Political Gossip and Tidbits Wandering About The Small Wonder That is Delaware-The 9/21/15 Edition

The Pope is coming to America! Lots of local activity/personalities involved. New Delaware contender for congress and someone stole an entire pony! Much more gossip and snark.

Cape May Refuses Pope Event

Amid threats of legal action?

Seems the Americans United for Separation of Church and State filed a complaint against plans for Cape May to sponsor a live stream of Pope Francis’ September 27 public mass in Philadelphia.

A collective of priests representing various churches will now sponsor the event because can’t have such religious pornography viewable in the Cape May Convention center.

Who will make the first gaffe, the Pope of VP Biden?

Let us not be coy about yon Blogger’s concern over this Pope. The man worries the hell out of me. Now we hear that gaffe-prone ole Joe will lead the Pope’s farewell ceremony this coming Sunday.

Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, will lead the farewell ceremony for Pope Francis in Philadelphia next Sunday, the White House has announced.

Biden, who is weighing whether to run for president in 2016, will also join President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama in welcoming the pope when he lands at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland on Tuesday .

Good visual for his rumored presidential run.

Crazy Dewey Beach in the news again….now the Mayor’s husband in fisticuffs.

delritetid bitsdeweybeachguy9.17.15

According to court records obtained by the Delaware 105.9 news department, William J. Hanson, the 73 year old husband of Dewey Mayor Diane Hanson has been charged with offensive touching, disorderly conduct and menacing by the Dewey Beach Police.

This story has been of the quirkier local story and I’m a bit late with it.

But seems Dewey Mayor’s husband, 73 year old nonetheless, assumed a boxing stance and challenged the victim, someone holding a conversation with Hanson’s wife. He hit his victim with fists, on the victim’s chest, above his heart.

What’s even weirder about this story is Dewey Beach Police department’s response to queries by local media about the incident:

…it is not the practice of the Dewey Beach Police Department to release misdemeanor cases unless there is information that is imperative for the public to be aware of….”

After this bit of publicity fluff the Hansons denied that the incident was any big deal.

Hanson will be arraigned on 10/19/15. We’ll be keeping eyeballs upon.

Kudos to 105.9 for keeping on this story.

Governor Markell welcomes Syrian refugees but do DELAWAREANS want them here?

Here’s the link but it says link no longer available.

But it’s been widely reported that Governor Markell welcomes Syrian refugees to Delaware.

I say put them in Wilmington, let the ISIS thugs convert the Wilmington thugs to Islam and this will go over great in Delaware.

Free Ad of the Week

Signature Property Management is joining forces with the Food Bank of Delaware. For the month of October, Signature will be scheduling drop-off and pick-up dates from its managed communities. The company will be setting up collection boxes in their main offices located at 19606 Coastal Highway and at 414 Rehoboth Avenue in downtown Rehoboth.

Delaware Democrat Brian Townsend to run for congress

delritetidbits9.18.15townsendHe is going to replace Carney I must suppose.

Bryan Townsend is an American politician, the State Senator for Delaware’s 11th Senate District, and a candidate for Delaware’s at-large seat in the United States House of Representatives in the 2016 election.[1]
In his first run for political office, Townsend ran a closely watched grassroots campaign[2][3] and defeated Anthony J. DeLuca, a 14-year incumbent and president pro tempore of the Delaware State Senate, in a September 11, 2012 Democratic primary.[4][5][6] Townsend defeated DeLuca by winning 57.8 percent of the vote to DeLuca’s 42.2 percent.[7] Townsend then went on to defeat Republican Evan Queitsch in the November 6, 2012 general election, winning 78.4 percent of the vote to Queitsch’s 21.6 percent.[8][9]

I smile at the mention of my friend Evan Queitsch, an anti-Common Core activist who I admire.

And I chanced to work with Bryan Townsend a year or so ago, wrote a column about it, on that “other” Blog. Townsend was very helpful with me but I get pooh-poohs from my more Conservative friends that Townsend is liberal as they come.

So Carney will be Governor and Townsend Delaware’s only Representative in the House?

Republicans in Delaware might as well give it up.

Goodness let’s write laws by neighborhood while we’re at it.

This from Delaware’s Campaign for Liberty:

Representative Robert Mitchell of Wilmington and Senator Patricia Blevins of Elsmere sponsored anti-gun House Bills 192 and 201 earlier this year, both of which were passed just after 1:00 AM on the last day of session and were signed by Jack Markell in August.

House Bills 192 and 201 virtually erased the long-standing, state preemption protection of your Second Amendment rights.

With their legislation, every county and municipality government in Delaware can now write their own laws against your right to carry in their buildings.

Dear Lord, every town will have its own gun laws?

I live in Deerwood. I think Deerwood residents should have extra gun rights cause we have to live right next to Beaver Dam residents who want to steal your land and most are from New Jersey.

Beaver Dam should ban ALL guns, forever and ever.

Lewes liberals will allow guns only if concealed and never discussed while Georgetown will demand guns imported in from Ecuador.

They want our guns, people, they have to have our guns, people, they’ll not give up till they get our guns!

Chincoteague pony stolen!

Some turd stole a pony from Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company, a so-called “buyback” foal. This happened in early September and perhaps the pony has now been found.delritetidbtspony9.21.15

But if you know the scoundrel who did this deed, contact the Chincoteague police at 757-336-3155.
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