replaced with seven elected officials in 2016.”

I wrote about the scuffle in the legislature about Sussex Tech and while the “temporary” property tax increase was passed, it’s good to see attempts being made to get that school in line with how it’s normally done here in Delaware.

To have the board members of a high school, no matter how prestigious, appointed by the Governor is NOT a good idea.

:Let’s ELECT the Sussex Tech Board of Directors and make them budget within their means….how’s that for a concept?

On the National Level a Delawarean Politico takes a stand.
Delaware Congressmen John Carney joins Kentucky Congressman Andy Barr in introducing H.R. 2362, the Medical Debt Relief Act.

So one can’t be sued or have their credit harmed for medical bills? Oh my goodness, well I just don’t know.

When my husband was very ill he was hospitalized for many months. His outpatient care lasted over eight months with at home infusions and visiting nurses.

His medical costs exceeded a million dollars. They could have build a big tent in our backyard and called in help for cheaper than that but then that’s the problem with medical costs today.

It would be really cruel to bankrupt someone for medical costs they can’t pay. Not because they didn’t have the foresight to purchase health insurance. WE had private health insurance and thank God there was a cap on out-of-pocket expenses on that policy. Even at that our out-of-pocket costs exceeded $12,000 one year with our cap at $6K. Bear in mind, this is for OUT OF POCKET costs that we almost went bankrupt with.

It’s like our co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses are about what complete medical care used to cost back in the day.


This was published on the WXDE web site (since we were talking about local radio stations, HERE
I noted recently, that the traffic is on the increase. People are tail-gaiting, blocking intersections, all the stupid stuff the tourists do.

But I said that THIS year I would not complain about the tourists what with our horrible winter last year.

So below a list of WXDE callers and their phoned-in suggestions for their visits here at the Delaware beach.

Slow down and relax.

Pack your manners.

Pick just a few things to do; come back later and do the rest.

Stay on the main roads, and don’t use the GPS because it reveals “our” back roads.

Come for vacation, not probation.

Do NOT feed the seagulls.

Listen to “Delaware 105.9”, the FM radio station to keep you informed and entertained all summer.

This is not the beltway.

Keep your daughters away from the lifeguards.

Walk single file on the sidewalk and boardwalk.

If a local catches you pronouncing Lewes as “lous” instead of “Lou-iss”; instant removal from the State.

“Sit where you are sat” -local waitress

Use the Park and Ride system.

Our firemen are all volunteers, pull over for them if they are responding to a call.

Bring your bicycle.

We call it the “beach” not the “shore”.

Please wear clothes and not swimsuits in the grocery store.
Know where you are going before you drive there.

“Don’t leave your women drinking alone at our bars” -Creepy dude.

Use the sidewalks and not the middle of the street.

Slow down in Greenwood, Delaware or you WILL get a ticket.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.
Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Happy Memorial Day. I’ll be around and might make some Blog posts here.

16 Comments on "Political Gossip and Tidbits Wandering About The Small Wonder That is Delaware-The 5/21/15 Edition"

  1. TammyM says:

    i wish nothing but the very best for Mr. Butler he is very talented and WGMD is not smart letting him go. Dan Gaffney taking him under his wing will work out in the end just wait and see.

  2. Fat Pish says:

    No”findings” issued. Chief deputy Peggy Marshall spoke with Cindy Green to tell her there was no crime or violation, no ethics violation and there would be no prosecution.

    Cindy and Co. are just bitter looking for a primary.

  3. Geezer says:

    105.9 is devoted to “live and local” talk show hosts, so they won’t be taking your advice any time soon.

  4. fightingbluehen says:

    Rush Limbaugh to this day still claims that he doesn’t endorse or try to influence primary races in individual states.
    The fact that he did most certainly endorse Christine O’Donnell, and influence the primary against Mike Castle, makes him not entirely truthful, and subsequently he has lost some credibility in my opinion.

  5. Honor Their Service says:

    The Catholic Church is against the death penalty exactly like they are against abortion. The two issues are equal to the Church. You’re a Catholic, Pat Fish, why aren’t you against the death penalty, or do you pick and choose what parts of your religion you obey?

  6. mouse says:

    I don’t get how all the angry uneducated white boys can stand listening to Rush Limbaugh all day hearing him saying the same things over and over, telling you how smart he is and conflating his indoctrination paranoia with the things he sells to save you. Read a book. He’s appealing to the people who have social, racial and religious resentments to make you forget how the 1% is robbing you

  7. mouse says:

    Conservative republicans love war, violence and the death penalty. They are bitter clingers full of resentment and fear

  8. Birdie told me says:

    Is it true Pat, that you were on with Dan Gaffney this morning, and that you bit your daughter?

  9. Rick says:

    Conservative republicans love war, violence and the death penalty. They are bitter clingers full of resentment and fear..

    WWI………….Wilson (D)
    WWII…………Roosevelt (D)
    Korea………..Truman (D)
    Vietnam…….JFK/LBJ (D)

  10. TammyM says:

    Budler posted a scathing Facebook response towards his former employer and he is clearly not happy.

    “I’ve kept my mouth shut until now because I’ve had enough, specially after the childish shots I heard on that station towards me this afternoon. I poured my heart and soul into changing the stigma of that station and putting on an entertaining show… And one advertisers would be proud of… only to be forced to step down because of harassment from management and a certain client. Some of it so severe I was forced to involve law enforcement. Management and their “committee” has 0 CLUE on how to run a station and continue to drive it into the ground. I’m not done with these clowns. Game on!”

    Who is the client??? I listened to the new guy during Jim Rash Friday and was not impressed very amateur WGMD is cooked.

  11. theshirt.me says:

    You could certainly see your skills within the work you write.

    The sector hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to mention how they believe.
    Always go after your heart.

  12. mouse says:

    He was a good afternoon host. The best since the bitter clinger left. The station does some good things for the community if they weren’t so unstable

  13. Rabies Campaign says:

    Good analysis you can sink your teeth into.

    I hear the fish are really biting this summer.

  14. CJ Jarrell says:

    Budler didn’t get into some issues with sponsors, he was fired for not doing his job. Not to metion all the drama he caused in the community. Same reason he was fired from 105.9 recently. I never understood how do you do a show on fishing when you know nothing about fishing?

  15. CJ Jarrell says:

    He never involved law enforcement those were all lies, You can check the public record. He lies so much it is hard to tell when he is telling the truth. He hides behind the guise of “radio personality” and threatens people with lawyers when he is confronted with anything that contradicts his lies. Sussex county is better off to be rid of another wanna be transplant.

  16. Jon Budler says:

    Wow, gotta love someone posing as a good friend and posting such blatant lies. Not hard to guess the real identity of “CJ Jarrell”, andibet hehas a mullet.

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