Political Gossip and Tidbits Wandering About The Small Wonder That is Delaware-The 9/14/15 Edition

Delaware corruption, dishonesty and deceit-from volunteer fire departments to crabs to deceitful legislators. Tune in for some exposure.

He stole before and he’s stealing again. Watch that you don’t set your house on fire.

Vaughn Rider was the Secretary/Treasurer of the Wilmington Firefighters association where he stole money. Then he became chief of the Belvedere Volunteer Fire Department and he stole money.

Before all this, he was President of the New Castle County Firefighters Association and God knows how much he stole then.

So here’s a little volunteer fire department striving to help protect citizens and property in Wilmington. This guy helped himself to $4,000 for personal purchases. An audit reveals the department has over $200,000 of questionable checks.

Citizens around the area say the department’s ambulance almost never works.

This guy was found guilty of stealing money from the Wilmington Firefighters. God knows what they were thinking when they let him run loose with the money from this volunteer department.

Anybody hiring this guy in the future deserves what they get.

Public Service Ad of the Week

Show your support for our guys in blue.

This Delaware Round Table

So I got curious as to just what is this Delaware Round table and what is its purpose. For the “report” came out on 9/3/15 so at least this humble Blogger is giving it a look-see.

Seems this Roundtable is a gathering of Delaware business leaders and they produce a report with assumed wise analysis of the Delaware economic future.
It seems to be a kind of Republican thing in that the Republican politicos came out with their thoughts on the report.

“The Roundtable has arrived at the same conclusion as House Republicans: State government needs to curtail spending and enact policies to spur strong economic growth,” said House Minority Leader Daniel Short, R-Seaford, in a statement.

Delaware GOP Chairman Charlie Copeland cited the report, saying Delaware faces a “financial crisis that will impact every citizen of the state, and it’s clear that the Democrats do not have solutions, and are all out of alternatives.”

It’s not good news for Delaware, as one might gather from the statements by Short and Copeland. I did find one very interesting statistic on this report and wonder if any of the Republicans picked it up.

But before, Governor Markell assures all that he is going to study the report. I got a bridge to sell anyone who believes this.

It seems that Medicaid consumed, before this report was issued, 24% of Delaware’s income. Now it is up to 28.7%

Note that these are percentages yon readers.

First, wow, even before the percentage strangely went it, almost a quarter of every dollar spent in Delaware is spent on MedicAID. Note, this is not Medicare, which is paid for by the federal government. MedicAid pays for those with no health insurance but not eligible for Medicare.

It’s odd, I think, why the PERCENT of money spent on MedicAid increased by almost five percent. Why is this? It’s one thing that the price of medicine went up, that’s understandable. But it seems that perhaps more is now paid via MedicAid than was before.

And I wonder why this is.

They’re even cheating at the Crab Picking Contest!

If we don’t have career firefighters stealing money from every coffer around him, or sick people coming to delritetidbits9.12.15hardcrabDelaware for health care….they even cheated at the annual Crisfield crap picking contest.
Seems the cheating was so bad that out of ten entrants they couldn’t ascertain one winner. All ten had to split the $250 prize and I’m thinking maybe it cost them $25 each to enter.

When you pick crabs YOU CAN’T USE CLAW MEAT!

So they found so much claw meat in all the containers that a true winner could not be determined.


John Carney Got a New Hip?

delritetidbits9.12.15carneyIt didn’t help his mind. He still voted FOR that Iran treaty.

That joke of an election in the 18th District

So Michael Barbieri was the elected Representative of that district but he left to accept a $144,000 job.

Folks Barbieri’s actions stink all to hell. First, he got a job in an industry that he oversaw legislatively. How convenient is that?

Second, Barbieri’s Aide, Bentz, actually had to move into the district to run for the job. Bentz won the election by the way.

No wonder we have firefighters joining unions and robbing Delaware citizens blind. This whole Barbieri/Bentz sets the questionable standards this state lives under.

Here’s a Finale to Delaware Corruption.

From Delaware Families.org:

 The abortion clinic in Wilmington, Delaware under the name of Premier Ob/Gyn is not accredited. This was confirmed within the last week by Delaware Health and Social Services (DHSS).

Premier clinic has had over 12 months to achieve accreditation, in accordance with state law, and that has not been completed.

The lease agreement for Premier clinic, obtained by Delaware Right to Life, was signed on November 27, 2013, by Kimberly Glunt, President of Integrity Family Health. This same entity was shut down just days before in Pennsylvania due to the connection to convicted felon Steven Chase Brigham who reportedly owns Premier ob/gyn.

Also seen entering the Premier clinic in January 2015, was Dr. Eric Yahav, the abortionist most known for working in Brigham’s abortion mills. According to DPR.Delaware.gov, his controlled substance license has lapsed.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : A special interview and a report in on the Sussex GOP meeting. Sussex county council back in session and they need my attention.

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  1. Sanity Check says:

    Pat… Wilmington fire department has paid, union firefighters. Not volunteer.

    Check your facts.

  2. Pat Fish says:

    Below the dashed line, the narrative posted by the VOLUNTEER fire station itself.

    SC is correct in that Wilmington has union firefighters. It says that the Belvedere Volunteer Fire department is located near Newport….is that in Wilmington?

    Belvedere Volunteer Fire Company

    We are a volunteer fire station located near Newport Delaware. We have live-in programs, operational and non-operational membership openings, an exciting cadet program for children/young adults ages 12-18, free training, CPR/First Aid certification, EMT/Firefighting opportunities, etc.

  3. Fish Bites says:

    No, it is between Newport and Marshallton. It is nowhere near Wilmington. Elsemere is closer to Wilmington than the Belevedere Fire Company.

  4. mouse says:

    If men had babies, there would be more drive through abortion clinics than pay day loan shops.

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