Political Party Isolationism Must End, Let It End Here.

Brick wall  We are hearing a lot about building walls this campaign cycle. And if truth be known, there have been quite a few built within the minds of the voters as well.  We in America have reached a point where we are falling prey to what I think of as, “Political Party Isolationism”.  if you can’t figure out what that is, let me explain.

We Americans have run the gambit in the political arena since the birth of our nation. When the nation was born, there were no political parties per say. But it didn’t take long for people to begin to self segregate into parties. To cling to others who felt as they did about the direction the nation should be moving.

At times these parties were extremely aggressive in their opposition to each other. At other times, less so, usually during some national tragedy or time of war, when unity was needed.

There have actually been times, when voters would say things like, “I don’t vote for the party, I vote for the best person”. And this was seen as being open-minded and having the best interest of the nation and the people at heart when voting.

This is no longer so, we are living now, in a time, where it is all about the party, and nothing to do with the best person for the job. Voters have built walls around their parties, and hold to the belief, their party is the only way to save the nation and the people. Anything outside of that wall is the enemy, and worthy of scorn and ridicule. I have been guilty of this in the past, and likely will be in the future. Sorry honesty mandates, well, honesty.

Much in the way people believe in isolating our nation from the rest of the world will protect our interest, some also believe isolating a political party from outside influences will protect the purity of the party. Lord help us if we live anywhere outside of the wall in our political views. You may be leaning on that wall, but if you are on the outside, you are the enemy.

This political isolationism, has led to an ever-growing fracture upon the political landscape. No longer are elected officials allowed to seek compromise with the opposition party. If they do, they will find themselves tossed over the wall. If a voter dares to voice opposition to the chosen party savior, they will be tossed over the wall and branded a turn coat, traitor.

Our nation, our state, our local governments cannot sustain such a fracture. A constant stalemate will doom all. How are we to accomplish anything, if there is no room for compromise with our fellow citizens?

Of course the purist, isolationist believe, if only they can achieve said purity, and convince enough people to vote ass they do, then their party will achieve the ultimate control, of one party rule within the sphere of influence.

But we know, right here in Delaware, how detrimental one party rule can be, and it would matter little if the tide were turned to the other party, there has to be a vocal and functional opposition to the controlling power.

I have lately been called a turn coat Republican because I can’t bring myself to vote for Donald Trump, and in no way do I support Hillary Clinton. Yet to the political isolationist, it is a zero sum game. If I speak out against Trump, then I am the enemy, and must be marginalized and ridiculed, and tossed over the wall.

Well I feel it is time to bring this type of politics to an end. I have often voted across party lines, and I have no intention of stopping. I vote for the person I feel is best suited, qualified for the job, and the person I feel I can most rust. This has always been my thought process, and always will be, call me what you will, but you won’t be able to call me a political isolationist.

This brings me to the over crowed field running for Lt. Governor here in Delaware.  Let me first dispense with the lone Republican, La Mar Gunn. I have heard Mr. Gunn speak on several occasions. Once was at a GOP monthly meeting, and the other was a meeting of the 912 Delaware Patriots. On both of these occasions I found Mr. Gunn’s rhetoric far too close to that of the 912ers.  Now maybe he was pandering, but that in itself is troubling, and if he actually holds to some of their views, I am confused. I am not sure how he could possibly be a fellow traveler of this soft racist organization. So I would not be able to vote for someone who is either in step with this group, or who would pander to them.

That brings us to the over crowded Democrat field. There are six, yes six, Democrats running for this office. Of the six, five of them already hold elected office, and give the perception of simply wanting to move up the ladder.

We have Sen. Bethany Hall-Long, who is in the middle of a term she asked her district to send her back for, but I guess that is the new normal, take the safe run and not worry about losing your state paycheck.

Then there is, Rehoboth Beach commissioner Kathy McGuiness, Ms. McGuiness has some questionable issues with her residency eligibility, which she seems to have gotten a pass on from the Democrat controlled Department of Elections. Sorry, I feel she is not legally eligible, so I wouldn’t vote for her.

The field is fleshed out by, Kent County Levy Court vice-president Brad Eaby; Wilmington city councilwoman Sherry Dorsey Walker and New Castle County Register of Wills Ciro Poppiti III. These are also all people in the middle of their terms which they asked the people to elect them to. I feel it is hard to ask the people of the state to trust something better won’t come along, and you will leave this office also, after all, there is a history of Democrats leaving the state without a Lt. Governor, for a better gig, thank you Matt Denn.

Greg Fuller   That brings us to Greg Fuller, former Sussex County Register of Wills, an office he was appointed to.

Greg Fuller is a man I have spoken with, and I find him to be open and honest, I believe him when he says he wants to “serve” the people of Delaware. He understands the office of the Lt. Governor has no policy making powers, the role of the Lt. Governor is to preside of the Senate, and chair the Board of Pardons, a job he is uniquely qualified for, considering his background in the criminal justice field, having worked, first with the Department of Correction and now with the Division of Youth Rehabilitative Services.

I spoke with Mr. Fuller a little over a week ago, and he talks about the youths of Delaware, the need for reform of the criminal justice system, he talks of education. The difference between Mr. Fuller and his fellow Democrat opponents, is that he sees the office as a platform from which to inform, both the public, and legislators of the needs of the state, not as someone who will move policy. I get the sense he sees the role as an intermediary between the public and the Governor and Legislators, he sees the office as a voice for the people.

I will not be able to vote for Greg Fuller in the  September 13th  Democrat primary, but I give him my full support and endorsement, not because of the party he is in, but because of the man he is. This will not be the first time I have supported Mr. Fuller, I supported him in the 2014 Sussex Register of Wills race, I do hope this turns out better, and I am able to vote for him in the general election. We can only hope, that every so often, the best man actually does win.

10 Comments on "Political Party Isolationism Must End, Let It End Here."

  1. Rick says:

    This is no longer so, we are living now, in a time, where it is all about the party, and nothing to do with the best person for the job.

    Too general. See Maryland Governor and Delaware Treasurer.

    Democrats won’t give much of a look to the GOP candidate, as they are afraid of Gunns.

  2. fightingbluehen says:

    Usually you only see the media and blogs completely lose their integrity in the last few weeks before the election. This year I think we can all agree that the integrity is already completely lost ,and the election is still three months away….. How far can the media hacks take it from here? I can only imagine how the opposition media will take action when the election is actually just a few weeks away.

    I remember in the eleventh hour of a Delaware congressional primary when Rush Limbaugh took lat least three calls in one day from Delaware Tea Party affiliates connected to Christine O’Donnell in her bid to defeat Mike Castle…. You could feel the desperation…. What are the odds of Rush Limbaugh taking three calls from Delaware in the same program. (he claims that he stays neutral during primary contests)
    My point is that the media completely loses it’s integrity in the closing days of elections, and this time it’s already out of control and lost, three months out…… How much further can these media hacks go?

  3. mouse says:

    I’m a liberal and not a Democrat and I used to vote for a lot of Republicans from DE. There’s been a bit of a change in the type of candidate since Mike Castle, Bill Roth and Joe Booth..

  4. mouse says:

    Or am I a progressive? Or a moderate? Or maybe a radical. I’m so confused.

  5. Frank No Balls says:

    That brick wall in the pictue is smarter than Frank.

  6. Frank No Balls says:

    sorry, I was laughing so hard at Frank, picture

  7. Rick says:

    Stare at the brick wall. You will see an image of Zeus.

  8. mouse says:

    All in all, we’re all just another brick in the wall

  9. Rick says:

    As Richard Nixon, visiting China, once said; “this truly is a great wall.”

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