Political Gossip and Tidbits Wandering About The Small Wonder That is Delaware-The 9/1/15 Edition

Got BIG Tidbits today to include an update on that Dover shooting and Chris Coons’ abandons Delaware. Watching hawks, marijuana update. Much More.

The Dover Powder Keg

As of this writing on 9/1/15 there is an active search near Chicago for the killers of a Chicago area police officer by three men.

Seems that there’s unprovoked attacks on the police across the nation to include our own Dover, a mere thirty miles up the road from me.

Seems a young man named Terrance Fletcher, a parolee, was out and about with a nice gun object and was looking for trouble. A reliable informant called the police and informed them of Fletcher’s whereabouts and what he was up to.

From the Dover police web site:

Shortly before 1:00PM, officers from the Street Crimes Unit received a tip from a past-proven reliable informant that Fletcher was in the area of South New Street and was in possession of a handgun and provided an accurate description of his location and appearance.  On that day and time, the unit consisted of one Delaware Probation and Parole officer and two Dover Police officers.  They responded to the area to investigate the information they received.  Those officers are highly familiar with the area and due to the nature of the call, chose to place officers on each side of the block if the suspect chose to run from the officers.

Fletcher, who at the time of this incident was on active probation, was contacted by the Probation and Parole Officer in the 100 Block of South New Street.  Fletcher chose to run from the Probation and Parole officer that attempted to contact him on New Street, proceeding east through a pathway between 111 and 115 South New Street, which connects to an adjacent parking lot.  A Dover Police officer, who was positioned in the parking lot of 120 South Governors Avenue, confronted Fletcher as he ran towards him. The officer saw Fletcher with a gun in his hand and fired his departmental issued service weapon, striking Fletcher once in the upper thigh.  As Fletcher was struck, he threw a .38 caliber revolver, which was recovered by investigators on scene shortly after the incident.  Immediately after Fletcher was struck, officers radioed for assistance and began rendering first aid.  During an interview with investigators on September 1st, Fletcher admitted to possessing the handgun that is described above.>

This incident almost exploded into ….well God knows what. First of all we got wrong information being transmitted everywhere, included some bad info that Fletcher had been shot in the back and was paralyzed.

As police attended to Fletcher, angry crowds closed in causing the Dover police to bring in other police departments to help.

The Dover police web site does a good job of recounting the incident and included, as if in self-defense, all the wonderful things the Dover police do to keep good relations between public and police.

Kudos to Delaware police for quelling what could have been disconcerting crowd behavior, to say the least.
My question is….why is it always assumed the police did bad? In the last many incidents as publicized, the police in question have NOT been in the wrong. “Hands up, don’t shoot”, the motto for the gentle giant in Ferguson Missouri did NOT happen. The guy in Baltimore wasn’t hurt by the police, the cop in Houston was shot as he was gassing his car, the details still out on the Chicago cop but he was found dead in a marsh while the perps ran off. Figure it out.

First they make up lies and get them out there so the dummies believe it. Then they inflame the people, then all hell breaks loose.

Something just not right about all going on now with police and minorities and the head of “Black Lives Matter” is REALLY A WHITE GUY!

Cut Yourself for Medical Marijuana

n an e-mail to legislators,  Dr. Rattay said Thursday’s hearing in Dover was in response to a petition to add “autism with self-injurious behaviors in adults” to the list of conditions that might be treated with marijuana.
A ruling on the issue is expected in about a month.

I think those with hammer toes or lisps should be entitled to medical marijuana.

Well Delaware is considering “self-injurious” behavior as subject to medical marijuana. My daughter, afflicted with Factitious Disorder has been self-injuring herself since a child.

You can believe for free marijuana she’ll be stabbing herself everywhere.

DELTECH Gets 2.4 million to Bring Minorities Into the Sciences

So over a five year period Delaware has all this money to “boost” minority studies in science and technology.

I suppose that’s good news. Except if my granddaughter, who is very Caucasian wants to go into science or computer technology….well I guess she doesn’t qualify.

Maybe she could pretend to black like those other fakes out there.

I call it a form of income redistribution.

Flying Direct to Cuba from Delaware

Actually it’s closer for me to drive to BWI airport, assuming I can catch a jet from there to Cuba.

But if one is willing to drive to New Castle airport one can catch a JFI charter jet and fly directly to Havana, Cuba.

I don’t know why anybody would want to do that but it’s an interesting tidbit.

Chris Coons Goes to the Dark Side

delritechriscoonsI’m willing to bet the vast majority of Delawareans, even the Democrats, do not want America to approve that deal with Iran.

Senator Carper is going to support the deal as I understand but Carper is missing a few screws, why can’t we get him out of there?

But Coons pretended to be waffling about it, to be giving it much thought.

HAHAHAHA! Coons does what his masters in DC and in the Delaware Governor’s house tell him.

I don’t know how he can sleep at night.

Raptor Watching Begins at Cape Henlopen

I am an avid bird watcher. But I don’t need to go to Cape Henlopen or other places to see hawks, vultures, eagles and ospreys.

Well maybe ospreys as they fly over water mostly.

Still and so, the annual migration bird watch is well known by birdwatchers and it’s a good idea I suppose.

Except there’s this bit about using the info gleaned to ascertain what stuff has to be done to maintain the raptor population.

Oh please. The raptor population is doing just fine, don’t give me that Rachel Carson “Silent Spring” nonsense that I once believed, silly me.

If the raptor watch is a fun thing for bird lovers to do, fine. But let’s not base any big actions on the counts of a bunch of amateurs at a state park.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

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3 Comments on "Political Gossip and Tidbits Wandering About The Small Wonder That is Delaware-The 9/1/15 Edition"

  1. yaz says:

    The guy in Baltimore wasn’t hurt by the police,

    Do you mean Freddie Gray back in April, the man the cops threw into a police van hog tied without securing him in (Gray was unarmed when arrested and his crime was “running away when he saw police”) and came out with a severed spine and died? Those cops were arrested and charged with various crimes like manslaughter and go to court today. Or do you mean Lee McCain, this past June, an unarmed man involved in a domestic dispute who was gunned down in front of his children, shot somewhere between 10 and 19 times?

    My daughter, afflicted with Factitious Disorder has been self-injuring herself since a child.

    Like that time she bit herself on the back?

  2. delacrat says:


    To paraphrase Pat Fish:

    “First Republicans make up lies and get them out there so the dummies believe it.”

  3. Wonder why says:

    There is no wonder why your daughter “has been self-injuring herself since she was a child”. I’ve listened to the Dan Gaffney radio talk in May of this year, and saw the picture of your teeth on her back. What I don’t know though, is why, an abusive woman as yourself, is still left to talk about everyone… and anyone, without a single charge?
    Why are you out of your cage, Trish Fish?

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